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February/March 2013

Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) takes form • Teaching and Learning Center staffed with instructional designers that will provide professional development and individualized support in active learning techniques. This will be dedicated space for faculty to engage in the important conversations about what works and what doesn’t.

Biology Instructor Jeffrey Williams chats with Mathematics Associate Professor Rachel Winkenwerder during a QEP Coffee where ideas were shared. by Tempi McLeod, QEP Director

Victoria College is preparing to “SEAL the Deal” with a Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) that focuses on integrating active learning strategies in the classroom to improve students’ critical thinking. After nearly 18 months of research and dialogue, a QEP Committee of faculty and staff members has outlined a proposal that will develop a teaching and learning center on campus to provide resources and support for faculty as this initiative unfolds. Through a series of focus groups and open sessions, the over-arching theme is that VC faculty and staff want to provide the very best in instruction and service to our students. Engaging students has been a struggle throughout campus and a frustration expressed in every discipline. The QEP offers us an opportunity to invest in developing a program that will allow

faculty time and direction to research proven strategies and then assistance in the implementation of the techniques they want to use in their courses. Using the simple acronym SEAL (Students Engaged in Active Learning), VC will “SEAL the Deal” beginning in 2014. The QEP Development Committee has proposed the following strategies to address student engagement through active learning:

• Basic Training opportunities for all full-time and adjunct faculty to support active learning, student engagement, and classroom management activities. These professional development opportunities will be provided as foundational courses in the theory and techniques that are best practices in teaching. • The SEAL Academy will provide focused development opportunities for selected faculty members. This “elite team” will receive individualized support in active learning strategies through the guidance of instructional designers. In a collaborative effort, the faculty member will provide the content expertise. The instructional designer will provide the educational theory support to develop specialized activities that complement the classroom lecture and engage students in the learning process. Best practices show that it may only take one or two focused experiences for students to gain confidence in their abilities to analyze and evaluate new information.

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Employee Spotlight: Ed Perez

Ed Perez is a Master Electrician who used his voice for a VC Foundation fundraising project.

While Victoria College Master Electrician Ed “Big Ed” Perez is a familiar face around campus, he may be better known for his voice, specifically a humorous video he narrated last summer. Perez was initially recruited for his voice role by Marketing & Publications Coordinator Tisha Sternadel who told Development Director Cara Frederick about his accented voice and how it sounded so much like the narrator on the Dos Equis “Most Interesting Man in

the World” television commercials. Perez recalls reading his narration from a script, which took about 15-20 minutes. He was coached on which words to emphasize and when to pause in sentences. Former Marketing and Communications Assistant Julian Cavazos produced the video and edited the 7-8 takes into the final product, which featured an entertaining appearance by Dr. Tom Butler. The video was used in the Pirate Cup employee giving campaign to help raise funds for the Victoria College Foundation. More than $18,000 was raised by 158 participating employees. “It made me feel good,” Perez said, knowing he was part of the fundraising effort. “It’s for a good cause, and I had a lot of fun.” Perez has been with Victoria College for seven years. As a Master Electrician in Physical Plant, he works on campus air conditioners, remodels, and “anything electrical that comes up.” He enjoys his job, especially the environment, the people he works

with (such as Daryl Smolik and David Martin), and the challenges. A native of Cuba, Perez, 52, came to the United States without knowing English. Beginning in 1980, he taught himself English while attending electrician school. Conversing with coworkers and watching television programs in English helped Perez on his educational journey. Two years later, he could speak the language fluently.

VC Pirate Cup - Recap • More than $18,000 has been raised for the 2012-13 academic year. • 158 employees contributed to the campaign this year, which includes 94 new contributors. • The top three team captains with the most combined participation and contributions were Babette Lowe, Kim Smith, and Sherri Pall. • The campaign experienced a 200% increase in participation from the previous year. • More than $68,000 was raised since the campaign was first launched in Fall 2010.


Police & Campus Safety Victoria County has its sheriff’s office, the City of Victoria has its police department, and Victoria College has the Department of Police & Campus Safety. “We are a full-service police department,” said Chief of Police Felix Appelt. He and his licensed police officers are veterans of the Victoria Police Department, each having served there a decade or more. Appelt said the department is tasked with the safety of Victoria College students, faculty, and staff, as well as campus property protection. The VC Main Campus staff includes three full-time licensed peace officers, Appelt, Police Sgt. Jack Mullins, Police Officer Eddie Boles; Administrative Assistant Diana Blough; and three noncommissioned security officers, Norma Cardenas, Dan Garza, and Keith Carter. Kelly Phelps, a state-commissioned law enforcement officer, serves the

student escorts. Locking of all campus buildings takes about two hours, Appelt said, marveling at the number of inside and outside doors on campus. COMMITTEE UPDATE

Campus Safety & Security Department includes, from left, Officer Eddie Boles, Sgt. Jack Mullins, Chief Felix Appelt, Campus Security Officers Keith Carter, Norma Cardenas, and Dan Garza. Not pictured: Diana Blough, Kelly Phelps, Arnold Ecle, and Silverio Rocha.

