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V OL UME 5 3 , I SSUE 8 S E P T E M BER 2009

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Victoria Reminder We were invited to a christening the other week, we got ready and went along after Church. We got there and stood out the front and then went inside, there was a lot of other people as lost as we were, not sure of where to sit or what to do. The service started and was finished in 20 minutes, then the priest packed up his stuff, turned out the lights and locked up! And we found ourselves standing outside a locked church. Do we do that at our church? I thought to myself, I know we are all busy people, at church we can race from one person to the other trying to catch them while we can and those who aren’t on our list may miss out by the time we are finished. Our Church is a big Family Community. Yes, we are busy but we do care for one another .We are a blessed people who have much to be thankful for, but sometimes we take it all for granted . All of the effort that goes into the running our local congregations, our camp’s and all of the behind the scenes things that just seemingly happen, they are all done with great love and desire to serve their maker. In the priesthood we are taught that there is no ranking and it’s true we are all important, Priesthood and membership. Sometimes just being there is a major support even if we don’t realize it at the time, we all have our own things that we can do and it may change year to year but we are all important! And we are missed when not there.

As we live our lives others outside of the Church do notice us and watch us .We witness not only at Church where we are safe but also by how we live our lives in the “real world”. If others do come to Church, do we either swamp them or leave them because we are busy seeing other people, then turn out the lights and lock the door and leave them standing out the front? As we endeavour to go and share the love of God sometimes we make mistakes. Sometimes we are too safe and scared to “lose a gold star” instead of getting out of our comfort zone. I’m often surprised that when I’m hanging right out there with the tips of knuckles going white, ( I ask God what am I doing?) the strength and peace of the holy spirit picks me up and I manage to do what I need to do , and afterwards I feel an amazing Peace and the Holy Spirit wrapt around me. Yes just like a big hug that only a father can give. I pray that as we look forward to the challenge that is before us, to share Gods love to all who will listen to pray and ask God what we can do for him and his people.

Charles Davies

Community of Christ

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Network Gathering


Euroa Congregation


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Frankston Congregation


Hughesdale Congregation


Rosanna Congregation


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Bendigo Congregation Havlin Street West, Bendigo Pastor - Barbara Woodward, Ph 03 54473199 Sept 6th

where to come for a good steak or snag for the BBQ, congratulations.

10.00am Classes A-Ray C-Barb 11.00 am- Communion

Jarrod Grigg has obtained casual employment as a Patient Transport Officer after completing his course, good news!

Laura Semmens has a new pupply, we hear she is over the moon with her new friend.

Marie Bateson is unwell, please keep her in your prayers. Robert & Melissa, Zac & Charlie have a new son and brother, born July 30th, welcome to Hunter Gartside. Lochie & Benjamin both attended the Auskick football and received medals for their participation, well done boys.

Helen (A– Anita) Followed by lunch Sept 13th

10.00 Classes 10.45am—Announcements 11.00 am Worship-John, Ashley & Elliott

Sept 20th

10.00 Classes 10.45am—Announcements 11.00am—Worship—Youth Kristy McIlroy

Sept 27th

10am– Classes 10.45am– Announcements 11.00am– Worship– Craig & Kristie

Oct 4th

Communion— David (A-John)


Cleaning Roster Sept 5th—John & Simon Sept 12th—WORKING BEE Sept 19th—Craig & Kristie Sept 26th—Dianne & Ray

The branch enjoyed a very uplifting visit from the West Pennant Hills witnessing team lead by Charmaine Unger, a big thank you to all the participants who came and shared and gave ministry to our congregation.

QI GONG 10am Fridays

The branch is sadden with the passing of our sister, friend and member, Norma McIlroy, our sympathy and condolences go out to the family, Norma will be dearly missed by the Bendigo congregation.

Norma’s funeral had to be changed to the funeral parlour due to the sewerage problems at the church, after a bit of a panic and change of venue the service went ahead as planned. Thank you to the ladies for providing lunch for the day.

Walkie Talkie— Sept 1st– Ruth Sept 8th—Pat Sept 15th– Colleen Sept 22nd Gwen Sept 29th– Barbara

Christmas in July celebrations were postponed due to a sewerage problem with the building, we are currently having floor coverings replaced in 2 toilets and then painting to follow . Apologies to all those who were attending.

Ashley Turner has now commenced an apprenticeship in Butchery, we will all know

Community Cuppa Thursdays—10-12noon—Church

Art Group/ Craft— Thursdays—1pm at the Church Come along and join in the painting or just bring your craft and enjoy the fellowship. • We would love to see you there



Euroa Congregation Pastor - Leo Kubeil, PO Box 217, Euroa 3666 Ph: 5795 3525 September 6th

11.00a.m. Communion - Max Kubeil Followed by shared lunch

September 20th

10.00a.m Worship - Jean Bush followed by coffee at the


News Leo and Anita- last communication from Broome in mid August.

