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13 Nov. - 19 Nov. 2013 Fall Issue 11

The Health and Counseling offices are sponsoring an event with several resources for health and awareness as well as free lunch. STC Event Room 11 a.m. – 1p.m.

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President Hankin announces retirement BY T. M. WALSH

After 42 years Dr. Joseph N. Hankin is stepping down from his position as President of WCC. Hankin, the nation’s longest serving community college president, announced his retirement, after sitting at the helm of WCC since 1971 at the annual President’s State of the College address on November 6. His retirement was officially accepted at the Board of Trustees meeting that same afternoon, according to a college relations email. Prior to coming to WCC, Hankin was president of Harford Community College in Maryland for four years. Upon coming to WCC, Hankin “began his four-decade mission toward commitment to quality, accessibility, affordability and expansion,” according to the email. Hankin immediately began to put his own stamp on WCC by opening the campus to the community, expanding academic programs and repairing infrastructure, to name a few items, making good on suggestions made in


his interview process for the position. “For the past 42 years, it has been my honor to serve the Board of Trustees, administration, faculty, staff, student body, and residents of Westchester County in the position of President of WCC. Our accomplish-

ments over the past decades have come as the result of a joint effort by a team of indivuals,” he said. “I am now announcing my retirement,” said Hankin, according to the community relations’ release. The Board has granted Hankin a leave of absence from January 1, through December 31, 2014. Hankin will assist the trustees in a search for a new college president. “He will also assist in college visibility and outreach efforts along with other projects related to the development and refinement of programs and services to meet the needs of the college.” An interim president will be named later this year, once the Board confers with the Board of Trustees of the State University of New York. A search committee will be formed and a national search to find Hankin’s permanent successor will begin. An outside firm will be hired to assist in the search that could take up to a year to complete.

Hankin delivers state of the college address BY HELENA SANTIAGO


his speech almost didn’t get done because it has gotten lost twice,” said Dr. Joseph Hankin as he began delivering his annual State of the College Address last Nov. 6 at 12 p.m. in the Academic Arts Building Theatre. He spoke about the changes that happened in the last few years. Which covers the increase in student enrollees, student attendance, implementation of new programs, improvements of information technology, the changes in the main campus and the extension sites in Yonkers, Mount Vernon, Peekskill, and Ossining. During his speech, he touched upon the fact that WCC Admissions Office has increased its number of enrollees through the creation of an integrated database for new students. Furthermore, he also spoke about the fact that enrollment at WCC has been made easier through the creation and implementation of an online application proves. New students are e-mailed and are proactively called as part of

Admission Office’s New Student Communication Plan. Aside from these efforts, the college also sent out U-book and brochures that allowed new prospective students to apply and attend the college. In an attempt to support the increase of scholarship applications, The university has made applying for scholarships has been made easier through the implementation of an online scholarship application. To lighten the load of students paying their tuition and fees, the Bursars Office has implemented a student tuition payment plan. The Financial Aid Office provided a link on the Student Service menu to the financial aid status page. A new website was launched in 2013, alongside an online catalog that was implemented. Starting the year 2010, students who activated their college user IDs using MyWCC automatically received an WCC email account. Since its implementation two years ago, over

50,000 accounts have been created. Of the 13,846 students who registered last fall, about 40 percent received financial aid which encouraged their attendance. The WCC Facebook presence has gained traction and grown to 14,000 likes. Academic Affairs introduced credit degree and certificate programs. Some programs are implemented while others are under development including photography, local studies, future education, fashion technology, energy systems, network security and forensics, and environmental science. Alongside the creation of new programs, more online classes have been added for the year. Online education ran 311 classes in Academic Year 2010 and 2011, compared to 346 classes in 2011 to 2012. WCC’s Welcome Center expanded in the services rendered which attracted thousands of students to persist in their studies to enroll, register, and received more calls including

Chi Alpha Epsilon welcomes new members BY KIMONE COLEY

“The Chi Alpha Epsilon ceremony was amazing. It was simple yet elegant. It warms my heart to know that there is an honor society created just for students like me, someone who began with a lower level class but despite that, was able to excel”; these were the words used by student, Shaina Brown to express her feels of the moment as she was being inducted into the honors society that night.


hi Alpha Epsilon Honor Society, are for student who have faced academic challenges in the beginning of their college careers, have risen above them, and maintains a 3.0 GPA or higher. An induction ceremony was done on Oct. 7, 2013, beginning at 4 p.m., which was a private affair between the inductees and the advisors. Guests were welcomed to join in for the reception, after the ceremony. On the tables were our certificates and an honor cords, logo pins and candles. The ceremony began with every one taking an honor cord and placing it around their neighbor’s neck, this shows a helping hand. Thereafter, there was candle lighting which originated from one central candle where the flame was shared across the room from candle to candle, signifying our unity. We listened to a few CONTINUED, PAGE TWO




CSS appoints Sandra Ramsay Sandra Ramsay, Scholarship Administrator, has been elected to serve on the College Scholarship Service Assembly Council for the 2013-2016 term. The College Scholarship Service (CSS) Assembly is a national assembly of the College Board. The CSS Assembly is a forum for the consideration of policies, practices, and procedures designed to help students and families prepare to meet the costs of postsecondary education; and to support institutions, agencies, and organizations in the equitable and efficient administration of student financial aid programs.

Acorn Award presented to Cary Bill Cary, features writer and garden blogger for The Journal News and, received The Westchester Community College Native Plant Center’s Acorn Award on October 20, 2013 at the Gateway Center at the college. The award recognizes an individual or group that inspires people to learn about native plants and to grow them in their own gardens. Past recipients were Martha Stewart and Gregory Long.

Free programs on medicare basics Introductory workshops on Medicare “basics” will take place next month on Dec. 12 at the County Office Building, 9 S. First Ave., Mount Vernon. The sessions are presented by the Westchester County Department of Senior Programs and Services (DSPS), and will take place from 10 a.m. to 12 noon in the eighth-floor conference room. Please share the attachment, which provides additional information, with those who may be interested.

13 NOV. - 19 NOV. 2013

Pulitzer Center Consortium visits WCC BY STEPHANIE MEJIA

Two members of the Pulitzer Campus Consortium will be visiting WCC from Nov. 20 to Nov. 22, 2013. In addition, award-winning news and documentary producer Stephen Sapienza, will also be visiting WCC from Nov. 20 to Nov. 21.


