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President’s Letter Greetings and salutations, Villa Park Key Club! Is it just me or is this summer just zooming by? I hope everyone has been having the time of their lives in the midst of all the warm days, late nights, and downtime from school. I know my officers and I have! I must admit our summer started off pretty slow, but we really picked up the pace this month with the weekly service opportunities, the constant planning, and all the behind-the-scenes work that goes into this solely student-led organization. I am not going to lie; it is a lot of work but, as cliché as it sounds, we buckle down and do it because we care for this club and for you, our members. There is this thing called a "Kiwanis Moment" and what it is, is a moment where one of our members attends an event that really “hits home”—an event that keeps that person serving their community because they genuinely care, not just because they need service hours for college applications. (Being able to put it on your college application should just be an additional bonus!) And this is what we want for all of you. To be able to do service and to enjoy doing it. So we will continue making several opportunities available to you. We will continue working with all the details that go towards the functioning of this club. We will continue to be ambassadors of care for you and our community. And we only hope that you will come to do the same. Happy serving and I hope to see you soon!

Victoria Lai Villa Park Key Club President 2012-2013 Division 4 East | Cali-Nev-Ha District | Key Club International

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Victoria Lai (President)  What is “awkward?”  I love to dance even though I am pretty bad at it  I have attempted to play slenderman. In real life.  I was a Creative Writer at Orange County High School of the Arts my freshman year  It is not everyday you hear someone's favorite sport is street hockey (without skates)!  I run a tumblr blog  My favorite animal is the stingray  I always look at my glow-in-the-dark wall when I am in my room

Peter Bui (Publicity)  My favorite color is blue and white  My favorite animal is a jellyfish  My favorite fruits is tomato  I play volleyball  I will beat you in Yu Gi Oh  I like ping pong  I prefer clicky pens over capped pens  I like to read  I like sneezing

Aaron Robles (Vice President)  My favorite hobby is tennis  I enjoy B-Boying  I sleep from dawn to dusk!  I help my friends with my problems (:  Cleaning products smell really good!

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Lynn Ma (Bulletin Editor)  Food and sleep are my best friends  I absolutely love Pixar!  I am shorter than you think.  I run into things. A lot.  Will you take me skydiving?  I’m claustrophobic when there are many people around me in a small area.  I hate germs  I really want to travel the world before I die!  I have never ever tried sushi

Dominic Nguyen (Historian)  Hates tan lines  My favorite foods are sushi and pasta  My favorite color is yellow!  I enjoy collecting flowers and shells  I absolutely love Key Club! <3

Hanson Wong (Treasurer)  I’ve visited 31 countries  My favorite food is ice cream!  When I was a child, I ate a garden snail  I enjoy drawing cars  I’ve eaten 23 pieces of fried chicken in one sitting before. Sabrina Lai (Secretary)  I love the word fabulous!  I named my dog Chicken.  I think old people are cute!  I’m artistically challenged  I love chocolate pudding!  The darkness scares the life out of me.

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The first event that was held for the month of July was a beach clean-up. Key Clubbers made their way to Huntington Beach and helped an organization pick up unwanted trash that was left lying around. Of course, picking up trash doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t sound like much fun in general, so Victoria Lai, president, added some competitiveness to the atmosphere. The competition was to see who could pick up the heaviest amount of trash. BUT, it is the small weightless pieces of trash that make the most difference in the environment and more importantly, the ocean. After walking up and down the beach, having sand fall in between our toes, and having a laugh here and there, the day soon came to an end. Members would have their trash bags weighed, thus, determining who had the heaviest amount of garbage. The winner would receive a single movie ticket and a D4East Goldfish bracelet. The person who won was Dominic Nguyen, our historian! Congratulations! The service event was now complete and soon came the social hang out that was rewarded to everyone who showed up. What a day!

