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Look inside to read more about the extraordinary procedure Dr. Rusty Ritenour performed to restore Cheryl’s sight.

Behind the Mask: A Quiet Revolution in Care Our Fall Campaign for Surgical Excellence Over the past decade, a revolution in care has been quietly unfolding at Royal Jubilee and Victoria General hospitals. Our surgical teams have introduced a great number of less invasive and more sophisticated surgeries that have shortened recovery times, decreased hospital stays and improved patient outcomes. These ground-breaking techniques have enabled surgeons to offer complex procedures not previously available in our hospitals and keep 98% of patients near their loved ones, right here on Vancouver Island. To perform these innovative procedures, surgical teams continually need the best equipment. This fall, we aim to raise $1.8 million to purchase 72 pieces of equipment for 14 different surgical specialties. Our Fall Campaign for Surgical Excellence, which will benefit the 52,000 surgical cases performed each year in the 22 operating rooms of our two

hospitals, will help both replace aging surgical equipment and provide new, leading-edge pieces for our surgical teams. You too can take part in the quiet revolution in care by contributing to the campaign. As Executive Medical Director of Surgical Services Dr. Paul Whelan says, “Donor funding through the Victoria Hospitals Foundation allows us to use the latest techniques and provide better care for patients.”

CONTRIBUTIONS CAN BE MADE BY: • Donating online at • Calling 250-519-1750 or • Mailing to Wilson Block, 1952 Bay Street, Victoria, BC, V8R 1J8.

Let’s Talk New Mental Health Treatment Available in Victoria

Dr. Brian Berry in the lab with former patient, Carl Peterson.

THANK YOU DONORS Our Spring Campaign for Cancer Care Was a Success! Last spring, more than 1,700 community members donated $366,000 to our now-complete Spring Campaign for Cancer Care. Through this initiative, we were able to give Royal Jubilee and Victoria General hospitals lifesaving equipment, including: • an automated hematology system for blood analysis • a tissue processor for quick, accurate laboratory diagnostics • high-resolution monitors and an electrosurgical unit for clearer endoscopic video images to precisely diagnose cancer locations, and

Last fall, the Bell Let’s Talk Community Fund announced a grant of $20,000 toward Mental Health Services at Royal Jubilee Hospital. This donation supported training for Island Health physicians to provide patients with a new form of mental health treatment called repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS). The new equipment was funded entirely by generous donors. Globally, more than 350 million people of all ages suffer from major depressive disorder. rTMS is a non-invasive treatment method that uses magnetic fields to stimulate nerve cells in the brain. Applied once a day, five days a week, for four to six weeks, it alleviates symptoms of depression for patients who don’t respond well to or cannot tolerate psychiatric medications. Because rTMS is a new and highly specialized form of treatment, providing patients with this care requires intensive training and orientation for local medical teams. This generous grant of $20,000 from Bell Let’s Talk has enabled Dr. Wei Yi Song, Island Health rTMS Physician Lead, to attend world-class training at Harvard University and then train his team in Victoria. “Bringing rTMS treatment to Vancouver Island has helped treat neuropsychiatric conditions for clients where other treatment options have not worked,” said Dr. Wei Yi Song. “Providing patients with this additional option for treatment enhances access to mental health services, improves patient flow, increases quality of care and allows more personal choice of care for service users.” Island Health is launching rTMS treatment at Royal Jubilee Hospital this winter. The therapy is used for clients in Psychiatric Emergency Services, Adult and Senior’s Mental Health In-Patient units and a variety of Outpatient and Community Outreach units. Currently there is only one other Health Authority in British Columbia offering this treatment.

• a digital ultrasound that helps physicians precisely locate tumours and other abnormalities during surgery. Because of your generosity, doctors and technologists at both hospitals have the specialized equipment they need to increase the chances of survival of our cancer patients. For that, we thank you.

All-Around Caring Spirits Caregivers from the Pain Clinic accept their award

The design team that collaborated on BoosterBuddy

BoosterBuddy App Used by Thousands Worldwide We are thrilled to announce that since its launch on September 18, 2014, BoosterBuddy has been downloaded more than 100,000 times! The majority of downloads occurred in Canada and the US, but BoosterBuddy is now officially global with users from Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

drug or alcohol misuse and other problems. If they are feeling well, the task may be more challenging: taking a walk, phoning a friend, eating something healthy or many others. When their buddy wakes up, he gives the user a pep-talk and an inspirational quote.