ward-winning producer, director and writer Micah Fink will be visiting WCC from the days of Nov. 21 to Nov. 22. They will be presenting their work in various journalism classes, as well as entertain open events for their presentations for students that are not in a journalism class and will miss out on the opportunity. Sapienza covers a plethora of human security stories for his production, his news, and documentary stories. Some of these stories includes: the HIV crisis in Haiti and the Dominican Republic, child soldiers in Sierra Leone, climate refugees in Bangladesh and landmine survivors in Cambodia. Within 15 years, he has successfully covered and produced similar stories for broadcast television and the Internet. One of the awards won by him for his work was a 2009 News and Documentary Emmy for his multimedia project on HIV and AIDS in Jamaica. Currently, he is producing a documentary titled Easy Like Water

which is about the impact of the climate change in Bangladesh. Fink is the founder of Common Good Productions. He has specialized his writing, producing and directing skills in subjects such as international affairs, public health and environmental issues. His most recent projects were a 2011 HBO feature documentary titled Mann v. Ford and Hostage Crises Massacre for the National Geographic Explorer. Fink has worked on films for many clients, including PBS Wide Angle, The Teaching Channel and Frontline. Sapienza’s presentation will feature the screening of his short film titled Dominican Republic: Life on the Margins. This film is about the statelessness of the Dominican people that live in the Dominican Republic along with those of Haitian descent. This film touches on the problem of having a ‘lack of nationality’ for some people in the Dominican Republic, because they are allowed dual citizenship. This means they can also acquire a citizenship elsewhere; for example attaining one in the U.S. while still maintaining the citizenship of their birth place. Fink’s presentation will screen his feature documentary titled The Abominable Crime. This documentary is about the homophobia in Jamaica. Both Fink and Sapienza’s presentations will include

question and answer opportunities. On Nov. 20, the first presentation will be during the Viking News meeting in the Student Involvement Conference Room of the Student Center Building, from 11 a.m. to 1p.m. The next meeting on Nov. 20 will be in Professor Juli Steadman Charkes’ News Reporting & Writing class. This presentation will be from 1 p.m. to 2:50 p.m. in the Tech Building in room 13D. The third presentation will be in Professor Hab Dugo’s Understanding Mass Media class. The location of this event is TBA and time is from 2p.m. to 4:50p.m. The last presentation on Nov. 20 portion will take place in Professor Craig Padawer’s Digital Film class. The location of this event is also TBA. On Nov. 21, both Professor Eric Luther’s Multimedia Journalism class and Professor Carol Passariello’s Journalism & Democracy class will be in one room to view the presentation in the Tech Building in room 13D from 11 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. and from 12:30 p.m. to 1:45p.m. The Open Event presentation takes place from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. in the Library Media Theater of the Harold L. Drimmer Library. The only Nov. 22 presentation will be during Professor Monique Bluhm’s Broadcast Journalism class from 12 p.m. to 2:50 p.m. in the Tech Building in room 13D.

(Some of the above information was provided by Janice Adams in her “News and Notes” to faculty and staff, and from the board of trustees minutes)

The 1st Annual Photography Contest sponsored by the Westchester Community College Federation of Teachers is open to all WCC students. Subject matter: Teachers, Librarians, or Counselors working Cash prizes will be awarded: First Place $75.00 Second Place $50 Third Place $25 Hurry! The deadline is November 21, 2013 You may submit up to five cell phone images to as .jpg files All entrees must include: • the photographer’s name, telephone number, and e-mail address • the full name of the subject (the teacher, librarian, or counselor) • the date and place where the photo was taken • a sentence explaining the circumstances pictured in the photo (Example: Prof. Carver had just finished teaching a class about Shakespeare.)

For Complete Rules, visit WCCFT.ORG

Chi Alpha Epsilon Honor Society Induction Ceremony CONTINUED FROM PAGE ONE

speeches from the advisors and pledged to rules and regulations of the society of which we must uphold. There were some fun parts, where we were told secrets, such as there is a secret way to greet each other, for instance, saying “hello” and what to do to find out if someone you are talking to is also a member. These drew the attention of its members, as it was now something everyone shared and practiced that evening. After our Guest where welcomed inside, they had the opportunity to place our pin on our clothing, thereby ending the ceremony and beginning the reception. While talking with Donald Weigand, the dean of student affairs and head of the honor society, he stated, “The occasion this evening, inducting 105 students into Chi Alpha Epsilon is one of the most enjoyable experiences of

the year that emphasizes what the community college is all about; in providing access and giving people chances to show that they can do, and excel and become even better and more productive members of society and it is a great honor to be here.” In addition, Advisor Ellen Zendman , acting director of student development enthusiastically stated, “ Today is a most special day for me because I get to honor a student that have worked so hard to get through their no credit work and excel and have an outstanding grade point average and show off to everyone that hard work and dedication pays off.” Inductee Briahna Savage concluded, “It is a great pleasure to be a new member of Chi Alpha Epsilon; what a wonderful once in a lifetime experience it is for me to be a part of

this event. If I had to sum it up in one word I would say that it was “MARVELOUS”. Everyone was in total agreeance at this point. Being a member of this honor society has its perks; it may serve as a resume builder, it could be used to put it on a job application, scholarship application, or for transfer application, that is its main purpose. In addition, it is a nationally recognized honor and can set you apart from the rest. It is currently not an active club but is in the process of doing so, that way the inductees can able to have more involvement in events and with each other. In the mean time there is still room for networking and the advisors are always available for the members. All the members should be very proud of themselves, as it is a big accomplishment.



13 NOV. - 19 NOV. 2013


Hankin’s state of the college address CONTINUED FROM PAGE ONE

during peak registration periods. WCC has negotiated a new lease in Mount Vernon, which means moving to a renovated and larger facility. There are also increased enrollments for the advanced college experience of high school students taking collegelevel courses. Manhattanville College and White Plains School District recruited over 20 WCC Latina students to serve as mentors which coordinated activities and emphasized college-readiness to middle school Latinas. WCC has been among the first in NY State to have a totally tobacco-free campus policy. In three weeks, there will a conference discussing about WCC’s experience with this policy next month. The Accounting Department successfully completed its 10th year in COAP program with the effort of New York Society’s CPA to attract minor ethnicity students to the accounting profession. Criminal Justice Program added the city of Yonkers Detective Bureau Secret Service, City of White Plains, and City of Peekskill to the list of internships for its Criminal Justice students. The ACE program has more than doubled its size, has 48 sections to 870 students and WCC had almost 200 sections serving close to 2100 students during the past year. It is now involved with 33 different high schools in the region. Regarding the Testing and Assessment Center, 7600 students took the placement exam on the main campus and extensions centers. Placement exams determine and help make a student college-ready in time for graduation. This college is one of eight community colleges participating in a creation of new and innovative math curriculum. In the nursing program, the class that graduated last year had an overall passing rate of 94.5 on the NCLEX, which is one of the highest in the state. Physical Plant department continues to do a wonderful job keeping all the buildings clean, especially during the hurricane that occurred last Fall 2012. The English Language Institute


partnered with Westchester Library System and WesConn. The 10-year library program has add two more libraries: West Harrison and Portchester. For a total of 5 libraries now. WCC has also provided an increasing number of support for veterans. WCC continues to provide services for students with disabilities and opportunities to succeed. 73 students currently participate in community service placement. WCC has also received new funding services to enhance program of the Mandarin speaking population. WCC has secured fundings for new projects totaling 23 million dollars for site improvements, pathways and walkways, health science building improvements, physical education building renovations, safety and security projects, Student Center renovation and expansion, physical education fields, utility infrastructure and administration building renovation, and so on. Last three years, the college had over 100 million dollars.

