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Instituto Mexicano Madero Digital magazine 01/12/2016

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Index Tolerance.......................................................................................................... 4 “Pio pio” ........................................................................................................... 5 Oscar Wild “Her Voice” ...................................................................................... 6 “Fell down” ....................................................................................................... 8 Acronym ......................................................................................................... 14


Tolerance Maybe we get confuse with the meaning of tolerance, but the meaning of tolerance is the capacity for or the practice of recognizing and respecting the beliefs or practices of others. To everybody is very difficult to practice tolerance that everybody has our limits to stand people. It is hard to find someone that is really tolerant person. But with this value we can have better communication with each other; actually everybody needs to be a little bit tolerant. The tolerance we can see it in the readings that we already read. Like in the reading of Goldfish, we saw it when the fish was tolerant with Sergei, with Sergei’s wishes, the fish waited for him until he wished his wished his third wish. But a problem is that Sergei did not show tolerance to the people that was around him, so that affected in his communication with others. Then in the trailer that we saw, there was represent that the tolerance was in the girls in how they hit it off, how they explained to each other´s very thought that it was represent. In my opinion to be tolerant is something that is important maybe is more important to having money, because money comes and goes, but the value is forever stay in your personality, and with this value every person can communicate better. And finally an investigation that was do it for specialist said that around the world there are only 3 countries that really can be tolerant with others and that can better communication and that countries are: Brazil, Canada, USA


“Pio pio� I am an animal Something for me is beautiful Is to see the sunset God is an artist That creates the beautiful Waterfall that is in front To my tree From my tree I can see The tigers running And all the animals loving Each other I put eggs when they break The sound I can hear Is pio pio is a firework That I see when my eggs broke.


Oscar Wild “Her Voice� The wild bee reels from bough to bough with his furry coat and his gauzy wing. Now in a lily-cup, and now Setting a jacinth bell a-swing, In his wandering; Sit closer love: it was here I throw I made that vow, Swore that two lives should be like one As long as the sea-gull loved the sea, As long as the sunflower sought the sun,-It shall be, I said, for eternity 'Twixt you and me! Dear friend, those times are over and done, Love's web is spun. Look upward where the poplar trees Sway and sway in the summer air, Here in the valley never a breeze Scatters the thistledown, but there Great winds blow fair From the mighty murmuring mystical seas, And the wave-lashed leas. Look upward where the white gull screams, What does it see that we do not see? Is that a star? or the lamp that gleams On some outward voyaging argosy,-Ah! can it be We have lived our lives in a land of dreams! How sad it seems. Sweet, there is nothing left to say But this, that love is never lost, Keen winter stabs the breasts of May Whose crimson roses burst his frost, Ships tempest-tossed Will find a harbor in some bay, And so we may. And there is nothing left to do But to kiss once again, and part,


Nay, there is nothing we should rue, I have my beauty,--you your Art, Nay, do not start, One world was not enough for two Like me and you.


“Fell down”


“Elena” my mother was screaming to wake me up. Because unfortunately today is Monday so I need to go to school. Well as you can see my name is Elena, I have two horrible sisters Karla and Michel. Normally they are trying to do my life worst. I had my breakfast, then I dress up to get ready to school. When I arrived to school I see the most handsome guy of the school that is my boyfriend Hector. So I greet him and my friends. When I enter to French class I saw my best friend. -

Elenaaaa, I was looking for you for a long time, where are you? – she ask me


I’ve arrived late, sorry.

The teacher starts to give us the class. Today I didn’t understand nothing about the teacher was talking, maybe because I was talking with my fiend. I didn’t describe you my friend, sorry. But she is the Emily she is very small, with small eyes but honey eyes, and she likes soccer, with a curvy hair, with a big mouth and with a beautiful smile. Normally she is talking jokes to everyone and make everybody laugh, but a secret of her is that she is gay and the best friend of Hector is in love with her but Emily wants that she is gay stay to secret. In the day of the day I need to go to my practice I do basket, because I have a scholarship of basketball. The place that I have in basket is the “post”. I really enjoy


playing it because when my father was alive he used to play with me, so when I play I used to remember him. I am going to tell you about my family, my father died 5 years ago, he was a little bit drunk so he crash with a build and he was still alive but when he arrived to the hospital he die. My mother, she is a wonderful woman, she start to work in a business about found kids or someone that was kidnaped Sometimes I get scared about her job. But that is what she likes and enjoy to do. My sisters, they are 1 year less than me, but they are always invidious. Because I have a boyfriend and I have a scholarship. And they don’t. My coach yesterday told me that I’m going to represent the state of California . and I’m going to talk with my mom today. When I tell her, her reaction was of happiness because at the same time was sadness because I am going to stay away for 3 weeks. I am so passionate about this competition because it can be the change of my life. The day arrived, I said goodbye to all my friends, my boyfriend, my family, and it was very sad that I had never separated from them after the accident of my dad, but one day I had to separate them. When I arrived at the hotel I felt very excited,


my coach showed me the facilities, and the whole city for the next day to go and participate in my first game. And well the night comes and I talk on the phone with my mom, my friend and my boyfriend. They told me very nice things, but that day, as my sisters always make up gossip, they sent me a picture of my boyfriend and my best friend kissing, but it was so real, I could not believe it. Then the next day I was very uncontrolled by the image my sisters sent me. Then try to forget about that, and I exercised and my party. We won 108 against 107 we only won by one point. I feel we could see cattle for more. That same day we had to go to another state for another party, but all over the road I was thinking about the photo, then as the other state was 24 hours from where we were the truck stopped so we could breathe and sea air and so on. So I used to go to the bathroom and when I left I wanted to call Emily to ask about the photo. But I had no signal so I started to walk to get a signal. And when I finally had a check and I did not realize that I was on the middle road then I was standing waiting for him to answer me and in that I heard a horn and turned and a car passed over me because it came at full speed. I just felt a blow and they all screamed my name in desperation. The memories that I have are very low I feel desperate with so much desperation to scream and not to be able to move and I only feel that I am raised to an


ambulance and feel much deceit by my body. And the last thing I remember is to see a person and there close my eyes I remember no more. Then the other time I opened my eyes I was in the hospital with my mom next to me, I was crying and grabbing my hand. When he saw that I opened my eyes he got up and went to yell at a doctor who was awake from nowhere in the room that were all empty and filled with doctors and I slept and I remember nothing else. Then the other time I got up I wanted to move and I could not cost much work, and nothing, I tried and tried and I could not, after my mom came in and gave me the new that I could not move that way I was going to stay, I had an accident. And I started to cry, I could not believe that all that could happen to me, when everything was finally on my side, my scholarship was going to rise, my dream of being a basketball player was finally to be realized but not everything in life was Can achieve. The first three weeks were horrible weeks, because super truth in which I stay, that yes. My boyfriend and my best friend deceived me and they walked. So I turn away from them. And my mom got me into a group of people who are wheelchair-bound and that personally help me a lot. I have wonderful people. Three years have passed since my accident and the only thing I can move are my arms and my hands; one of the people I have met is Ruben who is currently my boyfriend. He knew me when I could not move


anything. And he has seen my whole process of moving. And when I met him was very pessimistic but he has made me change my ways of thinking and that I love him. And happily ending this account is over. But wait I want you to know that not everything in life is going to come out, and that not everyone will always be there.



B e what you want U unfortunately everybody is beautiful T hanks god To me you are awesome Eat happiness, always R effuse every pain that came From other people Laugh each day of Y our life.



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