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Introduction to Your Students' Union The Students’ Union is here to make sure you have the best experience possible at University. Our mission is to have a posiƟve impact on your student life, whether that’s through quality entertainments and bars, our massive range of socieƟes and acƟviƟes, or our free Advice and RepresentaƟon service for advice on complaints or problems with your course The direcƟon of the Union is guided by a Trustee Board, Įve SabbaƟcal Oĸcers who are elected by you and a Student Council, ensuring you are fully represented. You can make your voice heard by coming to the Annual General MeeƟng, voƟng in e-referenda and elecƟons, or contacƟng members of the Student Council to help make your ideas reality.

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Here at Northumbria we work hard to make sure you have an unforgeƩable student experience. During the past 3 years there has been huge investment in our building and we are now showcasing a Brand New State of the Art facility featuring 3 Award Winning bar and club venues and two all encompassing zones - The Base and Escape where you can come along and Get Involved in one of our brilliant volunteering schemes, seek advice from our qualiĮed staī or Įnd out about one of the many other CV enhancing opportuniƟes on oīer. See we are a lot more than just a preƩy face! Remember, it doesn’t maƩer how old you are , where you come from or what you are interested in - we have got something for YOU ! Come along and make the most of your University experience by geƫng involved in YOUR Students’ Union. Recently voted winner of ‘ Student’s Union of the Year 2011’ at the NUS Awards.

Contents & Welcome Hello everyone, You’re holding in your hands your new essenƟal guide to life as a Student at Northumbria! It’s your bible for the year ahead and it contains everything you need to know about what will be going on at your Students’ Union. You’ll Įnd all the informaƟon about our many ways to get involved, socieƟes, representaƟon work, entertainments, and essenƟal informaƟon about the amazing city of Newcastle plus much more. So use it to get the most out of your Ɵme at University! Don’t forget, you’re automaƟcally a member of the Students’ Union and have a say in how we’re run. As well as the Annual ElecƟons there’s numerous ways to make your voice heard - Student Council, Annual General MeeƟng, geƫng involved or just talking to one of the SabbaƟcal Oĸcers. We SabbaƟcal Oĸcers are elected each year by you. There are Įve of us in total and we’re responsible to you, the students, for the running of the Students’ Union. We can be found on the Įrst Ňoor of the Students’ Union’s main building on City Campus in Our Brand New Sparkly Communal Oĸce. We also spend Ɵme at Coach Lane in the Students’ Union’s building there so drop by if you have a query. Read more about our individual roles on page 8! Finally, on behalf of everyone at the Students’ Union, we would like to wish you very best of luck in the coming year and hope that you have a cracking Ɵme. Yours, The SabbaƟcal Team 2012 -2013

EssenƟal InformaƟon 4 Personal InformaƟon 5 My Flat Mates 7 First Year Survival Tips 8-9 Your SabbaƟcals Students’ Union EssenƟals 10 ElecƟons 11 Student Council 12-13 Your Student Councillors 14 Advice & RepresentaƟon Service 15 Academic Reps 17 Welfare Reps 19 SocieƟes 20 Volunteer Northumbria & RAG 21 Eco NSU & One planet 23 NU:Media 24-25 Graduate AƩribute Matrix 26 Recycling Your Money 27-28 Food & Drink 30-31 Bars & Entertainment Uni Life EssenƟals 32-33 Key Dates 34-35 Calendar 36-37 City Campus Map 38-39 Coach Lane Surviving Newcastle EssenƟals 40-41 City Maps 42-43 Geƫng Around 45 EssenƟal Things To Do At Your Union 46 Health & Wellbeing Tips 47 Emergency Info

Financial EssenƟals 49 Gym Membership & Sports Teams 50-51 Money Manager 53 AccommodaƟon Advice Living in Newcastle EssenƟals 55 EssenƟal Eats 56 -57 Top 10 EssenƟal Places To Visit 59 EssenƟal Shops EssenƟal OrganisaƟon 60 Module Planner Semester 1 61 Module Planner Semester 2 62-63 Winning For Students 64 Useful Contacts 65 Safe In The City 66 Time Table Semester 1 67 Time Table Semester 2 Contributors Editor Holly Seabrook Design Ellen Longhorn First Year Survival Tips Suzie Harker EssenƟal Things To Do At Your Union Mike PoƩer Where To Eat Amy Hamilton Where To Visit Aurelie Cregut Where To Shop Julia Bond

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Essential Information Personal InformaĆ&#x;on

Personal Information Name:

Doctor/Health Centre :


Telephone :


Blood Group :

Email address.

Allergies :

Mobile No: Me


In case of Emergency Contact : Telephone : Notes:

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Essential Information My Flat Mates

My Flat Mates

Take the leap and get to know them, chances are you will be inseparable for the next three years.

So you’re successfully moved into your new uni pad, but are a liƩle bit nervous to get out that door and say hey! We’ve all been there, and your new housemates are probably all feeling the same way.

Here’s a space for you to record all their info, as you never know when your phone baƩery might die and let’s face it, no one remembers a mobile number oī by heart anymore!







Mobile No.

Mobile No.

Email: Photo



Email: Photo








Mobile No.

Mobile No.

Email: TwiƩer:


Email: TwiƩer:

Name: Course: Birthday: Mobile No. Photo

Email: TwiƩer:

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stay Stay connected with your Students’ Union and keep up to date on the latest news, events, activities and special offers.

Online@ northumbriasu mynsu

Northumbria Students’ Union App available from

Essential Information First Year Survival Tips

First Year Survival Tips Your Įrst year at university is something so far from anything else you’ve ever done in your life. Guaranteed to be a crazy, fun and oŌen emoƟonal ride, it’s important to make the most of it. For some it’s easy: get some freedom, sleep all day and party all night! But it’s not the same for everyone, here are some Ɵps to make your fresher’s year at uni the best you can make it...

NIGHTLIFE: There’s a reason Newcastle nightlife is renowned

across England as some of the best in the country. ExciƟng as it is, it’s really important to stay safe on a night out. Make sure you go to the uni fresher’s fairs, where things like boƩle stoppers to avoid drink spiking, alcohol unit charts to avoid one too many, and even condoms are provided in the bucket load. Make sure nothing goes wrong on your night out to stop you from having the amazing experiences you came for!

IN HALLS: It’s really important to make friends with who you’re

IN UNI: Try and make friends on your course, it makes going to university at 9am on a Monday morning seem much more inviƟng. TempƟng as it is to skip class aŌer a big night out, make sure you do go to your lectures and seminars, that way you’ll get your value for money and achieve that great degree you’re essenƟally here to get.

On a less serious note, stock up on super noodles, beans on toast, and other easy meals to rustle up! The last thing you want to be doing, especially on freshers week, is spending Ɵme making meals instead of friends!

Here at Northumbria we’re extremely proud of being the oĸcial ‘Best Student’s Union in the country 2011 (As voted by NUS)! Really make the most of it and join as many socieƟes as you can at the socieƟes fair in fresher’s week. SocieƟes are a great way to meet people and have a great Ɵme doing what you love. By Suzie Harker

placed with in halls. They may not be friends for life, but they’ll probably be the Įrst people you really experience Newcastle with, and it really helps to have a group for night out safety and general support when away from home.