WCC issued an RFP (request for proposal) for the third party administrator for the college’s health care plan. The college also negotiated an agreement with POMCO to commence in 2014. The fees are flat for the first two years with a CPI increase in the third year, capped at 3 percent. Overall, the cost of the next three years will be similar to the prior three years. A number of dining services were rebranded by establishing a $3.99 dining value meal. Crema Cafe was launched in the Student Center that offers Starbucks and Starbucks cards. A new healthy snack program was created for those who are health conscious. Terry Weizel is funding in CCCIH Community college consortium group for Immigrant education. The funding consists of 10,000 dollars from the JM Pecking Fund, an additional 125,000 dollars from other sources, and 90,000 dollars from JPMorgan Chase. Improvements on Information Technology has also been imple-

mented. For example, upgrades in the wireless Internet access infrastructure has been able to handle increase traffic from laptops, cellphones, and tablets. Over the past 3 years, installation of wireless access points in high usage areas improved Wi-Fi connection and increased Wi-Fi locations. Wireless access points are continuously being added due to the increased demand for wireless connection. Network rewiring in the Administration Building resulted to a replacement network cables that are more than 20 years old, which resulted to an improvement of performance and computing experience for employees in the building. In 2012, WCC changed phone service providers for the main campus and all extension services for better quality services while decreasing costs. IT used print monitoring software, Papercut, to lessen printing waste since Spring 2013. The current printing rate is 400,000 sheets per month. A 40 percent reduction in paper cost is a

result of this intervention. Excessive print usage will have chargebacks. Printing rules such as maximum copies per print job were enforced. Regarding the security of mail servers on campus, they receive more than 51 million emails on campus during the year. Only 14 million of these mails passthrough. Out of the 14 million, 13,000 e-mails were marked as phishing. Of the 37 million emails blocked, 28 million were identified as the highest level of spam and phishing, and the remaining 5 million were blocked, because of compliance or contains unwanted programs or links. As a result, over 73 percent of all external e-mail received was blocked. In all of WCC campuses, there are 3,409 computers and more than half of these are available for student use. Taking advantage of falling natural gas prices, heating systems were converted to duo fuel boilers in six buildings on the main campus. This new heating system saved the $500,000 a year for the past few years. In the Mount Vernon Academic Support Center 6th annual college startup, 93 percent who participated in the summer 2011 program were retained in college at this point of year. Common Read Book Selection of Wes Moore was initiated and brought up in good shape. The Ossining Extension Center redesigned the curriculum technician programs. Yonkers Extensions Center sustained ongoing relationships with community partners with Cross County Mall Management, Chambers of Business, and Community Foundation Network. “There are dozens maybe even hundreds of things that I’ve left out. We certainly have other challenges ahead of us, strategic planning, managing growth, etc, but we are strong together and capable, too,” said Hankin. He concluded his speech with the announcement of his retirement, which is effective by December 2013. “It’s been an honor to work with all of you,” said Hankin. Read more farewell remarks online @

Agnes Vertes presents Bobkoff memorial lecture BY DON GREGORY


he second annual Michael Bobkoff Memorial Lecture, featuring Agnes Vertes, will be presented tomorrow, Thursday, Nov. 14, from 11-12 in Classroom Building 200. As explained in the invitation sent to the campus community last week, “Agnes Vertes is not only an awardwinning independent documentary filmmaker, but also she herself is a child survivor of the Holocaust in Budapest and President of Holocaust Child Survivors of Connecticut. Her productions have been recognized with the top award in the documentary catego-

ry at the Telly Awards, the Aurora Awards, the Communicator Award and a silver medal at the New York Film Festival. “Passport to Life premiered at the Hungarian embassy in Washington, D.C. in March to mark the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Holocaust in Hungary. The documentary was also translated to Italian and was featured at a ceremony honoring Archbishop Verolino in his native city for his courageous efforts to save Jews in Budapest. She has been honored at many Jewish Film Festivals from New York to Buenos

Aires. One out of Ten, which is the story of eight people from different countries who were children during the Shoah, is used as a teaching tool in schools from Connecticut to Hawaii.” Honors Program directors, Professors Dwight Goodyear and Patti Sehuster, offered the first of the Bobkoff lectures last year. The lecture program was named in honor of Professor Michael Bobkoff, who had taught Holocaust classes for several years here at WCC before his death in the winter of 2012. In their invitation to this lecture, Goodyear and Sehulster explained,

“We hope, over the years, to explore some of the issues Mike so passionately pursued in his Honors Holocaust Studies class and in so many other aspects of his life. These are important issues that need our attention and dialogue if we are to learn from the past for a better future.” Last fall the WCC Honors Program and The Sophia and Joseph Abeles Chair for the Honors Program sponsored the first of the lectures. Dr. Leonard Grob spoke about Christian rescuers during the Holocaust.





Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag BY JOE OCASIO



rading the American Revolution and political debates in Assassin’s Creed III for pirate crusades and swashbuckling adventures, Assassin’s Creed IV set’s it’s sights for the golden age of piracy with it’s latest entry. It’s a strange yet unique premise, with so little games about pirates released these days, and it’s one that absolutely sails to greatness. Black Flag isn’t just the best in the series yet; it’s one the better open world games release this year and this now dying current generation. Black Flag takes place in the early 18th century and cast you into the shoes of Edward Kenway, the grandfather of the last protagonist of the previous game

in the series, as he seeks the life of piracy and riches so he may live out his life with his family. Along the way, he meets and befriends various pirates, like Blackbeard, Benjamin Hornigold, Charles Vane, and more. It’s a far more entertaining story than previous games; the writing is cleaver and well written and the characters are well develop. The Pacing is also much improved, and doesn’t take hours for things to get going, like the previous game. It’s also the most accessible Assassin’s Creed game, as you don’t need to have played past games to know. If you played an Assassin’s Creed game before, you’ll know what to expect. You travel around an open-world, running on rooftops, fighting with swords, and assassinating targets. The biggest addition is the new ship you get. You’ll be able to set sail and travel to different island in the Caribbean, and partake in ship battles. Ship battles are some of the more exciting parts of the game, although they can get repetitive. As you defeat ships, you gain material that can be used to upgrade you’re ship and even recruit members so they can par take open trade routes, so you can gain more cash and

items to upgrade your ship. It’s all quite absorbing and really makes you feel like you’re sailing. Black Flag also wants you to do more than just do story missions and combat. Sidemissions abound; assassin contracts, treasure hunting, and liberation missions are just some of the activities you can do. If there’s anything you wanted to do in a pirate game, it’s here. There’s still some quirks that don’t feel right; some minor technical and control issues rear their heads here and there, but it’s not enough to keep this from being an exceptional experience Black Flag might not blow you away with its graphics like the previous game may have, but it’s still a great looking game. What will amaze you is the games art direction and historical accuracy of the environments. From the ship designs, desolate islands, and to even how a character dress, everything looks and matches something that came from early 18th century. The audio is equally strong with a musical score that matches it’s pirate theme and even you’re crew will start singing marry tunes after a while. The voice acting is just as great as past games, with accents and performances so convincing, you’ll wonder why you haven’t seen any of these actors in other works. If you ever wanted to sail the high seas in you’re life, you’ll buy this game. If you like great open world games, you’ll buy this game. It’s not only the best Assassin’s Creed title in a long while, it’s one of the best open world title released this year, only matched by GTA V in terms of quality.

Recently published WCC professor to host literary event

13 NOV. - 19 NOV. 2013

Green Living A day in the life of a recycled can BY RITA KIM


ID YOU KNOW? On average, Americans consume one drink out of an aluminum can every day.

You’ve had your lunch and decide to rinse out the cans and throw them into the recycling bin.

These molds are shipped to a factory, where they are turned into sheets


This same can gets picked up by the sanitation department and transported to a processing facility.

Here, the can is shredded, washed and turned into chips, which in turn are melted and poured into molds.

These sheets are then turned into new products such as cans, pans and aluminum foil.


ur very own Composition and Literature adjunct professor at WCC, Brian Centrone will be the center of an event alongside other writers that will be sharing their story ideas, advice and secrets with their audience. Centrone, has had his short stories and poetry appear in literary journals from various colleges such as WCC, Fordham University and The University of Manchester which is located in the UK. Of his four one-act plays, one has been produced for the National Foundation for the Arts’ Big Read Program in Ohio. A novel that he had written titled An Ordinary Boy was a bestseller on Rainbow eBooks and was highly rated in the Gay and Lesbian Literature section on Amazon. The event takes place on Thursday, Nov. 21 from 10 a.m. to 11a.m. in the Gateway Center’s Davis Auditorium. Anyone interested may attend as this is an open event for anyone on campus.

