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Volume 1 2013

Lost Tree Village, North Palm Beach

A home of tranquility. One that allows you to relax, that whispers  soothing harmonies and presents serene vistas. It is a peaceful se ng  where contempla on occurs and uncertainty disappears. 

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For true connoisseurs of life, owning real estate is not just about purchasing a home – it is about owning your passion. In this issue of the Coastal Essence Magazine, you will find many passions come to life in the homes featured throughout these pages. From exquisite waterfront properties that fulfill a life-long quest to live on serene calming waters to magnificent golf properties that satisfy the pursuit to live on the links, you are sure to find your passion here. Sotheby’s International Realty has explored how today’s buyers are using real estate to complete their dream lifestyle and what motivates these purchases. What has become abundantly clear in today’s market is that lifestyle is a driving force in how a consumer searches for property. Purchasing a home is about more than just finding a place to live – it is about enhancing the way one lives. The search for the extraordinary doesn’t end here, however. You can continue your journey of discovery at, where you can define and refine your search by lifestyle and amenity.

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But whatever your passion or dream may be, we invite you to open the door and allow us to help bring it to life.

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2013 VOLUME 1

33 Welcome

Welcome to Coastal Essence Magazine

66 Culinary Playground

Today’s luxury kitchen is the home’s focal point—and selling point

10 10 The Art of Collecting

Inside the mind of a fine art collector

12 12 The Exchange

What’s new in the world of travel, style, art & design, wine and leisure

14 14 Coastal Scene

Coastal agents and friends around town

16 16 Real Estate of Mind

Making “scents” when selling your home

19 19 The Gallery

Extraordinary homes for extraordinary lives

52 52 A Showcase of Global Properties

13,000 agents in 660 offices in 49 countries world wide

54 54 Highlights Calendar

Palm Beach and Martin County Events

57 57 Happenings Spotlight

Featured weekly and monthly events

Your summer through fall lifestyle guide for The Palm Beaches & Martin County.



Today’s luxury kitchen is the home’s focal point—and selling point.



elebrated chef and restaurateur Jonathan Waxman leads a life of all things culinary. That includes the occasional role of residential kitchen designer. “I ask clients a million questions about who they are as a cook and about their lifestyle. ‘Who do you like to entertain and where do you like to shop? Are you evolving as a cook?’ It’s like being a kitchen psychiatrist.” The world’s most exceptional kitchens are as much about custom designing to a homeowner’s lifestyle as it as customizing to one’s aesthetic tastes. That’s what turns them from utilitarian spaces to culinary playgrounds. And it’s why Waxman says kitchens should be reserved for the “best spot of the house where there’s tons of light, the best views and the best access. A place to hang out in, have a cocktail and harangue people into helping you cook,” he jokes. “That’s what makes a kitchen exciting.”


KITCHENS A S DESTINATIONS It used to be that most parties ended up in the kitchen. Now they start there. Homeowners are cooking with —not just for—friends as a social activity. “A generation ago, kitchens in luxury properties were reserved solely for staff,” says Stan Ponte of Sotheby’s International Realty East Side Brokerage in New York. “In New York City, kitchens were places owners didn’t go. It was for the caterer or the live-in cook. Wealth has changed. Kitchens are not just the focal point but the selling point. Many buyers are shying away from properties that require too much renovation. “At the depth of the recession, people were finding they could get very good deals” says Ponte. “Now with the market being as busy as it is, especially in Manhattan, people prefer to purchase an apartment where appliances, counters and cabinetry require little-to-no renovation. There’s a premium on kitchens that are done.”

No matter the country, no matter the culture, stunning kitchens are the starting point for stopping buyers in their tracks.

Kitchens are homier yet they are decidedly more high tech. Kitchen desks are gone but space is reserved for smartphones, tablets and charging stations. “In fact, the sleek design of our iPhones and iPads has influenced appliance and cabinet design tremendously,” says San Diego-based Kitchen and Bath Designer Jamie Gold, AKBD, CAPS and author of New Kitchen Ideas That Work (Taunton Press, 2012). “You’re seeing curved corners, bright white finishes, streamlined or touch-panel appliance controls, black and gray glass appliance fronts

Prior page: New Zealand | Sotheby’s International Realty Queenstown, New Zealand Price Upon Request • Property ID:4000031417 • Julian Brown +64 3 450 0485 This page: Top: By The Sea | Sotheby’s International Realty Manchester, Massachusetts $3,950,000 USD • Devlyn Brackett +1 781 608 7202 Bottom: Atlanta Fine Homes | Sotheby’s International Realty Atlanta, Georgia $19,900,000 USD • Property ID:4285053 • Mark Bhaggan +1 678 938 7297

and the ability to customize your kitchen to how you use it. Technology is moving things along, producing multi-tasking appliances and hands-free, sensor-based functionality” that incorporates personal preferences for entertaining and day-to-day living. GOING FOR THE SPLURGE In homes of distinction, kitchens are part splurge and part surprise. Chef Waxman’s ideal? “A warm and beautiful kitchen that looks like it came out of the South of France.” Europe is known for its role as trendsetting and tastemaker. France is well regarded for its design. Italy and Spain are respected for their tile-making and surfacing work. Germany is a dynamic center of cabinetry, fixtures and appliance innovation. Experts agree quality is the mark of an extraordinary kitchen: Floors of honed limestone, slate or flagstone, for instance, that are beautifully textured and easy to clean. Quality is classic and enduring. That’s the case of the kitchen in a $3.95 million carriage house estate in West Manchester, Mass. “While the house was completed in 1998, the owners, who made all of the design choices personally, had amazing foresight when they built it. It is truly timeless,” says Devlyn Brackett of By the Sea Sotheby’s International Realty in Beverly, Mass. Splurges? Plenty including radiant floors, palladium ceiling windows, a 16-foot long island countertop of gorgeous reclaimed St. Petersburg oak and a cook’s garden. No matter the country, no matter the culture, stunning kitchens are the starting point for stopping buyers in their tracks. On the island of Sylt in northern Germany is a 12.9 million € home with an “I have arrived” kitchen, says Anita Gärtner of Hamburg Sotheby’s International Realty. The owners had a “precise idea of their dream kitchen,” the centerpiece of which is a bespoke range from the French firm of La Cornue. Other jaw-dropping features include a driftwood-


