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September/October 2012

Tech Services installs snazzy new phone system said Andy Farrior, Director of Technology Services. “Because the phones are connected through a computer and each phone is tied to an individual, voicemail messages are accessible via e-mail as well as on the phone.” • 525 new phones installed • 634 extensions • 3,000 new cable connections • 6 DataVox technicians • 8 VC Tech Services personnel • Installed in 5 days

Quick Facts

VC’s Tech Services staff pose with the DataVox technicians after installing VC’s new phone system at all VC locations.

New telephones have now been installed and activated at all Victoria College locations. VC’s Technology Services Department, with the help of six DataVox technicians, installed over 500 phones in just five days during the last week of August. The new phone system offers a number

of upgrades, including video phone capability, an easy-to-use directory, caller ID, and call history information. It is also now possible to reach anyone at any VC location by dialing only the four-digit extension. “The new phone system also offers improved voicemail access options,”

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These features also make it much easier to locate anyone calling in to get HelpDesk assistance, he added. The most important new feature is emergency notification capability. Within the next few months, 21 speakers will be installed outdoors throughout the main campus. Those speakers, combined with the speakers on each of the 525 new phones, will be able to broadcast emergency messages. The new system also allows for more precise location information for 911. “We have the Enhanced 911 feature,” said Farrior. “This means that if someone were to call 911 from one of these phones, emergency response personnel will be able to pinpoint the building from which the call is being made and our Campus Police will be able to pinpoint the exact room.”

Employee spotlight: Jeff Hubbard Compared to other colleges Jeff Hubbard has taught at, Victoria College takes the cake when it comes to academic integrity. “There’s a great deal of emphasis placed on academic integrity here, and that’s really important to me,” said Hubbard, VC’s newest Government in Texas Professor. “There’s a good level of student participation and eagerness to learn that I have not always seen during my teaching career.” Hubbard’s department colleagues have made him feel at home since first meeting him at VC’s Fall Convocation. “I didn’t know anybody when I walked into the auditorium at the Welder Center for Convocation,” he said. “It wasn’t more than a few seconds before one of the professors came to me and said, ‘Come on, you’re with us.’” So far, Hubbard has enjoyed attending community events, such as Goliad’s Market Days and a Victoria Symphony concert. He is looking forward to attending Turkey Fest in Cuero and Bootfest in Victoria. Hubbard was previously a professor

New Health Plan Benefits Employee News

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Jeff Hubbard is VC’s newest government professor.

at Coastal Bend College and at Frank Phillips College in the Texas Panhandle.

Cool Facts about Jeff Hubbard • Did not begin college until age 45 • Has more than 30 different kinds of hats • Is an avid scuba diver • Is a numismatist (look it up) • While at Ohio State University, was awarded a scholarship for his outstanding singing ability

Division Highlight

Division of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

Cindy Buchholz and Sandy Drozd enjoy helping students reach their highest potential.

Victoria College’s Division of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences includes art, drama, economics, English, geography, government, history, music, psychology, sociology, Spanish, and speech. Cindy Buchholz, who has been with VC for 17 years, has been dean of the division for the past nine years. Sandy Drozd is the division secretary and has been with VC for over 20 years. Because this divison covers a broad

Employee News

scope of the core curriculum, Buchholz said the division represents a microcosm of college. The division also sees a diverse cross-section of students as many of the departments within the division include gateway courses that students must pass in order to obtain a degree or certificate. According to Buchholz, one of the things that distinguishes her division— and is a hallmark of VC as a whole—is the level of personal involvement she sees from instructors. “We see a lot of students in our classrooms who never thought they’d be able to come to college,” said Buchholz. “Helping these students and seeing them succeed is inspirational for us as educators and for new students just starting in college, whether they’re just out of high school or coming to college years later. Once they see that they can be successful here, they gain the confidence to be successful in everything they do.”