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Essential Information Your SabbaƟcals

Your Sabbaticals Jo Rhodes President Hi, I’m Jo Rhodes and I’m the President of your Students’ Union. I am the Įgurehead and spokesperson of the Students’ Union and represent you to the University and the wider community. My job is to make you feel a part of the Students’ Union and to ensure that you get the best experience possible at Northumbria! As President, I coordinate the SabbaƟcal Team made up of myself and the four Vice-Presidents. I represent Northumbria students at a University, local, and naƟonal level, with the help of such bodies as the NaƟonal Union of Students (NUS), and I’m the principal contact for these groups. I sit on many University CommiƩees including the Board of Governors, puƫng forward your views as students and ensuring your voice is heard. Most importantly, I’m here for you, the students. Whether you’re an undergrad, postgrad, mature student, internaƟonal student or a home student, if you want to come and talk to me about something you like or dislike, or if you’ve got an idea, then my door is always open. You can pop into Escape in the Students’ Union to see me or come see me whilst I’m at Coach Lane. There really isn’t a beƩer year for you to get involved, so come along and Įnd out what we can oīer you! My door is always open! E: T: 0191 227 3708 me


Nicole Pegg Vice - President Academic Aīairs Hi, I’m Nicole and I am your Vice-President Academic Aīairs. My role is to assist you with any academic issues, concerns and feedback you have. I do this by mentoring all of the Course, School and Postgraduate RepresentaƟves within your Schools. I am also your voice on University CommiƩees working to ensure you are heard on all the topics that concern your University experience. AddiƟonally, I run all the educaƟon related campaigns on campus and provide support to our Advice and RepresentaƟon service. My door is always open to anyone who wants to chat; you can Įnd me in Escape on the Įrst Ňoor of the SU or ask at the Welcome Desk if you are unsure. Drop me a line whenever you want! E: T: 0191 227 3703 NSUAcademics me

Hannah Horne Vice - President Welfare & Equality Hi, I’m Hannah, and I’m your Vice-President Welfare & Equality. I am here all year making sure that all students at Northumbria have an amazing experience regardless of any diīerences, and that any issues aīecƟng you outside of the lecture theatre don’t stop you from being happy and succeeding in your studies. Therefore, I lead on housing, health, crime & safety, equality & diversity, Įnance and any issues you face in the local community. I’m always here for anything you need, whether it’s a listening ear, a hug or even a Ɵssue. Please come and Įnd me on the 1st Ňoor of the Students’ Union, or contact me via the details below. I hope you all have an amazing year!

8 essential student guide

E: T: 0191 243 7683 NSUWelfare1 me

Essential Information Your SabbaƟcals

Andrew Cheung Vice - President AcƟviƟes & Development Hi, I’m Andy, your Vice-President AcƟviƟes and Development. I am here to make sure that there are lots of fun acƟviƟes for you to take part in, and plenty of opportuniƟes to help you develop important skills to enhance your employability. I am the lead oĸcer for Welcome Week, so with our amazing volunteers, we strive to ensure that you are given a warm welcome and seƩle in to uni life as quickly and stress free as possible! I also work with our incredible RAG (Raise and Give) commiƩee and organise fun money raising acƟviƟes for various chariƟes. AddiƟonally I oversee all the other acƟviƟes that the union provides, such as our socieƟes, volunteer projects, One Planet and many more! There is something for everyone, and if not, let me know your ideas, and I will try my best to make it happen! That’s all from me for now, but if you have any quesƟons or want someone to speak to about acƟviƟes, feel free to come Įnd me in the union or drop me an email. Have a great year at Northumbria, and hopefully see you soon. E: T: 0191 227 3711 me NSUAcƟviƟes1

Mike PoƩer Vice - President CommunicaƟons & Democracy Hi, I’m Mike, your Vice-President CommunicaƟons and Democracy. I’m over at the students union making sure you have the chance to get involved in our awesome media opportuniƟes! Basically this means I edit the student magazine nu:life which will be replacing your regular copy of Heat over the next year. I also oversee the Students Union TV channel NU:TV, as well as the Students’ Union website and preƩy much anything else to do with communicaƟon and the ways you can get involved. I also take care of your very own Student Council, ensuring we have a democraƟc Students’ Union and making sure you really do have a say on the way things work over here. If any of these opportuniƟes are up your street come and get involved! Just give me a shout on the email below and you could be starring in your own TV show, or wriƟng your very own feature arƟcle in nu:life very soon. The other SabbaƟcal Oĸcers and I always want to hear from You so feel free to pop in and have a chat on the Įrst Ňoor of the Students’ Union, we’re always around! I look forward to hearing from you soon! E: mike.poƩ T: 0191 227 3701 NSUCommsOĸcer me

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Students' Union Essentials ElecƟons

Elections Northumbria Students’ Union is a democraƟc organisaƟon and we hold elecƟons twice a year so that you can decide who runs it! Any Northumbria student can run and vote in our elecƟons for SabbaƟcal Oĸcer and Lay Student Councillor posiƟons. Elected SabbaƟcal Oĸcers take a paid year out, either during or at the end of their studies, and lead the Union. Lay Student Councillors are volunteers who represent all students at Student Council and are involved in a broad range of the Union’s key acƟviƟes. We also hold elecƟons each year for Equality RepresentaƟves and Coach Lane representaƟves. To stand or vote in these elecƟons, students must belong to the relevant minority group.

If you’re interested in geƫng involved and represenƟng your peers, you should consider standing for elecƟon to one or more of the following posiƟons: In November 2012 NaƟonal Union of Students’ Conference Delegate Disabled Students’ RepresentaƟve Students with Dependents RepresentaƟve EU Students’ RepresentaƟve Students Who Live At Home RepresentaƟve In February/March 2013 SabbaƟcal oĸcers: President Vice-President Academic Aīairs Vice-President AcƟviƟes & Development Vice-President CommunicaƟons & Democracy Vice-President Welfare & Equality Lay Student Councillors (x5)

Equality Reps: Black & Minority Ethnic Students Coach Lane Students Disabled Students InternaƟonal Students (1xEU, 1xnon-EU, 1 open posiƟon) Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transsexual Students Mature Students Part-Ɵme Students Students Who Live At Home Students with Dependents Women Students

The Chair of Student Council will also be elected at its Įrst meeƟng on Monday 22nd October, at 5pm in the Students’ Union. Any student is eligible to stand in this elecƟon, with votes cast by the members of Student Council. If you’re interested in any of these posiƟons, or would like to chat and Įnd out more about them, please contact We’d be delighted to hear from you!

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Students' Union Essentials Student Council

Student Council Student Council sets the poliƟcal direcƟon of the Students’ Union and holds our elected oĸcers to account. It has 35 members who set the policy of the Union, mandate oĸcers to undertake acƟviƟes and campaigns, and receive feedback on the work of elected oĸcers, trustees and so on. Any student is enƟtled to aƩend meeƟngs of Student Council and all students are represented on it. If you feel strongly about a parƟcular issue and would like to see it debated, why not contact your representaƟves or email for details of how to bring a moƟon to Council by peƟƟon? If you’re interested in ethical, environmental or welfare issues, why not email us for details of how to get involved in our Ethics and Environment or Welfare CommiƩees?

Student Council meets eight Ɵmes per year and in 2012/13 the meeƟng dates are: Monday Tuesday Tuesday Monday Tuesday Thursday Monday Thursday

22nd 20th 11th 21st 19th 14th 29th 23rd

October November December January February March April May

2012 2012 2012 2013 2013 2013 2013 2013

The composiƟon of Council is: Chair of Student Council (elected at its Įrst meeƟng and can be any student) 5 SabbaƟcal Oĸcers 5 Lay Student Councillors 12 Equality Reps Environment & Ethics Rep Community Rep Halls Rep 8 School Reps Postgraduate Taught rep Postgraduate Research rep


All students are welcome at meeƟngs and we’d be very keen to hear from anyone interested in geƫng involved. If you’d like any more informaƟon on Student Council, it’s commiƩees, or any of it’s roles, please email

Any student is entitled to attend meetings of Student Council essential student guide 11

Students' Union Essentials Your Student Councillors

Black Minority Ethnic (BME) Students’ Rep - Bryce Moore

Your Student Councillors Lay Student Councillors - Tom Bromwich, Sophie Chilton, Tilly Smith, Mike Squair & Lauren Teague The Įve Lay Student Councillors are elected along with the SabbaƟcal Oĸcers in March to represent all students on campus. They are current students who all volunteer their Ɵme to make uni life beƩer for you! They support the full Ɵme elected sabbaƟcal oĸcers on campaigns and other projects throughout the year and run their own campaigns too. If there is something you want support with or think should be raised as a campaign then get in touch with them on twiƩer, They’d love to hear from you! us


If you would like to Įll one of the vacant posiƟons then please email for more informaƟon, it’s a fantasƟc opportunity and looks amazing on your CV. 12 essential student guide

Your BME Rep, Bryce, exists to run campaigns or events, and to make any changes to improve the experience of BME students. This may involve organising events for Black History Month or campaigns tackling hate crime.