Every Wednesday, Hart Park hosts Concerts in the Park where bands play from 7-8:30 pm. With every concert, there is always great food available. Thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s where we come in. Kiwanis has a booth where you can buy snacks such as various candies and popcorn, along with hot dogs and hamburgers. There is a wide variety of what you can munch on while enjoying free music. As Key Clubbers, we volunteered to help out our fellow Kiwanis get the job done, serving delicious food and snacks with a smile!

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Renegade Race Series’ Summer Trail Series For the month of July the Summer Trail Series definitely was my favorite event to go to. The event was located at Cedar Grove Park, and it was probably the coolest park I have ever been to. The park had the resemblance of a forest, and the spot we were assigned to work had a huge open field where you can play almost any kind of sport. That day it was raining but in my surprise the rain did not stop any of runners from completing their run. Just looking at everyone I can see that some had trained for this run and some that were just doing it for fun. When the rain started pouring harder I thought I would need a jacket but I didn’t because oddly the rain was actually kind of warm. It was a very interesting experience and I hope that the weather at Cedar Grove will happen to our school Villa Park. I’m looking forward for the next Summer Trail Series and hope to come back to the wonderful park that a lot of people enjoyed racing. ―Aaron Robles, Vice President

iTRYathalon & iTry 5K Walk The iTry event was on Saturday in late July, the few people from VPHS that went to Northwood High School. We volunteered to aid the Renegade organization who was hosting their first ever Triathlon for Youth and Women. When we arrived we were assigned to The Transition area this spot in the race that was fenced up and had all the racers' gears to switch from running to biking, then biking to swimming. When I got there with my dad who also wanted to volunteer, we met up with 3 other members from our school. I was with Victoria Lai, the president, giving body marks at first to assign racers. Victoria and I then got moved to guide the runners to the transition area to switch to their next event and so forth. That was what we did until they went on their bikes and we would guide them then. When we finished our assignment after a long hot day we went back to help clean up the area and remove all the cones and etc. After the work we finished we all enjoyed free food for the volunteers and had some fun talking and joking around. It was a great day for us four who showed and up and also met some other people as well. ―Danny Nguyen, Member Page 5

When: Saturday, August 18, 2012 @ 9am - 9pm Who: All Region 3 Key Clubbers + Class of 2012 Key Clubbers! (That means YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS!) Where: Huntington Beach, Brookhurst and PCH (You won't miss us! Just keep an eye out for a mass of people in red, ORANGE, yellow, green, teal, blue, or purple!) What: Beach Boomba is an annual Region 3 (basically all the OC Key Clubs) event where we basically celebrate the opening to a new year. It is an entire day at the beach full of food, ice breakers, a lot of amazing people, awesome spirit, swimming, and hilarious activities, which includes a bonfire! It is a great way to meet some people who you will be serving with throughout the year! Price: $5 - The money will be going towards meals you will be fed throughout the day!

Fall Rally is coming!

When: August 13 &14 @ 7:30am - 11am August 15 &16 @ 7:30am - 2:00pm Who: incoming VPHS students Where: Villa Park High What: During registration, there are tables where you can sign up for clubs and we will be there! Look out for the table with music, a slideshow, and maybe more shade than the other tables! Also keep an eye out for the 4 posters made and you could possibly get a goody bag! All you have to do and spot the posters, take a picture with them and when you see us board members, show us all four pictures and the goody bag is yours! See you soon!

- A whole day at Six Flags - Reduced price - THOUSANDS of Key Clubbers from Southern California & Nevada (last year, we have a whopping number of 9000+ attendees!) - Spirit that goes above and beyond what you could imagine - Friendly competition, all for an AMAZING cause - Helps raise awareness for Preventing Pediatric Trauma (which is 100% preventable!)

A Kiwanis-family member 3636 WOODVIEW TRACE INDIANAPOLIS, IN 46268 â&#x20AC;˘ 317.875.8755 â&#x20AC;˘ US AND CANADA: 1-800-KIWANIS

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Villa Park Key Club July Newsletter  

Learn about all the things we have been up to for the month of July!