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ALL ACCESS PASS Enjoy exclusive access to the most coveted events this Fall from Fashion Week to the Masters Tournament, Luxury AttachĂŠ will have you red carpet ready and behind the scenes at all the hottest places to see and be seen.

MERCED ES B EN Z F A SHI O N W E E K Spring/Summer 2014 Collections Lights. Camera. Fashion. New York City Fashion Week is finally here, and so is this once in a lifetime chance to witness it like an industry insider. With designer fashion shows and exclusive showcases playing to the uber stylish set in cutting edge venues across Manhattan, the glitz, glamour and glitterati are a sight to behold. This season, new talent is on the horizon and will debut alongside some of the most iconic and timeless collections on record. Get on trend with a personalized private shopping tour with the one and only Yanuel Garcia, NYC’s premier personal stylist, and gain VIP access to private showrooms, designer duds and more. Then, take those smoky eyes to the catwalk with tickets to multiple star-studded fashion shows, an invitation to the official Fashion Week VIP lounge and access to the most exclusive after-parties at the hottest venues in town.

EMMY AWARDS September 22, 2013 The biggest night in primetime television is back for its 65th year. A-list stars will line the red carpet at this year’s Emmy Awards hosted by none other than Neil Patrick Harris. The Primetime Emmy Awards honor the crème de la crème of television. An all access pass grants non-celebrities a walk on the red carpet and VIP seating for two at the awards ceremony. The night doesn’t end there, head over to the official afterparty to mingle and dance with the likes of Jon Hamm, Claire Danes and Liev Schreiber. Hollywooooooood!

2014 MASTERS TOURNAMENT April 10-13, 2014 Don that polo shirt, wipe down those lucky irons and tie up those cleats, for it’s time for the Masters. This April, Adam Scott returns to defend his title alongside the biggest names in the game out on the uber lush, ultra exclusive Augusta National Golf Club. As one of only four major championships in the world of professional golf, The Masters has die-hard golf aficionados of all ages setting their sites on snagging one of the toughest tickets in sports year after year. Players too face quite the challenge to enter, wIth a laundry list of 19 criterion--a Top 50 power ranking, a winner of the last 5 consecutive U.S. Opens, to name just a few--that each must meet. With Luxury Attaché in the swing of things however, it’s as easy as one, two, “Four!” Leave the planning to the professionals and score roundtrip airfare, luxury transportation, two reserved grounds passes and VIP access to exclusive dining, nightlife and entertainment offerings, all weekend long.

RESTAURANT ROW Sneak a peek at the hottest new restaurants slated to open this Fall. As always, contact your Dedicated AttachĂŠ for insider details and early bookings.

Fall Openings

THE PEACOCK 24 East 39th Street Chef/Restaurateur: Jason Hicks Skip the international terminal and head to midtown Manhattan for an authentic taste of England that is simply smashing. Power players Jason Hicks and Yves Jadot, of Jones Wood Foundry and Raines Law Room fame, have joined forces to recreate a multifaceted 19th century gentleman’s club that is one part playful, one part Bohemian and all parts swanky. Leatherbound books and a roaring fire light up the Library Bar and Lounge where hors d’oeuvres and high tea will be served alongside classically English cocktails. Make a stop here before heading into one of two sophisticated dining rooms for the gussied up bangers and mash, or out to the intimate terrace and private garden for that perfect touch of romance. For those wondering where to find cask wine and the pub-like atmosphere of the great days of yore, look no further than The Shakespeare, an alehouse hidden beneath the Peacock. With stone floors and a relaxed atmosphere, it’s strikingly similar to those in 16th century Stratford upon Avon, or for those film buffs out there, “Shakespeare in Love.”