CULINARY PLAYGROUNDS Yet the emphasis of a grand kitchen is always on living space for socializing rather than as an appliance showroom. Ponte says the trend that started a decade or so ago of operating room-style kitchens is over. These days it’s about warmth and textures. Outdoor kitchens are getting the star treatment, too. In the Buckhead area of Atlanta is a 40,000-square-foot palatial estate listed for $19.9 million. It features two outdoor kitchens including separate stations for pizza-making and teppanyaki Japanese grilling in a one-acre inner courtyard that “folds onto itself like a hotel resort,” says Mark Bhaggan of Atlanta Fine Homes Sotheby’s International Realty. The grounds features more than $1 million of stonework impor ted from Lebanon and Jerusalem as well as mosaics laid by masons brought over from Italy. Every remarkable kitchen has an element of fantasy to it. And for many, the ultimate fantasy is a show-stopper in which the homeowner stars as the celebrity chef.


covered Gaggenau refrigerator and an antique tile stove more than a century old. The kitchen, built by Robinson & Cornish, demanded so much precision craftsmanships that the designers said it took more time to build than a Volkswagen. In some cases, yesterday’s indulgences are today’s must-haves like refrigerator drawers, pasta faucets and butler’s kitchens, “which were always a splurge, but are now becoming more common,” says Julian Brown of New Zealand Sotheby’s International Realty. Still, ‘common’ does not mean run-of-the-mill. Brown has a listing for a 5 million NZD Queenstown estate. Its Italian-designed kitchen boasts remarkable mountain views and a luxurious “open-style entertainer’s layout” with twin island bars. Twins are definitely in, especially for homeowners who enjoy hosting. A $13.8 million Greenwich Village loft, listed by New York’s Ponte and his Sotheby’s International Realty colleague Vannessa Kaufman, features a 750-plus square foot kitchen and lounge area with appliances by the pairs: two stoves, two ovens, two wine refrigerators and two Subzero refrigerators.

Top: Sotheby’s International Realty — East Side Manhattan Brokerage New York, New York $13,800,000 USD • Property ID:0018006 • Stan Ponte +1 646 489 3066 & Vannessa Kaufman +1 212 606 4109 Bottom: Hamburg | Sotheby’s International Realty Schleswig-Holstein, Germany Price Upon Request • Property ID:4000039531 • +49 40 85 500 900



JONATHAN WA XMAN Jonathan Waxman is a celebrated chef, restaurateur and author. A familiar face on TV, most notably on Bravo’s hit reality series, “Top Chef Masters,” Waxman worked in such prominent kitchens as Chez Panisse in Berkeley and Michael’s in L.A. where he developed his signature style of Californian cuisine. He later moved to New York, opening Jams. The New York Times called him a culinary comet. Today he is the chef and owner of Barbuto, a seasonal Italian brasserie in New York’s West Village.

The essence of fine living is defined in an intimate enclave of 70 estate homes and 14 villas on 401 magnificent acres within Jack Nicklaus’ private golf club. The Bear’s Club


Where champions live and play.

103 Bear’s Club Drive, Jupiter, FL 33477 I 561.514.6948 I International : 001+561.514.6948 I Each Office is Independently Owned & Operated

the art of collecting

inside the mind of a

fine art collector M A LCO LM COS SO N S


perhaps remaIns ImpossIble to defIne what drIves someone to collect.


ollecting is of ten viewed as a curious compulsion, with someone driven to acquire every example in a particular field. A s h o r t to u r of t h e Internet reveals some astonishing examples, ranging from posters depicting fish to Soviet era calculators and chocolate wrappers. The more rarefied world of art collecting, however, operates in a slightly different fashion. Certainly a cursory examination would seem to indicate a similar level of obsession, with collectors gathering thousands of examples of their chosen field be it Old Master drawings, Meissen ceramics or duck decoys. However, it does not reveal the full story. It perhaps remains impossible to define what drives someone to collect, but art collectors tend to operate with a higher degree of discernment, not simply acquiring every example of an object, but curating their collection to ensure it is both comprehensive and of high quality. Certain collectors, however, would appear to belie this assertion with the great breadth and range of their acquisitions. For someone like Henry Clay Frick (1849-1919), whose collection is now housed in the popular museum bearing his name in New York, collecting art was a central and integral part of his life. As Colin Bailey, in his 2006 book on the collection, “Building the Frick Collection” reveals, Frick was always interested in art and in his thirties was refused a loan when the bank agent reported Frick lived with his collection of prints and sketches, “some made by himself and all out of place in this half office and half living room in a clapboard shack.” A second assessor, who subsequently granted the loan, was still moved to observe Frick “may be a little too enthusiastic about pictures, but not enough to hurt.”

