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Here are some easy abs workouts that help to tone and bring out your sexy female abs. These are quick and simple to do. Easy Abs WorkoutsWorkout #1 - hula hooping The hula hoop is fast becoming one of the most popular devices to tone your abs and hips areas. All you need to do is twirl it around your waist for a good 10 minutes. Workout #2 - isometric abs squeezes What you do here is tighten and flex your abs muscles as hard as possible. Now hold that squeeze for as long as you can. This brings out a lot of definition in your abs. For women... don't worry, you won't get guy abs, you'll bring out your sexy female abs with this exercise. I suggest you do this for 10 minutes as well. Before I continue, I want to make sure this is clear. I don't want you to do all of these abs workouts together. No, they're all separate workouts. Workout #3 - Plank and side planks The plank is another isometric exercise where you get on your toes and forearms and hold that position. This creates a tremendous amount of tension within your abdominal core. You can also do side planks where you are on 1 forearm and the side of your foot. Just hold that position also. Do these for a total of 5 minutes each day that you do them. Workout #4 - Deadlifts This isn't a direct abs exercise, however it's probably more effective for developing your abs. What you do is pick up a weighted barbell from the ground using an overhand grip on the bar and keeping a relatively straight back... with your eyes looking forward. Do 5 sets of 8-10 repetitions. The abs get worked because they are stabilizer muscles in this exercise. Because of the weight, there's a lot of tension in this exercise as compared to exercises such as crunches. Those are 4 easy abs workouts you can do to bring out your sexy female abs over the next few weeks.

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==== ==== Get Into The Best Shape Of Your Life, Training 7 Minutes A Day, 3 times A Week ==== ====

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