Students with Caring ResponsibiliƟes’ Rep - VACANT

Coming to University to gain a degree can be tough work, but for students with caring responsibiliƟes, juggling work alongside their other commitments is even harder. This Rep will work on anything that will make this juggling a bit easier!

Disabled Students’ Rep - VACANT

Whether you have a physical, mental, sense, visible, or invisible disability or impairment, your disabled students’ rep is here to champion change to improve your student experience. In the past, Reps have improved the accessibility of campus and well as organising events where disabled students can get together and share experiences.

InternaƟonal Students’ Rep (x2) - Gaurav Jain & Parasuram Thampi

InternaƟonal students oŌen face diīerent challenges to home students because they are learning a new culture and someƟmes a second language on top of their studies. Gaurav and Parasuram will sit on Student Council to represent all InternaƟonal Students, no maƩer where you come from!

Students' Union Essentials Your Student Councillors

European Union Students Rep - VACANT

This Rep is our third InternaƟonal Rep who is there to speciĮcally represent students from countries within the EU.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transsexual (LGBT) Students’ Rep - Fritha Galley

Fritha will be here for LGBT students all year and can run events for LGBT students to come together and share experiences, for example, for LGBT history month. On top of this she can run campaigns, such as for civil marriage or anƟ-bullying.

Mature Students’ Rep - Aaron Bergin

Over 60% of our students at Northumbria are mature students, and for them, the University experience can be very diīerent from your typical 18 year old undergraduate. They oŌen have more responsibiliƟes and have diīerent needs; so Aaron is here to ensure any issues you face as a mature student are tackled.

Women Students’ Rep - Erinn Kerr

Although women are in the majority here at Northumbria, Erinn is our Womens’ Rep to Įght against any gender discriminaƟon that may occur. In the past our Womens’ Rep has organised events to celebrate InternaƟonal Womens’ Day as well as introducing a zero tolerance to sexual harassment policy.

Students who live at Home Rep - VACANT

This is a new rep post and has been created because students who live at home rather than in Halls or in private rented accommodaƟon with fellow students, can also face challenges, especially in their Įrst few months of University.

Part-Ɵme Students’ Rep - Mark Thorn

Part-Ɵme students are likely to be in employment or have other commitments, and won’t be on campus as much. Therefore, Mark will sit on Student Council to ensure part-Ɵme students’ needs are met within the Union and across the University.

Coach Lane Students’ Rep - Jackson Douglas

Coach Lane is our university campus which is situated 3 miles out of the city centre. As well as the distance making it diĸcult for Coach Lane Students to know what is going on, students there study vocaƟonal degrees such as Nursing or Teaching, and their university experience is extremely diīerent to other students. Jackson has been elected to make changes to improve the student experience at Coach Lane.

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Students' Union Essentials Advice & RepresentaƟon Service

Advice & Representation Service Academic Advice

The Advice and RepresentaƟon service provides free, imparƟal and independent advice to students facing diĸculƟes in their studies. The service is located within the Base in the Students’ Union building at City Campus, and its staī visit Coach Lane on a regular basis. MeeƟngs with our advisers are by appointment only, and we can also provide advice over the phone or by email. To register with the advice service, please visit the Base Info Desk in the Students’ Union at City Campus or email We can then advise you or arrange an appointment for further discussion. You might wish to contact us if you: > Have personal circumstances that are aīecƟng your academic work. > Are unhappy with your marks and want to understand your opƟons. > Have been accused of academic misconduct. > Have been called to a disciplinary hearing or professional suitability board. > Wish to make a complaint about the University.

Student representaƟves

In addiƟon to advising students on academic issues, the Advice and RepresentaƟon Service supports around 1,500 volunteers who represent students within their schools, University, halls and the local community. Our reps make a real diīerence to student life at Northumbria.

14 essential student guide

Over the next few pages you’ll be able to Įnd out more about the roles our reps undertake, and we hope you’ll be interested in giving something a go. As well as making a posiƟve impact on students at the University, our reps enjoy their roles and develop a range of new skills they can use in their careers. If you’re interested in geƫng involved, contact for more informaƟon.

Students' Union Essentials Academic Reps

Academic Reps An outstanding learning experience isn’t just about listening - it’s also about engaging with your school and helping to shape it for the beƩer. Academic Reps help to enhance the learning experience at all levels, from helping to address the concerns of their peers on their course to working with senior management staī to make real and lasƟng improvements.

Course Reps

There are 1,500 course reps at Northumbria. They aƩend programme meeƟngs and work with programme leaders to improve their courses and address the issues raised by their peers. Course Reps are normally appointed at the beginning of the academic year, and they work with School Reps throughout the year. Course Reps are elected or appointed by their schools, and are then supported by the Advice and RepresentaƟon service. Full informaƟon on the Course Rep role and its rewards is provided to all Course Reps on appointment.

School, Postgraduate Taught & Postgraduate Research Reps

Within each school is a team of undergraduate and postgraduate school reps. They work closely with the school’s management to represent student views and make posiƟve changes. Through control of a small budget and training and support from the Advice and RepresentaƟon Service, the roles provide a great opportunity for personal development. Postgraduate taught reps are recruited at the beginning of the academic year, whilst undergraduate and postgraduate research reps are appointed in late Spring/Summer. For more informaƟon on academic reps, please contact

essential student guide 15

Students' Union Essentials Welfare Reps

Welfare Reps Community Reps

AŌer Įrst year, many students go on to live in private rented housing in the community. Community Reps have the passion and the energy to make Newcastle a beƩer city to live in. They can challenge the City Council on student housing policy, lobby for neighbourhood faciliƟes such as street lighƟng and recycling faciliƟes, or even organising events to bring local residents and students together. If you’ve got a feel for your neighbourhood and you want to make it as studentfriendly as possible, and you would like some experience that will improve your skills, being a Community Rep could be for you!

Halls Reps

For thousands of students, Halls have a big inŇuence on whether you can seƩle into university life and are happy living away from home. Making sure that your Halls oīer the best faciliƟes and are the securest place to keep your belongings, are our team of Halls Reps. They will raise any issues with the Hall Manager to try and make changes on behalf of the students living there. If you are living in Halls, want to meet new people, gain new skills and fancy helping out your fellow students - apply to become a Halls Rep!

Welfare CommiƩee

For the Įrst Ɵme this year, we have created a Welfare CommiƩee to help the Union in deciding what welfare campaigns we should run. There are 5 open posiƟons on this commiƩee, so if you are passionate about any wellbeing issues and want to organise and run events and campaigns, please apply! Contact for more details.

essential student guide 17



By joining a society you will get to try new things, meet new friends and get a great uni experience.

Do you want to jump out of plane, have your Ɵme in the spotlight, or have a go at snowboarding? Then join one of our fantasƟc socieƟes. With over 50 to choose from there really is something for everyone!

For our full list visit

> > > > > > >

Dance Human Rights Nursing Grey Maths Bollywood LGBT

> > > > > > >

Musical Theatre Real Ale Computer Video Games DebaƟng Snowsports NUTS Barnardo’sƟes Can’t Įnd a society that suits you? Then start your own! Got a quesƟon about our socieƟes then email su.socieƟ

essential student guide 19

Students' Union Essentials Volunteer Northumbria & RAG

Volunteer Northumbria


Drama summer schools, football tournaments for older adults, cookery classes - if you’re looking to do your bit for the local community, Volunteer Northumbria has something for you! So why not…

RAG stands for Raise and Give, and is exactly what it says on the Ɵn! Last year our RAG Volunteers raised over

> Get involved with one of our projects, available all year! > Try out one of our monthly Give it a Go sessions! > Join the Volunteer Northumbria Week Team for 7 fun-packed days of acƟon in February! > Got your own idea? Got a passion? Then start your own project at any Ɵme!

If you’re up for raising money for worthy chariƟes, wanƟng to give something back, improving your CV, or simply want to have some fun, then this is for you!

