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truly believe that life isn’t about finding but creating yourself.

rowing up in Latin America and highly influenced by European culture; I've had the opportunity to delve into the dynamic world of the fashion industry in both places. My goal is to essentially blend the best of both perspectives and contribute to make a unique and original impact on the future of the global fashion market. From an early age, fashion has had an important role and significance in my life. It is to me a portrait of expression as it encompasses emotions, thoughts, ideals, dreams and fantasies. Every outfit I put together for myself recounts a story of it's own as it becomes an extension of who I am and my journey through life. I've always been fascinated by how fashion evolves with time and how it directly displays where we stand culturally.

The BIOGRAPHY I want to continue my studies in London because I know it will be the best place to maximise my abilities and steepen my learning curve since it has always provided me with so much inspiration. I am very artistically inclined which is why I chose visual arts for the IB diploma. I did several art pieces, which helped me refine my technique and become more self-aware and authentic in my creativity. This process also gave me the tools on how to find the right information to convey a meaningful message. My aptitudes and aspirations are what have firmly directed me towards studying and chasing a career in this industry. By truly believing that life isn’t about finding but creating yourself, with values built on integrity and hard work, I aim to become a professional in the fashion field in order to have sound foundation to pursue my dreams in both the business and creative aspects of fashion.

After graduating from high school I came to Italy to do a one-year intensive course in Fashion Marketing and Communication at IED (Istituto Europeo di Design). I chose to study in Florence especially because it is a place filled with art and inspiration and a melting pot of new talent from all over the world. 4



European Institute of Design Course in fashion marketing and communication February -- December - 93/100

1997 - 2011

St. Andrew’s Scotts School Kindergarden, primary, middle and secondary school February - December



graduated from St. Andrews Scots School. I did the DELF exam and went on a trip to Paris to study and practice french. During the last year of school, I also took the IB (International Baccalaureate) exam with an inclination in visual arts. I had to present several art pieces. For these, I chose the ‘sight‘ as a central theme since I suffer with sight problems and I was interested in making people value their own and take advantage of it. After finishing high school, I decided to follow my dreams and come to IED (Istituto Europeo di Design) to study Fashion Marketing and Communication in a one-year intensive course to explore t h e f a s h i o n wo r l d f r o m a c l o s e r perspective.


he more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go”

I had the opportunity to try different areas within the fashion field by studying m a r ke t i n g, c o m m u n i c a t i o n , p u b l i c relations, events, social media, branding, styling, project management and many other interesting subjects. I learnt, among many things, how fashion can be communicated creatively, how to define new strategies to ensure market success and new and innovative ways of approaching ideas. Being treated as a young professional was very positive as well since it helped me gain more confidence and experience for future situations.



TRENDSPIRE For Project Management, I created the concept and layout for a cool hunting and trend spotting application for Pitti Uomo.


he aim of the application is to connect bloggers, designers, buyers, observers of the event, people around the world, together on the same interactive platform.

I wanted the layout to look really minimalistic and sophisticated, but at the same time to be very functional and user friendly. So, I chose to maintain between the black, grey and white shades to keep it very clean. Also, to emphasize and give importance to all of the images and videos, in order to make them stand out. This will prevent confusion and give the application a more elegant feel. The application has two menu bars; the bottom one allows the user to interact with the application while the upper one informs them.


The HOME Once you enter the application, you will be able to browse through the home page which will feature the news feed with all the latest happenings, events, live video streaming, etc.


This application is designed for a rapid data gathering. In every “data capture�, the user can take and upload pictures using hash tags about the trends.




All of the pictures that the users upload will be displayed there. Also, there will be a search bar where you can type what outfit you want to find and all of the images will appear (for example: #burgundy)

The maps section offers maps from Pitti and Florence. The map from Pitti will show the whole location with the names of each designer and places to eat. Once you press on one of them information about it will pop out. The one of Florence will help the users to reach the location.



The ACCOUNT The account is for users to log in and be able to upload their own pictures. But, they will be also able to save pictures or products they like and will find them in the “Things I like” section.

The “What’s hot?” section will showcase pictures of all the celebrities spotted in the event and interviews done to those attending Pitti.



The INSPIRATION The application will have a inspiration section where the user will be able to view the huge database of inspiring images related to fashion, travel, architecture, food, design and cars. If the user wants to know more details, by pressing on the product, information will pop.

It has a Pitti Facts section, with everything you need to know about Pitti and also gives a scroll down list of the exhibitors during the fare.




BRUNCH AT RAPSODIA For public relations, I had to create an event proposal, which helped me understand more in depth all that is needed to succeed when creating one.


he event proposal is for the opening of Rapsodia’s flagship store in New York. It will be a bohemian/ethnic themed brunch held the 7th of February of 2012 for the press. Someone from the public will have the opportunity to attend the brunch by creating a mood board about Rapsodia and posting it on the Facebook page. The one who receives more likes will get an invitation to the brunch.