TORO 85 10th Avenue at 15th Street Chefs: Jamie Bissonnette, Ken Oringer Finally. The age of re-imagined tapas is upon us, and it’s muy caliente. All-star chef duo, Ken Oringer and Jamie Bissonnette have partnered with some of the biggest names in the industry to bring Barcelona stateside with what is perhaps the most highly anticipated Fall debut: Toro. A sensuous lounge-like space, in which edgy industrialism mingles with subterranean tropical touches, will be home to a wide selection Spanish style tapas and larger format plates that Zagat is already calling “lick your plate delicious.� Before that mind begins to wander, the answer is yes, this is the self-same Toro that has dominated the Boston scene with unique stunners such as pork and snail paella, Spanish pork belly and more.

TORO BAR 24 East 39th Street Chefs: Jamie Bissonnette, Ken Oringer But that’s not all. Here in NYC, things are a bit different; make way to the nondescript brick and stone laden corridor adjacent to the restaurant to uncover Bar Toro, a private cocktail-laden hideaway of seriously seductive proportions.

LA CENITA 409 West 14th Street Chef: Akhtar Nawab This Fall, the EMM Group strikes again. With epic opens like CATCH and the General already on the books, these guys have no signs of slowing down, and why would they? With a great concept comes even better delivery and its along these lines that the former Abe & Arthur’s space, in the trendy epicenter to the Meatpacking District, has been completely transformed into the yet-to-be-opened La Cenita. Meaning “Little Dinner,” this double-decker, 250 seater is anything but, and sources say that a vast array of crowd-pleasing touches--a killer Ceviche Bar, a vast selection of frozen cocktails and a Mexican-inspired menu of small plates from former La Esquina Executive Chef, Akhtar Nawab--are only the beginning.

CHEF’S CORNER Resident Attaché FoodieGuru gets a few minutes to pick celebrity chef Michael White’s brain as the dust finally begins to settle following his two major NYC opens, Costata and The Butterfly. Dominique Ansel, the hottest baker on the NYC scene, takes Attache FoodieGuru behind the bakery walls for a rare glimpse at never-before-scene menu items and to share a secret (and a taste) or two.

A Minute with Michael FoodieGuru: Aside from your own restaurants, what are your favorite places to eat in NYC? MW: Red Farm, Perla, Prima, Shake Shack FoodieGuru: What’s inside your fridge at home? MW: Kerry Gold Salted Butter, Kerry Gold Cheddar Cheese, Half & Half, Proscuitto, Mortadella, Organic Eggs, Fage Yogurt, Celery, Hummus, Diet Pepsi FoodieGuru: What’s your favorite guilty pleasure--and where can you get it in the city? MW: Cheetos from any corner store, or frozen yogurt--peanut butter from Pinkberry or 16 handles, with all the toppings! FoodieGuru: When did you start cooking and from whom did you learn? MW: I started [learning and cooking] at home with my parents around the age of 5 FoodieGuru: Can you share your secrets for how to prepare the perfect steak? MW: Use 40-day dry aged meat, allow meat to reach room temperature, season aggressively, sear to achieve golden brown crust, finish cooking to a medium rare. And REST before serving! FoodieGuru: What was the most luxurious, out of this world meal you’ve ever had, and where? MW: [I can recall] two: Sushi at AOKI in Singapore – wild seabass carpaccio with beluga caviar and white truffle, or Alain Ducasse’s 25th Anniversary at Hotel Paris in Monaco. I ate caviar, crab en gelee, raw vegetables with black truffle bagna cauda, whipped faro with white truffles. FoodieGuru: What is your favorite thing about living in NYC? MW: Constant inspiration by all of the sights, smells and tastes around me FoodieGuru: Shaken or stirred...or neither? MW: I’m a Diet Pepsi guy! But when I do drink, I love Gosset Rosé, an aperol spritz or a Dark & Stormy. The Raisin Shandy at Butterfly is amazing.

