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Victoria Hollan's Designer File Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear Introduction to Fashion Design Professor Anthony Miller

Phoebe Philo

is a British designer who studied at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London. After graduating in 1996 she began work as a RTW assistant at Chloe, soon after becoming creative director in 2001. In 2008 Philo took the position of creative director and board member at Celine. Since then she has debuted many collections on the runway. Her Spring 17 collection started off with the sounds of children's voices and distant city noise. As the models came down the runway it was clear that this season's collection was geared towards the everyday working woman who wanted to look chic as she went about her daily routine. The not so overdone outfits graced us with glimpses of beautiful accents and cool colors juxtaposed against the business wear lifestyle of a busy yet highly fashionable woman.


Celine is a luxury French fashion house that produces ready-to-wear and leather luxury brand goods. Celine Vipiana and her husband Robert founded the house in 1954.They started out by making children's shoes in their Paris boutique and gaining success once the Prince and Princess of Monaco started taking notice to their latest collection.In the 1950's Celine established her own collection of goods including: RTW womens clothing, shoes, handbags, and other leather goods. To this day the house sticks to the originality of the brand; always staying true to chic, clean, and easy to wear garments.

Turning the work place from drab to fab. Phoebe Philo’s take on the average business suit will have women everywhere ditching their out of dates blazers and trousers for these various new and innovative styles. With fabric that feels comfy yet appears structured, how could you not want to suit up in this sleek business attire and take the world by storm?

Dreamy. Is all I have to say about these five looks. The flowy parachute pants give such an airy-like quality to the garments silhouette. Pops of royal blue danced across stark white fabric paired with black accents make for an all around perfect look. The off the shoulder, twist knot, maroon dress gives off an ethereal greek goddess vibe.While the white pant suit has whimsical floral patterns peeking out ever so slightly from the nape of the neck, and shooting out from the bottom of the rolled up trousers.

Christian Siriano's

Spring 2017 Ready-to-wear collection is the epitome of what Spring fashion is all about. From bright popping hues of orange and blues to floral prints and appliques, Siriano's garments showcased more than just the stereotypical Spring attire.Models of all different shapes, sizes, and ethnicities sashayed down the runway showing viewers once again that Christian Siriano never stays too close to the beaten path.

Christian Siriano is the 31 year old American fashion designer from Annapolis, Maryland.He studied abroad at the American InterContinental University in London, England.Siriano has interned with Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen, and Marc Jacobs.His claim to fame was being the winning contestant on the American television show Project Runway.He used his prize money to start his namesake label "Christian Siriano."Siriano's first collection averaged out about over $1.2 million and has since grossed above $5 million in sales. His ready to wear and evening gowns are favorites of celebrities across the globe.

Turquoise and Coquelicot were the perfect color combo choice to start off Siriano's Spring collection. The fringed, mini cocktail dress was a crowd favorite, paired with gladiator knee high sandals, layered with an equally as frigned choker necklace.A white caped high-low gown graced the catwalk, followed by a penstripe jumpsuit, with a sheer pinstripe overlay blouse. The bell bottom sleeve on a scalloped peplum crop top showed that even a little skin can still look classy. However,the talk of the night was the sweet-heart neckline coquelicot floor length gown. The off the shoulder sleeves that cut open at the forearm and graced themselves all the way down to the floor.

Floral inspired embroidery makes for a beautiful pattern on the off shoulder peplum top and matching sheer bottoms, as well as the applique on top of the off white gown. The black bralette overlaid on top of the high neck black and white floral dress is inspired by street athliesure and resort wear. The orange-red pant suit resembles something out of a Audry Hepburn film. The all black plus size calf length, body con dress makes for a beautiful ensemble when paired with the fur necklace. The turquoise collared wrap dress flows away from the body creating a captivating silhouette.

