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There are many accessories available for all types of baby strollers. Some of the more popular Baby Stroller Accessories are listed here: Baby stroller mirrors: Attach a mirror to the baby stroller to keep an eye on your baby. Baby stroller rain covers and hoods: Rain covers and hoods are plastic sheaths that make sure your baby doesn't get wet (at least from the rain). Some cover the entire baby stroller, down to the wheels. Tote bags: Tote bags make it easy to carry a collapsible baby stroller anywhere. Baby stroller insect netting: Keep bugs off your baby with fine mesh coverings that let in fresh air. Baby stroller parasols: Makers like Bugaboo offer parasols that attach to most baby strollers to shield babies from bright sun and glare. Baby stroller holders and baskets: Attachable trays, drink holders, and carrying baskets are available for many baby stroller models. These let you carry baby supplies, personal items, or provisions on long walks. Carrying baskets should attach low on the baby stroller frame to keep it balanced. As a general safety rule, never attach or place heavy items high and off-center or the baby stroller may tip. Baby stroller toys: Dangling "activity arches" and snap-on play panels attach to baby strollers, placing colorful doings within reach of tiny passengers. Many of these travel toys use Velcro or clips and can also be used with car seats and cribs, as well as many models and types of strollers. Baby stroller toys from companies like Fisher-Price and Tiny Love are readily available on eBay. Baby stroller cushions and padding: Many baby strollers come with removable headrests and padding. You can also find baby headrests specifically designed for use in baby strollers. Adjustable baby stroller handles: If your baby stroller doesn't come with adjustable handle height, you can add handle extensions to accommodate different pushers.

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==== ==== Best Baby Stroller & Accessories ==== ====

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