TRICKS OF THE TRADE Pastry Chef: Dominque Ansel If Willy Wonka lived in New York City, he would go by the name Dominique Ansel, and with a bakery case full of whimsical pastries and lines of anxious people clamoring just to get inside, it’s no wonder why. In a day to top all days, it is here that Chef Ansel opens up about his methodologies and grants a rare preview of his brand new, yet to be released fall menu items. First up, for those inquiring minds just itching to know? Why, the cronut of course. When Ansel opened his bakery a little over a year ago, he had no idea that his “cronut” would later spark the biggest craze to ever hit baked goods. Since its inception mere months ago, frenzied mobs have awoken at dawn to take their place in line, hoping to snag one of only 300 of these elusive croissant-meetsdonut creations. Scores of knock-offs, blogs, rumors of a black market trade and numerous attempts to “crack” the cronut code have erupted, thanks to this classically trained baker’s flair for invention—and the three days it takes just to make one batch. But that’s not all that’s taking place behind these walls. Far from it. “We’re not just about the cronut,” he is quick to say, “we have so much more…all my products have a story and a meaning behind [them].” He’s right, and in fact, he has redefined the bakery landscape at large, choosing to run his own like a restaurant and change his menu seasonally—which, he’ll be the first to admit, is no small feat, but is oh so much fun. Take this month’s out of the (ice) box frozen summer s’more for instance: “I wanted to change the way people eat ice cream and how ice cream is presented,” Ansel explains, “when you bite into it it’s a sensation of a ton of different flavors and temperatures and it’s [just] really fun to eat!” To be fair, that’s an understatement for this mind-boggling flavor bomb, once it hits the lips—wow. The same attention to detail goes for beloved menu mainstays like his self proclaimed favorite, the DKA—the most scrumptious, velvety rich pairing of caramel and croissant on the record—as well as his desire to create a bakery with an unrivaled level of freshness unknown to many New Yorkers. Take his fresh from the oven, made-to-order mini Madeleines: “I have childhood memories of going to the bakery at least three times a day [in France]…people appreciate the freshness and quality.” Piping hot, with just a hint of lemon and dash of powdered sugar, Proust would be proud.

At this very moment, as if this deal couldn’t get any sweeter, two unreleased, and up until this point, kept secret, towers of pastry appeared—could this be Wonka working his magic, perhaps? Rolling out in just a few days along with a slew of new treats showcasing the finest seasonal ingredients (“[After all] I won’t sell strawberries in December!” he says with a grin), Ansel’s genius shines. Gazing at plates of what were once merely scribbled recipes, now desserts almost too pretty to touch, he muses: “Dedication to creation is very important…and we put so much love into everything we do.” It’s hard not to agree, or to fall in love as well. While too many details would spoil the fun, these will in fact be made public in just a few days, here’s what can be said. That bright, white meringue-like beauty? That, dear friends, packs a deeply floral, flavorful punch of lychee, coconut and lime jelly—a combination as spot on as the delicately hard outer shell married with a silky smooth interior. Second to none, then, is Ansel’s newest seasonal installment of the famed Religieuse—a veritable stack of cream puffs so to speak. Taking new form with each passing holiday and season, this particular reincarnation, never before to have touched the lips of those outside of Ansel’s pint sized kitchen—is a killer combination of butterscotch, marscapone and caramel that puts every other pastry to shame. The depth of flavor, along with that self-same play on textures— sensing a pattern?—are undeniably out of this world and somehow manage to achieve decadence while maintaining an indescribable heavenly lightness. It’s easy to let Ansel’s reed-like frame and charming manner get in the way of his intense devotion and dedication to his craft—especially after tasting the goods. But in fact, it’s this fascination with innovation that inspires each new recipe change and fuels his unbridled passion: “The most important thing for me is to be in the bakery everyday and to open the doors and welcome [everyone] in,” he says, in a way so humbling it begs for a hug. And now, much to his delight, the quizzical looks he once received from customers wondering where the same old menu items went have been replaced with anticipation and excitement—a change as welcome as the seasons themselves. Sure, it’s one thing to read about Chef Ansel’s past stints at the iconic Fouchon and as Daniel Boulud’s Executive Pastry Chef at Daniel, but it’s quite another to see the joy emanating from his face when he speaks of his humble beginnings and looks around now at his very own bakery, quickly becoming a household name. Thinking back on it all, from that very moment he decided to spend his entire savings on a tiny, old car, and leave everyone he knew behind to drop resumes at every door in an effort to pursue his dream, he puts it simply: “I loved being around food [then, but] I didn’t know I was going to love it [this] much.” And with that, another opening, another show, and a brand new menu to debut in mere days—just don’t even think about asking what the next seasonal flavor of cronut will be…because if that secret got out...