Stuart Vevers

is the executive creative director of Coach 1941. He grew up in South Yorkshire, England and then attended the University of Westminster studying Fashion Design. He began his career at Calvin Klein, then eventually moved on to more successful roles at Givenchy, and Louis Vuitton. After being creative director of Mulberry and Loewe in 2013 Vevers stepped up to the plate at Coach taking over the Creative directing position. This years collection once again fully surpassed all previous ones. Chunky leather diced into fringe strips, and silver studs galore were only just a few of the accents featured in the collection.


was co founded in 1941 by Lillian and Miles Cahn. Along side the two were 4 other Manhattan artisans that owned a family-run workshop.Together they use their passed down skills and craftsmanship to create leather goods Once customers started taking notice of the unique and durable quality that Coach leather goods had to offer,business began to skyrocket. Even though Coach has such a massive cult following they still to this day have stayed true to their brands aesthetic; always giving the best customer service and highest design and textile quality leather goods they have to offer.

Coach gives off a rebelious yet laid back vibe at this season's show. Fringe leather strips layered over top of sheer skirts paired with graphic sweaters were crowd favorites. Models wore grunge makeup, with braided and slick to the scalp hair styles.Because of this the mood was clear from the very moment that the first model set foot on the runway.

Silky boyfriend cut shorts peek through sheer knee length skirts. Showing a little skin wasn't an issue for the Coach 1941 collection. Chokers being worn by each model indicated the type of style of girls that would be pawing after these rock n roll inspired looks. The tough leather embellished by rhinestones, lace, and beaded appliques applied an entire new kind of cool to the ever so basic staple piece that we all know and love as the biker jacket. Pops of red, green, and yellow were shown throughout almost each and every individual piece in the collection. It was clear this collection was sick, but the studded combat boots set the bar far above any other level that I had ever seen punk style before.

Josep Font

from Santa Perpetua de Mogoda, Spain, attended the Polytechnic University of Catalonia were he studied architechture and took fashion design courses. He started his RTW line in 1991 showing in location such as: Paris,Tokyo,and Madrid.In 2008 he debuted his collection at Paris haute couture week. In 2012 he was approached by the heritage based brand that is now known as DELPOZO.In the Spring 2017 collection, Font uses 3 dimensional arcs and curves to give the garments a full figured shape. Even when the silhouette begins to hug the body, Font immediately throws a cascading bubble shape into the garment to off set it all.The give and take of the pull of the fabrics all come together seemlessly to present a ground shaking collection.

Jesus del Pozo

is a Spanish native fashion designer who passed at the young age 65. In 1974 he opened a men's fashion store debuting his first men's collection in Paris. Around 1980 he showcased his women's pret-a-porter collection at a show in Madrid. Within the same year he founded his fashion company, Jesus del Pozo.Throughout his career, Delpozo dabbled in fragerance, lingerie, and scarf collections. He recieved numerous outstanding awards that reflect his talents.

Structured volume.The silhouette that just keeps on giving. Beautiful lines sprout out from the waist line in the eye catching turquoise hooped skirt. The flourescent orange high wasited shorts peek through the slit in the floor length skirt. Beaded and high tech fabric appliques are major accents in this collection.

The overall collection gives off a fairy-tale vibe. The stark whites and jeweled embellishments are sure to make any woman shine even in the darkest of shadows. Whimsical and feminine-like qualities were captured within each individual piece, allowing for any woman wearing them to feel as if she were true royalty.

Jonathan Saunders,

from Glasgow, London, is a British desginer most popularly known for his silk screening techniques. At Glasgow School of Art he earned his Bachelor's degree in printed textiles, then advanced on to the Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design where he obtained a Masters in the same area of expertise. In DVF's Spring 2017 RTW collection, Saunders puts his own interpretation on Furstenberg's original wrap dress. By adding floral prints, asymmetrical cuts, and flowy sleeves, Saunders shows us a sleek yet extremely wearable pieces that every self-empowered woman will be itching to wear.