Buhl explains, “our object was to do the history of photography through the subject of hands” At his death Frick’s collection, acquired over four decades included some of the most important names in art history: Bellini, Chardin, Constable, Corot, El Greco, Goya, Holbein, Ruisdael, Rembrandt, Titian, Velázquez, Vermeer, Van Dyck. What is left for visitors to enjoy is a comprehensive array of the world’s masterpieces akin to famous collections compiled by the likes of Getty, Morgan or Rockefeller. Sotheby’s in New York recently had the opportunity to sell a more single-minded collection, devoted to photographs depicting the human hands. Henry M. Buhl, by his own admission in an interview with the writer Julie Belcove for Sotheby’s magazine, had “collected little things, nothing over $2,000” until on 6 October 1993 – he still recalls the exact date – when he bought an Alfred Stieglitz photograph for $75,000, elegantly depicting Stieglitz’ then wife’ Georgia O’Keeffe’s hands from above. While some collectors focus on cultures, periods, artists or media, Buhl was fascinated by subject matter. He went on to build a collection of photographs with some 1,100 images ranging from works from the earliest pioneers of photography through to up-to-the-minute imag-

es from leading contemporary artists. As the collection developed Buhl employed a professional curator, but the mission remained the same as Buhl explains, “our object was to do the history of photography through the subject of hands” – such was the success with which he realized this vision that the collection was the subject of an exhibition at the Guggenheim in 2004 that subsequently travelled around the world. While Buhl’s commitment to collecting is obvious, he also maintained a long-standing dedication to charitable causes. In 1989 he established a foundation supporting education and the arts for the homeless, consolidated a few years later as The Association of Community Employment Programs for the Homeless (A.C.E) providing education and training, but also ensuring that Buhl’s collection is not only exhibited and enhanced, but also that art organizations committed to innovation are supported. It was the foundation that benefitted from the sale of 400 or so works from Buhl’s collection of photographs in an auction entitled A Show of Hands at Sotheby’s New York last December. It went on to raise over $12 million, the highest ever total for a private group of photographs and the third highest for a singleowner collection of photographs. Among the many classic works by some of the most famous names in photography was that first Stieglitz photograph, Georgia O’Keeffe – Hands and Thimble, which sold for $770,500. From Frick to Buhl, possibly for all great art collectors, collecting is not simply a compulsion, as it is with those who indiscriminately acquire each and every example of something. For art collectors the process is founded in research, in knowledge of their chosen collecting area, and their experience makes collecting a selective exercise.

Opposite page: (left) Henry Clay Frick. The Frick Collection/Frick Art Reference Library Archives (right) The Fragonard Room, The Frick Collection, New York Photo: Michael Bodycomb This page: Daniele Buetti, White Hands, 2002, Lightbox, Courtesy of the Buhl Collection



What’s New in the World of Travel, Style, Art & Design, Wine and Leisure ACCESSORIES The custom iPad stand by Mark Weisbeck isn’t just a tablet holder but a sculpture for the desk. In fact Weisebeck, a product design and sculptor, has had his desk accessories displayed in the Museum of Modern Art. The hand-signed piece is made of renewable American cherry hardwood and polished aluminum. It instantly elevates the look of any executive office. $595

COLLECTIONS Even a yacht needs a good wine cellar. Where better to store the champagne for christening the ship? Luxury Yacht Wine Cellars from Vinotemp, a leader in wine storage, features marine grade cabinetry with extra reinforcement and resilient racking to protect valuable collections. Wine cellars are designed around the vessel’s power system and then custom matched to any décor using exotic woods and materials. Starting at around $25,000


EXPERIENCES For those with a need for speed, the limited edition “Dream Racing Experience: Full Throttle,” package gives Indy 500 wanabees a oncein-a-lifetime chance to learn from former pro race car drivers. The package kicks off with a private helicopter ride to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway and practice time in a 3D simulator before hitting the track in the driver’s seat of a Ferrari 430 GT race car. An incar camera captures all the action and is yours to keep, along with a certificate, racing shoes and gloves. $5,500

ENTERTAINING For a table setting that’s as memorable as the meal, fine bone china from the Prouna Jewelry Collection is a study in artistry. The Diana Gold pattern is handembedded with gold and amber Swarovski crystals and finished in 24-karat gold plated accents. 5-piece setting: $904


ADVENTURE Add it to your bucket list: gorilla trekking in the Congo. From the Wilderness Collection’s portfolio of extraordinary destinations comes a 6-night, 7-day adventure into the exotic rainforest of the Congo Basin. Daily excursions from two luxury base camps offer a to-do list of thrilling experiences like gorilla tracking and nocturnal game drives. Land prices starting from $5,350

GOLF Lee Thomas Putters have been called the most luxurious personalized clubs on the market. Each putter is made entirely by hand. The 100-step production process takes up to six weeks to complete. These works of art are customizable down to the weight, grip and wood. Dozens of woods are available but for the ultimate bespoke putter, choose wood from your own backyard. Approx. $1,200 HOME The new KRUPS Barista One-Touch Cappuccino Machine is inspired by coffee pros for the perfect specialty drink or cup of espresso. One-touch is all it takes to grind, brew, froth and even clean. Owners also enjoy access to an exclusive line of coffee and teas from around the world. $2,499

FASHION Art Deco is the inspiration behind the line of LauReyne cufflinks from Reyne Hirsch, a 20th century decorative arts expert. Hirsch’s brushed sterling cufflinks feature gemstones like sapphires and rubies under glass for statement-making style. From $450



Scene 2 1











Coastal SIR Around Town January 2013 - June 2013 1. Coastal SIR Agents at May Team Meeting 2. CoastaSIR Welcomed to Ibis Golf & Country Club 3. Allen Hunting & Hillary Oswald Horses 4. CoastalSIR agents tour an Ibis listing of David Putnam’s 5. Monthly Technology App showed by Robin Schmid at Coatal Team Meeting 6. February Technology Meeting: Social Media Donut Edition 7. Team Meeting at Frenchmans Reserve with Sotheby’s International Realty’s Jeff Greenway 8. Jeff Greenway presenting Listing Distribution at Team Meeting 9. Chief Marketing Officer of Sotheby’s International Realty presenting at the GNE2013 in LA 10. Managing Broker, Kelly Martin with international SIR affiliates from Mexico and Canada at GNE2013 11. Kelly Martin at the GNE2013 Networking with affiliates from AscentSIR and Julia B. Fee SIR 15