Nutrition counseling If you• have not already completed the SANS “Securing the Human” security • Fitness clubs awareness training video, please note equipment and to apparel that it• isFitness still available for you access online. The training consists of 27 • Natural products & foods modules, each averaging three to four • Stress reduction and relaxation minutes in length. resources The topics include items such as: • Smoking cessation programs • Using Email Security • Using Your Browser Safely Access more information about the • Passwords discount program through the Employees • Smartphone Security Retirement System of Texas website at: • Wireless Activity • Social Networking Programs/Discounts/

Pirate Portal Have you checked out the new Pirate Portal? Your login information will be the same as the old portal. Be sure to leave feedback if you find anything that needs to be modified or corrected. Use the Pirate Portal for services such as: • For marketing, send an Event Promotion Request Form • For technical help, send a Technology Services Request or call 2509 to speak to someone at the HelpDesk • For help with maintenance, send a Maintenance Request Form • Enter your timesheet • Access the Job Classification and Compensation Study documents Test drive your new Pirate Portal at:

Employees make a difference Compliments from one VC employee to another

“The Division of Allied Health had five office personnel moving their offices around. I would like for you to know that Edward Gonzales, Paul Janacek, and Aaron Migl were very efficient and got the job done in a timely manner. We were really astonished as to how smoothly the moves went on July 10. We would like to make sure they get the appreciation they deserve. We would like to say thank you, and we really appreciate the hard work they put into these moves.” - Karen Duffie, Administrative Assistant, Division of Allied Health

After the moves, computer techs Eric Sanchez, Hank Pahmiyer, and Preston Mitchell came in and moved all the computers to the new offices. They were just as efficient as the maintenance crew and they made sure that the computers worked before leaving. They did an outstanding job, and we would like to say thank you, and that we appreciate the hard work they put into moving the computers.” - Karen Duffie, Administrative Assistant, Division of Allied Health

“I would like to extend my gratitude for the hard work and dedication of Della Salinas. She is appreciated for the work that she performs with enthusiasm and dependability. Della does not hesitate when it comes to hard work; she arrives very early in the morning to assure the building is clean and ready for faculty and students. She cleans every corner of the building with the upmost attention to detail and provides what seems to be an unending roll of paper towels. But Della is more than a hard worker; she cares about the facility as well as the people inside. She shares her smile and pleasant greeting with every one passing in the hall. Della is always friendly and responsive to help whenever a situation arises. It is apparent that Della takes pride in Victoria College and the work she accomplishes. Our school is better because of her. Thank you Della.

- from Keith Blundell

Look who we saw at Fall Convocation

New Employees

Felix Appelt Chief of Police

Sheryl Kosler

Deb Butler Curriculum & Instruction Specialist

Tempi McLeod

Chemistry Instructor

Director of Quality Enhancement Plan

Carrie Rodriguez

Christy Rowley

Admissions Analyst I

Financial Aid Counselor I

Birthdays October 2—Terri Kurtz 2—Kathy Kaminski 5—Charles Ross 7—Donald McLain 7—Chris Kallus 8—Jaime Nobles 9—Sharon Hyak 11—Ceci Oldmixon 12—Elaine Everett-Hensley 12—Melissa Robinson 12—Karen Williams 12—Elizabeth Ramirez 13—Melissa Nieto 16—Florinda Correa 17—Sherri Pall 17—Lori McBride 18—DeAnna Alvarez 18—Jo Anne Settles 18—Eric Martinez 19—Miroslava Gonzales

Ledie Cheramie

Michael Farris

Jeff Hubbard

Bookstore Customer Service Rep.

Admissions Analyst II

Government Instructor

Tammy Mikulik

Mandi Overby

Madelyn Psencik

Carol Russell

Debbie Drozd

Janna Driskell

PTA Program Coordinator Financial Aid Counselor II of Clinical Education

Custodian, Gonzales Center

College Success Instructor

23—Marilyn Powell 24—Margaret Janowski-Bell 25—Magali Silva 26—Felix Appelt 30—Joe Dahlstrom 30—Jennifer Yancey

November 2—Eric Sanchez 4—Belinda Pena 4—Michael Farris 5—Dan Murphy 5—Cary Voss 6—Tisha Sternadel 11—Daniel Garza 11—Melinda Mendoza 12—Dannie Ladet 13—Pam Price 13—Barbara Sanderson 15—Elena Sanderson 18—Betsy Crane 18—Robert Reyes 19—David Martin

Assistant Registrar

Kathy Kaminski VN Instructor, Gonzales Center

Eric Ray

Curator, Museum of the Coastal Bend

VN Instructor, Hallettsville

21—Vivian Llamas 21—Kim McClure 22—Matt Wiley 22—Jack Mullins 23—Debbie Rains 24—Dave Sulak 24—Michelle Truncellito 24—David Dunham 26—Janice MacFarlane 27—Debbie Pena 28—Bobby Cubriel 30—Dave Swickheimer

Terri Kurtz, Editor Katy Long, Copy Editor Julian Cavazos, Graphic Designer VC Campus Connection is a publication of Victoria College. ©Victoria College

September/October Employee Newsletter  

September/October Employee Newsletter

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