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Thank you for helping our hospitals! Thank you to everyone who made a gift to our campaigns. Your generosity made a tangible difference to patients in our hospitals. For example, your donations funded six new pieces of equipment for the Neonatal Intensive Care and Pediatric Intensive Care units — three open care units for premature babies, a portable ultrasound machine, a ventilator and a milk analyzer. This leading-edge equipment is helping doctors offer the highest level of care to critically ill infants and children. Last year, more than 5,000 babies and children under age 18 received care at Victoria General, Vancouver Island’s pediatric specialty hospital. Because only 1% of admissions require transfer to the Mainland, more

than 99% of these children receive care right here on the Island, close to their families. Thank you for supporting them! Last fall, 2,780 of you contributed to three specialized cardiac ultrasound machines for Cardiac Care at Royal Jubilee. The sophisticated equipment is helping cardiac surgical teams deliver the best possible care to the three to five people per day who receive open-heart surgery in our hospital. Thank you for helping our doctors provide the highest standard of care and get people home to their families as soon as possible.

Where your gifts went: Special Projects 11.49%

Cardiac Care 6.52% Maternity & Pediatric Care 7.06%

Surgical Services 23.11%

Diagnostic Services 1.22% Emergency & Trauma Care 0.6% Adult Intensive Care 1.03% General Medicine 5.71% Neurosciences & Rehabilitation 0.6% Mental Health 0.09%

Seniors Health 0.57%

Patient Care Centre 42%

The role of Victoria Hospitals Foundation Our whole community benefits when everyone has access to the finest care. As a registered charity, we raise funds for leading-edge medical equipment, education and special projects at Royal Jubilee and Victoria General hospitals in every area of care. Our donors have a

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tremendous impact on our hospitals by funding hundreds of pieces of medical equipment that contribute to better patient care, faster diagnosis and more efficient treatment. Working together with Island Health, we aim to inspire people to give and to show that donations truly do make a difference. The cumulative effect of our

Fundraising costs for 2014-2015 Our priority is being accountable to you and we are dedicated to transparency in our fundraising practices. We are committed to keeping our fundraising costs low and directing the highest possible percentage of each donation to helping patients. This year, our fundraising costs were 12%. Your privacy is a priority and information about your donation is handled with respect and confidentiality. Please let us know if you have any questions about our operations or if you would like to review our most recent financial statements.

community’s generosity on every area of care is outstanding — since 1989, we have raised nearly $114.5 million to directly benefit our hospitals. By providing our medical teams with the highest quality tools, we ensure that every patient receives the best care — from tiny newborns to the eldest members of our community.

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Victoria Hospitals Foundation Annual Report 2014-15  

The latest news from VHF and a look back at 2014-15.

Victoria Hospitals Foundation Annual Report 2014-15  

The latest news from VHF and a look back at 2014-15.