TRAVEL RADAR Looking for places to travel this holiday season? Luxury AttachĂŠ has you inside the hottest getaways. Destination, anywhere.

BEACHY KEEN St. Barths STAY: Hotel Guanahani & Spa Oui, oui, c’est la vie! If St. Barth’s is as close to France as you can get, then Le Guanahani is as close to paradise as, well, you get the picture--and it sure is stunning. With a resort-like quality unlike any other on the island, guests come to Le Guanahani, nestled in the heart of Saint-Barthelemy, to escape it all in the lap of luxury. 67 uniquely styled, vibrantly colored rooms and pool suites feature every comfort imaginable and with a beach-side gym, decadent spa, top-notch restaurant and unrivaled vista views, there’s absolutely no reason to leave the property. Ever.

Oui, oui, c’est la vie!

EAT: Maya’s Restaurant A favorite of Jean Georges Vongerichten’s, this husband and wife-helmed waterfront spot is an absolute gem. The Creole-inspired menu changes daily to reflect the freshest catches (local mahi mahi is out of this world) and each dish is crafted with as much warmth and carefree spirit as the island itself. DO: Nikki Beach Tie on that bikini and get ready to hit the beach, Nikki Beach that is, the hottest and most glamorous ‘it’ spot on the island. When in St. Barth, do as the jetsetters do, and come here to drink, dine and dance the day--and night--away.

FOR THE THRILL OF IT South Africa STAY: Birkenhead House, Cape Town Those in the know know to head to Hermanus, arguably one of the greatest secrets of Cape Town. In the winter, it boasts the best land-based whale watching in the world and there’s no better place to take it all in than from one of eleven bespoke suites at the Birkenhead House. Both inviting and luxurious, the Birkenhead House, perched high upon a cliff overlooking the stunning shores of Walker Bay, is almost too surreal for words. EAT: The Tasting Room Holding court as one of San Pellegrino’s Top 50 Restaurants in the World, this is the ultimate bucket list dining destination. The food is stunningly plated and effortlessly executed, with decadent multi-course tastings that bring authentic flavors to life in a brand new, enlightened way. DO: Wine Tasting Tour While Africa is known for its big game, it’s also known for its big wines. Be swept away on one of the area’s five established routes to explore an elusive side of the continent. Each has its own profile, like the lush Franschhoek Valley Route with its impressive slew of restaurants and quaint epicenter, or the the Helderberg Wine Route, a region known for its impressive ports and white wines.

SNOWED IN Aspen STAY: The Little Nell At the base of Aspen Mountain, the Little Nell Hotel has 92 rooms and suites, all with outstanding views of either beautiful downtown Aspen or majestic Aspen Mountain. EAT: Pinons Some say this Aspen Restaurant is “the place”. Serving Colorado inspired cuisine Prime Steaks “Best Steaks in Colorado” & Fish paired with an extensive wine list. Specialities include Dover Sole, Lobster Corn Dogs, Braised Rabbit & Potato Gnocchi, Angus beef filet topped with foie gras, Colorado rack of Lamb, Trout, and Buffalo. Great outdoor seating on the deck with the best views of Aspen Mountain. DO: Aspen Snowmass At 4,406 vertical feet, Snowmass has the most in the country. And with 3,332 acres of terrain, 94 trails, 21 chairlifts and access to your choice of cruisers, glades, steeps, terrain parks and halfpipes, you’ll have to come back for more.