When Selling Your Home

A Coastal Sotheby’s International Realty Exclusive By Robin Schmid

Have you ever heard of the saying “Your nose knows best?” If you are among those who have, you know that the sense of smell can dictate the mind even without a conscious effort. For instance, take the warm aroma of freshly baked cookies. Most people love cookies; however, this may not be the best scent to use when trying to sell your home. The effects of aroma and smell have been an ongoing discussion in the real estate industry as well as in scientific theory. A study conducted in 2010, documented a team of researchers who studied the purchasing power of 402 people over 18 days based on different scents that were introduced into a home 16

décor store in Switzerland. The study found that on average 31.8% of shoppers spent more money when the store was scented with a simple orange scent over a complex blend of orange, basil and green tea. It proved that the different aromas can affect cognitive functions in the same areas of the brain involved in decision making. Even though the scent was appealing to the customers, it posed as a distraction rather than a compliment to the setting. These complex scents took the consumers mind from their shopping purpose to playing a game of “What is that smell?” Relating this back to real estate, it is strongly suggested that home sellers and their agents take these same prin-

ciples and apply them to their strategy when preparing for a showing or an open house. Sensory marketing in real estate seems too stuck in the freshly baked cookie phase, and most people believe that the key to selling a home is purely visual and all in how a place looks. For some people, it is all about the looks and they can see past an overwhelming or offensive odor. However, many people do not even know that the scents and aroma of a home are helping or hurting them in their home buying process The sure fire way to make sure you are reaching the best potential home buyers for your home is to make sure you are rounding out all aspects of their emotional purchase.

Great Environment (Looks & Smells) + Encouraging Decision Making (No Added Distractions) = MORE POTENTIAL BUYERS

This way, if someone is a perfect fit for you home, you will not lose them just because they were too busy thinking about where you got that candle or where have they smelled that smell before. The next step is finding the best scent for your open house or showing. Simple scents such as lemon, basil and pine are great to use beScent

cause they are less distracting and have very distinct smells. For sellers and agents wanting to be more creative, this can also be a great opportunity to find a scent that directly plays off of the homes surroundings. This can create a truly appealing ambiance that flows from the outside to the inside and all throughout the home. The best question to ask is, “What scent would buyers associate with this environment?� Doing some research of our own, we have come up with a list of different simple scents that will please most home buyers and accentuate

the natural elements of a home in a particular area. Even though these are great scents, the best way to present them is subtly and in a cool environment. The key is to hint at the fresh simple scent, but not make it too strong or overwhelming. The goal is to give the buyer the ability to envision their own idea of what your home would feel and smell like if they were to purchase it as their own.

* Visit the blog at for more.

How to get it


Simply open the windows and doors on a nice day; the best scent is sometimes no scent. Artificial scents may indicate a cover up of an existing odor as well as pose as a distraction.


The purest way to complete the waterfront living experience is by adding the subtle scent of a warm sea breeze. Bring the outdoors in and allow your guests to enjoy the sounds and natural scent of the sea.

Lemon or Orange

A fresh and vibrant scent is the best way to highlight the active lifestyle of a downtown or golf & country club home. Cut fresh lemons or oranges and serve in beverages for clients to sip while taking their tour. The citrus drink with appeal to the sense of smell and taste for a completely refreshing experience.

Basil or Mint

Accentuate the country inspired lifestyle with a fresh and organic feel. Pick and cut fresh basil or mint from the homes herb garden or a local organic store; use as a decoration throughout the home as well as a garnish for a cool lemonade or water beverage.


Enjoy the holidays during an open house with the warm aroma of Cinnamon. Boil fresh cinnamon on the stove top to radiate the captivating scent throughout the home.




A well-known and clean scent of vanilla can be used for all types of homes. It will complement each setting and provide a simple scent to enhance the entire experience. Bring the crisp and cozy surroundings of a rustic inspired or mountain home in with freshly cut cedar or pine wood. These woods can either be used as a decoration or burned in the fireplace on a cold and snowy day. Provide a floral inspired scent for an idyllic and English inspired home. Pick fresh lavender from the garden and place throughout creating a relaxing and stress free environment.









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The Gallery Extraordinary Homes for Extraordinary Lives

812 Harbour Isles Court


North Palm Beach, FL


Coastal Sotheby’s International Realty


209 Bears Club Drive Jupiter This extraordinary Tuscan custom estate has 5 bedrooms, 6 full and 2 half baths encompassing 14,927 total square feet. Situated on a magnificent 3 acre parcel, the property features a tennis court with a beautifully manicured lawn and landscaping. Other features include vaulted ceilings, a stone fireplace, arched picturesque windows, a large gym, master retreat, large theatre, and a resort-style pool with elegant outdoor entertainment areas.

5 Bedrooms | 6 Full Bathrooms 2 Half Bathrooms 10,490 AC/SF I 14,927 Total SF Luxury Golf Community Home Price $12,500,000

477 South Beach Road Hobe Sound, Jupiter Island This one-of-a- kind Jupiter Island estate offers a spectacular opportunity for oceanfront living. As you enter the French influenced estate, you are immediately taken by the old-world grandeur. The main entry opens to a rotunda living room with magnificent oceanfront views through the floor to ceiling windows from almost every turn. Breathtaking ocean views can be found from the second floor mezzanine overlooking the living room on the first floor. Outdoor living is complete with swimming pool, sprawling lawn and private ocean boardwalk.

4 Bedrooms | 6 Full Bathrooms 3 Half Bathrooms I 1.8+ Acres 9,103 AC/SF I 10,257 Total SF Oceanfront Estate Price $9,250,000

628 White Pelican Jupiter 2 Bedrooms 2 Full Bathrooms 1,945 AC/SF I 3,316 Total SF Exquisitely appointed Club home with 2 Large master suites and spacious outdoor kitchen area for entertaining. Gated community with endless amenities, close to beach and golf.