Designed by mental health professionals from Island Health and a Youth Design Team, the BoosterBuddy mobile application was launched with the generous support of Coast Capital Savings. This first-of-akind gamified app provides young people living with mental illness, depression and psychosis the tools for self-care and cultivates in users the feeling they are companioned through their day-to-day challenges.

Besides this daily jump-start, BoosterBuddy’s other wellness management tools include: medication reminders, appointment and to-do-list reminders, a crisis management plan, an extensive library of coping skills, and a calendar function for reviewing accomplishments and wellbeing over time. As users complete quests, they earn virtual coins and move through levels. BoosterBuddy aids users in starting tasks and self-care routines, increases real-life socialization, while also offering encouragement and a sense of progress.

BoosterBuddy helps users on their wellness journey through a series of daily quests designed to establish and sustain positive habits. To wake up their BoosterBuddy, users must check-in with how they are feeling each day and complete three real-life activities. If they are struggling, the app will offer coping skills tailored to what they are experiencing: depression, anxiety, psychosis,

As BoosterBuddy’s sole sponsor, Coast Capital Savings has generously committed more than $260,000 toward this innovative mental health tool, which has made a meaningful difference in lives affected by depression, psychosis and other forms of mental illness. You can download BoosterBuddy, for free, at the App Store or Google Play and you can find out more at

There is a special place in the Royal Jubilee Hospital where Caring Spirits are plenty. If you ever wander down to the Pain Clinic, you will find them: specialists and medical staff that help patients find relief through holistic, evidencebased approaches that go beyond medication. The team offers hope to those whose day-to-day experiences are eclipsed by chronic non-surgical pain that resists conventional treatment, helping many not only to live with, but live well with, severe pain.

These caregivers are Caring Spirits by nature but now also officially by title. A former patient wanting to recognize Linda, Jessica and the entire team for the remarkable care he received made Caring Spirit donations in their honour. Through our Caring Spirit program, the patient was able to pay tribute to his caregivers.

To learn more about this program or to nominate your own Caring Spirit, visit:




A Look at the 14 Surgical Specialties and 72 Pieces of Equipment


ANESTHESIOLOGY Difficult-Intubation Scopes 12 needed at $22,715 each = $272,580 Transcutaneous CO2 Monitor 1 needed at $22,000

CARDIAC SURGERY ECMO Transport System 1 needed at $47,500 Valve Retractor 1 needed at $9,700


ORAL AND MAXILLOFACIAL SURGERY TMJ Arthroscope 1 needed at $9,400

ORTHOPEDIC SURGERY Drills and Saws 18 needed at $9,925 each = $178,650

OTOLARYNGOLOGY – HEAD AND NECK SURGERY ENT Navigation System 1 needed at $86,000

Dental Processor 1 needed at $11,300

ENT Navigation Instrument Set 1 needed at $18,900



Retinal Probes 3 needed at $4,100 each = $12,300 Eye Surgery Stretchers 2 needed at $17,050 each = $34,100

Infiltration Pump 1 needed at $7,200

Indirect Ophthalmoscope 1 needed at $20,200


Phacoemulsification Machines 2 needed at $91,650 each = $183,300

GENERAL SURGERY Minimal Access Surgery General Sets 4 needed at $19,500 each = $78,000

GYNECOLOGY Gamma Detection System 1 needed at $56,300

NEUROSURGERY Neurosurgery Monitor 1 needed at $73,600 Spine Positioning Equipment Set 2 needed at $5,000 each = $10,000 Spine Instrumentation Set 1 needed at $22,900

BEHIND THE MASK: A Quiet Revolution in Care

Video-Assisted Bronchoscope 1 needed at $19,800 Video-Assisted Thoracic Instruments 3 needed at $14,250 each = $42,750

UROLOGY GreenLight Laser Resectoscopes 4 needed at $13,000 each = $52,000 Urology Camera Heads 6 needed at $7,875 each = $47,250









$1,800,000 GOAL

VASCULAR SURGERY Transcranial Doppler 1 needed at $41,800

SURGICAL SERVICES Low-Temperature Plasma Sterilizers 3 needed at $153,800 each = $461,400 Bariatric Stretchers 2 needed at $14,000 each = $28,000 Bladder Scanner 1 needed at $13,300

To read more about how advanced equipment is helping our surgeons improve patients’ lives, or to make a gift, please visit: VictoriaHF @OurVicHospitals

A Revolutionary Eye Surgery Story For years, Cheryl lived with a serious disease that damaged both of her corneas and threatened to leave her blind and unable to work. Thankfully she lives on Vancouver Island, where she received innovative surgery from Dr. Rusty Ritenour and the greatest gift of all: the return of her sight. Cheryl is a registered nurse whose passion lies in helping people cope with and manage their illness. That is why she became a registered nurse, and it is why she chose to dedicate more than 25 years of her life to caring for her patients.

phacoemulsification machine to precisely regulate the fluid in her eye during this delicate procedure, which would require no stitches. By performing her corneal transplant this way, Cheryl would enjoy faster recovery time with better results.