Get stuck into Volunteer Northumbria and start earning some fantasƟc rewards, a packed-out CV - and of course, the warm fuzzy feeling that you’ve made a diīerence to your community!

Want to know more: Got a quesƟon:

How much can you take?



Get Involved by:

> Joining our 300 strong RAG Team for all our fundraising events throughout the year, including the infamous RAG Week in November! > Start your own fundraising society for your chosen charity with help and support from us! > Run a one oī money maker, such as shaving your head! > Come along on a RAG raid in other ciƟes such as London! > Get on the RAG commiƩee and decide RAG’s direcƟon, policies, budget and events!

Want to know more: Got a quesƟon:

20 essential student guide

Students' Union Essentials Eco NSU & One planet


One planet

Do you want to get down and dirty, share your passion for fashion or be beside the seaside? Get involved with Eco NSU, the Union’s environmental volunteering programme.

Discover more... Get out and see the UK with One Planet trips to ciƟes, towns and events.

From a veggie plot to a food co-op, a vintage fashion show to beach cleaning fun...if it’s environmental it’s Eco NSU. Eco NSU supports projects with dedicated training, support and funding!

Get on board by:

> > >

Volunteering with an acƟve project Put together your perfect project by starƟng your own Go to a Give it a Go Session

One Planet is a great opportunity for you and your friends to explore, shop Ɵll you drop and meet new friends from all over the planet! For a bargain price we’ll take you to the city of your choice, and the day is yours to do as you want and explore.

We’ll take you to places such as: > > > > >

Edinburgh York Leeds Alnwick Ghost tour of Newcastle

By becoming part of Eco NSU you will earn great rewards, enhance your CV, meet new friends and make a real change to the world we live in!

One Planet is run jointly by the Students’ Union and Student Services open to all Northumbria Students’ and has pick up points at both City Campus and Coach Lane.

Want more info:

How to book:

W: E:

Buy your One Planet Ɵckets from the Welcome Desk in City Campus Students’ Union or at

essential student guide 21



of the week

3 South East Asian Tapas

for £11


for £3.30




How to ÄUK\Z

SKYFALL: starts Friday 26 October


Tyneside Cinema is the North East’s Favourite Independent Cinema, and screens the best films from all over the world.


Enjoy great student drinks deals, live music, bar films and open mic nights in the destination Newcastle’s been waiting for.


Enjoy the finest drinks known to humanity with your movie.

*with valid NUS Card

CULT CLASSICS CALL TO BOOK NOW Use this QR code to go straight to our website

0191 221 1000

Don’t miss our screenings of some of the best cult movies.

Electric East, St James Boulevard, Waterloo Square, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE1 4DP


Pilgrim St Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 6QG 0845 217 9909

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Plus fashion, films & fixtures

NU:TV is the Union’s award winning student TV staƟon covering the latest stories and events across the campus, the city and the rest of the world. Want to get involved for more experience in broadcasƟng whilst meeƟng new people and having fun? Whether you’ve got loads of experience or just fancy trying something new we want to hear from you.

We have opportuniƟes in: > > > > > >

PresenƟng EdiƟng Camera OperaƟng Research Management Scheduling

And many more opportuniƟes! So check out for all the latest videos and more info on how to become part of our crew.

The magazine is wriƩen enƟrely by Student volunteers and edited by Mike PoƩer the elected oĸcer for CommunicaƟons and Democracy. It is published monthly and distributed to all Northumbria Halls of residence, as well as from various sites around campus. We are always looking for volunteers to help out and contribute to the magazine and there is no experience required. It’s a great opportunity to air some of your views and interests and also to expand your CV.

For more informaƟon on how to get involved contact Mike PoƩer: T: 0191 2273701 E: mike.poƩ

essential student guide 23

Graduate Attributes Matrix Course Rep Halls Rep/Community Rep

3 3

PGR Rep RAG Committee Member RAG Team Leader RAG Team member Lay Student Councillors Sabbatical Of多cer School Reps

volunteer opportunity

Society Committee Member Society President Society Rep Society Secretary Society Treasurer Student Councillor

3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3

Student Trustee Elections Commitee VN Project Leader Welcome Team Leader Welcome Team Member NU:TV

3 3 3 3

nu:life Environmental Committee


NUS Conference Delegate Elections Committee Member


3 3 3 3 3

3 3 3 3 3

3 3 3

3 3 3

3 3 3

3 3

3 3

3 3

3 3 3 3

3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3




3 3


VN Ambassador VN Community Volunteer

3 3 3


3 3 3 3 3

3 3 3 3

3 3 3 3 3



3 3 3

3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3


3 3 3 3

3 3

3 3 3


3 3

3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3


3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3

3 3 3 3 3

3 3 3

3 3 3

3 3

3 3

3 3 3

3 3 3 3 3 3



3 3 3 3 3

3 3 3 3 3

3 3


3 3 3 3 3

3 3 3 3

3 3 3

3 3 3 3 3

3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3


3 3 3



3 3 3

3 3 3

3 3 3 3 3 3 3

3 3

3 3


3 3 3 3

3 3 3 3 3

3 3

3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3


3 3


3 3 3

3 3 3 3 3 3 3


3 3


3 3

3 3

3 3

3 3 3 3

3 3 3 3 3 3 3





3 3


3 3 3

3 3 3




3 3 3

3 3 3

3 3

3 3

3 3

3 3 3

3 3 3


3 3

3 3

3 3

3 3 3

3 3 3


3 3 3

3 3

3 3 3 3 3

3 3 3 3 3 3 3

Are there skills that you want to gain whilst studying to make you more employable post Uni life? Then use this matrix to Įnd out what the perfect volunteering role is for you and come and get involved at



= Skills gained

Team Work




Time Management

Data Handling


Problem solving


Report wriƟng







Working to deadlines




Decision Maker

Dealing with conŇict

Students' Union Essentials Recycling Your Money

Recycling YOUR Money Unlike our high street compeƟtors, all the money we make in the bars is put back into YOUR Students’ Union to make sure that your student experience is as good as it can be, whether that is extra funding for socieƟes, subsidised trips on the ‘Give it a Go’ Programme or beƩer entertainments. We listened to you and discovered you would like to see a modern stylish new building and faciliƟes. That’s why we’ve invested £7 million into our State of The Art Students’ Union building with top of the range equipment throughout. This is just one example of how we recycle our proĮts into making things even beƩer for YOU. Without YOU the Students’ Union would not be able to provide all the exciƟng acƟviƟes, events and student representaƟon as you are the most essenƟal ingredient to our success. Just think whilst all the bars and shops in town make loads of money out of you, we are consistently looking ways to make your student experience a great one by Recycling your Money!

The money you spend is put back into representation, services, activities and entertainment for you.

26 essential student guide

Students' Union Essentials Food & Drink

Food & Drink Feeling peckish? Look no further than Habita - our friendly, stylish ground Ňoor cafe bar. Serving a full range of Starbucks branded coīee at Student Prices, alongside an extensive dayƟme food and drinks menu all in modern sleek surroundings. All our food is hand delivered to your table so take a seat and relax or check your emails with our free WiĮ facility whilst we look aŌer you. We are also fully licenced so you can pop in aŌer lectures to enjoy a glass of wine or beer or two aŌer a hard days study. DayƟme Menu available from:

Mon - Fri 8.30am - 9.00pm* Sat - Sun 12.00pm - 9.00pm* * We are open unƟl late to serve alcohol

The Deli

If your hurrying between lectures and need to grab something on the go pop into our Deli Sandwich shop located adjacent to the Welcome desk and choose from a variety of freshly made bagueƩes or sandwiches from a huge range of Įllings. You know you want to!