Lorraine and Max spent a month in NSW and Qld visiting friends and relations. Bob and Marian are currently in Bateman's Bay. and Mavis and Des are travelling south west NSW. Must be winter!! Verona, Max and Lorraine shared with Hughesdale Branch for their family camp and really had a great time. Jean and Maurice have family staying with them. Cleaning and flower roster for September Bush




Ferntree Gully Congregation 22 Napoleon Road, Ferntree Gully Pastors: - Charles Davies & Sharon Florentine PH. 0431 830764 & 9754 8615 Cleaners: Sharon

Music 10.45 am 11.30 am

Communion Charles Davies & Marg Reynolds Michelle Davies Classes Fellowship Meal

The youth have returned from IYF in America, though tired and weary they all say they had a great time and from the sounds of it had many wonderful experiences and made lots of new friends.


7.30 pm

FTG Youth


10.00 am

Music 10.30 am 11.30 am

AGM Worship– Sharon Florentine Amy Davies Classes Morning Tea

Debbie, Emma and Sean have just spent 2 weeks in Thailand and said it they had a great time. On the 2nd Aug a group of us trekked into the MCG by train after church to watch Richmond Vs Melbourne. We all had a great time at the footy and in a nail-biting finish the Tigers won, much to Charles’ dismay. It’s OK Charles we won’t rub it in too much…Go your mighty Tigers…(oops sorry)


10.00 am


20-SEP Roy

10.00 am

Worship – Jeniece

Music 10.30 am 11.30 am

Charles Davies Classes Morning Tea

Danae Roy had her debutant ball on the 14th Aug at the Grand International in Dandenong, she looked gorgeous all dressed up. Danae and the rest of the family who were there to support her had a wonderful night.

Birthday wishes go to Sarah W, Sarah D, Meagon and Julian. Hope you all had wonderful days!

Saturday 15th Aug we had a working bee at FTG church. Thanks to all who showed up to give a helping hand with the many jobs that were on offer. Brod I hope your head is not too sore after head-butting one of our skylights. I must admit the Brod outline is definitely a different look just glad you’re OK and well I think it was about time to get a new skylight anyway.


27-SEP nolds


10.00 am

10.00 am

Worship – Roy Rey-

Music 10.30 am 11.30 am

Steve Howland Classes Morning Tea

10.00 am

Communion Hailey Reynolds & Sharon Florentine Stephanie Hill Classes Fellowship Meal

Music 10.45 am 11.30 am




Frankston Congregation 2 Logan Street, Frankston Pastor: Lindsay Hyde Ph: (03) 5978 7212 SEPT 6

9.30 am Communion Service Brian Ayres, Deana Ayres, Anne McClelland 10.30 am Fellowship Cuppa


9.30 am Worship Service Baptism of Braden Loxton 10.30 am Fellowship Cuppa 11.00 am Adult Class


9.30 am Worship Service Glen McClelland 10.30 am Fellowship Cuppa


9.30 am Morning Worship Deanna Ayres 10.30 am Fellowship Cuppa 11.00 am Adult Class


9.30 am Communion Service John Winterton, Glen McClelland, Shirley Davies 1 0.30 am Fellowship Cuppa

Brian and Joan McClelland have recently travelled to Queensland. Whilst there, they will be visiting Fred Williams (a member of the congregation in earlier times) who has recently been diagnosed with prostate cancer. Most of the congregation remember Fred, who only recently visited the congregation whilst down here for a holiday. We wish him well through his time of need. Pauline Huth has had her knee replacement surgery and according to all reports, things have gone well. She is now out of rehab’. Meanwhile, Deanna Ayres has almost completed her radiotherapy treatment. Myra Horton is to undergo a spinal operation (on her birthday). She will be at the Casey Hospital for a period of time. We wish her all the best. Kay is also sporting a plaster cast after breaking her arm following a spill. A number of the congregation attended the Interfaith activity in Dandenong recently.

News: Lindsay and Norma Hyde have sold their house in Pearcedale and will be moving to Carrum Downs for a while. Both are really looking forward to packing up and moving 20 years of acquired possessions. Their new address as of the middle of September will be 10 Thornbill Drive Carrum Downs 3201 New home phone number from mid September 9785 3401 New email address from mid September “” John and Mary Winterton were invited to an official retirement farewell dinner in Melbourne recently. Over 100 attended and a great time was had by all. Meanwhile, they have finally moved into their new home in Rosebud.

Gordon and Pauline McLaughlin have returned from a short break. The Frankston congregation wish to express their appreciation for Leigh Lonsdale’s ministry whilst serving in the position of network coordinator.