Price $995,000

100 Lakeshore Dr. #252 North Palm Beach

2 Bedrooms 3 Full, 1 Half Bathrooms 2,981 AC/SF I 3,810 Total SF The unit has been updated, is move-in ready and includes furniture. The views are of the Intracoastal, Lake Worth & marinas with mega yachts & Yacht Club.

Price $825,000

11147 Old Harbour Road North Palm Beach Situated on over 1 acre of land, this classic palm beach style home offers 4 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms and a private dock with access to the magnificent Atlantic ocean. The open floor plan showcases striking white porcelain flooring that transitions you though the top of the line kitchen, family room, custom bar and master bedroom. Enjoy beautiful daytime and sunset views of glistening Lake Worth from the extensive outdoor living space, pergola and custom infinity pool.

4 Bedrooms | 4 Full Bathrooms 1 Half Bathroom 5,286 AC/SF I 7,299 Total SF Lost Tree Village Residence Price $7,950,000

176 Bear’s Club Drive Jupiter Spectacular custom estate on the 7th green of the Nicklaus signature course at The Bears Club. This extraordinary custom estate offers 6 bedrooms, 6 full and two half baths . Private library/study features custom built-ins, fireplace and exposed beams. The theater and game room features bespoke built ins, full service wet bar and wine storage, billiards area and oversized theater. Large covered loggia features an outdoor fireplace, game area and summer kitchen. A large conversation area featuring an elevated stone fire pit flanks the oversized pool and spa.

6 Bedrooms | 6 Full Bathrooms 2 Half Bathrooms 12,297 AC/SF I 16,747 Total SF Luxury Golf Community Home Price $10,900,000

13480 Oakmeade Palm Beach Gardens, Old Marsh Golf Club A creative collaboration of artist, architect and builder set the scene for this inspiring and comfortable home. Situated on a panoramic lot with Golf and Marsh views, this enchanting residence offers a spacious combination of live, work and play. Dining room, kitchen and family area flow to make entertaining guests simple and elegant. Large master suite, His/her offices, 3.5 car garage and a separate recording studio define a very exceptional lifestyle.

4 Bedrooms | 5 Full, 1 Half Bathrooms I 8,760 AC/SF I 12,294 Total SF Price $2,700,000


176 Helios Dr. #106 Jupiter 3 Bedrooms 2 Full, 1 Half Bathrooms 1,893 AC/SF I 2,070 Total SF Updated oceanfront condominium, located on Jupiter Beach. Large wrap around patio offers privacy and partial ocean views with northeast exposure.

Price $475,000

12980 Sabal Chase Palm Beach Gardens Land .56 Acres Old Marsh Golf Club Oversized lot in Old Marsh Golf Club. Located near the practice range with ong views of 2nd hole and lake. Wide common area on south side of the lot for added privacy.

Price $525,000

106 Vintage Isles Palm Beach Gardens Immaculate residence, 3 bedrooms, office, exquisite built-ins, Saturnia marble floors, motorized shades, gourmet kitchen, double dishwasher, Sub-Zero refrigerator, island, breakfast bar, wet bar with custom built-ins. Huge master suite, amazing custom built closets, steam shower, Jacuzzi tub, custom vanity and double sinks. Air conditioned garage. Tropical lanai, large swimming pool, spa, and summer kitchen. Fabulous golf course view. Sports membership can be upgraded to full golf.

4 Bedrooms | 4 Full Bathrooms 1 Half Bathroom 3,975 AC/SF I 5,162 Total SF Luxury Golf Community Home Price $975,000

483 Cindy Drive Wellington This custom 3 acre Georgian Colonial estate is located adjacent to the International Dressage Academy training facility, IDA Farms. Unique features of the residence include historic architectural fixtures from the Phipps Palm Beach Mansion (1916), including an “Addison Mizner� designed relief set into the wall of the conservatory. The residence offers second floor bedrooms including a large master suite with sitting room and views of the pool & barn. The 3 acre lot adjacent to the property may be purchased separately.

2 Bedrooms | 2 Full Bathrooms 6,493 AC/SF I 7,889 Total SF Palm Beach Little Ranches Price $1,549,000

511 Les Jardin Palm Beach Gardens This Playa Riente model offers wide water views overlooking the 15th green. This residence includes upper tier appliances and fine finishes throughout. The property includes a guesthouse which offers a bedroom, full bath and kitchenette. This home is perfectly maintained and updated and ready for your own personal touches. All of the bedrooms overlook the private pool and courtyard area.

4 Bedrooms | 3 Full Bathrooms I 3,600 AC/SF I 4,887 Total SF Price $995,000

2275 Ocean Blvd. #103A Palm Beach

2 Bedrooms 2 Full Bathrooms 1,614 AC/SF I 1,780 Total SF Remodeled 1st floor unit. Kitchen has beautiful granite counter tops, newer cabinets, brand new double oven, 1 year old washer/dryer, newer water heater and AC unit. Spacious covered patio and lawn area.

Price $450,000

100 Lakshore Dr. #251 Palm Beach Gardens 3 Bedrooms 3 Full, 1 Half Bathrooms 3,384 Total SF Updated, meticulously maintained and tastefully decorated. Features include a split floor plan including wet bar and open living entertaining area, All rooms feature floor to ceiling windows with access to the wrap-around balcony.

Price $499,000


100 Lakeshore Dr. #2046 North Palm Beach

2 Bedrooms 2 Full Bathrooms 1,683 AC/SF I 2,110 Total SF This updated residence is completely furnished and features 2 BR, 2 BA, a wraparound balcony and panoramic views of the Marina, ocean and Intracoastal from the 20th floor.