Open Mon - Fri 10.30am - 3pm

Shops & Services Union Shop

Your one stop shop for sandwiches, snacks, drinks confecƟonary and other campus essenƟals. Find us next to Blackwells bookstore on the ground Ňoor. essential student guide 27

Students' Union Essentials Food & Drink


New for 2012 we welcome this well established retailer on campus providing a huge range of books from literature to text books as well as paper and design supplies and a photocopying/ prinƟng service instore. We are located on the ground Ňoor of the SU. MON - SAT 9am - 5pm


Tailored speciĮcally for the student market this is a leƫng agency with a diīerence. We have listened to you and we aim to help avoid all of the typical issues associated with Įnding and renƟng your student accommodaƟon. Find us on the ground Ňoor. MON - FRI 9am - 5pm

(Subject to change)

28 essential student guide

Students' Union Essentials Bars & Entertainment


Bars & Venues Habita Habita is one of the hoƩest desƟnaƟons in town, and best of all it’s right here on Campus! As dusk falls Habita turns into a stylish cocktail bar, oīering a wide range of free entertainment, sport and pre club warm ups. With amazing student prices it’s the essenƟal place to be, morning noon or night!

Stage 2

Our ground Ňoor State of the Art Performance and Live Music Venue features the most advanced technical sound, light and visual equipment and a high tech retractable seaƟng arrangement, providing a truly outstanding performing, teaching, and live entertainment space . Look out for some exciƟng one oī events held throughout the year!

30 essential student guide

This breathtaking 1600 space opens late into the night, host to our major headline events from the Welcome Ball to live gigs. In addiƟon, Domain doubles up as a high spec conferencing and hospitality room which can be used for everything from awards evenings to presentaƟons to business events.


Four Ɵmes winner of Newcastle Best Bar None Club of the Year Award, Reds has the versaƟlity of a bar and night club. Featuring sumptuous surroundings, mood lighƟng and a glamorous bar area -Serving Starbucks coīee, soŌ drinks and alcoholic beverages during the day, Reds turns into one of the most popular packed out student clubs at night. Be sure to check out your ‘Welcome Week Entertainments Guide’ and the Term One ‘Whats On’ guide for more info on the Entertainment and Live Music we are hosƟng this year…

Students' Union Essentials Bars & Entertainment

Entertainment As a student at Northumbria you’ll never be bored. There are a wide range of social events to keep you entertained. Domain and Reds host some amazing club nights and live bands to rival those anywhere in the city centre. In the evening, Habita transforms into a stylish cocktail bar oīering a wide range of FREE entertainment including big screen sport, quiz compeƟƟons, karaoke and pre club warm-ups. The amazing cocktails are at student prices too!

LIVE MUSIC If gigs are your thing then we have hosted some of the best up and coming live acts around such as ED Sheeran, Professor Green and Marina and the Diamonds to name a few. With the ability to host 2000 people under one roof it really is where the party’s at!

We also have a live performance venue, which features some of the best technical sound, light and audio visual equipment in the business. Visit our website for up to date lisƟngs or mynsu

essential student guide 31

Uni life Essentials Key Dates

Key University Dates

Semester Two Teaching Dates

Semester one Teaching Dates

Enrolment Week 14/01/13 - 18/01/13

InternaƟonal Student Enrolment 14/09/12 - 15/09/12

Teaching Weeks 21/01/13 - 22/03/12

Home Student Enrolment 15/09/12

Spring Break

Welcome Week 17/09/12 - 21/09/12

Teaching Weeks 15/04/13 - 03/05/13

Teaching Weeks 24/09/12 - 14/12/12

Assessment 06/05/13 - 24/05/13

December GraduaƟons 10/12/12 - 11/12/12

Final Year Results Published 25/06/13

Winter Break

17/12/12 - 04/01/13

Summer Award CongregaƟons 10/07/13 - 16/07/13

Assessment Weeks 07/01/13 - 18/01/13

Reassessment Period 26/08/13 - 30/08/13

32 essential student guide

25/03/13 - 12/04/13

Key Students’ Union Dates SocieƟes & Project Conference 03/10/2010 Jobs & Volunteering Fair 04/10/12 Student Council 22/10/12 Course Rep Conference 31/10/12 Student Council 20/11/12 RAG Week 09/11/12 - 16/11/12 Last year was the most successful RAG ever. Join us this year to make this one even beƩer! NUS Conference ElecƟons 26/11/12 - 30/11/12 Vote for who will represent Northumbria at this years NUS Conference. Why not stand yourself? Christmas Volunteering Week 10/11/12 - 14/11/12 Join the spirit of Christmas giving Ɵme during our volunteering week

Uni life Essentials Key Dates

Student Council 11/12/12 Student Council 21/01/13 Volunteer Northumbria Week 16/02/13 -22/02/13 The highlight of our volunteering calendar. Over 2,000 hours were given last year. Advanced Skills Conference 27/02/13 SabbaƟcal & Student Council ElecƟons 04/03/13 - 08/03/13 The Union is run by students, for students. This is your chance to have your say and vote for the candidates who will improve your student experience next year. Student Council 14/03/13

I Am Northumbria Student Awards 02/05/13 A celebraƟon of the hard work and achievements of our students Recruitment of School Reps April - June 2013 We have jusƟĮably won awards for our representaƟon network across the schools in Northumbria. If you would like to be part of that work in 2013/14, this is your chance. Welcome Team Recruitment 03/05/13 -16/05/13 Welcome Team InducƟon 18/05/13 The Welcome Team play an invaluable role in helping new students seƩle in in their Įrst week. A great chance to get involved. Student Council 23/05/13

SocieƟes Awards 21/03/12 NUS Conference April 2013 Student Council 29/04/13

essential student guide 33

Uni life Essentials Calendar



Calendar 2012:2013 3













Sept Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Your SABBS President

Jo Rhodes 0191 227 3708 me NSUPres 34 essential student guide

Vice - President Academic Aīairs

Nicole Pegg 0191 227 3703 me NSUAcademics

Vice - President AcƟviƟes & Development

Andrew Cheung 0191 227 3711 me NSUAcƟviƟes1

Uni life Essentials Calendar






Vice - President CommunicaƟons & Democracy


Mike PoƩer mike.poƩ 0191 227 3701 me NSUCommsOĸcer





Vice - President Welfare & Equality


Hannah Horne 0191 243 7683 me NSUWelfare1






Northumbria Students’ Union App available from mynsu


essential student guide 35

City Campus Map

Uni life Essentials City Campus Map

City Campus Map (Key) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

21 & 22 Ellison Place Campus Services Burt Hall Camden Court Clapham House Claude Gibb Hall Drill Hall Ellison Building Ellison Terrace Former Sports Facility Glenamara House Hadrian Centre Health Centre Library Lipman Building

Northumbria Students’ Union - ‘Habita’

16 Lovaine Halls & Flats 17 The Newcastle Business School & School of Law Building 18 Newcastle College 19 Newcastle Unitarian Church (Durant Hall) 20 Nixon Hall 21 Northumberland Building 22 Pandon Building 23 Rutherford Hall 24 St James’ Church 25 The School of Design Building 26 Sport Central 27 Squires Annexe

28 Squires Building 29 Squires Workshops 30 Student Support & Wellbeing Centre 31 Students’ Union 32 Sutherland Building 33 Sutherland House (Security) 34 Trinity Building 35 University Gallery & Baring Wing 36 Victoria Hall 37 Wynne-Jones Centre 38 MEA House

RecepƟon/InformaƟon Centre Parking Cycle Parking Bus Stop (Free Bus) Public Bus Pedestrianised/buses only

essential student guide 37

Coach Lane Map

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

A Block B Block Berwick Hall C Block CETL Hub Cheviot Hall Clinical Skills Centre D Block Dunelm Hall E Block Elsdon Hall Finchale Hall G BLock

14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 25 26 27

H Block Hadrian Hall Kielder Hall Library (F Block) Lindisframe Hall Main RecepƟon Manor House Miƞord Hall Monkchester Hall Rothbury Hall Sports Pitches Student Services Students’ Union

RecepƟon/ InformaƟon Centre Parking

Bus Stop (Free Bus)

Cycle Parking

Pedestrianised/buses only

Public Bus

University Bus Service Timetable 2012/2013 Coach Lane ShuƩle Departure Times Term-Ɵme and VacaƟon New Bridge Street, opposite City Campus East


Civic Centre
















Henderson Hall
















Coach Lane Campus West














Bus stop North bound



Four Land Ends Metro



Coach Lane Campus East turning circle






**** 1205







Coach Lane Campus West











Henderson Hall































Portland Road
















Stephenson Building
















New Bridge Street, opposite City Campus East
















**** bus re-fuels

Terminates Driver change over bus arrives at the Civic Centre at the following Ɵmes




Driver change over bus departs at the following Ɵmes




Departure Times Term-Ɵme only

Coach lane

3 September to 14 Dec 2012, 7 Jan to 22 Mar 2013 & 15 Apr to 7 Jun 2013 Civic Centre






Henderson Hall






Coach Lane Campus West






Coach Lane Campus East turning circle






Coach Lane Campus West






Henderson Hall






Portland Road






Stephenson Building






New Bridge Street, opposite City Campus East






Coach Lane Campus is home to the University’s largest School (Health, Community and EducaƟon Studies) and the Students’ Union oīers a range of services and acƟviƟes. As well as the recently refurbished licensed café bar - serving food, Costa Coīee and drinks throughout the day, there is a comfy seaƟng area, IT suite and a Students’ Union shop for your convenience. Our staī also hold regular drop-in Sessions for all of your needs from Academic advice to Welfare issues.

