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Captivating and fascinating graffiti is found in a wonder of places in New York City; bringing the ‘city that never sleeps’ an urban and artistic vibe and atmosphere. These artworks are not ones to miss as you walk down the quiet streets of Williamsburg, and with their bright colours and bold patterns they will be sure to take your breath away!

The unique New York artwork doesn’t stop at the streets however; with exquisite and wacky in store displays you will wonder what adventure you have ahead of you after walking into these stores - and they do not disappoint!

From the Patricia Fields store featuring unforgettably crazy items, to Bloomingdales offering oversized roses hung from the ceiling, the designs and creativity of the NYC stores is like none other!

Yet new yorks creativity still doesn’t end! It’s known for its array of exhibitions and museums and the city definitely has more of these to offer than one would’ve thought possible! From life risking injuries to make art, to the balancing of cars; New York definitely is a tricky one to outshine when it comes to imagination!

New York Trend Booklet  

Whilst in New York we collected imagery of current trends that we spotted, and we had to convert those images into an exciting trend booklet...