Regards the entrance, once the invites get inside, the lights will be off and a video about the history of the brand will be transmitted. It is for people to know more about it and to have a different feeling than getting inside the store directly. Once it has finished, the band will start playing music and a small catwalk with the statement pieces of the collection will be held. Fusion between american and ethnic food will be served using colorful and printed dishes. Also a special treat for the greedy ones; a layered cake full of colors and covered by a pattern and eye catching icing of a typical bohemian/ethnic pattern. According to the drinks, there will be fruit smoothies in colorful glasses. Regarding the setup; there will be displayed few tall tables and also tables on the floor with Rapsodia’s pillows to create a more bohemian and ethnic feeling. The tablecloths will be green. In order to promote the different looks; first the models, waitresses and sellers will be using them and there will be also a room, which will have mannequins exposing the outfits Since the english version will be included on Rapsodia’s website, there will be ipads around the shop for the invites to explore the website. Bloggers, from the United States, will be invited to the event. They will be used as a form of teasers since before the event they will have to write about the brand and upcoming event, to gain more awareness. But, during the event as well. According to the giveaways, they will receive a scarf, the press release and a magazine from Rapsodia.



PRESS RELEASES In Public Relations, I understood what to include and how to write a press release and created one for Rapsodia and one for MetaLab. 14

brunch at rapsodia’s in new york After establishing in Argentina, Colombia, Brazil, Venezuela, Chile and Uruguay; Rapsodia is willing to reach United States. They will be launching a new flagship store in New York the seven of February, where a bohemian and ethnic themed event will be happening. This is to present to the new market; the brand, store and its S/ S collection for 2013. Rapsodia was launched twelve years ago in Argentina. After reaching different countries it has now arrived to the United States. They are opening a new store in New York, the fashion capital, reason why a brunch will be held for the press starting at 10:30 am. But, starting at 19:00, it will be also opened for 100 special guests from the public. With an uncommon entrance, full of intrigue and expectation, the brand who suits them all will give a lot to say. Although the clothes will be displayed, in order for the press and public to feel and see them, a small catwalk will be held with the statement pieces of the S/S collection of 2013. To reinforce the theme there will be a fusion between american and ethnic foods served for the brunch and a special treat, for the greedy ones. But, it will be also represented throughout the setup of the store. Lots of colors and patterns will be used to show the joyful and free mood of the brand but yet keeping it very feminine. By combining a lot of effort, work, wonderful designs and ideas, Rapsodia will expand to the United States with a new store and a top-notch event. This will be the opportunity for the brand to fit the new market. Created by Sol Acuna, Josefina Helguera and Francisco de Narvaez; Rapsodia was launched 12 years ago in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The combination of textures, colors and prints is what gives the brand such a distinctive look. Each of the collections are inspired from different cultures, decades, art, music and trips around the world which have established its free, adventurous and feminine identity. The huge variety of clothes they offer has given them the possibility to reach a wide range of clients. For more information visit: Contact details: PR OFFICE Maria Victoria Papa E-mail:


METALAB SURPRISES AT THE “WHITE” EVENT IN MILAN BY BEING “ALIVE” Lou Silva has created her new delightful and emotive collection for S/S 2013 directly inspired by being “Alive”, as it was named. But this isn’t the only news, together with the wonderful return, MetaLab, will be part of Milan’s fashion showcase edition called “White”. Lou Silva had a car accident and survived from it. But being part, so near, from the death of his dad, has given her the necessity to express and show her feelings; “After the tragedy I needed a distraction. I had so much to communicate and designing helped me a lot”, reason why she produced “ALIVE”. “I’m alive” together with other inspirations such as; nature, simplicity, hi-tech and the past has encouraged Lou Silva to build the new collection. It has captivated everyone with vintage and sophisticated pieces made of natural and innovative materials blended together. Regards the colors, she combined white, grey and green shades to reinforce the simple and pure feelings attached to the clothes. By combining wonderful designs and a solid message to convey, MetaLab has the opportunity to be part of Milan’s next trendiest fashion showcase edition named “White”. Lou Silva is the art director and designer of MetaLab, which was created five years ago. She gives recognition and personality to the brand by creating chic and sophisticated but at the same time sexy and provocative collections. As well as a continuous international inspiration received by Lou Silva, who, while driving her life and work between Milan and London, creates clothes inspired by real life situations. Building Metalab’s philosophy by combining the intelligent mix of irreverent English wit and refined Italian tailoring; together, with special care and attention to details has given life to a unique concept of alternative luxury. For more information visit: Contact details: PR OFFICE Maria Victoria Papa E-mail:



The velvet room In fashion marketing I understood how to analyze all of the aspects of a brand more in depth in order to create a marketing and communication strategy for “The Velvet Room”.


t is a lingerie brand created by Alessandra Di Loia, characterized by its feminine yet playful and sexy looks. The brand has two collections; the eco-friendly, which is based on the re-use of materials, making it very unique by its one of a kind pieces. And, a new collection, inspired by vintage couture, which is oriented to the luxury market. All of the products are handmade. The strategy I’ve developed is for the luxury collection. The ideal customer is a young women who has the necessity to feel comfortable in order to transmit her security. They are playful and very feminine but their biggest concern is feeling free by using good quality underwear. The ideal market is the luxury one. Although there are important players acting already in this area, The Velvet Room, has a solid concept of handcraft products and special attention to the perfect fitting, which its competitors don’t offer.