Call 0191 227 4385 for any queries relaƟng to this service. Service operates Monday to Friday No service at weekends, on public holidays or insƟtuƟonal closure days

Coach Lane Café

Coach Lane Café bar, provides a modern, airy place for you to kick back and relax. You can grab a bite to eat from our delicious range of hot and cold snacks and take advantage of our Costa Coīee bar. Opening Hours Mon - Fri 8.30am - 5pm

Coach Lane Shop

Our shop stocks everything from confecƟonary, cold drinks, staƟonery to greeƟngs cards and stamps - as well as being the place to go to apply for your NUS discount card. Opening Hours Mon - Fri 8.30am - 4.15pm

City Centre Map

Scrumptious Table Service Food Starbucks Coffee Amazing Drinks Offers

Opening Hours Monday to Friday 8.30am until late Saturday and Sunday 12pm until late

Big Screen Sport Why stay at home when you can get amazing offers at the Students’ Union? Remember all the money you spend in the Students’ Union is recycled into better facilities and services for YOU!

Outside Sun Terrace Quizzes, Karaoke and more...! Funky Resident DJs

Note: Alcohol served from 11am weekdays

Surviving Newcastle Essentials Geƫng Around

Metro Map Airport

Bank Foot

Callerton Parkway


Kingston Park


Regent Centre

Wansbeck Road

South Gosforth

Four Lane Ends

West Monkseaton

Northumberland Park





Whitley Bay

Ilford Road West Jesmond

The coast


Jesmond Newcastle City Centre

Haymarket Monument

Chillingham Road


Meadow Well



St James Manors



Hadrian Road

Percy Main

Central Station

North Shields

River Tyne

Gateshead Gateshead Stadium


Pelaw Heworth

Main Bus Interchange Rail Interchange Ferry Park and Ride

Jarrow Hebburn

Simonside Bede


Tyne Dock

Brockley Whins Fellgate

South Shields

East Boldon Seaburn

St Peter’s River Wear

Sunderland City Centre

Pallion South Hylton

The Metro links NewcastleGateshead with the rest of Tyne and Wear and has been rated as one of the UK’s most eĸcient rapid transport systems. There are Metro staƟons in the heart of Newcastle city centre (Monument and Haymarket), at Newcastle Central StaƟon and Gateshead town centre (Gateshead Quays is just a 10 minute walk or short shuƩle bus journey from Gateshead staƟon).

42 essential student guide

Stadium of Light

Newcastle InternaƟonal Airport also has its own Metro staƟon and the journey Ɵme from Newcastle city centre to the Airport is around 20 minutes. The Metro is great if you want explore the coastal areas of North and South Tyneside.


University Millfield

Park Lane

Tickets are purchased via Ɵcket machines at the Metro staƟon, so have some change ready. If you’re planning on making a few journeys, look out for a Metro DaySaver which gives all day unlimited Metro travel.

For further informaƟon on both Metro and bus services, call Traveline on 0870 608 2 608 or visit

Surviving Newcastle Essentials Geƫng Around

essential student guide 43

Se arc h

Clou d

s nd ie Fr

Get protected and stay connected…

Fa mi ly

e ar Sh

…with the No 1 student gadget insurance provider.


Make sure your essential gadgets are protected while at university with Endsleigh’s unbeatable gadget insurance bundles.

Get a quote 0800 028 7255 / 01282 672 700


us on facebook


Follow us on twitter

*24 hours represents 1 working day from us approving your claim. All logos reproduced with kind permission of the organisations shown. 44 essential student guide Reproduced with permission of Yahoo! Inc. ©2012 Yahoo! Inc. FLICKR and the FLICKR logo are registered trademarks of Yahoo! Inc.

es Gam

Endsleigh Insurance Services Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. This can be checked on the FSA Register by visiting its website at Endsleigh Insurance Services Limited. Company No: 856706 registered in England at Shurdington Road, Cheltenham Spa, Gloucestershire GL51 4UE.


Visit Call




Phone ne

Includes 24 hour laptop and mobile phone replacement*

Sh op



Surviving Newcastle Essentials EssenƟal Things To Do At Your Union

Essential Things To Do At Your Union There is so much to get involved with at Your Students’ Union so we have compiled a list to make sure you get the most out of your Įrst few weeks! The Union can open up so many volunteering opportuniƟes to students that can massively increase your experience whilst at university and your employability for aŌer graduaƟon. Whether your passion lies in media, representaƟon or socieƟes, it’s easy to get involved and is a great way to meet people outside of your course or halls. Here’s a list of 15 things you should do to really make the most of your University experience

Northumbria Students’ Union App available from

Visit our Brand New Website at Get involved in our many volunteering OpportuniƟes at the volunteer Database at Download our App for iPhone and Android. Enjoy big screen Sports and order a pizza in Habita. Vote in the Students’ Union ElecƟons. Raise Money for Charity and Join RAG. Like our facebook page at Give back to the community and sign up for Volunteer Northumbria. Check out page 19 of this essenƟal guide and join a society. Pick up the Latest Copy of nu:life! FREE to a good home. Get an NUS card and save loads of cash. Get independent, imparƟal advice from the Base if you have problems with your course. Say hello to your SabbaƟcal team on the First Ňoor of your Students’ Union. Subscribe to NU:TV at



Enjoy a Starbucks in Reds bar - Second Ňoor of your Students’ Union.

essential student guide 45

Surviving Newcastle Essentials EssenƟal Health & Wellbeing Tips

Health & Wellbeing Tips Register with a Doctor - Don’t leave it unƟl you fall

unwell to sign up! Make sure you make an informed choice on who you register with based on their services. Follow this link for a full list of GPs in Newcastle hƩp:// aspx?id=3482

Eat healthily - A lack of rouƟne; excessive partying &

drinking; a heavy workload; cooking for yourself; and being in charge of your own food intake for the Įrst Ɵme; can all aīect your eaƟng habits as a student. You might also experience the phenomenon of the Fresher’s 14 students reckon they put on 14 pounds in weight when they start Uni. Planning your meals, avoiding eaƟng out too much and reducing your alcohol intake can all help you to stay healthy.

Mental Health - If you are worried at any Ɵme that you

may be suīering from mental health problems, whether it is depression, anxiety or exam stress, it is important that you speak to someone about it. The University’s Student Support & Wellbeing Service can help you. You can Įnd out more on their website - hƩp://www.northumbria.

46 essential student guide

Sexual Health - Alcohol can lower your inhibiƟons, and when you have

been drinking it’s easy to feel overly conĮdent. An STI/STD (Sexually TransmiƩed InfecƟon/Disease) or an unwanted pregnancy could be the worst hangover you’ve ever had! If you could be sexually acƟve, be prepared and carry a condom with you. Remember the contracepƟve pill does not protect you from STI/STDs and they can be caught just as easily through oral sex! There is a GUM clinic in Newcastle that you can go to if you have put yourself at risk of catching an STI/STD, plus your Union will organise tesƟng days so contact your Vice President Welfare & Equality to Įnd out when the next one is.

