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{MEMBERNEWS} Victoria and across all of Vancouver Island. bc211 is a confidential, free telephone, texting and online referral service connecting individuals to community, social and government services. "bc211 reaches people where they are at in times of calm and crisis as it is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year in over 160 languages. It is also a valuable resource for businesses and municipalities who are often looking for a place to refer employees, colleagues and concerned citizens. With bc211, now help is only a call, text or click away," says Patricia Jelinski, President and CEO of United Way Greater Victoria and Chamber Board member.

United Way of Greater Victoria: member since 1972

Prodigy Group’s New Brand The Prodigy Group just completed a rebrand, which was two years in the making and included work and feedback from current and past committee members alike, along with those who attended mingles and completed a brand survey. Through this work, the new Prodigy brand was born. “Our new brand aligns more closely with

The Chamber’s brand, allowing us to better articulate who we are. Together, we are the voice of business in Greater Victoria,” said Shaun Cerisano, Prodigy Group Chair. The new logo was created by Glen Smethurst and the Island Digital Marketing team.

Island Digital Marketing: member since 2017

Business Matters: Modernizing our Communications - Message from CEO In 2018, we’ll be making some adjustments to our communications so we continue to connect with our members in the ways that work best for you. Right now, you should receive our dynamic weekly BizNews e-mail, which keeps you and your employees informed about relevant business and member news. You should also be receiving our weekly Chamber Events e-mail so you know what fun and informative events are happening at The Chamber and in the business community. You can advertise in both of these weekly publications at reasonable rates. They go to over 4,000 readers and have a very healthy open rate of between

32 percent and 35 percent. We’ll continue to use social media and traditional media to get the word out on issues and events. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Our high traffic website will remain the primary source of information on everything to do with The Chamber (www. victoriachamber.ca). It will have a fresh new look and be easier to navigate in 2018. It’s the home for our most popular member benefit—our member directory. We are now offering opportunities to upgrade your listing and as of 2018 the directory will only be available on-line. This means an end to the hard copy we have published in Business Matters. We’ll also be moving from six editions of our Business Matters magazine per year to two. We’re planning a spring edition that will highlight our Business Awards winners and a late fall edition that will provide an overview of the year and a look ahead at the next year’s advocacy priorities and incoming board members. Please let us know if you would like to add anyone in your organization to any of our distribution lists. Keeping you connected is what we do.

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Business Matters November 2017  

Business Matters November 2017