Price $425,000

18710 SE Pineneedle Ln Tequesta, Jupiter Hills

4 Bedrooms 4 Full, 1 Half Bathrooms 4,000 AC/SF I 4,945 Total SF Located on the 15th hole of the Jupiter Hills Club, this home is perfect for entertaining with a floor to ceiling fireplace, marble & wood floors, granite kitchen countertops, exercise room with an enclosed 12’x12’ Jacuzzi.

Price $849,999

812 Harbour Isles Court North Palm Beach, Harbour Isles This home boasts 5 spacious bedrooms, with a downstairs master suite wing with his/hers walk in closets with custom cabinetry and a beautiful master bath; stately separate den with a walk around bar accented by granite counter tops and custom cabinets. Other features include a media room with drop down movie screen, private office, covered patio/lanai and summer kitchen. This is truly a boater's paradise offering deep water dockage, private location and direct access to the Intracoastal.

5 Bedrooms | 5 Full Bathrooms 2 Half Bathrooms 3,374 AC/SF I 4,157 Total SF Price $3,495,000

128 Bears Club Dr. Jupiter, The Bear’s Club 5 Bedrooms 6 Full, 1 Half Bathrooms 8,589 AC/SF I 11,181 Total SF This is where the house features and where its located will be. Add text here and give an over view of what is special about the house and why would someone want to live here.

Price $4,750,000

152 Bear’s Club Dr. Jupiter, The Bear’s Club 2.5 Acres This exclusive site is extremely secluded with a private drive and is located in the middle of this ultra exclusive community and surrounded by The Bear's Club Signature Jack Nicklaus Golf Course and offers lake and golf course views.

Price $8,000,000

2720 Downwinds Road Jupiter Build your dream home on this dry 5.06 acre lot in the exclusive and private Ranch Colony Community in Jupiter, Florida. This lot is the last available lot on the runway; the other lots are accessible by plane via grass taxi ways. This lot provides plenty of room for a luxury home, pool and private hangar; Pre-designed plans are available for an 8,100 sq ft, 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms luxury estate. Tailwinds Airpark offers a private, paved 2700 ft VASI lighted runway and is only minutes to the beach, shopping, I-95 and the Florida Turnpike. $850,000 Lot Only.

5.06 Acre Lot I Direct Runway Access I Custom Home Plans Price $2,450,000 (Home & Land)

Pelican Shores Abaco, Bahamas Located in the beautiful Bahamas, this residence is directly on Marsh Harbour. The custom-built gated home boasts decorator furnishings and a open floor plan including 3 private bedroom suites. Enhoy the outdoors from the covered porch that overlooks the harbour, grounds & pool. This residence includes a detached guest home for family or staff, a two car garage and privacy walls.

3 Bedrooms | 3 Full Bathrooms 4,600 AC/SF I 5,500 Total SF Waterfront Home Price $2,500,000


148 Bears Club Drive Jupiter This extraordinary custom estate residence on the 14th hole of The Bear’s Club features 9 bedrooms and 10 full & 2 half baths encompassing over 18,000 total square feet. Additional amenities include a large gym, children’s playroom, state-of-the-art theater, game room, an expansive master retreat, dual his & her offices and an extraordinary resortstyle pool with elegant outdoor entertainment areas. This impressive custom home will satisfy the expectations of those seeking the most unique & exceptional finishes.

9 Bedrooms | 10 Full Bathrooms 2 Half Bathrooms 12,297 AC/SF I 18,053 Total SF Exclusive Golf Residence Price $7,750,000

11936 SE Birkdale Run Tequesta, Jupiter HIlls Truly fabulous 4 bedroom Townhome with separate guest house located in the prestigious Jupiter Hills Village community. This home has been professionally decorated with exquisite taste and dĂŠcor. Newer construction in Jupiter Hills makes this townhome very desirable. The simplicity of a townhome like this and size make this one of the best values in community.

4 Bedrooms | 4 Full, 1 Half Bathrooms I 3,431 AC/SF I 4,811 Total SF Price $899,999

302 Villa Drive Jupiter This beautiful Tuscan-inspired home, located in the prestigious The Bear’s Club community, offers tumbled limestone flooring, mahogany resistant windows & doors, custom millwork, stain grade wood ceilings and exposed beams, gourmet kitchen which includes granite countertops and upper-tier appliances. There is also a stunning master suite, guest retreat and wet bar. Enjoy the magnificent views on the patio/loggia overlooking the lake and the 18th green of the of the Nicklaus signature course.

4 Bedrooms | 4 Full Bathrooms 2 Half Bathrooms 3,374 AC/SF I 4,157 Total SF Golf Community Home Price $1,795,000

483 Savoie Drive Palm Beach Gardens One of a kind expanded Casa del Sol on cul-de-sac. Bonus room with grand storage closet in addition to loft. Lagoon style pool with rock fountain. 400 bottle dual temperature zoned wine storage. Plantation Shutters throughout. Professional 48 inch stove in bright kitchen overlooks grand patio with wraparound awning. Professionally outfitted outdoor kitchen and bar area. Oversized office with two built in desks, bamboo floors and winding staircase to loft. Wet bar with built in espresso coffee machine. 3M impact film on all windows. 3 car garage, central vacuum system. Social membership included.

5 Bedrooms | 5 Full Bathrooms 1 Half Bathroom 6,000 AC/SF I 6,483 Total SF Golf Community Home Price $1,650,000

18344 SE Cassia Ln. Tequesta 4 Bedrooms 3 Full Bathrooms 2,809 AC/SF I 3,409 Total SF Located on a cul-de-sac in Heritage Oaks, a quiet gated community on the Martin County line. The home has been completely updated and features a gourmet kitchen.

Price $556,000

11042 Turtle Beach Rd. D-102 North Palm Beach 3 Bedrooms I 3 Bathrooms 2,230 Total SF Completely renovated with beautiful interior furnishings by Scott Snyder, top of the line appliances and bathroom fixtures. Two underground parking spaces with elevator.

