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Summer 2011 - Issue 1


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The Magazine for Ladies Circle in Area 3

Go Team Tinker!

Diary Dates There’s going to be all sorts of things going on this year but final dates are still being sorted out for most events so here’s a few dates to get you started.

2011 Saturday 24th September National meeting and National Presidents Ball Saturday 1st October NERL Friday 7th October Halifax Ladies Circle Ball at Berties Friday 21st October Rothwell Ladies Circle naked waiters night at Elland Road Monday 17th October Area Meeting at Drighlington (Think Pink and Jolly Sausage – dress up as your hero with prize for fancy dress) Thursday 10th November Friendship Evening 2012 Monday 23rd January Area meeting at Drighlington (Make do and Mend – Xmas present auction with guest auctioneers) Monday 23rd April Area meeting at Drighlington and AGM 9th-13th May National Conference in Torquay Thursday 21st June 2012 Area Handover Dinner

Porritt’s Ponderings...

Well, I’m still here, but now I’ve got a Ladies Circle National Media Award! As you can see in the picture above, not only am a sporting a very fetching Ladies Circle hoody but I am clutching a trophy. For those few people that I haven’t told, 3 Cheers won the ‘Best Area Magazine’ award at the National AGM in Blackpool. Of course, it wouldn’t have been possible without all the brilliant photos and articles sent in by the great girls of Area 3. If you sent me something last year then thank you. The National AGM turned out to be quite a day for Area 3 but more about that later. As I write this, I’m still a little bleary-eyed from a fantastic Handover Dinner last night. I want to congratulate Karen Flatters on a great year as Area 3 Chairman. We couldn’t have wished for a mores passionate, enthusiastic representative! Our new Chairman, Jo Tinker is all set for a fun-packed year and ‘Team Tinker’ are with her all the way.

I’m hoping to get even more of your news into 3 Cheers this year. Each circle will be asked to contribute an article to one edition of 3 Cheers (you can send me something for every edition if you like!). It doesn’t have to be something huge (I know we’re not all in a position to organise large events), it’s just so nice to hear what everyone is up to. Let’s face it, we’re all basically nosey and any gossip is better than no gossip! So next time your out having fun with you Circle friends, take a few photos, write a few words and email them to me. Don’t forget to let me or Jo know how your tomato plants are doing. Apparently Sitlington have named theirs and some of the plants are already bearing fruit! (If you don’t know what I’m on about, read our new Chairman’s welcome for more details). I hope you all have a wonderful Summer, full of fun, friendship and if we’re really lucky, lots of sunshine! Yours in Friendship

Victoria x

Welcome... Well here we are…another year passed and now I am in The Chair and very honoured to represent our fantastic Area 3 locally, nationally and internationally. Firstly, I want to congratulate the lovely Karen Flatters on her year as Area Chairman. She did a brilliant job of putting herself about (in the nicest possible way) and as I said at Handover, she is a Circle Debretts of who is who…knowing where different Circles and Circlers are from! I thought I knew Karen well, before becoming her stalker but I found out many more knew things from sharing cars and hotel rooms: ? She likes a pint ? She is well known for her laugh ? She likes to ring Derek very early in the morning ? Baboons wake her up ? She sometimes has to stand on her tiptoes to reach the checking in desks at hotels ? She has a great pair of legs and bazoomas that she hides too often ? She is game for anything ? She can't keep quiet in a quiet zone on a train Moving onto The Handover Dinner, it was another brilliant night of fun and friendship and it was great to see so many people there.

Jo Machon did a fantastic job organising, finding the beer soap and being the MC. Kate Singleton from Colne Valley also created a sparkling atmosphere in the room too with her additional décor. The good wishes and good luck trees were an inspiring idea too. I'd like to thank everyone for their cards, gifts and good wishes from that evening as it really got my year off to a great start! Oh and thanks to those who gave me a tomato plant update…the competition is hotting up! So, eventually the time to take the Vice chain off and put the Chairman's chain on came.