Surviving Newcastle Essentials DR/DenƟst/NHS informaƟon

Emergency Info If you are completely new to the city one of the Įrst things you need to do is make sure you are signed up with a local doctor’s surgery and denƟst. Although you may be busy having fun and your health is not at the forefront of your mind you should not neglect your bodies!

Walk In Centre

If out of hours or you can’t wait for an appointment this walk in centre is open 8am - 8pm including bank holidays Molineux Street NHS Centre Byker Newcastle upon Tyne NE6 1SG Tel: 0191 2755862

The Fresher’s fair is a great start if you are looking for a recommended doctors or denƟst but if you happened to miss out, the university do a great publicaƟon ‘Keeping Healthy, Keeping Safe’ - Available for download from the Student Support secƟon of the university website This has all the info you may need on health and wellbeing including a list of doctors and denƟsts by area and info on how you may qualify for free denƟstry and prescripƟons.

Sexual Health Walk In Centre

If you have an emergency or have an embarrassing problem that you don’t want to discuss with your GP there are a number of services within the city also listed in this guide. A couple to note would be...

Out Of Hours

Any concerns or queries about your Sexual Health Drop in or make an appointment: New CroŌ Centre New CroŌ House Market Street East Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 6ND Tel: 0191 229 2999 If you are concerned about something but it’s not an emergency you can contact: Northern Doctors 0300 123 4343 NHS Direct or call 0845 46 47 Accident & Emergency Call 999 or go direct to Newcastle RVI A&E Department Royal Victoria InĮrmary, Queen Victoria Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 4LP DenƟst Emergency Out of Hours If you are experiencing severe pain and cannot wait for an appointment Tel: 0845 608 0324

essential student guide 47

Shape up at Sport Central Fitness Centre

Swimming Pool

Climbing Wall

Our range of membership options give you access to our fantastic facilities including our swimming pool, fitness centre, climbing wall and group exercise classes, including the industry leading Les Mills BodyPump™ and BodyCombat™.

Group Exercise Classes

PLUS receive fantastic discounts on facility bookings: Climbing Wall 4 sports halls Golf simulators Squash courts Outdoor sports pitches

Memberships from

£20.00 pcm

For further information please visit or call 0191 227 4700 Team Northumbria

@Team Northumbria

Just a 5 minute walk from Haymarket Metro

Sport Central, Northumbria University, Northumberland Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 8ST



Clothes Shopping

Transport to Uni

Travel Home Budget

Food Shopping

TV Licence

Mobile Phone Bill





AddiƟonal Course Costs




Total In:


Student Loan




Date To Pay

Date Received

Semester 1



Date To Pay


Semester 2



Date To Pay


Semester 3

Money Manager

Total Semester 3

Total Semester 2

Total Semester 1

Total Out:


Outgoings Cont.

Date To Pay

Total In


Semester 1 Date To Pay

Total In


Semester 2

Date To Pay

Amount LeĹŒ


Semester 3


We act in the interest of the tenant, finding quality housing by reputable landlords.

we guarantee



No Tenant Fees Student Friendly Competitive Rates Campus Based Quality Accommodation Reputable Landlords Knowledgeable Staff

Opening Hours Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm *Subject to change

The ONLY official and approved student letting agency of Northumbria

Financial Essentials AccommodaƟon Advice

Accommodation Advice A bit later in the year, many of you will be looking for your accommodaƟon for the next academic year. Here is some advice to guide you when house hunƟng! • Fools rush in! There is a huge amount of compeƟƟon in Newcastle’s student accommodaƟon market, so don’t feel pressure to sign up early in the year. There are plenty of good quality properƟes to go around. • Make sure you have budgeted correctly before you sign! Once you have agreed a limit, don’t let the leƫngs agent show you anything over that price (as you are bound to like it more and sign in the spur of the moment!) Be sure to account for other living costs including food, bills, TV licence, internet etc.

• Look out for anything which is already broken in the property. If you want this repaired before you move in, make sure it is wriƩen in the tenancy agreement. • Read your tenancy agreement thoroughly, and remember its okay to quesƟon and negoƟate! Make sure you are signing an agreement that you understand and are 100% happy with. • Don’t feel pressured by the leƫngs agent to sign straight aŌer a viewing - the biggest trick in the book is for them to say they have another viewing later that day – they want to make a sale! Make sure you go away and discuss all reservaƟons with each other to ensure you all are happy to live there for a year! • Your Students’ Union has its own leƫngs agency, NU:Lets, who charge no agency fees, so be sure to check out the properƟes we have to oīer! For more guidance, please see our online housing advice booklet on our website -

essential student guide 53


Living in Newcastle Essentials EssenƟal Eats

Northside Diner: This tradiƟonal style 1950’s

Essential Eats As many of you will be experiencing living on your own for the Įrst Ɵme, you may be Įnding it hard not having mum cook your tea every night. So we have devised a list of places to eat in Newcastle that won’t stretch the budget, giving you a well-deserved break from your super noodles.

The Slug & LeƩuce: Situated in a great spot right on the Quayside, this well-known bar serves tradiƟonal style pub food at an aīordable price making it a great place for a quick lunch in between lectures! Recommended dish: At £5.95 the Chilli Con Carne makes a delicious dish. Lau’s 202 Buīet House: With Newcastle’s famous China Town there’s a wide choice for Chinese fans. Lau’s 202 Buīet House located on Newgate Street oīers a huge variety of dishes in a classy and modern seƫng. Head there early to catch the cheap deals! Tip: Make sure you try the sushi secƟon whereby chefs freshly prepare your order.

American Diner can be found on the 3rd Ňoor of Fenwick’s Store on Northumberland Street. Oīering classic beef burgers and thick Italian milkshakes all in a retro and eye catching seƫng complete with a jukebox full of 50’s and 60’s classics.

Café Neon: Situated in the Bigg Market area, this cheap and friendly café oīers tasty tradiƟonal Greek food in a relaxed seƫng; it’s great for those looking for a quick lunch on a small budget. Wagamama: This Japanese Raman style restaurant is located in Old Eldon Square, serving a wide range of fresh and tasty dishes that are great for those who are health conscious and enjoy something a liƩle diīerent. Recommended dish: Chilli Chicken Ramen - a personal favourite! By Amy Hamilton

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Living in Newcastle Essentials Top 10 EssenƟal Places To Visit

Top 10 Essential Places To Visit Want a break? Need to get away from it all? In Newcastle there is no limit to the amount of things to do and places to see! Newcastle and its area is amazing, so while you’re here make sure you explore the amazing new city you chose to study in. Here’s a list of the 10 top places you need to visit while you are around.

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1. Quayside / Millennium Bridge: an amazing but short walk. There’s even a liƩle market on Sundays and many photo hot spots for those all important facebook proĮles!

2. BalƟc centre / Laing Art Gallery: once you’ve been in all the many watering holes in Newcastle, take a cultural break (they’re free too!)

3. Hadrian’s Wall: this may be the farthest of the 10 places to visit (it’s further than the rest of them!) but since you’re here, you have to go see it! Walk on the Roman’s bridge (it’s about £20, and worth every penny!).

4. The Angel of the North: if you’re looking for an aŌernoon acƟvity, then you found it: everybody knows it and talks about it, and it just costs the bus Ɵcket!

5. St James’ (if you like football): Football is like a religion here in Newcastle so you have to make a stop in St James if you’re a football fan!

6. Heaton Park / Jesmond Park for a nice walk: you’re going to need some Ɵme to relax during the year, what’s beƩer than a nice long walk in a lovely park? Both are really close to the city, approximately 10 minutes walk, and are perfect to chill out and relax aŌer uni!

Living in Newcastle Essentials Top 10 EssenƟal Places To Visit

7. Tynemouth / South Shields: want to enjoy a nice sunny day (make the most of every single one of them as there’s not that many around here) then why not go to the beach and take the ferry joining north Shields to South Shields, and don’t forget to pay a visit to Tynemouth en route. You’ll see a whole new side of the coast! - and remember to get those amazing sea side Įsh and chips.

8. Lake District: About an hour’s drive or on the train - lovely landscapes, great history… A nice “going back to nature” trip.