I really cannot put into words how incredible it is to bring a patient into the operating room having lost their vision, and see them the morning after surgery with perfect sight.

Imagine her distress when she found she was becoming increasingly unable to see well enough to experience the details of the world around her – at work, out in nature –Dr. Ritenour and, most importantly, at home with her family. At 47 years old, Cheryl was diagnosed with Fuchs’ dystrophy, a degenerative eye disease that causes swelling in the cornea and typically results in a loss of vision. Cheryl’s disease progressed quickly; within a few years, she was on her way to becoming legally blind. Then she met Dr. Rusty Ritenour, a specialist eye surgeon at Royal Jubilee Hospital. He told her that she was an excellent candidate for a procedure called a partial thickness corneal transplant, where he would work through a microscopic incision to remove the back layer of her cornea and replace it with a donor cornea. Dr. Ritenour explained that he would use a

Cheryl had her first corneal transplant surgery in 2012. The entire procedure took less than an hour, and she was able to begin her recovery at home that very same day. Dr. Ritenour performed the same surgery on Cheryl’s other eye in 2014.

Rusty Ritenour is one of only a dozen surgeons in Canada who performs a new, less invasive method of corneal transplant, which features even less risk of rejection and faster patient recovery, from six months down to about six weeks. “Every day I go to work to help people see,” says Dr. Ritenour. “I really cannot put into words how incredible it is to bring a patient into the operating room having lost their vision, and see them the morning after surgery with perfect sight.” Cheryl understands this better than most. Following her two corneal transplants, she can now see clearly once again. “I love many things in life: to smell the ocean air, to hear the laughter of my daughter, to taste the food of my travels,” says Cheryl. “I am profoundly grateful to be living my life as I choose, thanks to Dr. Ritenour and the amazing team at the Royal Jubilee, who restored my sight.”



For Holding an Event

Fun Ways to Support our Hospitals


On September 15th, the 18th annual Charity Golf Classic at Royal Colwood Golf Club raised $45,000 for the purchase of a bladder scanner and a therapeutic hypothermia system for the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Victoria General Hospital. Organized by volunteers from HP Advanced Solutions, this tournament has funded over $659,000 of medical equipment since 1997. Thank you for this amazing gift.


Fix-A-Heart is back for another exciting at-the-till campaign! By donating $2 at three local Canadian Tire stores (Hillside, View Royal, Royal Oak) from November 24th to December 24th, shoppers can support a campaign that has raised more than $713,000 for Heart Health at Royal Jubilee Hospital since 2003.





In its 39th year, the 2016 Uplands Golf Club Annual Heart Tournament raised $145,000 for a new recording system for the Electrophysiology Lab at Royal Jubilee Hospital. As British Columbia’s longest running charity golf event, Uplands has raised more than $2.3 million for Cardiac Care. Congratulations to all the donors and volunteers who made this happen, and thank you for your tireless support of cardiac health.

At Eagle Creek Village, residents and businesses gathered in Western-themed dress to celebrate the retail and residential centre’s Grand Opening. The Victoria Hospitals Foundation was charity of choice, receiving $5,000 from Blackwood Partners for our hospitals. Huge thanks to Blackwood Partners for this incredible honour!

Get ready for the third annual Hockey for Hospitals game night at Save On Foods Memorial Centre this February 4th. The Victoria Royals are ramping up to square off against the Calgary Hitmen — and our community is raising funds for the Victoria General and Royal Jubilee Emergency Rooms. Mark your calendars and stay tuned for details on how to buy tickets.

On December 4th, Cherry Bomb Toys presents the second annual Nerdy Days of Christmas Craft Fair at the Ambrosia Event Centre with door and silent auction proceeds benefitting the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Victoria General Hospital. Last year they raised $1,923. Bring the whole family for a day of nerdy fun, crafts and art!

We are committed to protecting your privacy. In accordance with the BC Personal Information Protection Act, we only retain information regarding your gift history and relationship with us. For complete information on our privacy policy, visit or call 250-519-1750. The Foundation does not sell, trade, or rent its donor information. Thank you once again for your contribution to our hospitals.

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