CULTURE CORNER There is nothing quite like Art Basel Miami Beach. Over 50,000 international visitors with a passion for art transcend upon Miami Beach during the first week of December to see over 250 of the world’s leading galleries showcase some of the world’s most famous artists. Whether for art, celeb watching or a winter vacation, if ever there was a time to see and be seen, it is most definitely the week of Art Basel Miami Beach.

Art Basel Miami Beach

December 5-8, 2013

STAY: SLS South Beach, The Setai, The Delano, The Betsy, The W South Beach, The Gale, The Fountainebleau EAT: Casa Tua, The Bazaar by Jose Andres, Prime 112, Zuma, Catch, The Dutch, Restaurant Michael Schwartz

DO: Vanity Fair’s International Party, Chanel Beachside BBQ Pop-Ups. Contact your Attaché for access to the most coveted after parties. BEYOND ART BASEL: NADA: Miami Art Fair, Art Miami, Design Miami, SCOPE Art Fair

A HOTEL LIFE Opening this Fall

The Quin 101 West 57th Street

The Quin is a luxury lifestyle hotel after our own hearts. Located just two blocks south of Central Park at 57th Street and Sixth Avenue, the Quin is positioned at the very crossroads of New York City’s finest fashion, art, culture, music, and dining. Though inspired by its rich artistic and musical heritage, the Quin thrives at the cutting edge of modern hospitality. The Quin presents 208 guest rooms and suites outfitted with state-of-the-art technology, DUX® beds by Duxiana, and bath products by Fresh®. The Quin also features a Penthouse with a 1200 sq. ft. private terrace and views of Central Park, a 24-hour Technogym fitness center, an Apple-equipped Drawing Room, the Wayfarer—its signature restaurant and bar, and its hallmark: expert luxury lifestyle curators who deliver exceptionally personalized experiences. Sound familiar? Exclusive to Luxury Attaché, the Quin is offering our guests a full American breakfast for two daily and a $100 food and beverage credit during their stay in Manhattan’s newest luxury lifestyle hotel. Want for nothing. Contact your Attaché to coordinate your reservations. Experience luxury hospitality as it was meant to be. Opening Fall 2013

MADISON SQUARE GARDEN A New MSG... As if it wasn’t spectacular already, Madison Square Garden is soon to provide an even more enhanced, all inclusive experience for its customers, athletes, entertainers, fans, suite holders and marketing partners alike. At this very moment, The Garden is currently undergoing a comprehensive, top to bottom, nearly one billion dollar transformation, funded by The Madison Square Garden Company, ensuring that this next season, and all to follow, will be out of this world. Some of the exciting upgrades that are soon to be revealed include significantly wider concourses, more comfortable seating, a dynamic new scoreboard and state-of-the-art lighting, updated sound and LED video systems completely run in HD, brand new premium food, beverage and entertainment amenities, one-ofa-kind Chase Bridges as well as a new Chase Square 7th Avenue entrance, and the exciting construction of brand new suites, clubs and hospitality areas. With the new, also comes a complete restoration of the original and most beloved aspects of The Garden; for instance, the intimacy of the Arena bowl will be maintained, the world famous ceiling will be immaculately restored. The building’s more than 130 year storied history will be celebrated in two unique exhibits: “Garden 366,” a dynamic visual retrospective, and the top 20 “Defining Moments” of Garden history which will be brought to life in a revolving array of interactive exhibits.

This complete face-lift and veritable transformation will provide unique opportunities for marketing partners to drive their business objectives. To name just a few, Anheuser-Busch, Coca-Cola, Delta Air Lines, Kia Motors and Lexus have all signed on as key Signature Partners, and it’s very exciting to announce JP Morgan Chase as the The Madison Square Garden Company’s first-ever Marquee Partner. Lots is in store for the future of Madison Square Garden. Get excited!

118 East 25th Street, 8th Floor, New York, NY 10010

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