Hughesdale Congregation 241 Poath Road, Hughesdale Pastors - Rondel Ferrett (95153322) & Anne Granleese (0402595610)

News: SEPT 6




Oct 4

Theme: All are Made by God Communion 10am Presiding: Anne Loughran Speaking: Rod Bogie Deacon: Warren Moulton Organ: Betty Moulton Priests: Karli Smith & Rondél Ferrett Theme: Lose Your life for Jesus Worship: Sophie Loughran & Jennifer Ferrett Music: Holly Loughran Theme: Plant Peace (Heritage Day) Worship: Holly Loughran Hughesdale A.G.M. to follow Organ: Merna Short

• Everyone enjoyed the Branch Getaway. Ken Barrows shared in the camp as a ‘Ministry of Presence’. The men soon had him working on the new extensions while the women added to the coffers of the Violet Town market. On Saturday the Lea family cooked up a delicious Korean lunch for us. • A happy Victorian IYF delegation arrived back in Melbourne early on Wednesday morning 5th August along with the youth from Adelaide and Perth. Thanks to Rachelle & Ben for their work with the team. • Choir – during/towards end of morning tea Group leader: Holly New singers welcome each week, beginners welcome!

Theme: Speak Boldly Worship: Rondél Ferrett, Fred Naylor & Warren Moulton Organ: Betty Moulton

Theme: Receive the Kingdom Communion 10am Presiding: Rod Bogie Speaking: Roger McLaughlin Deacon: Joel Ferrett Organ: Sue Boreham Priests: Annie Falcke & Merna Short

Craft Group – Monday nights at Hughesdale, 7.30pm. – Group leaders: Annie & Rondel Bring your unfinished projects and chat the night away in our now toasty warm hall.

Congratulations to Scott and Bec Boreham and the family for the arrival of son Isaac Jame Boreham on 16 th Augest.



Rosanna Congregation 19 Graham Road, Rosanna Pastors - Harry & Lyanne Putting PH. 9435 0195 Email: celebrations. Invitations have gone out to those who were part of our congregation over the years to join us on this occasion, and we eagerly await their replies. We would welcome all to worship with us on the Sunday.

All activities to commence at 10.00am unless otherwise stated 1 6

12 13 15 19-3rd

Viewbank Seniors’ Friendship Group Communion with visit from the IYF young people Morning Tea – J Jones Cleaning – H Putting Rosanna’s 40th Anniversary Dinner 6pm Saturday Celebratory Worship Morning Tea Viewbank Seniors’ Friendship Group School holidays -Activities to be announced


So much work has been done in readiness for both the Network Day and our anniversary celebrations. Well done everyone.

We look forward to Rosalie & Tom returning from their holiday.

It was great to catch up with Harry & Adele Fielding at the Network Day and to receive Harry’s ministry. Not long enough though!

The congregation had a ‘tree planting’ on 2nd August – Arbor Day – and it was fantastic to have the help of Margaret Dobbin from Bendigo. Thanks Margaret, it was very much appreciated. We think we should call you “Digger” from now on!

Our Seniors enjoyed the talk from the Banksia Palliative Care group which is administered locally. They do a fantastic job in caring for those in need of their services.

We are all looking forward to our Anniversary

The Retirees enjoyed the film “My life in ruins” at the Waverley Cinema, followed by lunch. Thanks Phil & Maureen for organising this for us.

MELBOURNE RETIREES’ ACTIVITY September 3rd Activity to be organised by Roy & Margaret who will contact us with details.

Sunday, September 6, 2009 All Are Made by God World Hunger Emphasis Ordinary Time (Proper 18) Scriptures: Proverbs 22:1–2, 8–9, 22– 23; Psalm 125; James 2:1–10, 14–17; Mark 7:24–37/7:22–36 IV; II Nephi 12:56–62; Doctrine and Covenants 162:6– 7a Sunday, September 13, 2009 Lose Your Life for Jesus Ordinary Time (Proper 19) Scriptures: Proverbs 1:20–33; Psalm 19; James 3:1–12; Mark 8:27–38/8:28–43 IV; II Nephi 11:95–115; Doctrine and Covenants 49:5

We proclaim Jesus Christ, and promote communities of Joy, Hope, Love and Peace.

Sunday, September 20, 2009 Plant Peace Heritage Day Ordinary Time (Proper 20) Scriptures: Proverbs 31:10–31; Psalm 1; James 3:13—4:3, 7–8a; Mark 9:30–37/9:27–35 IV; Alma 16:198– 200; Doctrine and Covenants 163:2–4a

Ordinary Time (Proper 22) Scriptures: Job 1:1; 2:1–10; Psalm 26; Hebrews 1:1–4; 2:5–12; Mark 10:2–16/10:2–14 IV; III Nephi 5:50– 59; Doctrine and Covenants 157:11–12 Sunday, October 11, 2009 Let God Be Your Ruler Ordinary Time (Proper 23)

Sunday, September 27, 2009 Speak Boldly Ordinary Time (Proper 21) Scriptures: Esther 7:1–6, 9–10, 9:20– 22; Psalm 124; James 5:13–20; Mark 9:38–50/9:36–50 IV; Helaman 3:53– 54; Doctrine and Covenants 97:1c–d Sunday, October 4, 2009 Receive the Kingdom

Scriptures: Job 23:1–9, 16–17; Psalm 22:1– 15; Hebrews 4:12–16; Mark 10:17–31/10:15–30 IV; II Nephi 12:56; Doctrine and Covenants 41:2a

Reminder 2009  

The news from Victoria

Reminder 2009  

The news from Victoria