Then it happened…the chain was on! Taking a deep breath and imagining myself in an assembly, I began my speech, only to be interrupted by: Hi Jo. Hi Jo. She's Area Chair you know And Area 3 Needs You You You Hi Jo. Hi Jo. Hi Jo. Hi Jo

And these seven little men walked in, my husband at the front who was supposed to be looking after the girls at home (they were with

their grandma)! It may have looked a bit odd but let me explain why it was so relevant. Years ago, Dave and I were on Kev Leahy's "Fairy tale and Fantasy' Rally Committee. As you can imagine there were castles, mirrors, fairies etc all over the hotel. Imagine our surprise when during on of the days quite a few erm‌ vertically challenged people arrived to stay at the hotel too! Some Tablers and Circlers thought that we had hired them in for the event but no! Later in the evening, Dave was having a chat with one of them in the bar and it turned out he was an ex Tabler Chairman and in 41 Club. Dave, known for his tact blurted out "God it's a small world!" at which Ian Hemsworth spilled his pint and the joke was born! Seriously, thanks to Karl, Area 3 RT Chairman for the flowers and for Dave for roping people in and travelling in taxis and trains to get to Elland. I never expected anything, especially with Rothwell Round Table being no more. So now we have Team Tinker ready to go and they are a fantastic team for Area 3 representing 6 Circles. You can find out all about them later in the magazine.

found out who has won the non-sporting trophy by the time you read this. Then I'm off on a boat trip with my own Circle, meeting Colne Valley at their Fizz and Fashion Night, competing in the Olympics for the Golf Trophy before going to LCI with 3 Past It's to hold my hand‌and take me into bars!! In September there are Charter Lunches and my first council meeting followed by the National Presidents Ball celebrating 75 years of Circle then more Charters and a NERL!

Karen & Jo with National President, Vicky Perry

Finally, please invite Team Tinker and myself to all your events. Area 3 Needs You; individual Circles, to come to Area meetings, support Area events, contribute to 3 Cheers and tell us all your success stories about fun, fundraising and membership so we can spread the news about our amazing Area 3.

Jo Tinker x

So what's coming up between now and the October meeting?...quite a lot already. We will have had our first Area meeting and

Meet Team Tinker...

Hello to you all and welcome to the first edition of 3 Cheers with myself as Area Chairman! For those of you who I haven't met or have seen from afar, my name is Jo Tinker (also known as Tinks, Teach and History Girl, depending on who you talk to!) and I am a member of Rothwell Ladies Circle. I am married to Dave Tinker and have 2 gorgeous children, Lucy now 11 and off to secondary school in September and Isobel aged 5 and just finishing her year in Reception. My day job is as a Primary School Teacher, currently teaching 9-10 year olds as well as being in charge of history for my school…a passion…but more of that later! My road to being Area Chairman was never planned and was not really a road but allow me to explain how I came to be here and to be so proud and excited to represent the fantastic Area 3 at Area, National and International events.

Area Chairman Jo Tinker

Are you sitting comfortably…then I'll begin… Once upon a time, many years ago, when I was 17 ish, I met Dave and went along to some events organised by Rothwell Round Table and Circle as his Mum and Dad were both active members. I helped clear away after Safari Supper, whilst wondering what these strange people were doing in fancy dress at his parent's house, hit many a rounder at family picnics, collected money in fancy dress at Christmas and went to various parties and lunches. We both went away to University but then moved back to the area a few years later. In the late 90's, we moved back to Rothwell and Dave was asked to come along to some Table events by the then Area Chairman, Howard Dean and the Celliers. We did and really enjoyed them but I stayed away from Circle as I couldn't cook, knit or sew and mistakenly thought that was what I needed to do to join! How wrong I was!!!! I went to my first meeting about 12 years ago and it was brilliant! Since then I have accumulated a large fancy dress collection, helped to raise lots of money for charity, made long lasting friendships, had picnics here, there and everywhere, done most jobs in Circle and experienced things I would never have dreamed of. For many years, I just became involved with the things that Rothwell were doing on a local level but then Lesley Wood decided to represent Rothwell at Area and we all cheered her on and supported her. We went 'en mass' to her first Area meeting and it was then that I

saw a whole new dimension to being a Circler. Next, came a phone call from Kev Leahy, asking us if we wanted to be on Rally Committee, which we did for him and the following year for Alan Paterson and it again opened up a new door of fun and we made lifelong friends with everyone on those committees, as well as having many brilliant, if sometimes scary, memories! We became great friends with Sitlington Circle and Table and it was at Jazz's Curry night that Sine Kidd asked if I would be Area Secretary for herself and then Helen Paterson. I agreed straight away, even though I had little idea about what to do and was completely out of my comfort zone but I wanted to support them both as a friend. Wow! What an eye opener! Over the two years as Area Secretary, I learned just how Area and National was organised, the hard work that goes into meetings, dinners and fundraisers and became a dab hand at the Area Directory. I will 'Never Forget' the memories and friendships I made, along with the adventures of the Jail Break but 'It all adds up' to my next part…. which happened on a weekend away. Karen Flatters decided to go for Area Chairman, and I said I would be her Vice. In my Vice year, Karen was great, guiding me, letting me stalk her and offering lots of advice as I experienced both National events and made links with other Areas. I really learned the ropes as Vice and of course made more lasting friendships. So now, the time has come…and it is time for me to put something back into an