Diane von Furstenburg

took the world by storm when she flew from Europe to America with a design that would soon help mold an entire generation. In 1976 DVF's wrap dress sent sales through the roof. Her dressed reflected the evergrowing women's power and independence movement. Since then, Furstenburg has launched collections of ready-to-wear, handbags, shoes, accessories, and jewelry lines across the globe. Even at the peak of her success DVF has never failed to forget what truly matters in life. Her philanthropy towards the empowerment of women shows through her DVF Family Foundation Award; which showcases and upholds women who have displayed the utmost attention and care to their own personal platforms. Diane von Furstenburg spreads her appreciation for art and culture not only through her fashion work but by educating others on why it's so important that we all keep creating and innovating.

Diane von Furstenberg's wrap dress is an iconic fashion staple, that everyone has or needs to have in their closet. Saunders plays with different prints and colors that when juxtaposed against one another it just simply works. The drapery of the fabric is fun and free flowing. The models appear comfortable and un-restrained as they pose for the camera.

The bell bottom trousers are un-conventional yet extremely fashionable. Going from the jett back and bright, white, single pleated bottoms, to the floral printed pair, gives a nice switch up to the typical business trouser options out on the market today. The predominately pink and lilac wrap dress is perfect for any occasion when a little extra leg is wanted to be shown. The multi-colored fox fur can be worn on a cold Spring morning and transferred to evening by draping it across the shoulders.

Kendall + Kylie's

hosted a party to showcase their Spring 2017 Ready to Wear collection. The bridge to luxury brand has an array of garments that will suit all your daily wear needs. Over sized knit sweaters, pinstripe ensembles, bodycon skirts, and basic jump suits were the all items within the collection. Sticking to a strict color palette of beige, blush pink, white, and black,it's clear the girls weren't straying far away from the hues that they wear on a typical basis. Co-creators Kendall and Kylie also collaborated with other designer/artists such as : Malcolm Stuart and Logan Real on a few of their pieces. The dynamic duo love teaming up with other creative minds,because of the fresh, innovative ideas that get brought to the surface when they do.

Kendall and Kylie Jenner

are most famously known for their roles in the reality television series, "Keeping Up With the Kardashians." However, since their pre-teen days Kendall (age 20) and Kylie (age 18) have matured quite beautifully. The sisters have previously collaborated with brands such as Pacsun and Topshop on clothing lines named after the both of them. Their experience with dabbling in the fashion industry sparked an interest that lead to the collection they've curated today.

Who says basics can't be fashionable? The Spring 2017 RTW Kendall + Kylie collection proves just that. Simplicity is key. The elegance each of these garments exude, show just how beautiful a jump suit and bodycon skirts can truly be. Mix and match the pieces to create your very own look. The simple color palette and gorgeous silhouette's of this collection allow you to bring out your inner confidence without being over shadowed by a busy garment.

Kendall and Kylie's every move is documented. And you're lying if you say you're not obsessed with their style. Now you too can dress like the Jenner girls.Wether you choose to sport the sweet, white wrap dress or the sexy, neck plunging jumpsuit, you're sure to look and feel just as beautiful as you are on the inside. Kendall + Kylie Spring 2017 collection is all about embracing who you truly are and allowing your garments to make you feel comfortable and stylish.

Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia of Monse are now the creative directors of the Oscar de la Renta house. The pair worked side by side de la Renta soaking in all his knowledge about fashion, art, and design. In the Spring 2017 Ready-to-wear collection many of Oscar's staple pieces are featured. Fabrics like silk, taffeta, and knits were all used in this seasons garments. Embroidered beads, jewels, and pearls are accented in showstopping ensembles throughout the entire show. The models walked down the run way with their hair tucked behind their ears, and minimal makeup allowing for the man focus to be on each individual piece.

Oscar de la Renta was a Dominican-American fashion designer from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. He received his education at the Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando. There he studied painting.While in school he drew fashion sketches for a local newspapers and fashion houses. Spain's world renowned house, Balenciaga took notice and hired him as an intern. Throughout his career de la Renta has designed for Arden, Balmain, and American fashion house, Jane Derby. He has launched fragrance, furniture, and accessory lines. His international revenue began to grow in 2003, and from there he just took off. In 2006 he debuted his first bridal wear which a major hit for all the high end customers.Throughout his lifetime Oscar de la Renta has received many awards, all of which he is very deserving of. He was laid to rest on October 20, 2014.