That equals 365 cans a year for one person alone. How many people in the United States? That’s a bit of math homework you can do. But what happens to all of these cans? Well, now that you’re a grown up and very independent at that, you prepare yourself lunch: Soup and a tuna sandwich. Great choice! It’s healthy and easy; but what about the two cans that you just opened up and used? How do you dispose of them? They are 100 per cent recyclable after all, and one aluminum can equals enough energy needed to run a T.V. for three hours. Let’s take a peek at a day in the life of a recycled can, shall we?

Manufacturing companies take these and fill them with various contents such as soup and tuna.




his coming Tuesday, Nov. 19, to students unfamiliar with it, or inGLOW will be hosting their first terested in learning more about drag. ever drag show in the Academic Arts Jasmine further states, “This event is Building Theater from 5 p.m. – 7:30 for everyone and I would like all stup.m. GLOW will be showcasing the dents to come and enjoy the show.” talents and creativity of the LGBT WCC students will be dressed as kings community on and queens in campus, with this “This event is for everyone and I would drag and giving unique form of like all students to come and enjoy musical perforentertainment. the show. mances to enterGLOW will be Jasmine Lovelace Davis, President of GLOW tain the audience. having this event to “…show the stu- A total of eight performances will be dents a more fun side to the LGBT showcased by five drag queens and world and the art of drag,” said Jasmine three drag kings, with music to be Lovelace Davis, President of GLOW. provided by each performer as an eleThis event will showcase the art of drag ment to their act.

You go to the market and pick some of these cans up for your next grown-up lunch

After use, you will probably recycle the cans once more.


13 NOV. - 19 NOV. 2013




MUSIC REVIEW New music from Best Coast, Cage the Elephant, and Caroline Smith

Best Coast Fade Away


Math Club visits Brookhaven Labs visited was STAR (the Solenoidal the technology of today. The CFN is Tracker at RHIC). STAR tracks thou- one of five Nanoscale Science Research sands of particles produced by ion Centers funded by the Department of collisions at RHIC. Weighing 1,200 Energy’s Office of Science. CFN “protons and as large as a house, STAR is vides state-of-the-art tools for creating BY LINDA GARAYCOCHEA a massive detector. “It is used to search and exploring the properties of mate“ he universe is like a safe to which for signatures of the form of matter rials with dimensions spanning just there is a combination- but the that RHIC was designed to create: the billionths of a meter. CFN scientists combination is locked up in the safe” quark-gluon plasma (QGP). Detecting are dedicated to atomic-level tailoring Peter Devries (Novelist). This quote and understanding the QGP allows us that addresses a wide range of energy explains what the Brookhaven Na- to understand better the universe in challenges. CFN focus areas include: tional Laboratory does by doing ex- the moments after the Big Bang, where improving solar cells and other elecperiments “the combination”, which the symmetries (and lack of symmetries) tronic nanomaterials; designing more is to make new discoveries “safe”. of our surroundings were put into efficient catalysts; developing new Professor Chi, a professor at WCC was motion…STAR must make use of a capabilities and uses for electron miimpressed that the Brookhaven Na- variety of simultaneous studies in croscopy; nanofabrication based on tional Laboratory had a scale of 5200 order to draw strong conclusions about soft and biological nanomaterials—all acres. “Brookhavthe QGP. This is aided by theory and advanced comen Lab is noted for “The universe is like a safe to which due both to the putation. (” the design, con- there is a combination- but the complexity of the The last stop was at The National struction and op- combination is locked up in the system formed in Synchrotron Light Source two, known eration of large safe” high-energy nucle- as NSLS-II. This site is still under Peter Devries (Novelist) ar collisions and construction at Brookhaven National scale, cutting-edge research facilities that support thou- the unexplored landscape of the phys- Laboratory. The NSLS-II “will provide sands of scientists worldwide. (BNL. ics being studied. (” nanoscale resolution and enable adgov)” This extraordinary place encomThis paramount experiment has vances in a wide range of scientific passes all different areas of science, large acceptance and is suited for the fields including energy, environmental Engineering, Chemistry, Physics, and study of multiparticle correlations and science, and biomedicine…10,000 Technology. It would be hard not to collisions at lower energies. The math times brighter with nanometer-scale be fascinated by the view and the club was most impressed with the Star resolution—a key resource for researchknowledge that I will share with you. Detector (William Christie), who was ers at Brookhaven’s CFN—and will Our first stop was at the Relativis- explaining with details what was ex- enhance the development of nexttic Heavy Ion Collider known as RHIC. plained above. He had his presentations generation sustainable energy tech“The RHIC smashes particles to- well represented nologies and imgether to recreate the conditions of the with phenomenal “Brookhaven Lab is noted for the prove imaging of early universe so scientists can explore pictures that was design, construction and operation complex protein the most fundamental building blocks simply breathtak- of large scale, cutting-edge research structures. (BNL. of matter as they existed just after the ing. facilities that support thousands gov)” The detector Big Bang. “This research unlocks secrets The math club, then of scientists worldwide. ” Ed Haas, from the of the force that holds together 99 headed to our third NSLS-II, explained percent of the visible universe—ev- Stop, which was at how different types erything from stars to planets and the “The Center for Functional Nano- of subjects that we are learning at people—and triggers advances in materials, known as CFN. What are W C C, especially math, for example science and technology that have ap- Nanomaterials? They are materials Calculus can help make all of these plications in fields from medicine to that have particles or constituents of experiments come to life. national security. More than 1,000 nanoscale dimensions, or one that is This trip gave us, a hands on experiscientists from around the globe—in- produced by nanotechnology. The ence on what we are studying here at cluding hundreds of students training detector of CFN named Ming Lu, WCC. If you are planning to further to be part of our nation’s future high- explained that there are hundreds of your education and want some hands tech workforce—conduct research at products containing nanomaterials on experience, why not go to BrookhavRHIC. (” Luckily, the math are already in use. Examples are bat- en National Laboratory? They have inclub was able to see this astonishing teries, coatings, anti-bacterial clothing ternships that are available for different work, up close and personal. etc. This is one of the causes that will levels and varieties of degrees. Why not The second place that the Math Club be soon represent a paradigm shift in give it a try? It may just change your life.

On October 25, 2013, the math club went to the Brookhaven National Laboratory.


Grade: C Release Date: October 22, 2013 It is beginning to seem as if Bethany Cosentino doesn’t have anything to say anymore. Maybe, it’s her love for California which has placed her into a heightened state where she has no need to develop interesting viewpoints; because nowa-days Best Coast just sounds like the

complaining of a closed off individual, which does not translate well into good music. That might have always been the truth which is easier to notice in hindsight, but the lack of development from this band is really frustrating. In considering their track records, this is probably going to continue throughout their future releases. Best Coast isn’t singing about anything new or profound, but they still maintain a solid fan base, a steady slot in festivals, and a strong social media presence. In other words, although it’s incredibly annoying to continuously hear her sing about how great California is and sadness due to failure of her relationships, Best Coast does not have much of a reason to change their sound at this point of their career because they have an audience for it.

