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Odlum Brown clients benefit from independent, unbiased advice. Odlum Brown Model Portfolio vs S&P/TSX Total Return Index (June 2008 - January 2017)1

145% 33% Odlum Brown Model Portfolio

S&P/TSX Total Return Index

Returns are from June 18, 2008 to January 15, 2017. The Odlum Brown Model Portfolio was established by the Research Department in December 1994, with a hypothetical investment of $250,000. These are gross figures before fees. Past performance is not indicative of future performance. Trades are made using the closing price on the day a change is announced.


If you invested $1 million in the stocks held in the hypothetical Odlum Brown Model Portfolio1 at the peak of the Canadian stock market in June 2008, prior to the credit crisis, your holdings would be worth $2.45 million today. Your $1 million investment in a portfolio that replicated the performance of the S&P/TSX Total Return Index would be worth only $1.33 million. For over 93 years, Odlum Brown Limited has been one of BC’s most respected investment firms, thanks to the vision of our founders, the passion and dedication of our employees, and the trust and loyalty of our valued clients. Contact Branch Manager Peter Jando at 250-952-7777 to learn more. Visit odlumbrown.com for more information.

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So what can an employer struggling to find employees in 2017 do? Successfully addressing recruitment challenges requires employers to be creative and use a multifaceted approach to attract and keep the employees they need to operate an efficient business and meet their customers’ expectations. Alternative labour pools: Targeted marketing and recruitment tactics are needed to attract mature workers, immigrants, and youth, including persons with disabilities and Aboriginal People. For each group, employers need to customize the way they engage with and communicate job vacancies because how workers do their job search, and what attracts them to a job/employer, tends to vary generationally. The mature workers are more inclined to look for job postings in traditional media or well-known internet job boards. With a significant number of retired government workers in Greater Victoria, employers can recruit those that now want to do something completely different or are looking for that "last career". Today’s youth, on the other hand, almost solely engage and communicate on their mobile devices. This means not only posting jobs in multiple locations but making sure your website (or those you choose to work with) is “mobile friendly”. If it is a challenge for youth to find the job information, they will likely give up. Those under the age of 30 are looking for immediate answers and results, even when it comes to their job search. And here is where your reputation in the community is also critical: if the millennial job seeker is interested in your job posting, they will Google your company to find out more. What is your reputation as an employer? Do you give back to the community? What are others saying about your firm? Don’t forget to work with the University of Victoria and/or Camosun College as both are in the business of developing talent and are always looking for co-op placements, work experience, and job opportunities for their students and graduates. Retention: It is much easier to keep the employees you have than to try to find new ones. Ensuring that you have best practices in place and being an employer of choice will give you the advantage over other employers vying for the same person. Being an employer of choice goes beyond compensation and general benefits. It includes opportunities for professional growth and development, training and career advancement. Even if you are a small business owner, you can provide training and professional development through your Chamber or industry



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March Business Matters 2017  

March Business Matters 2017