9. The Gate: this is just THE place to go! You have everything there: pubs, clubs, cinema, restaurants you name it!

10. And last but deĮnitely not least, YOUR Union: whether you want to chill out in the base, have a drink in Habita, go to a party in Reds, or a gig in Domain…This will be your second home!

Obviously, these are just a few of the many places you can visit. If you’re a fresher, or if you’re only here for the year, you can also use the “One Planet” trips to go a liƩle further than you could on your own and more importantly cheaper than you could! They’re really good in general and a great way to meet new friends!

By Aurelie Cregut

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Living in Newcastle Essentials EssenƟal Shops

Essential Shops Newcastle is renowned for many things and shopping is most certainly one of them, with literally hundreds of shops there is something for even the most discerning of tastes. The main street located just minutes from the University is Northumberland Street and is packed with shops, stalls, coīee shops, places to grab a bite to eat and normally a busker or two (if you’re lucky you’ll get to see the Scoƫsh guy with the bagpipes and the mask playing the bongo drums - trust me you have to see it). The most popular shops are located in Eldon Square, but wait before you rush down there and splurge all your student loan! Eldon Square regularly hold a student night in late September or early October with discounts of up to 20% or more oī your favourite brands! But, for something a bit more niche, try the many vintage shops located along High Bridge St (Just oī Grey Street).

One place you cannot aīord to miss is the Grainger Market, located just down from Grey’s Monument. It’s a cheap and reliable place to Įnd just about anything from watch baƩeries to shoes to food to even tea cosies. It will keep you in essenƟals and let you eat like a king or queen for only a small dent to your wallet.

Eldon Square

Also, when funds are running low but you desperately need a new ouƞit charity shops are always helpful and Newcastle have plenty of these, or just ask a friend with a wardrobe they don’t mind sharing! If you fancy travelling further aĮeld for a serious shopping experience take either the train or the bus to the Metro Centre to experience wall to wall food, shopping and cinema open Ɵl late. But, beware, you will undoubtedly become lost in there as it is literally huge, so grab a map before you dash in your shopping frenzy.

Grainger Market

Grey’s Monument

By Julia Bond Metro Centre

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Essential organisation Module Planner Semester 1

Module Title: Assessment

Module Credits: Credits


Module Title: Assessment

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2nd DraŌ Due



2nd DraŌ Due



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Module Title: Assessment

1st DraŌ Due

1st DraŌ Due

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1st DraŌ Due

Essential organisation Module Planner Semester 2

Module Title: Assessment

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Module Title: Assessment

2nd DraŌ Due



2nd DraŌ Due



2nd DraŌ Due



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Module Title: Assessment

1st DraŌ Due

1st DraŌ Due

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Essential organisation Winning For Students

Winning For Students Here at your Students’ Union we work Ɵrelessly to make sure you have the best Ɵme possible. We run campaigns and events aimed at inŇuencing everything from the quality of your educaƟon to making sure you get the best out of the local community! We make sure that we campaign on the issues that really maƩer to you - so please let us know if there is anything we can do!

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Whether you’re new on campus or a returning student, we hope you will have enough space in the Library to study now. We managed to secure a £1.5m refurbishment of 144 extra spaces in the library aŌer our #biggerisabeƩerlibrary campaign! Last year, it could take a long Ɵme to try and Įnd a computer so a lot of students gave up on trying to study in the library. You helped us by giving us your views on the library and we managed to get the University to invest in the library for you. Other great wins have been around Hidden Fees which means that you don’t have to pay as many extra fees on top of your tuiƟon fees. Last year, we managed to get rid of an addiƟonal course cost of £900 that students on the LLB Law

Degree had to pay every year! We have also managed to get rid of a charge of £250 that some students had to pay to resubmit their project or dissertaƟon! We also managed to make sure you can get home from a night out safely by striking up a deal with Budget Taxis 0191 298 5050 so you can pay for your taxi using your student card. It’s a great scheme and means that you don’t have to take your bank card out if you don’t want to! You simply say you’re using the Northumbria Students’ Union taxi scheme when you ring up and hand over your student card to the driver when you leave. You can pop into the Students’ Union the next day to pay for your taxi ride and pick up your student card in return. Magic!

you can now have your work marked with peace of mind, knowing that your marker doesn’t know who you are...


Essential organisation Winning For Students

Also, you can now have your work marked with peace of mind, knowing that your marker doesn’t know who you are. Your Students’ Union campaigned to get all Schools to use anonymous marking so that you are marked on your words, not your name. It’s really simple, just make sure you put your student number down instead of your name and naƟonal studies have shown that it can really improve your grades! Other wins on your behalf have included geƫng the library open 24/7 and ensuring that student bus passes are sƟll available to mature students, not just reserved

northumbria s t u d e n t s’ u n i o n

to the Under 26s! FantasƟc! Your Students’ Union is here to campaign on the issues that are important to you and we’ll keep doing so! Make sure you get involved in order to inŇuence what we are doing. Big campaigns are oŌen debated at Student Council (our policy body, described on page 11) or even put out to a referendum (a big quesƟon that every single student can vote on) so make sure you have your voice heard!



We successfully campaigned to ensure that students over the age of 26 were eligible for student bus passes, where previously they had not been. NORTHUMBRIA STUDENTS’ UNION




Essential organisation Useful Contacts

Useful Contacts •

Agencies against Racist Crime & Harassment (ARCH) 0800 033288

CiƟzen’s Advice Bureau 0191 230832

Envirocall (Cityworks) 0191 274000

GUM Clinic 0191 222999

Graingerville Family Planning Clinic 0191 279560

Lesbian & Gay Switchboard (Tue-Thur 7-10pm) 0191 268555

FRANK (NaƟonal Drugs Helpline) 0800 77 6600

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MIND (Mental Health Line) 0845 760163

Samaritans 08457 90 990

NaƟonal AIDS Helpline (freephone) 0800 521 361

Newcastle City Council General Enquiries 0191 238520

Street Wise (Advice & support or young people) 0191 235400

Newcastle Lesbian Line (Tue 7-10pm) 0191 262277

Student Loans Company 0845 305090

NHS Direct (24hours) 0845 46 47

Tyneside Rape Crisis Centre 0191 239858

Northumbria Police 0191 216555

Walk in Clinic (General Hospital) 0191 253163

Pregnancy Advisory Service 08457 30 430

Walk in Clinic (The Bar) 0191 233760

Private Rented Service (AccommodaƟon advice) 0191 276103

Walk in Clinic (Molineux Street) 0191 275862

Essential organisation Safe In The City

Safe In The City Your Students’ Union runs campaigns and iniƟaƟves to keep you safe whilst at University. Students are three Ɵmes more likely to be a vicƟm of crime than other residents of Newcastle. Here are two schemes we run to protect you from becoming a crime staƟsƟc.

Emergency Taxi Scheme

We work in partnership with Budget Taxis to get you home safely in an emergency when you have run out of money.

How to get your taxi: • • • • •

Call Budget Taxis on 0191 298 5050 State you would like a taxi on account under ‘NSU’ or ‘Northumbria Students’ Union’ Give your student card to the driver in lieu of payment Keep your receipt Come and collect your card from the Students’ Union Welcome Desk and pay your bill.

Not if, but when... Students are targeted by burglars because they have a high number of valuables compared to other households. Your Students’ Union is running a campaign called ‘Not if, but when...’ in order to reduce the number of student burglaries across the city. Over 60% of student burglaries are ‘walk-ins’. Therefore, students are not protecƟng themselves as much as they could and we are aiming to raise awareness around this. Check out www.noƟĩ to see if your street is one of the most vulnerable streets in Newcastle and for more informaƟon on the campaign.

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Essential organisation Time Table Semester 1

Semester 1

Monday 9-10am 10-11am 11-12pm 12-1pm 1-2pm 2-3pm 3-4pm 4-5pm 5-6pm

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Essential organisation Time Table Semester 2

Semester 2






9-10am 10-11am 11-12pm 12-1pm 1-2pm 2-3pm 3-4pm 4-5pm 5-6pm

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