Cage the Elephant Melophobia Grade: ARelease Date: October 08, 2013 I have not listened to Cage the Elephant before this album, and now I feel obligated to search their other albums because I really like Melophobia. Sometimes it presents the sound and energy of a live show just as in the album opener “Spiderhead”, but it’s been cleaned up enough to be heard as a proper album, in a similar manner to what Slam Dunk did on Welcome to Miami last year. It is a very raw sound which gets interfered with too often by adding unnecessary production effects and bad guest vocals. For instance, the presence of Alison Mosshart on It’s Just Forever was painful, but on the whole the sound stays consistently great to make it a fun listen. There are screaming choruses, funny lines such as my

personal favorite: “I think your mother wants me dead”, and boatloads of catchy guitar parts. There were even surprisingly genuine moments such as the album closer Cigarette Daydreams. Cage the Elephant brings a lot of great qualities to the table in this album which makes listening to the final product is a really worth it.

Caroline Smith Half About Being A Woman

Grade: C+ Release Date: October 08, 2013 This album was incredibly disappointing. Back in 2011, Caroline Smith and the Goodnight Sleeps released one of the best albums of the year in Little Wind, and that was an eye opening experience for me about the hidden gems that could be found from artists

that I wasn’t familiar with. Little Wind was a mixture of pop and folk sounds with Smith singing about insecurities in relationships, and the confidence she suddenly displays in Half About Being a Woman, was not really a welcomed change in her sound. Smith switched from singing about how “ain’t that always how it seems to go, when something good comes, oh it goes” to singing about wanting to find a man who can buy her things. It has the sound of a project, where Caroline Smith really wanted to define the person that she was and switched to a neo-soul sound in order to do it, but in reality she is just moving further away from her strengths. She has a fantastic voice, but it is definitely not being used on this album properly.

Find more from Kyle Ryan, editor of WCDB Albany’s ( music blog, at AIRWAVES.



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Competitive Gaming: From Local Competition to a Global Sport When you think of a sport, you're probably think football, baseball, basketball, etc. But would you consider gaming a professional sport? BY RICKY MARTINEZ


ou may not want to think so, but it is. In fact, in August of this year, a Canadian professional gamer in the League of Legends game was the first to be given a P-1A visa to play said game in the United States. A P-1A visa is only given to athletes. So by doing this, the government of the United States has now considered professional gaming, or eSports (short for electronic sports) a sport. But would YOU consider it a sport? Let me guide you through a history and show you where it began, and where it is now. You would think with eSports being recognized as a sport would mean that it is something new. Maybe it started this century, or even in the 1980s after the movie The Wizard was released. The Wizard was a movie somewhat about competitive gaming, but mostly it was a commercial for Super Mario Bros. 3, among other featured Nintendo games. No, it goes even further than all that. The earliest video game competition on record took place in 1972. This competition was held at Stanford University featuring a game called Spacewar. Spacewar is a two player only game that plays somewhat like Asteroids, but without the asteroids. There are two space ships that two players each control, and the point of the game is to destroy one another by shooting each other. There is a center of gravity that controls their movements

and you can warp to a random area of the map to get away from your opponent, but you can’t warp too often because your spaceship will explode. And this was only the beginning. Game competitions wouldn’t happen on a large scale until nine years later. In 1981, Atari sponsored the first big tournament called the Space Invaders Championship. More than 10,000 people participated in this competition. This competition made competitive gaming into something mainstream. So much so that there was a competitive gaming show that aired for two years on TV called Starcade that was part quiz show, part competitive gaming. Also around this time competitive gaming happened, but in a slightly different matter. There was the battle for the high score. Back then, almost every game had points you can gain throughout the game. An organization called Twin Galaxies decided to keep track of these high score, and have them recognized nationally and officially. Twin Galaxies even worked with Guinness World Records to ensure the legitimacy of high scores. A high score competition called the North America Video Game Challenge (State Teams Tournament) which had cities in several states compete for high scores in games with people appointed by the organization to verify and record the scores. It was later changed

to the Video Game Masters Tournament. Gaming competition grew more with Internet gaming. In 1988, a game called Netrek was credited as the first online sports game, with 16 people being able to connect and compete with each other. This was a sign of things to come. In the 1990s competitions were still held and continued with Nintendo running the Nintendo World Championships. The championships pitted players in different age brackets against each other in a specialized NES game cartridge with three games in 29 cities in the U.S.. There were even video game competitions airing on TV, like Nick Arcade, which aired on Nickelodeon. Nintendo even had a competition for the SNES in an event called Nintendo Powerfest ‘94. Nintendo wasn’t the only one running competitive gaming tournaments. Doom, a first person shooter for PC, became a favorite among players. It also became popular to connect online via modem and compete against other people playing Doom. It got so popular that a service called DWANGO (Dial-up Wide-Area Network Game Operation) was set up so people had a set place to play Doom. When Doom II was set to release, Microsoft set up the first PC tournament to be played off line and in one location. This was called Deathmatch ‘95. This standard of meeting in one place set up a standard in eSports competition.

In 1995, another genre of games started its tournament competition. It started in online arguments of who was better at fighting games, and turned into a “let’s find out.” The games began in New York, then the next year moved to Boston, and after that it reached California with an official title “Battle by the Bay” with 40 people competing. It started with two fighting games, Street Fighter II Turbo and Street Fighter Alpha 2. The event moved onto to Vegas and in 2002 it was renamed the Evolution Championship Series, or just Evo. This competition has over 1,000 competitors and is the biggest and longest fighting game tournament in the U.S.. They also feature more than just current Capcom fighting games, like Mortal Kombat, Smash Bros, Injustice: Gods Among Us, and others. It not only features local players, but ones from all over the world from countries like Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and Saudi Arabia. All these players came on student or visitor’s visas, but they can come in as athletes in the new law. In the 2000s, competitive gaming was gaining some ground globally. In 2002, Major League Gaming started in the United States. Its genres vary from first person shooters, to strategy games, to fighting games that Evo doesn’t cover. World Cyber Games was founded in South Korean in 2000 and is currently the largest eSports tournament

in the world. It is even considered the Olympics of gaming. This tournament also features a wide variety of video game genres including sports games like the FIFA soccer series as well as strategy games like Dota 2, Warcraft III, and first person shooters like Counter-Strike Online and CrossFire. Lately, games have their own tournaments. The biggest of the all of them is the game League of Legends. A multiplayer online battle arena game, it has reached international and popular status. In 2013, the latest season of the League of Legend Tournament was helped on the Staples Centre in Los Angles, selling out in five minutes. It was so big that HBO’s, Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel covered this event. While I mentioned some of the global tournaments, there are many local tournaments with different games happening all the time. For one of my past articles, I even spoke with someone who plays Pokemon professionally. And the viewing audience for eSports keeps growing. These events are streamed on video streaming websites to millions around the world, and there’s even a push to get eSports to television again. To think that it started with something small on a university’s campus, and became a recognized global sport. Would you now consider professional gaming a sport?