Price $2,600,000


13321 Marsh Landing Palm Beach Gardens .58 Acres Private Golf Community Gorgeous oversized lot with premium western exposure. Great location on quiet cul de sac overlooking golf and spectacular sunsets. Build your dream custom home.

Price $562,500

264 Bears Club Dr. Jupiter .67 Acres Exclusive Golf Community of The Bear’s Club Spectacular new estate lots directly adjacent to Clubhouse at The Bear's Club offering expansive views of the 9th fairway and green.

Price $2,050,000

306 Villa Drive Palm Beach Gardens Intimate courtyard Golf Villas are secluded and are Tuscan-inspired hamlets creating a classic old world ambiance. Enchanting rustic stone, intimate cobblestone walkways and unique garden sanctuaries encompass this unparalleled retreat. State-of-art kitchen with Cherry wood cabinets and Bass wood ceilings. Decorative stone Mosaic vestibule & foyer entry. Custom natural gas fireplace and a full cabana bath with Alfresco grill and infrared feature. Beautifully appointed pool, spa and fountain.

4 Bedrooms | 4 Full Bathrooms 3,225 AC/SF I 4,041 Total SF Golf Community Home Price $1,750,000

11440 N. 81st Court West Palm Beach This beautiful estate nestled in the private community of Rustic Lake exudes a unique combination of comfort & luxury. A formal gated entrance & palm tree lined street gives access to this split-floor plan home with a master suite, 3 guest bedrooms, gourmet kitchen, large family room with fireplace & library. Extensive customization is apparent throughout with marble flooring; solid wood doors, crown molding, custom cabinetry & wood paneling and built-ins. Enjoy outdoor living complete with summer kitchen & waterfall pool with raised sundeck and cabana bath.

4 Bedrooms | 4 Full Bathrooms 1,000 AC/SF I 1,605 Total SF

Price $1,575,000

8583 Egret Meadow West Palm Beach This award winning completely furnished contemporary home has magnificent lake and golf course views from the private patio and pool/spa which includes a summer kitchen and is perfect for entertaining. The residence has hand-painted, 22’ ceilings and newly refinished Saturnia and in-laid marble floors. This custom home is professionally decorated with exquisite furnishings which makes it perfect for anyone who appreciates ultimate luxury.

4 Bedrooms | 5 Full Bathrooms 2 Half Bathrooms 6,029 AC/SF I 7,042 Total SF Price $1,499,000

570 Ocean Dr. #301 Juno Beach 4 Bedrooms 4 Full 1 Half Bathrooms 3,955 AC/SF I 5,220 Total SF Direct Oceanfront Condo. Wrap around balcony, very spacious 4,000 sq. ft. with a cabana by the pool. Private elevator, 2 car garage. New A/C in unit.

Price $1,395,000

6 E Cambria Palm Beach Gardens 4 Bedrooms 3 Full Bathrooms 2,318 AC/SF I 3,148 Total SF Spectacular renovated home located on the new Fazio golf course. This home includes new kitchen and bathrooms completed with granite counters, stainless steel appliances, pool and spa.

Price $695,000


12840 Marsh Landing Palm Beach Gardens Spacious custom home situated on oversized lot in Old Marsh. Structural upgrades and architectural enthusiasm adorn this well appointed home. Large bonus room over garage, exercise room, formal dining room, 4 bedrooms, 4.5 baths and screened outdoor kitchen make this residence a perfect combination of function and comfort. This lovely home is a great value in an extraordinary Club. Old Marsh Golf Club is a private community of only 180 estate homes surrounded by 456 acres of pristine nature preserves.

4 Bedrooms | 4 Full Bathrooms 1 Half Bathroom 5,192 AC/SF I 6,445 Total SF Golf Community Home Price $1,349,000

312 Villa Drive Jupiter Intimate courtyard Golf Villas are secluded and are Tuscan-inspired hamlets creating a classic old world ambiance. Enchanting rustic stone, intimate cobblestone walkways and unique garden sanctuaries encompass this unparalleled retreat. State-of-art kitchen with Cherry wood cabinets and Bass wood ceilings. Decorative stone Mosaic vestibule & foyer entry. Custom natural gas fireplace and a full cabana bath with Alfresco grill and infrared feature. Beautifully appointed pool, spa and fountain.

4 Bedrooms | 4 Full Bathrooms 3,225 AC/SF I 4,041 Total SF Golf Community Home Price $1,750,000

8533 Egret Meadow Palm Beach Gardens Extraordinary custom home offers the finest craftsmanship with outstanding views of the golf course and lake. This residence has been professionally decorated & meticulously maintained including a new roof, doors, windows and 5 new air conditioners. Notable features include a wood spiral staircase, gas fireplace in the family room, crown molding & tray ceilings, 3 car garage plus golf cart, heated pool & spa with a beautiful summer kitchen and screened-in lanai.

6 Bedrooms | 5 Full Bathrooms 2 Half Bathrooms 6,477 AC/SF I 8,233 Total SF Price $1,349,000

541 Les Jardin Palm Beach Gardens Exceptional courtyard home being offered professionally designed and furnished in neutral tones. Features include raised foyer, custom front doors,decorative railing, stone fireplace flanked by built in bookcases, mini bar, tray ceilings and crown molding, handscraped hardwood floors in master bedroom and library, plantation shutters, custom window treatments and silhouette shades, exquisite chandeliers and lighting, stainless steel appliances, vented stainless hood,epoxy garage floor.

