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Hire a co-op student. Hear the results. Co-op students are dedicated to meeting targets and thirsty for meaningful work. — JEFF STUBBS, CHILDCARE COORDINATOR, JAMES BAY COMMUNITY SCHOOL CENTRE

Students have fresh ideas, enthusiasm and willingness to learn. — SIMON RENVOIZE, PROJECT MANAGER, GREATER VICTORIA HARBOUR AUTHORITY

The students complemented the team with energy, humour and the ability to multitask... sheer winners! We will be extending contracts. — LINDA EDWARDS, MANAGER (BROADMEAD), BC AUTOMOBILE ASSOCIATION

Having someone who is immersed in school yet able to apply that knowledge base on the job sold me on hiring co-op students. — PAUL CHADDOCK, VICE-PRESIDENT, FINEST AT SEA OCEAN PRODUCTS LTD.

Co-op students provide a great return on investment. — MILES MCKINNON, ELECTRICAL ENGINEER, DEPARTMENT OF NATIONAL DEFENCE

Students have enthusiasm for learning and leading. Check it out to see what might work for your specific needs! — AUDREY GIBSON, PAST PROGRAM COORDINATOR, ISLAND HEALTH

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March Business Matters 2017  

March Business Matters 2017