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SOCIOLOGICAL IMAGES The revenge fantasy: Django Unchained vs. 12 Years a Slave Many critics are praising 12 Years a Slave for its uncompromising honesty about slavery. BY JAY LIVINGSTON, PHD


t offers not one breath of romanticism about the ante-bellum South. No Southern gentlemen getting all noble about honor and no Southern belles and their mammies affec- If we were worktionately reminisc- ing with the ing or any of that logic of Glory other Gone With or Django, Northe Wind crap, thup would just an inhuman have to regain system. 12 Years his manhood depicts the sadism by standing up not only as per- to his attackers sonal (though the and besting film does have its them in combat. individual sadists) Noah Berlatsky The Atlantic but as inherent in the system – essential, inescapable, and constant. Now, Noah Berlatsky at The Atlantic points out something else about 12 Years as a movie, something most critics missed – its refusal to follow the usual feel-good cliche plot convention of American film: If we were working with the logic of Glory or Django, Northup would have to regain his manhood by standing up to his attackers and besting them in combat. Django Unchained is a revenge fantasy. In the typical version, our peaceful hero is just minding his own business when the bad guy or guys deliberately commit some terrible insult or offense, which then justifies the hero unleashing violence – often


at cataclysmic levels – upon the baddies. One glance at the poster for Django, and you can pretty much guess most of the story. It’s the comic-book adolescent fantasy – the nebbish that the other kids insult when they’re not just ignoring him but who then ducks into a phone booth or says his magic word and transforms himself into the avenging superhero to put the bad guys in their place. This scenario sometimes seems to be the basis of U.S. foreign policy. An insult or slight, real or imaginary, becomes the justification for “retaliation” in the form of destroying a government or an entire country along with tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of its people. It seems pretty easy to sell that idea to us Americans – maybe because the revengefantasy scenario is woven deeply into

American culture – and it’s only in retrospect that we wonder how Iraq or Vietnam ever happened. Django Unchained and the rest are a special example of a more general story line much cherished in American movies: the notion that all problems – psychological, interpersonal, political, moral – can be resolved by a final competition, whether it’s a quick-draw shootout or a dance contest. (I’ve sung this song before in this blog, most recently here after I saw Silver Linings Playbook.) Berlatsky’s piece on 12 Years points out something else I hadn’t noticed but that the Charles Atlas ad makes obvious: it’s all about masculinity. Revenge is a dish served almost exclusively at the Y-chromosome table. The women in the story play a peripheral role as observers of the main event – an audience the hero is aware of – or

as prizes to be won or, infrequently, as the hero’s chief source of encouragement, though that role usually goes to a male buddy or coach. But when a story jettisons the manly revenge theme, women can enter more freely and fully. 12 Years a Slave though, doesn’t present masculinity as a solution to slavery, and as a result it’s able to think about and care about women as people rather than as accessories or MacGuffins. Scrapping the revenge theme can also broaden the story’s perspective from the personal to the political (i.e., the sociological): 12 Years a Slave doesn’t see slavery as a trial that men must overcome on their way to being men, but as a systemic evil that leaves those in its grasp with no good choices. From that perspective, the solution lies not merely in avenging evil acts

and people but in changing the system and the assumptions underlying it, a much lengthier and more difficult task. After all, revenge is just as much an aspect of that 12 Years a Slave system as are the doesn’t see slav- insults and injusery as a trial that tices it is meant to men must over- punish. When men come on their start talking about way to being their manhood or men, but as a their honor, there’s systemic evil that going to be blood, leaves those in death, and destrucits grasp with tion – sometimes no good choices. a little, more likely Noah Berlatsky lots of it. One other difference The Atlantic between the revenge fantasy and political reality: in real life results of revenge are often shortlived. Killing off an evildoer or two doesn’t do much to end the evil. In the movies, we don’t have to worry about that. After the climactic revenge scene and peaceful coda, the credits roll, and the house lights come up. The End. In real life though, we rarely see a such clear endings, and we should know better than to believe a sign that declares “Mission Accomplished.” Jay Livingston is the chair of the Sociology Department at Montclair State University. You can follow him at Montclair SocioBlog or on @JayLivingston.

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CREATIVE ARTS Tegami Chapter Four: Flagged Message TASINA TWEEDY


s the day began to wind down and students were getting ready to go home, Seiko stood outside of her first period teacher’s classroom, awaiting her punishment for what happened earlier today. Sitting on a nearby chair placed in the hallway, she sat quietly while observing her surroundings. As her eyes scanned the hall way, she saw something that caught her attention: a beautifully decorated fish tank with various exotic fish swimming about in the confines of the spacious tank. She looked around to make sure no one, especially the teacher was not around so that she could sneak over, and take a closer look at the spectacle of a fish. As she watched in awe while the beautiful fish swam about in their tank, she saw something dreadful, the fish note from earlier was floating in the tank with the fishes. She couldn’t understand how something like that was possible and moreover why was it happening to her? Just as she was thinking that something even more eerie started to happen, the paper became transparent revealing the message with in. This time the message was: Silly girl, did you really think you could go about your life without including me? I’m the highlight of your day! Come to think of it, your life was rather dull until I intervened. You may not value your existence but I do. So much in fact that I want to BE YOU! I like everything about you from the way that you dress to the way that you walk. Heck, I even like the way you sleep! Seiko was freaked out by the obsessive mental state, which persists within the writer of this strange letter. Before she could finish reading the letter, she was interrupted by the voice of her first period teacher. “What are you doing?! Vandalizing school property!” The teacher shouted. Seiko quickly turned around to face her wind bag teacher, replying, “But Ma’am, I didn’t do it! That was already in the

tank long before I got here!” Her teacher looked passed her and towards the fish tank; “Huh?! I’m not talking about that! I’m taking about the mess you made in the classroom! “W-What mess?!”; Seiko was bewildered by her teacher’s sudden accusation. “Don’t play stupid with me young lady! I don’t see how anyone else could have come in here and did this! I knew you were trouble from the moment you walked in my classroom!” Seiko insisted, “BBut I didn’t do – Whatever!” Her teacher once again interrupted her without hearing her side of the story, grabbed her by her arm and forcefully guided her to the classroom like a prisoner being escorted to prison. When they both walked in the classroom it was in shambles. The chairs were over turned, there were papers all over the place, food on the ground, and the expensive curtains over the decorated large window were torn, and the once spotless desks now had writing all over them. The teacher continued, “I was going to just going to have you sort files for me until 4pm but you really put icing on the cake with this! Do you want to get thrown out that badly?!” “Please Ma’am! I didn’t do any of this! I was waiting where you told me to until you came. There’s no way I could have done this! And even if I wanted to do it, I don’t have the key to get in your classroom”, Seiko plead. “Really, so who do you think did it then?” I don’t know but I can ensure you it wasn’t me.” The teacher looked her up and down then folded her arms stating, “Fine I won’t report you if you fell so strongly about this, but since your still here make yourself useful.” She gave Seiko a bottle of Windex and a dirty old rag and yelled, “Start cleaning! I’ll be back to check on you in thirty minutes and this room better be at least halfway spotless! Do I make myself clear?” Seiko looked at the task given to her with great disgust

and sighed, “Yes…Ma’am…” While scrubbing down the tarnished desks, Seiko began to daydream about being somewhere other than where she was. “Geez this sucks, why am I getting punished for things I didn’t even do it, and why did they have to write on the desks with Permanent markers?! This stuff is so hard to get off, and how could they seriously have enough time to do all of this and frame me?” While she was daydreaming, a squashing sound could be heard as she walked. When she looked down to see what it was, she had gotten pound cake all over her shoe. “Well, there are worst things to step on then pound cake I guess.” Looking away from her shoe, Seiko noticed another one of those bizarre notes on one of the desks, only this time it appeared to be mocking her; SEE! SEE! I told you wouldn’t ignore me! You think I’ll just fade away like a soon to be forgotten dream?! No, no you’ll have to work harder than that to tune me out! Now that you have a good idea of what I’m capable of, perhaps you’ll be wise about upsetting me next time! This letter in particular pissed Seiko off as this anonymous writer was now mocking her, rubbing in the fact that they got her in trouble, to show they had power over her. She crumbled up the offensive letter and threw it in the trash can with the rest of the garbage that accumulated from her cleanup duty. After she finished cleaning, she started to cry because at this point trying to hold back her tears was a very difficult thing for her to do. She couldn’t understand why these bad things were happening to her and no one else. What did she do to deserve being treated so badly by this stranger? She wiped the tears from her eyes and gathered her things. When the teacher returned, she started her journey to head home. CHECK NEXT ISSUE FOR CHAPTER FIVE...