organisation that has given me so much! The timing is perfect, as this is my 40th Year and what a great way to celebrate…by you allowing me to be your Area Chairman! My charity for this year is Help For Heroes, a worthy cause for all the men and women in our armed forces who put their lives on the line. This also links to my theme, of being 40, the 40's and Remembrance. My badge has a poppy in the background, a symbol of remembrance…of your years in Circle and your future years of memories to share with others. The pointed finger and the slogan 'Area 3 Needs You' is reminiscent of the Lord Kitchener posters from the war but with an up to date message as indeed we need you, individual Circles, to come to Area meetings, support Area events, contribute to 3 Cheers and tell us all your success stories about fun, fundraising and membership so we as an Area can grow. Thank you for all your support and good wishes and lets make this another successful Circling year where we make new memories, cement friendships, support each other and share our success stories.

Jo Tinker x

Area Vice Chairman Jo Machon less fortunate than myself whilst having a fabulous time. (It's also given me the excuse to buy some great outfits and gorgeous shoes & bags!!!). Whatever part you play in circle it matters to others around you, whether your contribution is a little or a lot it matters. I hope this year you will all feel you can contribute something to area 3, and I look forward to sharing the moments with you.

Jo Machon x Hi everyone, I can't believe I've been a member of Halifax ladies Circle for 6 years!!! I am married to Chris and we have two children Kate and Oliver. I have lived in Halifax all my life and although I am an only child I have a very close extended family and lots of friends who are always around to support me in the activities I choose to get involved in. Since joining circle I have experienced so much, I have dressed up as 'Mary' like in the nativity, met Kylie Minogue (well she smiled at me when I walked past), drank every kind of fizz going, and tasted every variety of hummus from traditional to caramelised onion. I am sure I have peaked on numerous occasions & I did walk up three!! I have belly danced and bag packed, I cycled to France at Xcape, well I didn't actually do any cycling but I did exercise my jaw all day encouraging others to go an extra mile in the name of charity. Along the way I have met so many lovely people locally and nationally. Ladies circle has enabled me to raise funds for those

Area Secretary Penny Daynes

Hi I'm Penny Daynes, also chair of Brighouse Circle. I am secretary this year so you'll be hearing from me lots!. In real life I have two jobs - I'm an oncology pharmacist at Huddersfield Hospital and also work for a university in Aberdeen which thankfully they let me do from home! I have two daughters; Amalie, 7 and Esme, 3 and spend most of my spare time enduring watching tap, ballet and gymnastics classes! My husband Nigel is in Elland Round Table. Please come along to as many area events as you can as we organise them for you and it wouldn’t be fun without you!!

Penny x

Area Treasurer Judith Patrick

My name is Judith Patrick and I am a member of Penistone Ladies Circle. I am married to Nigel and live in Upper Cumberworth on the Huddersfield/ Penistone border. My day job is as a Property Manager for the National Trust, managing Marsden Moor near Huddersfield and Hardcastle Crags near Hebden Bridge. I've only been a Circler for a relatively short time (3 years) and came to it through Nigel's involvement in Table – he is ex of Denby Dale and Penistone and is now in Holme Valley 41 club. I've just finished as chair of Penistone and am currently social secretary. My first major event with Circle was Sine Kidd's Jailbreak and that was certainly an eye opener! I'd hinted that I'd quite like to stand for Area Exec and Gill Milner texted me from the Area AGM to ask if I wanted to stand for treasurer, as I'd had a couple of glasses of red wine I said yes! I'm no stranger to managing monies as my day job means I am responsible for all the running costs for the two properties. I've also managed grant programmes consisting of millions of pounds so I hope I can keep Area 3's finances in good order. For those of you who may have heard a rumour – yes I do keep cows and sheep so can often be found doing random things like bathing bulls for shows during the summer!! Looking forward to an exciting year for Area 3!