4 Bedrooms | 3 Full Bathrooms 1 Half Bathroom 1,000 AC/SF I 1,605 Total SF Price $1,195,000

8582 Egret Meadows West Palm Beach This contemporary style custom home has 3 BR, 4 BA plus office and offers beautiful views, privacy & quality throughout the entire residence. Features include marble floors, a custom beveled leaded glass front door, granite kitchen counters with an island, wet bar off the family room, gas fireplace & trayed ceilings. The patio includes a large heated pool/spa, summer kitchen & has breathtaking views of the lake & signature Legends Golf Course with lush tropical landscaping. Situated on a cul-de-sac and on a lot large enough for a guest house.


3 Bedrooms | 4 Full Bathrooms 4,058 AC/SF I 5,112 Total SF Golf Community Home Price $789,000

4585 N Haverhill Rd. West Palm Beach 3 Bedrooms 2 Full Bathrooms 2,010 AC/SF I 2,490 Total SF Updated through out including new appliances, flooring, paint and water system.

Price $449,000

630 Ocean Dr. #504 Juno Beach 2 Bedrooms 2 Full Bathrooms 1,247 AC/SF I 1,347 Total SF Located in the heart of Juno Beach, this beautiful 5th floor renovated condominium has ocean views from every room. Enjoy direct Ocean access from your own private boardwalk.

Price $399,000

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Highlights Calendar For Palm Beach & Martin Counties

July 1-25: Sea Turtle Walks (Loggerhead MartineLife Center) 4: 4th on Flagler (Downtown West Palm Beach) Star Spangled Stuart (Downtown Stuart) 5: Sushi & Stroll Summer Walks at the Morikami (Delray Beach) 11: Food Truck Invasion (Abacoa, Jupiter) 19 & 20: Dave Matthews Band Concert (Cruzan Amphitheater )

August 2: Sushi & Stroll Summer Walks at the Morikami (Delray Beach) 8: Food Truck Invasion (Abacoa, Jupiter)

September 1-30: Flavor Palm Beach ( 6: Sushi & Stroll Summer Walks at the Morikami (Delray Beach) 7: Jason Aldean Concert (Cruzan Amphitheater) 8: John Mayer & Phillip Phillips Concert (Cruzan Amphitheater) 12: Food Truck Invasion (Abacoa, Jupiter) 20-22: Palm Beach Home Show (Palm Beach Convention Center)

October 10: Food Truck Invasion (Abacoa, Jupiter) 11-13: Oktoberfest (Downtown Lake Worth) 12: 42nd Annual Leif Erikson Festival & Regatta (Martin County) 19: Fire Fest (Jonathan Dickinson State Park) 26: Palm City Festival (Palm City)

November 2&3: Stuart Air Show (Sikorsky Aircraft) 7: Food Truck Invasion (Abacoa, Jupiter) 8-10: 2013 Jensen Beach Pineapple Festival (Jensen Beach) 29-30: Radio City Christmas Spectacular, Starring the Rocketts (Kravis Center, WPB)

December 1-8: Radio City Christmas Spectacular, Starring the Rocketts (Kravis Center, WPB) 6-8: Palm Beach Marathon & Run Fest 12: Food Truck Invasion (Abacoa, Jupiter) 13-17: Palm Beach Food & Wine Festival (Palm Beach)



9: Food Truck Invasion (Abacoa, Jupiter) 17– Feb 2: South Florida Fair (Fairgrounds) 22– 26: Art Palm Beach (

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Happenings Spotlight C l e m a t i s b y N i g h t Clematis by Night is held from 6-9 pm every Thursday night. This FREE weekly event, overlooking the downtown West Palm Beach waterfront, that features live concerts by the area’s best rock, R&B, reggae, Latin, blues, and soul bands. Guests can also enjoy food and drinks, and fun in the fountain. In addition to the weekly band performances, each week has a featured theme to enhance the already popular event.

West Palm Beach GreenMarket The GreenMarket is open year round, every Saturday Morning at Centennial Square in Downtown West Palm Beach. Visitors can enojoy live entertainment while browsing more than 75 vendors offering fresh fruits and vegetables, bakery and gourmet food items, flowers and plants, home decor and items from local restaurants. Guests can enjoy free entertainment and kids activities on the Great Lawn each week. The GreenMarket hours are from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m , with exception to summer months (M a y to September), hour will be 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Abacoa Food Truck Invasion The Food Truck Invasion is every second Friday of every month from 5:30 pm till 10 pm, where food trucks line up at the Abacoa Town Center on Town Center Drive & Crescent Drive. This is a huge outdoor picnic where food trucks of different origins, cuisine and menus prepare food that is cooked to order. It’s not fast food and a bunch of these trucks are run by chefs. A great deal of fusion cuisine, comfort foods and sweet treats to choose from. Be sure to bring your folding chairs or blankets to picnic at the Amphitheater grounds.

A r t A f t e r D a r k Norton Museum of Art is open EVERY Thursday evening until 9:00 p.m. Art after Dark features changing special exhibitions, live music, films, tours, cash bar, and delicious menu options from Café 1451. Meet a diverse crowd, ranging from young professionals to art collectors and enthusiasts. All ages welcome: admission is FREE to Members and children under 13; $12 for adults, $5 for ages 13 to 21.

Sailfish Marina’s Sunset C e l e b r a t i o n Every Thursday from 6pm-9pm Salfish Marina hosts a Sunset Celebration night on the waterfront. The evening is centered around the premiere arts and crafts show that features a variety artists and musicians from around the county. You may find wood sculptures, pottery, watercolors, blown glass, gold and silver jewelry and much more. The Sailfish Marina Restaurant sets up a stand along the waterfront selling their famous “Grouper Dogs” and Conch Fritters, or you may dine at the Sailfish Restaurant with a beautiful view of the sunset over the water.

Dates to Know:

 Palm Beach International Polo Season: January 5th to April 20th  FTI Winter Equestrian Season: Januray 8th to March 30th  Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens Exhibits, "Wood Be Kindred Spirits: The Kokeshi Dolls of Bob Brokop" and "Tanabata: Japan’s Star Festival : June 4th to September 15th


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