Black, white, gold, with hints of lilac makeup the color scheme of these 5 outstanding looks. You can be the belle of the ball in any of these stunning gowns. Wether you need a sexy sheer dress, or a concevative high neck line, you're sure to look elegant not matter what the affair.

Prints on prints on and it doesn't seem paired with touches a quirky yet tribal

prints. Pattern mixing is a macro trend at the moment to be slowing down any time soon. The black and whites, of red, turquoise, and gold come together to create inspired ensembles.

Miu Miu's

Spring 2017 Ready-to-wear collection appliqued swim caps and beach wraps. Talk about a playful combination for a Spring collection. The garments had a clear influence from the 60's and 70's era. Baby blues, bright yellows, as well as other primary and secondary colors were all featured throughout the show. Abstracted daisies, baby doll dresses, and crop tops were just some of the silhouettes shown to say the least.Each model that took the runway was wearing either wedged heels or sandals. The overall collection was fun yet relazing to witness.

One glance at these 5 looks and The soft blues, and bright reds feel quite happy and relaxed as one muted pastel look after the

suddenly I have been transported back in time. were easy on the eyes. One couldn't help but the models came down the runway showcasing other.

Pants, crop tops, robes, and trenches. Everything you could possible need or want to take on the Spring season. And with these beautiful patterns, colors, and appliques you'll be sure to stand out in any crowd.

Stella McCartney

always brings her A-game to every single show. At this years festivites a choreographed dance was performed by Blanca Li accompanied by the models in the show that day. Feminity is high up on McCartney's list. Fabrics such as lace and beautiful embroidery are some of the attributes to this Spring 2017 Ready-to-wear collection. She tends to stray away from overly constructive and stuffy ensembles.

Stella McCartney is a British fashion designer,who studied at Ravensbourne College and at Central Saints Martins were she obtained a degree in fashion design. To learn more about her area of expertise Edward Sexton of Savile Row mentored her directly out of college.Always focused on how the garment will look on a human, she sometimes steps away from working on dress forms admitting that they dont have near the same curvature as real women do. Philanthropic and talented McCartney is a class act and all around fantastic designer.

Fun, whimsical magic. That's how I'd descrive this collection. Stella McCartney brings a whole new ball game when it comes to feminine silhouette's. Instead of your stereotypical ensembles, McCartney instead gives us new and exciting garments to choose from.

Feminity doesn't have to be find as bright pink and frilly; instead it can be oversized, with dark hues that still appear to dance like a feather across the skin. Toning down the color in these 5 looks was a smart move on McCartney's part, and I think her overall Spring 2017 Ready-to-wear collection was successful.

vw bg

Vivienne Westwood

of Derbyshire England is the Queen of Punk.She studied at the University of Westminster as well asMiddlesex University.During the age of the Sex Pistols is when Westwood got her major start. Inspired by the street wear she witnessed, she began to create her punk style that we know and love today. Bondage gear, chains, safety pins, as well as other metal like materials were all the rage to Miss Westwood and her cult following.

Andreas Kronthaler

(Westwood's husband) was a collaborator on this years 2017 Spring Ready-to-wear collection. Merging men's wear with woman's is something we've seen time and time again from the Westwood house. The collection featured smocks, ponchos, jackets, cloaks, and other outerwear that are gender fluid. Materials such as a pillow case was even used to create the splatter and floral print patterns. Although this collection did not hit the runway, I believe it was still extremely successfu to their target market.

Off shoulder tops, rompers, velvet pants, and unisex garments are all on display in this Spring 2017 Ready-to-wear collection. All of the patterns as well as appliques are carefully crafted to seem effortlessly beautiful.

Bright blues, yellows, and greens, mixed in with different patterns and silhouettes came together in an un conventional yet extremely cohesive collection for Vivienne Westwood's most recent collection.

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Spring 2017 Ready to Wear Collections

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