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Over the next few months we’ll highlight one of our benefits weekly in BizNews including the recently launched discounted home insurance rates from TD Home Insurance for our members and their employees.

Connections/Events It wasn’t a surprise that nearly 80 percent of respondents felt that Chamber Business Mixers were a great benefit of membership and that over 70 percent felt the same about Marketplace Mixers. Events that needed more awareness included things like Prodigy Group’s annual fundraising event—or in this case, toilet paper gathering—TP the Town which is happening on October 1st. Although we’ve have great success with several new events, such as our Social Media Seminars, Summer Social Series and YYJ Eats, watch for a survey this fall from our Events team as we pick your brain on what you’d most like to attend.

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    



 


Advocacy For everyone using the roadways to get to work or transport goods, it comes as no surprise that 90 percent of Chamber members felt that regional transportation was their number one concern followed by lower taxes at 85 percent and housing costs at 72 percent. The Chamber will continue to work with municipal and provincial government to improve the future of moving in, out and around the region and to ensure that the gap between commercial and residential tax rates does not grow. Recent Chamber wins include advocating for funding for Belleville Terminal and the McKenzie Overpass, but these are only two of the many challenges we face in keeping our growing community moving.


The Future The best way to continue to grow our vibrant community is with successful businesses. The Chamber has nearly 155 years of expertise in working to build that successful business climate and supporting our businesses in doing what they do best. Based on your feedback we will continue to shore up our three pillars of support—Benefits, Connections/Events and Advocacy—to provide a solid foundation for your continued growth and success.



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Business Matters September 2016  

Business Matters September 2016