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Madison Muhlbaier . Courtnee Ross . Victoria Hollan . Andy Engle FASM 210 . Professor Betancur

urban girl enjoying her day off in the city and all the charm that comes with it. Starting her day, she will relish brunch at a local cafe. Following brunch, she will be venturing to local shops to explore and discover treasures of all kinds. After the numerous finds she will see the city from a different side and photographing her journey on An adventurous,

the ferry back home. Once home, she will change in to something

comfortable, relax and reminisce on her most enjoyable #UODayOff.











FASM 210


Photographer’s Asst.


Oscar Betancur

Andrea Rameriz

Kendra Stanziola-Mirrop

NaSwana Moon




@naswana moon

LOCATIONS Cafe Location

Foxy Loxy Cafe


Record Store Location

Graveface Records & Curiosities


Ferry Location

Home Location

Savannah Belles Ferry

Brady Street Flat

A special thank you to Urban Outfitters - Savannah, GA

Urban Outfitters (UO on YOU) Instagram Campaign  

My team and I collaborated with Urban Outfitters Georgia on an Instagram campaign for their women's wear collection. Stylist: Victoria Holl...

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