Judith x

Area CSLO Helen Kitson

My name is Helen Kitson and I have been a member of Halifax Ladies Circle for five years. Over that time I have been Social Secretary twice, Chair and Area Representative. I never intended standing for Area, I think I may have had too many glasses of wine at the meeting... But I have since come to terms with the fact that I am your CSLO for 2011-2012 and, together with you, I am keen to raise as much money as we can for such a worthy cause. I also have every confidence in our Chair Jo and know she will continue to further the wonderful work of our organisation. I look forward to seeing, and possibly even sharing a glass of fizz with you, at a future event.

Helen Kitson x

Area Social Helen Shiggins

Hi everyone, I'm Helen your new Social Officer for Team Tinker this year. I am a member of Penistone Ladies Circle and have been for the last 9 years (OMG where does the time go!). I am 42 and married to Nev and have twin boys, Connor and Michael who are 14 yrs old. I have been Penistone Chairman twice and Treasurer for I can't remember how long! My first experience of Area was when I decided to support Gill Milner back in 200? when she was Sales Officer and then later on when Gill became Area Chair. I have so much to thank Gill for, she has been a driving force at Penistone and the friendship and support offered by Gill means I have gained a friend for life. I have therefore decided that I would like to give Area a go this year before I hit the big 45 to give back a little of everything I have enjoyed. So why Social Officer? Well I will be the first to admit my ideal night out would involve food, wine and good company so I thought this role would suit me perfectly, So come on girls, Area 3 needs your support this year, come and join the fun, enjoy the friendship and Help our Heroes together with Jo and let's make this another successful and sociable year!

Helen Shiggins x

Area Sports Denise Armstrong

Hello everyone, I'm Denise. Thank you for voting me in as your Sports officer, I hope I'll be able to make it an exciting year. I already have some ideas and would like to put on fun activities that appeal to everyone, even the less 'sporty' of us. I'm a member of Batley 54, where I've been Chairman twice and have previously served two very enjoyable years on the Area Committee as Sales and Social. I have two daughters, Rebecca and Charlotte, who have flown the nest and a big soft cat called Billy, who hasn't!! I love Circle and getting involved with the many different activities and I hope that I can do a good job in this roll.

Denise x

Area Sales Hannah Armitage

Hi, my name is Hannah and this year I'm not only Chairman of Rothwell Circle but also your Area Sales Officer. I live in Rothwell and have been married to Rich for 15 years. We have one daughter, Esme who is almost 12. I work at Leeds General Infirmary as a Biomedical Scientist specialising in testing poo! I joined Rothwell Circle on the same day as Jo Tinker so when Jo became Area Chairman I was keen to support her and so decided to join the Area Exec. When we joined we were both equally bemused and nervous about what Ladies Circle entailed but over the last 10 years I've had some fantastic experiences both with my own Circle and also with Area, having served on 2 Rally Committees. This year as Area Sales, we have decided not to have a travelling shop but to sell personalised garments: T shirts, hoodies etcbut more about that at the Area Meeting and in 3 Cheers. As my husband would tell you this is an ideal post for me- shopping & socialising. What more could a girl ask for!

Hannah x

Area Press Victoria Porritt

Area IPC/Membership Karen Flatters

I’m Victoria Porritt and I’ll be bringing you all the Area 3 news for my second year running as Area Press Officer. I’ve been in Elland Circle for 8 years and I’m currently Elland Secretary (again!) I’ve been married to Chris for 15 years (I was a child bride!) and we have two kids Duncan, 12 and Rose, 8. Every week the four of us train in karate together which we love. I don’t go out to work but I don’t know how I’d find time to. When I’m not watching Rose at endless dance classes, I knit sample garments for a Keighley-based yarn company, do occasional bits of graphic design work and volunteer on the school PTA. I grew up with Ladies Circle as my Mum and Dad were in Circle and Table. My Mum is currently National Secretary of Tangent and my Dad looks after the national websites for Tangent and 41 Club. Ladies Circle has given me so much laughter, adventures and the opportunity to help so many good causes. Good luck Jo for your forthcoming year. Go Team Tinker!

Yippee, I'm a past it. It has been a fantastic year of fun and friendship which is exactly what Circle is all about and Area 3 is the Best. Thank you to all the girls of Area 3 who have actively supported me this year and your Friendship Makes a Difference. Representing Area 3 at various events locally, nationally and even internationally has been an absolute joy. It's been action packed - full of fun, laughs and of course, many new friendship have been made. In case you don't know, I have been an active member of Batley LC since 2002 and a member of Area since 2007 so you could say I have vast experience in drinking (oops sorry, in Circle!) I am married to Derek and we have a son called Oliver who is 6 and a cat called Scooby. In the day, I work in Credit Control for Hilton Hotel based in Leeds. Fundraising, friendship and socialising brought me to Circle and I have never been short of a friend. The old saying that you only get out what you put in is so true in Circle! Good Luck to all new Circle Chairmen for your year ahead and please join Area Chairman Jo Tinker because AREA 3 Needs You!