To develop my strategy, I wanted to break with the paradigm that “no underwear is the best underwear”, by letting young ladies know that “The Velvet Room” offers such good quality lingerie and the perfect fit, that they will feel free as if they weren’t using anything. Also, to reinforce the idea that no matter what they are doing, they will feel comfortable and confident with them. To promote it I decided to create ad campaigns which portrait this by showcasing ladies which feel confident, free and happy about themselves. To promote it, as the budget is really low there is no possibility of advertising in magazines, so the best way is by doing it online. Show them on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest) and if possible in some blog or known fashion website.

This will be positive since they sell the collections mostly online so it will help to gain awareness. Another way of gaining people’s attention is by creating a video of the backstage. So that ladies have the opportunity to see how the advertisement campaign was done. Also, make the models talk about the products is very useful, since people rely in the other’s opinion and they will trust what they are saying. The key is to make this video viral by distributing it around social media. This will help to expand it around the internet and gain more clients and loyalty.



BVLGARI BVLGARI RING In Fashion Marketing, I learnt how to write and what to include in a compliment letter. Below is the one I wrote for the Bvlgari Bvlgari ring. Dear Mrs, Creating something so classic and sophisticated but with so much history and culture behind, is what generates a piece of timeless elegance. Bringing from the past a sign of culture by engraving the name on the ring like the Ancient Roman emperors did before in the stones, is what gives identity and turns the firm into a symbol. But, is not just recognition expressed, is also quality and special care behind every detail that creates prestige and excellence. Satisfaction is simply portrait by combining passion, creativity and being innovative. In this way we make sure we are being unique and offering the best. To be a success there is need to combine the world’s of the past, present and future.



rapsodia For fashion communication and advertisement I learnt how to create a communication and media plan for a brand.


did a one year-plan for Rapsodia, an Argentine brand, which was created in 1999. It is such a distinctive brand due to the combination of textures, colors and prints they use. The collections are inspired from different cultures, decades, art and trips around the world which have established its feminine and adventurous identity.

The goals I’ve proposed for the plan are to create expectation in order to gain more awareness, to promote their styles, to gain more clients in Argentina and expand the brand to the United States. The actions that will be taken in order to achieve these goals are; first to create a sector for projects in the website. Add videos or photos but without letting people know what will happen, start by creating expectation. It is to let them use their imagination, create their own story and to be intrigued; in this way they will talk about the brand and it will gain more awareness. Once this is achieved, let them know about the new projects that will be held, as well as on Twitter and Facebook. Make sure to always keep them updated. Secondly, promote their styles according to each collection. The best way to catch people’s attention is by showing them that others are already buying the product. So, a way to achieve this is by posting street style photos on Facebook and Twitter about the different looks you offer.


, promote their stylording to each collectionthers are already buying the product. So, a way to achieve this is by posting street style photos on Facebook and Twitter about the different looks you offer.

To gain more clients in Argentina the perfect way is by creating online shopping since busy women who are working or teenagers at school who don’t have the time to go shopping will be able to buy fast at any moment and receive it anywhere. To let people know about this promote it in social media. In order to be able to expand the brand to the United States first start by adding the English language option in the website. Secondly, launch a new flagship store in New York City, the fashion capital of United States, and create an opening event at the shop.

Regarding the media plan, I chose three magazines for Argentina (Para Ti, Sophia and La Nacion Revista) and three for United States (Vogue, Nylon and New York Magazine). I decided this since Rapsodia offers clothes for a wide range of clients due to its big variety. So, in order to appeal to all of their customers I though it would be effective to present the advertisement campaigns in different types of magazines. The websites I chose are: “The Sartorialist”, “”, “” and “”. Once again, this is to reach all of the potential customers Rapsodia appeals to. But, it is also to create awareness around the world since a lot of people travel to New York City and it is for them to know about it and go shopping to Rapsodia. 21


metalab In fashion communication, I also understood how to write a brand profile and developed one for MetaLab.


reated five years ago in Milan and looking forward to reach the worldwide market, Metalab is a young and small company who its art director and designer is Lou Silva. When the brand was launched the collections were really sexy and provocative but, now a days, they have become more chic and sophisticated.