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Business Skills: Leadership Qualities BY GRICEL VETTESE



LinkedIn Profile: Start crafting it now! For those who think it’s too soon to start developing your LinkedIn profile – think again. Today’s job recruiters acknowledge social professional networks as one of the most important sources for hiring. BY GRICEL VETTESE


ocial professional networks are also the fastest growing source of quality hires. Many college students often focus on building their resume, understandably, many don’t have LinkedIn profiles. Don’t wait until after graduation to start building up your LinkedIn profile. Employers are looking for recent graduates. LinkedIn’s career experts suggest that if you’re active on LinkedIn as a college student, then they are considered passive job searchers. Being identified passively means job recruiters could find your profile and consider you for a position, without you even having to apply. Some college students are cautious of including their profile pictures on LinkedIn for fear of looking too young. But a professional profile picture could actually work in the student’s favor. A photo provides a face for the digital personality profile that one provides on LinkedIn and helps recruiters see the person as a real human, rather than a hyperlink. When you build a profile, list qualifications and accomplishments. Thinks of key words that describe yourself, such as leadership, project management, teamwork, etc. It is not

necessary to join every group in your field of interest. Your LinkedIn profile should combine together the story of your professional development. Include information about pertinent coursework, clubs and organizations in which you’ve participated at school. If a student has any internships or work experience, be specific about what skills were developed, or how many students were tutored by you. A key differentiator as a college student is that most college students are technologically in tune and students know how to build a professional brand through social media. Employers want to know that you can bring that experience and know how into their company. Focus on visually illustrating skills with rich media, such as pictures and videos. Presentations students may be especially proud of, or a design project students may have executed for an internship should all be included in the profile to help recruiters visualize what type of talent you bring to the table. One common fallacy of LinkedIn recommendations is that they have to come from previous employers. Not true. A recommendation from a college


professor or academic adviser, especially one with experience in your desired field, speaks volumes to your ability to stand out from the crowd. Aim to get recommendations from professors who know you personally, or who have a good sense of your work ethic, and can speak specifically to your accomplishments in the classroom. When posting comments on a group page, avoid including controversial or personal opinions on LinkedIn. Instead, offer a professional opinion or ask a question. Students are wise to prove that they’re reading industry-specific news and that they’re engaging with it analytically. One of the best ways to get noticed is to provoke conversations and ask smart questions. Do a bit of research, or at the very least a Google search, before you ask a question. This will ensure you convey an informed professional persona, and questions will most likely be stronger if they don’t have an easy answer. LinkedIn may be one of the most important digital business cards one can have. LinkedIn is not Facebook or Instagram, instead it’s a chance to be market yourself as a professional. Which means, Facebook rules do not apply.

eadership is the most valuable assets a person may possess in all of time. It is also one of the key factors to a successful business. It’s hard to condense all the skills that make up a good leader but these people are immediately recognizable. They exude confidence in all of their actions. When these leaders speak, they demand authority and respect. However, a leader never forgets about the team he/she is running and makes sure to offer encouragement and support where needed. A good leader will also never be afraid to admit when he/ she has made a mistake. A good deal of being a leader involves planning and organizing many parts of a project into one functioning as a whole. In order to do this, the leader must be able to break down the parts and put them into a plan. He or she must also make sure that the plan is put into effect, forecast problems, and find workable solutions along the way. This requires an analytical mind and a great eye for details as well as the ability to predict future outcomes. Having a deep understanding of human nature is important for a leader to know. Leaders are often valued for their creativity in coming up with new ideas and problem solving.

However, this creativity always lies on a basis of common sense. They are capable of looking at all aspects of the company with objection and calculate whether plans are actually feasible or not. Anyone with experience in the field will agree that it isn’t enough to have knowledge one must also have the basic sense to put that knowledge into practice. An import part of a leader’s job involves translating complicated ideas and instructions to teams of people, investors, and other department heads. It includes taking responsibility for actions. Since the leader may interact with a wide variety of people from different backgrounds, this can be a very daunting task. While looking at the technical aspects of a job, the leader will never forget about the human element, nor forget that people are the backbone of a company. Being a leader can be an incredibly stressful one. Not only is the success of the company his or hers responsibility but a leader usually work long hours and weekends. They need to be able to remain calm no matter what problems occur. In the event of a problem, the leader needs to have the cool mindset to quickly troubleshoot the problem.

Leadership common sense communication





You know you’re successful when you wake up in the morning looking to the day ahead. You know you’re successful when you feel great about the people you’re collaborating with because you admire, and respect them. You know you’re successful when you feel you’re connecting with the world while sharing your passion. Success is about binding people together who have nothing in common, except a single goal. You know you’re successful when you fall asleep at night knowing you did the best that you could do in every aspect of life. You know you’re successful when you feel compelled to share your knowledge and friendship without ever needing any of it in return…because there are some things that success is not…it’s not about money, fame, greed or power...of this I am sure.



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Part concert and part tribute, but all rock n’ roll! In this unique multimedia revue created by Billy McGuigan, audiences are given the opportunity to vote, through applause, for the songs they want to hear. The musical choices take audiences on a journey from the 50’s rock and roll of Elvis, Buddy, and Jerry Lee, to the 60’s British Invasion bands: The Beatles,The Rolling Stones and The Who. They’ll hit the groove of the 70’s with the Bee Gees, and the piano men – Billy and Elton, and even dabble in the music of the 80’s with Tom Petty, U2 and Bon Jovi! Customize and create your own playlist for the evening! Tickets are $22 (general admission), $20 (students/seniors/ fac-staff), and $16 (children under 13).

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13 NOV. - 19 NOV. 2013



13 NOV. - 19 NOV. 2013


Roll your way into a scholarship BY VIRIDIANA VIDALES COYT

The WCC bowling teams will be starting their season off at the Stevens Tech Tournament in December. Both the men’s and women’s teams are members of the NJCAA and College Bowling USA (CBUSA), participating in 7 to 10 tournaments every season. They are currently looking for bowlers whether experienced or just beginning. All full time students are welcomed to join and have a chance at attaining a scholarship from a 4 year school. Practices have begun and are taken place Tuesdays and Wednesdays at the AMF Bowling Center in White Plains at 3 p.m. For more information you may email coach Hauck at walter.


National Champions 10 Tournament Championships 5 Academic Team of The Year Awards 7 Academic All Americans 6 All Region Men 17 All Region Women 2002 CBUSA Sectional Qualifier

Fall 2013 Opponents Briarcliff College Dutchess C.C Fashion Inst. Globe Inst. Nassau C.C Rockland C.C Suffolk West C.C TCI, Ulster C.C



he Vikings are currently ranked Kevin Jimenez a Mount Saint No. 17 in the country and are part Michael graduate from the Bronx took of the National Collegiate Wrestling first place at 141 pounds. Raymond Ramos a New Rochelle High School Association (NCWA). Being coached by Joe Regan a graduate and former two time Allformer Section 1 wrestler who also Section wrestler placed second at 174 coached at Mapounds. hopac High School “They want revenge but we’re going On Dec. achieving a Sec- to bring it to them” 1, the Vikings will tion 1 title. He is Team captain Ramos participate as also a personal guests in “Grapple trainer and owns “Joe Regan Strength At The Garden” which is a tournament and Conditioning.” held at Madison Square Garden Coach Regan believes that “WCC mainly for Division 1 schools.They will has the ability to be become a wrestling be competing against their rivals, Stony powerhouse.” Brook who are also part og the NCWA. The team participated in the The vikings faced Stony Brook in Uconn Invitational on Nov. 2, which a dual match last year, beating them included the participation of 8 other 26-24. schools.

