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Mary Katrantzou Spring/Summer 2013

Concept •  Mary Katrantzou’s collection is both innovation and tradition rolled into one. •  Our concept is called “New Planes.” •  By having the models walk down the side of the Spertus Institute, we are exploring new facets and remembering tradition with Mary’s clothes.

Accomplishments •  Our audience is part of a post-modern society. While shocking them will not work, inspiring them will. •  Our goal is to bring Mary Katrantzou’s collection to the forefront of fashion news and sell it to any and all viewers. •  The customers will be able to shop at an aftershow pop-up shop and also at Barney’s New York.


Planning Timeline



Board Members

Marketing Plan

Press Release

Advertising •  As a way to have a successful outcome of “The Mary Katrantzou Spring Collection 2013 Fashion Show” we will have multiple advertising methods. •  One being a preferred position in Chicago Sun-Times, Chicago Tribune as well as Redeye which will be handled by the fashion editors for these newspapers.

Advertising •  Another method we will be using is 1 full page in magazines, which include CStyle, CW, Fashion Chicago Magazine, and Chicagos Fashion Magazine. The magazine will be used to reach our local audience. •  The last method of advertisement is a 30 second spot on Chicago’s local radio station, WLUW which will be aired between 4pm to 7pm.

Social Media •  By using Mary Katrantzou’s Facebook and Twitter, we will generate buzz from her. •  We will also make use of the those same networks from sponsors and friends.

Venue •  Designed by the award-winning, Chicago-based Krueck & Sexton Architects, the innovative, environmentally sustainable Spertus Institute building opened at 610 S. Michigan Avenue in November 2007. •  The building features interconnected interior spaces and one-of-a-kind, ten-story faceted window wall that provides spectacular views of the Chicago skyline, Grant Park, Millennium Park, and Lake Michigan.



AMBIANCE •  The Spertus Institute’s wall of glass provides a great view of the city and makes the building bright. •  Using the very clean interior of the space, we will be creating a contemporary and minimal design to enhance the existing architecture.

Stage and Lighting •  The runway will be elevated and be up lit white glass. •  It will span the length from the dressing area all the way to the edge of the window. •  Models will then walk down the side of the building and form an installation after their last exit.

Stage and Lighting •  The lighting for the show will be prominent both above and below the runway. •  When the show starts, the house lights will go down and the lights above the runway will go up. •  There will be monitors on either side going down the building.

Floorplan – 1st Floor

Floorplan – 9th Floor

Floorplan – 10th Floor

Run of Show

Model Grid



Accessories •  Due to the precarious nature of walking down a building, we have changed out heels for Vibram Five Finger shoes. •  We have also given the models hard-edged accessories by Naked Label Collection.

Swag Bags


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