Taking inspiration from her life, work and trips have made Lou Silva’s style more mature and interesting. She is the icon of the brand, since throughout the five years of Metalab’s existence, she has portrait her amazing creativity and sense of style, by providing the brand with originality. The mixture from English wit, refined italian tailoring and special attention to details are what make Metalab and its unique concept of alternative luxury. All of this elements put together are the reason of it being so unique. As well as the special care added to each of the clothes. In this way, they make sure they are offering the best quality to their clients. The brand is oriented for women between 25-50 years old. There are a wide range of products, which can be very versatile. They can be used both, by glamorous women or more chic and seductive products for younger clients. Metalab’s whole magic is about the design of the clothes and the special details Lou Silva adds to them. The brand is all about letting the clothes tell the story.



hedonistic-romantic For semiotics and sociology I worked with Prada. I analyzed the latest five years of Prada’s catwalk and developed a new line for the romantic and hedonistic consumers.


ccording to the catwalk images, it could be seen a pattern in all of the S/S and F/W collections of Prada from 2008 to 2012, since the models are always wearing three strata and just one vein is formed. As well as the field, which is always vertical. This is very positive since it gives identity and recognition to Prada’s catwalks. My target audience for the new line are the romantic and hedonistic persons. Since they are very self-centered and care too much about themselves I decided to make them feel special and exclusive by creating different projects which respond to their necessities. I worked within the different sections of Prada’s website. To start with, since there is a sector for projects I decided to take advantage of this in order to gain awareness. So, the perfect way is to talk about the future happenings to make sure they know its done specially for them. For the customization section they will have the opportunity to choose color, materials or special applications to create their own from a small variety of products designed exclusively for them and they will be able to buy online. I also created a fragrance for them, which has a very romantic scent of flowers, vanilla and chocolate. The name of it is “Just me” to make them feel identified. There will be an event for the launch of the perfume. It will be decorated very romantically with pastel colors, soft and flow fabrics, flowers, candles and the perfume will be all over the place. Afterwards post photos, videos and talk about the event in the website which will call the attention of more clients since they will se there is special attention for them in Prada.





lobal warming is a worldwide problematic. Every year the earth is s u f f e r i n g m a n ’s c a r e l e s s a n d hazardous actions towards the ecosystem. So, you might be wondering, what has fashion to do with global warming? Well, as we all know, every season designers launch their new collections in order to satisfy fashion trends and peoples wardrobes. But, what happens with clothes that haven’t been sold out? These are burnt every year releasing gases that damage the atmosphere, reason why Brazilian designer, Gabriela Mazepa, has launched Conexao. It was at an early age Gabriela was first introduced to the world of needles and threads since her mother owned a fashion studio, where she spent most of the time at. Gabriela has studied architecture and contemporary dance though she decided to follow her first love, fashion design.

Through Conexao, the eco-friendly designer together with people from different backgrounds, use their creativity with the intention of protecting the environment we live in. They transform the unsellable existent clothing’s into one of a kind fashionable garments. This is what makes Conexao completely different from the normal scheme where designers choose a theme and then look for the materials that suit those. Gabriela Mazepa through Conexao wants to create conscious in people who are not aware of the damage that the burning of fall out garments produce in the ecosystem. But, bare in mind that by wearing Conexao’s recycled garments you are contributing in helping conserve and protect the environment.



styling For styling I performed a photo shoot, which gave me first-hand experience in the styling field. I understood how to work in groups and all that is needed to succeed in photo shoots. Choosing the right outfit, make up and hair style, followed by the perfect place and lightning; all are vital elements in order to obtain the unique picture.



In Photoshop, I created different fashion related collages.





he central theme for all of my artworks was “the sight”. My objective was to transmit how important it is, by making a comparison between people who change their way of seeing due to mental disorders while there are others who suffer with vision problems and can’t observe their surroundings clearly.

In order to transmit this message I decided to combine nature with vision problems. The huge diversity of landscapes, flora and fauna that there is in the world to observe are amazing; reason why I believed that by combining both elements the message would be more powerful, clear and straight to the point. 28

Regarding my aesthetic thread, I worked with realism using both warm and cool colors, although the warm shades prevailed in my pieces. My color palette was based mainly on the complementary colors. The strengths I achieved throughout the process of the pieces were that I could develop my technique and I was able to transmit the message I desired in each one of them.



I faced different problems throughout the process of my work. One of them was to get the blurry effect so typical of the sight problems, but by using oil that has a longer drying time and can be mixed easily it allowed me to overcome this. It also helped me to create more realistic colors reason why I used it for almost all my pieces. But, I also used other materials such as magazine papers, crackle, plasticine, styrofoam and cold porcelain to give other interesting effects to my artworks. Since I suffer with sight problems, I was interested in making people value their sight and take advantage of it.





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