Victoria x

Karen x

Tangent Talk...

Thank you Victoria, for giving me this opportunity to reflect on my dim and distant Circle memories. Like you and Naomi I am a second generation Circler but perhaps uniquely married to a second generation Tabler. It all started in Lancashire – the bit now known as Merseyside. My parents were members of Bootle and Crosby RT/LC which extended to Formby where Bill's parents became involved upon their move north. We both have great memories of growing up within the Round Table family and the fun we shared as children. We joined Edgbaston RT/LC to get a life outside of work and although we soon moved further out of the city we weren't quite brave enough to transfer into a more local group – something I now perhaps regret with that wonderful thing called hindsight! But then came the big move to South Wales with Bill's job and thank goodness for the RT Family. It really helped us to settle in, We were initially members of Vale of Glamorgan, but that soon extended into our little seaside town of Llantwit Major and

we were involved in setting up a brand new Table and Cirlce – what a privilege. After three years we were on the move again – back north but the other side of the hills this time – to Leeds. Once again we were very grateful to the RT Family helping us to settle into Nidderdale so quickly. Initially we thought we would be here for a few years, but Bill announced he would change jobs rather than move away, so two jobs and his own business later we are now contemplating retirement in Yorkshire, very firmly entrenched in 41 Club and Tangent. We have made so many good friends along the way, some have stayed put and others like us have moved on. It is always a joy to see them or hear from them enjoying that bond of continuing friendship. I am so pleased to have this opportunity of renewing a special bond with LC Area 3. When I first moved up here, Nidderdale was part of LC Area 23 and our two Areas used to have a joint Exec meeting each year, hosting this meeting alternately. Of course it is sad that Area 23 had to close, but looking on the bright side it has put this past Circler back in touch with Area 3. I am writing this looking forward to attending your Handover Dinner on 23 June – once a Circler always a Circler! I hope you will all enjoy your Circle days, gathering an abundance of happy memories along the way and inspiring your friends and family to join the RT Family, so that future generations may enjoy the fun and friendships too. Yours in continued friendship

Jan Dowling Tangent National President 2011-2012

National Natters...

Hi I'm Alex Roberts and in 3 Cheers this year I aim to keep you all up to date with what is going on at National Level. “How?” I hear you cry. Well I set off early in the morning of our National AGM in Blackpool with fellow Elland Ladies Circler and Editor of 3 Cheers Victoria and her Mum Terrie, National Tangent Secretary. Blackpool made it my 3rd National AGM. I registered as a Proxy voter for Wotton Under Edge and took my seat surrounded by several girls from Area 3. Unlike Area 3's AGM at the National AGM, nominations for the posts are one of the first agenda items. All but one post had a nominee and some even had two. Everything was going smoothly until they got to the last post, a one year post for National Treasurer. This is normally a two year post but the current Treasurer is emigrating to South Africa so could not complete her two year term in office. To keep the Treasurer and Secretary posts staggered they were opening up the Treasurer’s post to members for just one year. No one had put their name forward to be nominated and so this was opened up to nominations from the floor. Everyone was looking round and looking down. I looked at my fellow Elland LC girls and they looked at me. I looked at my fellow Area 3 girls and they looked at me. The National Exec were about to move on when I very nervously stood from the floor. To say National Exec didn't expect

that was an understatement and I think everyone was in such a state of shock it took a long time to recover (me included!) I was taken away to a holding cell (er pleasant room) whilst all the other nominees introduced themselves to the membership. I was even escorted to the loo. It was like being back in school taking my GCSE exams all over again. I don't think it was because they thought I was going to cheat, oh no! I think it was if I tried to escape. They had prepared everything in that room to calm your nerves; there was food, water, booze and any other remedy for nerves you could think of. Whilst I sat in that room thinking of something to say and dreading the unknown question I got more and more nervous and one by one the other nominees left the room until it was just me shaking and thinking what have I done and Simon has no clue that I have actually done this (we had kind of discussed it, but discussing is one thing, do it is something else) but maybe it will be ok and the membership won't vote for me. Then I got called into the room and you know what, every Area 3 girl stood up in support of me. To see that made me come so close to tears that I knew I couldn't let Area 3 down. Thank you so much Area 3, I think it was that support that gave me the courage so by the time I got to the stage to introduce myself to the membership I had lost all my nerves. I felt empowered by them and the confidence was there. I read what I had prepared and then came the unknown question “If you could wish upon a star what would you wish for?” The only answer I had was all I've ever wanted to be is happy and what better way to be happy than in Circle? After that I was taken away to the holding cell again (I mean room) whilst everyone voted and then came back into the room. The rest of the business of the association was