VC’s Campus Safety & Security Committee reviews and assesses policies, procedures, and practices related to campus safety and emergency preparedness. This includes:

department in a reserve role. Arnold Ecle works as a part-time security officer for VC’s Calhoun County Center, and Silverio Rocha was recently hired as a security officer for the VC Gonzales Center. Security officers handle campus parking enforcement and are also responsible for locking and unlocking campus buildings, as well as providing assistance with dead car batteries and

• Ensuring VC’s policies are compliant with the National Incident Management System (NIMS) • Developing a campus safety and security plan, which identifies technology and equipment needs for safety and security • Creating a business continuity plan • Developoing training and communication plans to enhance campus safety and security

Employees make a difference Compliments from one VC employee to another

“Just want to let you know that Sally Martinez, Eva Sartuche, and Martha Aquilar were so helpful to us when we were moving all of the secretarial offices. They cleaned each office thoroughly and even did some extras in other offices in our suite. They are wonderful!!! Please let them know how much we appreciate all they do.” - Laura Crandall, Program Director Physical Therapist Assistant Program

“Please join me in congratulating Rachel Nessel, Business Solutions Coordinator, Workforce & Continuing Education, on being recognized by the Victoria Chamber of Commerce as their Ambassador of the Quarter! Thank you, Rachel, for all you do and for representing Victoria College. We are proud of you!” - Sherri Pall, Director Workforce & Continuing Education Rachel was also named Ambassador of the Year during the Chamber of Commerce banquet on Jan. 31. “Rachel is an outstanding ambassador in her participation and leadership, and we want to honor that.” - Randy Vivian, Executive Director Victoria Chamber of Commerce

Spring 2013 Convocation Welcome Back!

Faculty and staff were ready to greet a new semester by enjoying breakfast and attending Convocation presentations on Monday, Jan. 7.

QEP Continued from Page 1 The QEP is in the final stages of being developed for submission as a part of Victoria College’s reaffirmation of accreditation by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges. The plan will be submitted in July 2013 and reviewed in detail by an onsite committee in September. It will receive final acceptance in June 2014. English faculty member Lisa DeVries explains, “Active learning, as defined by our committee for Victoria College, is broad enough to encompass a lot of strategies. The beauty of the SEAL Academy is that faculty members will have opportunities to determine what works best for them and then have the specialized support to implement and tweak these active learning strategies in a way that works for their classroom.” Dr. Elizabeth Barkley, a community college professor from Foothills College in California, recently spent an afternoon with VC faculty guiding them through a workshop that ultimately produced a “knowledge repository” of successful ideas and techniques currently used on campus. “I’m amazed at the great ideas that come from the faculty,” said Barkley.

New Employees

Birthdays February

Marcela Barrera Workforce & Continuing Education Program Specialist

Diana Blough Campus Police & Security Administrative Assistant

Peter DeVries Biology Instructor

Arnold Ecle Calhoun County Center Security Officer

Albert Gonzales Custodian

Rose Goehring VN Instructor, Cuero

Kitty Hancock Printing & Mailroom Services Assistant

Leeann Hernandez College Recruitment Specialist

Allyson Hibbard Library Technical Assistant

Eric Jensen Marketing & Communications Specialist

Ashley Lindsey Skills Development Fund Grant Administrative Assistant

Jeff Mendenhall Speech Instructor

Vicki Miles VN Program Instructor, Gonzales Center

Amy Mundy Executive Director of the VC Foundation

Nacona Nix Government Instructor

1 – Rebecca Boutte 5 – Alexandra Suchon 6 – Michael Hummel 8 – Martina Sartuche 9 – Elaine Savoie 10 – Veronica Reyes 11 – Laura Crandall 11 – Patricia Vandervoot 14 – Eric Ray 15 – Monica Rubio 17 – Harry Wagner 18 – Brian Hutcheson 22 – Edward Byerly 22 – Gary Hall 26 – Richard Phillips 27 – Jacquelyn Robinson 28 – Kathryn Brown


2 – Helen Hahn 5 – Gail Janecka 6 – Norma Cardenas 6 – Maggie Hernandez 8 – Paul Janacek 12 – Monica Hamilton 14 – Heather Bryan 16 – Kelsey Lytle 16 – Vicki Miles 17 – Diana Blough 17 – Paul Janda 18 – Christina Justice 20 – Jody Sanders 21 – Ernest Wilhelm 22 – Patricia Grahmann 22 – Sheryl Mueller 22 – Christy Rowley 25 – Karen Friedel 29 – Debbie Kasper 31 – Heather Carey

Editor’s Note: Richard Phillips Skills Development Fund Training Coordinator

Rebecca Taylor Physical Plant Administrative Assistant

Ariana Ramirez Call Center Agent

Jesus Vazquez Title V Pre-College Advisor

Frances Reyes Call Center Agent

Jeffrey Williams Biology Instructor

Pedro Ruiz Admissions Generalist

Gloria Wooten Custodian

Alexandra Suchon Instructional Technology Specialist

Trudi Zaplac Psychology Instructor

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Campus Connection - February/March 2013  

Campus Connection - February/March 2013