Wrestling Tournament Schedule 11/24/2013 12/01/201 12/07/2013 01/04/2014 02/02/2014

NYS Collegiates Cornell University Grapple At The Garden Madison Square Garden U. Southern Maine Tournament U. Southern Maine SUNY/ Westchester Vs Hunter Vs USSMA Hunter College SUNY/ Westchester Vs Yeshiva Vs Bergen CC Yeshiva University


Suny Wrestling Practices Mon- Tues 6-8 pm Thurs-Friday 5-7pm Saturday 10am - 12pm Held in the mat room in the phys ed. Building

Team Point Leader Name : Kevin Jimenez Weight: 133 Year: Sophomore Wins: 3 Losses: 0 Pins: 0 Points: 27.00

No. 1 UConn routs Hartford 89-34 in season opener PAT EATON-ROBB


HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — Moriah Jefferson scored a career-high 17 points and top-ranked Connecticut began the defense of its eighth national title with an 89-34 rout of in-state rival Hartford on Saturday. The sophomore guard, who also had five assists, led a balanced offensive that saw four players reach double figures. Center Stefanie Dolson had 16 points and six rebounds. Breanna Stewart added 14 points and Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis chipped in 12 for the Huskies. Freshman Deanna Mayza led Hartford with eight points. The competition gets much stiffer very quickly for UConn, which hosts No. 3 Stanford on Monday and has road games against No. 8 Maryland and No. 13 Penn State in the next eight days.

Connecticut hit its first six shots, and used an 18-0 to go up 27-9 and take control of the game. UConn held the Hawks without a point for almost 8 ½ minutes during that spurt. Dolson hit seven of her eight shots from the floor, including two 3-pointers. The senior center had made eight shots from behind the arc in her Connecticut career, and all of those came last season. A fast-break layup by Jefferson with 2 ½ minutes to go in the first half gave the Huskies their first 30 point lead at 47-16 and UConn led 55-17 at the break. The Huskies had just two turnovers in the first half, while forcing 15 by Hartford. Hartford shot just 27 percent from the field and turned the ball over 22 times. Another Jefferson layup less than a

minute into the second half put UConn up by 40 points, and one with just under 4 minutes left in the game gave the Huskies an 84-34 lead. The Huskies won by more than 20 points 29 times last season and by 30 or more 23 times, including a 68-point win over Idaho in the first round of the NCAA Tournament. It was the 18th consecutive time UConn has won its opening game, and the 21st consecutive win in a home opener. The Huskies haven’t lost the first game of a season since falling to Louisiana Tech in 1995. Hartford was playing without two key players. Forward Katie Roth, projected to be the Hawks best front-line player, and guard Mallory Shickora both were lost in the preseason with season-

ending knee injuries. The Hawks, who won 21 games in 201213 and are picked to finish second in the America East this season, started three freshmen against the Huskies. Geno Auriemma played everyone on his bench, and walk on freshman Briana Pulido was the only Husky without a point. Freshman guard Saniya Chong had eight points. UConn guard Brianna Banks, playing for the first time since suffering a torn anterior cruciate ligament in her right knee during a Feb. 2 win at St. John’s, played 22 minutes and had three points. The Huskies are now 297-14 while playing as the nation’s top-ranked team.



13 NOV. - 19 NOV. 2013



Syracuse rolls past Maryland 20-3 DAVID GINSBURG, AP SPORTS WRITER

COLLEGE PARK, Md. (AP) — Jerome Smith ran for 118 yards and two touchdowns, and Syracuse used a strong defensive effort to beat error-prone Maryland 20-3 Saturday. Smith scored from the 1 in the first quarter and added a 21-yard TD with 10:33 left to put the Orange up by 17. It

was his third 100-yard game of the season and eighth of his career. Durell Eskridge and Julian Whigham had interceptions for Syracuse, which also forced five fumbles — recovering two of them. The Orange (5-4, 3-2 Atlantic Coast Conference) have allowed only three points in their last two games

following a 56-0 loss to Georgia Tech. Maryland (5-4, 1-4) has lost three straight and four of five. The Terrapins have been trying since mid-October to reach the six wins necessary to earn a bowl bid. C.J. Brown went 21 for 40 for 211 yards and two interceptions for Maryland,

which was limited to 151 yards in the second half. After closing the first half with turnovers on its final three possessions, the Terrapins began the third quarter in similar fashion. Brown fumbled a snap from center, and Cameron Lynch recovered for Syracuse to set up a field goal for a 13-0 lead. The Terrapins finally scored late in the third quarter, with plenty of help from

the Orange. Three 15-yard penalties against Syracuse enabled Maryland to reach the red zone. After the Terrapins had a lost fumble wiped out by an offside call against the Orange, Brad Craddock kicked a 23-yard field goal. That ended a shutout run of 113 minutes by the Syracuse defense, beginning in the fourth quarter against Georgia Tech and including last week’s 13-0 win over Wake Forest. In the fourth quarter, Orange quarterback Terrel Hunt ran for 29 yards to set up Smith’s game-clinching touchdown jaunt. Hunt finished 15 for 24 for 140 yards and an interception. He also ran for 67 yards on seven carries. Syracuse won despite being penalized 12 times for 115 yards and going 3 for 14 on third-down conversions. The Orange outgained Maryland 267141 before halftime and scored on their first and last drives to take a 10-0 lead. Syracuse took the opening kickoff and launched a 16-play drive that consumed nearly eight minutes and featured a pair of fourth-down gambles, the last of which produced Smith’s first touchdown run. The Terrapins converted a fourth-down try of their own late in the first quarter, but that only led to a missed field goal try by Craddock. In the second quarter, a fumble by Smith started a run of five of six possessions that ended in turnovers, including three by Maryland — two interceptions by Brown and a fumble by Amba Etta-Tawo. Syracuse converted the last turnover into a 34-yard field goal by Ryan Norton.

I’m meant

Where I want to be. You want to make an impact. An impact on your family, your community, even your world. You want more than a career, you want a purpose. You want a life filled with meaning. At Hofstra University, we understand what pride and purpose is all about. It’s about finding an academic area that excites you, challenges you, and fulfills you. It’s about studying with leading faculty in small classes where you really get to know your colleagues. It’s about amazing internship experiences and campus opportunities that give you an edge when it is time to start that career. And it’s about living and learning on a campus that never stops moving, changing, and working for you. A campus so beautiful it’s a nationally recognized arboretum but only miles from the most exciting city in the world…New York.

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Transfer Days November 25-27 • Apply and receive an admission decision and credit evaluation • Meet with an academic advisor • Register for the spring 2014 semester

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The Viking News

13 Nov. - 19 Nov. 2013

Now Hiring: The Viking News


2013 Nov Issue 13  

The Viking News paper for SUNY Westchester Community College. I redesigned the paper and this is the new layout. The publication ran weekly,...

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