carried out; most importantly National Capitation was reduced to £45.00 per member for 2011- 2012. I had to wait until the very end of the meeting to find out if I had been voted in or not and yes you lot I got voted IN. There are a total of 5 brand new girls who have never been on the National Exec before. As I was leaving the room, I don't know how they knew, but all the Elland Round Tablers were congratulating me in my new post when it occurred to me I’d better tell Simon. His response was; “I will treat you to a Pizza Hut meal. Oh I am married to the National Treasurer I am not worthy”. He is so right! If I thought I was nervous before this was nothing. I returned to Blackpool the following day to be formally introduced to the new National Exec. The first thing I was presented with was what Vicky Perry, our new National President, called 'A Damn it Doll'. It is a handmade red doll with two legs, black and white hair and two eyes with the instruction; “this is for when things get bad you hold the dolls legs and hit it against a table three times saying; 'Damn it', 'Damn it', 'Damn it'. You will feel better and able to carry on”. Not sure these were the words of wisdom I was looking for at that moment. But I have to say my doll has already lost an eye. The next time I met the National Exec was at our first official meeting 2 weeks later at Oulton Farm in Staffordshire. When you consider the National Secretary is from Cornwall and the National Vice President is from Fife, meeting up is not easy. An awful lot is done via email as I am sure you can imagine. Just while I remember can you believe our National Secretary has been personally invited to visit the Queen? At the farm Naomi did all the cooking and I shared a room with Ruth, our new National

Executive Administrator. Who I have to say is a workaholic and touch types. I was really impressed; the minutes were done there and then. Vicky Perry's theme for the year is 'I Love Ladies Circle' and she really does. It was announced at the February Council Meeting about the new Ladies Circle website and its launch which is to coincide with the 75th Celebrations and President’s Ball in Birmingham in September 2011. This has been taking up a lot of time, 8 passionate women who all love circle and all have a different view. It is going to be fabulous. Vicky's charity is Parkinsons and she wants us all to have a ‘Party for Parkinsons’ to support this. I will forward and circulate more details about this later. On a lighter note, one of the girls announced out of the blue she loves her Large Pink Cock and had us all in stitches the whole weekend away. (You can decide for yourselves what she means!) We have now had 2 conference calls; not the easiest thing when you don't know people’s voices yet. However I can say with confidence I do know when it's Marj our VP from Scotland. Conference calls happen once a month and only urgent business can be discussed. If there is a message from me it’s if you haven't filled in your Circle return yet please do it as soon as possible please. As I am writing this I am looking forward to Area 3's Handover Dinner and surprising Karen by bringing Vicky Perry with me.

Alex Roberts x National Treasurer 2011-2012

National Conference...

Blackpool was definitely the place to be the weekend of 6th till 8th May 2011, with Circlers and Tablers from all over the country having a fantastic party. Picture this – blokes dressed as school girls, school teachers, prefects and even cheerleaders at a massive school daze fancy dress party with cool bands and lots drinking & dancing.

Halifax I think stole the show with their Nativity fancy dress and Sine’s hula hoop demonstrations made me laugh as least she could do it!

Circling at its best, at 2am my bed was calling and I was exhausted with all the dancing and sadly I wasn't the last man standing …. Well done Lydna Wieland. Hangovers and AGM don't always go, good old mum was doing my voting and all the items discussed in February Council Meeting have now been approved. You will all be pleased to know that capitation has been reduced to £45.00

What a day for Area 3! Victoria Porritt scooped the award for best Area Magazine which was well deserved and Colne Valley scooped the award for best publicity for their charity single. Alex Roberts from Elland Ladies Circle is now National Treasurer having stood from the floor and I wish her well with her new role.

The President’s Banquet was interesting and it was nice to see Vicky Perry become National President of Ladies Circle. Again, cracking bands on Saturday where we danced the night away till the wee small hours. The Conference team did a great job and made this a fantastic weekend of fun and friendship. National Conference next year will be in Torquay with a Rocky Horror show theme so I recommend you try it ‌.

Karen x

Rothwell get Pampered... Unfortunately, due to the 'dreaded' age rule, Rothwell Circle lost members this year at the AGM. One long standing Circler, Lesley Wood, decided to give her retirement gift in a fantastic way! She invited Rothwell Circlers past and present into her home for an all expenses paid pamper party. So…during the evening, people turned up in a range of clothes from pj's to dressing gowns to jogging pants, ready for Lesley to spray tan us all and without nail varnish, ready to have it put on again perfectly. Lesley had cooked curry and chilli amongst other things and we all piled into the gazebo, to crack open the fizz supplied by another unhappy retiring member, Debbie Mallinson. As we were pampered, the wine and fizz flowed and we discussed many serious issues: How often should we have our roots done? We were robbed in the Eurovision. What have we never done? Grey hairs…just on the scalp or in other areas? Things that mediums say to us that have come true…spooky! Making the naked waiter night bigger How have we put the toe separators on the wrong way all these years? Tatoo's Escaping underwear down trouser legs Matching underwear…see Hannah!!!!!!! Gradually, we changed colour into a healthy tan had beautiful nails, drank more wine, and answered al of the above questions, before calling for a taxi. Hannah and all members of Rothwell Circle would like to thank Lesley for a 'proper old school Circle' evening. It was full of laughter, fun, friendship and putting the world to rights!! Can't wait do it again!

Jo Tinker x

The right way!

Hannah matches the wallpaper

Tangent have still got it!

...and Celebrate a Wedding! Chairman Hannah had literally just stepped into position and had the chain put around her neck when she announced her first event would be a Chairman's Lunch/Royal Wedding Party. Circlers, guests, friends and family were all asked to dress up in red/white/blue and bring some food to share with everyone. On the morning of the wedding, a few of us walked round to Hannah's to watch the wedding itself. The children, bored by the TV coverage, zoomed off to play on the bouncy castle whilst we sat round and commented on THE DRESS, the trainer wearing nun, Pippa Middleton looking stunning, but also looking like a sleek vase etc etc etc. When the wedding had finished, the rest of the partygoers turned up thick and fast with tons of delicious food. At one point Hannah had 14 slow cookers on the go, an oven full of jacket spuds, a dining table full of puddings and a worktop full of salad. During the day, we made short work of the food…and drink and had a great time catching up with people and putting the world to rights. Even though the weather was colder than we had been used to, we stayed outside, next to the chimeneas until dark, then it was inside for karaoke! Overall it was a 'proper Circle' day and a brilliant start to Hannah's year with lots of fun and friendship and fizz! Unfortunately, Hannah had to get up to go to work at 8am the next day and groaned at the aftermath a Circle party can bring. However, she was so pleased that the 'family tidy fairies' had been round and cleaned everything up so it was spic and span for when she arrived home later in the day.

Jo Tinker x

Fabulous Fundraising... Sunday 22nd May saw lots of ladies from all over Area 3 doing their bit for my fundraiser at Castleford Xscape (even Simon Roberts from Elland Round Table did his bit and cycled 10 miles). I rowed and cycled too, but the star of the show was Claire Cunnington from Halifax who did over 11 miles on a bike with Clare Clish of Batley not far behind. Thank you to the Elland Girls who were my Rounders Trophy winners for covering the greatest distance and well deserved. Hebden Bridge, Rothwell, Batley, Sitlington, Halifax, Elland, Dewsbury and of course, Penny Daynes of Brighouse who was on her own but still had fun!!!! Even Billy Pearce making an appearance oh no he didn't, oh yes he did! We achieved our goal of travelling from Sandwich Ladies Circle in Kent to Amiens Ladies Circle in France totalling 139 miles within 4 hours and 40 minutes. Area 3 Circling at it's best all in the name of charity, we raised £162.92 and gave out lots of flyers to promote circle. The donation website has £372.92 on it, including the money raised on the day and will remain open for another month or so – if anyone wants to make a donation they can go to and search for Karen Flatters.

Karen x

Vice/Chair Evening... This was the front of the card that dropped through the door of all Chairman in Area 3, welcoming them, along with their Vice or other Circlers to meet other Vice and Chairs and Team Tinker! On the night, 10 Circles were involved and their first task was to find out something surprising that people had never done. These ranged from: Never seeing Dirty Dancing….intake of breath! Never eating a mucky kebab. Never leaving the house without make up. Never not wearing matching underwear. Never drinking a pint. Never having an episiotomy…a few of us had!!! Following this, people formed teams to answer a quiz, based loosely….very loosely on one of my favourite films that was also celebrating it's 40th Anniversary…just like me…Charlie & The Chocolate Factory! Teams had to identify sweets, famous landmarks, song lyrics and retro games. There was quite a bit of head scratching before I put them out of their misery. The winners with 51 points were members from Ossett & Horbury with Batley and Holme Valley. During supper we all chatted about our up and coming year, fundraising and membership ideas. Finally, we all sang Happy Birthday to Penny, who had put off her meal out with Nigel to be at the night. Before everyone left, I presented each Circle with a little gift to look after…their own Circle tomato plant. Linking to my 40's theme, I asked them to 'Garden for Victory'

by 'Growing Their Own' and 'Keep Calm and Remember To Water The Tomatoes'. Circlers promised to take photos of the plants as they grew, so watch this space for a tomato blog! Thanks to everyone who came as you all made it a fantastic night of fun and friendship and helped get for my year off to a flying start!

Jo Tinker x

Elland Host a Cake Break...

Elland Ladies Circle kicked off our fundraising year with a Cake Break for the MS Society. Last year’s event was a great success and this year proved to be just as popular. We had all baked cakes or biscuits but it seemed most of us had opted to make cupcakes - you have never seen as many cupcakes in your life! As well as all the yummy cakes, we held two tombolas - one for kids and one for adults, a plant stall, a guess the parcel game and a treasure hunt in the garden. Elland Circlers were there in force in our turquoise polo shirts to make lots of cups of tea and coffee for our guests. Some members of Round Table came to support us in their own way (they ate lots of cakes!) The sun shone, everyone’s family had a great time and, including a generous donation from Chairman Katie’s husband’s workplace we raised over £1200. What more could you ask for at a Circle fundraiser?

Victoria x


fireworks, men in uniform and a good soaking!

Penistone Ladies Circle (yes, it really is the town of Penis), are a ten strong group, which we think is pretty good for the size of our town! We hold a variety of fundraising events throughout the year; running a food stall every year at Penistone Round Table fireworks display being one of our most successful. We have become a finely tuned serving machine now (well, almost) serving hot dogs, baked potatoes and drinks. The cries of, 'one dog with onions, one without' is something that haunts us all for a good week after the event, along with the lingering smell of onions! It usually raises a great amount of money though, so it is worth wearing 'eau de onion' for a few days! Penistone Gala is our second big fundraiser, and some of our members usually turn into bar maids for the evening at the annual Rock Concert to support Round Table; although I have a sneaking suspicion it's just a ploy to get close to the bar's supplies‌

We always run a popular bottle tombola stall at our Gala; we are the masters of ticketing bottles‌although we always seem to have lost some tickets by the end of the event; one day all the lost tickets will be found in the same place as all the socks that go missing in the washing machine. Our preparation this year was particularly slick (the wheels well oiled by a small glass or three of something), but unfortunately we couldn't control the great British weather. The heavens chose Penistone Gala weekend 2011 to end

the drought! There will be no hose pipe bans in our village! We still managed to raise over ÂŁ200, despite the poor turn out; and after a few hot baths we are none the worse for our soaking.

We are hoping the weather holds for our next fundraising event where a few of our members will be running the Race for Life for a second year in a row, sporting our lovely pink 'fit where they touch' Ladies Circle tee shirts. One of our members was unexpectedly shown running the race on Calendar News recently. Not the most flattering of videos, but a free advert for Ladies Circle; hopefully her ample bouncing assets won't be shown to the region for a second year in a row though!

We manage to fit some social events in between our fundraising, and are about to embark on a colour therapy make over evening (we need the help), and are heading to the Holmfirth Vineyard soon for a tour; yes, to sample yet more wine (there is a theme to our circle!); we even made it to the South Yorkshire Police Helicopter to meet some men in uniform recently! Penistone Circle certainly gets around!





TOMATOES I’m delighted to report that Elland’s tomato plant is looking happy and healthy and has even started to set some fruit! Don’t forget to look after your tomato plant and keep us up to date with it’s progress.

Don’t forget... Come and join Area 3 on facebook Check the diary dates for what’s coming up Deadline for the next 3 Cheers is 10th October

3 Cheers Summer 2011  

The Magazine for Ladies Circle in Area 3. First edition of Jo Tinker's year as Chairman

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