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Front cover by Sarah Lobbe V4A Yearbook Co-Ordinator Victoria Bruges-Cannon Printed by Immij


Parkhill Primary School Oath I will try to do my best in everything I do. I will respect parents, students and teachers. I will obey the laws and do my best to make the world a better place. I am proud to be an Australian. I am proud to be a student at Parkhill Primary School.

Principal : Rod McKinlay School Captains (right): Sophie Francis, Harrison Broadbent, Deputy School Captains (left): Leah Johannson , Cooper Vella


Parkhill Staff Rod McKinlay


Cathy Bateman

Visual Arts/Library

Elaine Brady

Assistant Principal

Carly Gough

Liz Nevill


Gael Barter

Jan Tuck


Dean Sciacca

Physical Education

Victoria Bruges-Cannon


Janet Oglesby

Reading Recovery

Dyon Hunt


Katrina Watson


Anne McGregor


Ben Wilhelms


Desiree Schlack


Dora Handby

Alex Davies


Suzanne Carmody

Jackie Knight


Michelle Smith


Tim Arnold

V 4B

Elaine Brady & Andrea Crane

V 4B

Karin Moorhouse

V 4A

Performing Arts Performing Arts/Student Support

Chinese Chaplain

Jo Ravida

Office Manager

Aidan Quinn


Mazz Higlett

Office Assistant

Sue Randall


Bernie Carnie

Anne McNamara


Karen Gibson

Integration Aide/ Office Library Technician

Stephan Hitchins

Artist in Residence

Giovanna Boccari

Integration Aide

Ruth Davidson


Andrea Butler

Integration Aide

Erika Ujma


Corinne Coy

Integration Aide

Andrew Shields


Kerry D’Arcy

Integration Aide

Stephen Goosens


Aidan Quinn

Integration Aide

Rosie Pryor


Leanne McCartney

Integration Aide

Lyn Drew

Sarah Greenhough

Integration Aide

Ruth Hotchin

Crossing Supervisor

Janet Patton

Integration Aide

Peter Nguyen

Computer Technician

Glenys Piattella

Integration Aide

Louie Soligo

Sue Syme

Integration Aide/CRT

Karen Naylor

Integration Aide




Principal’s Report 2013 has been a significant year in the history of our school. After many years of visionary and ground breaking leadership, 2013 saw the retirement of two much admired and respected figures. Gavin Bransgrove led Parkhill as Principal with distinction for 15 years. Innovating and establishing a wide variety of programs that enabled our students to experience a very broad and rich curriculum, Gavin leaves Parkhill in the knowledge that he has achieved a job well done. Together with Gavin, Mrs Kay Edwards leaves a wonderful legacy at Parkhill and her ‘sign’ that looks over our garden program is a fitting tribute to the work Kay did at Parkhill. Tireless workers for the students, Kay and Gavin, will not be lost to Parkhill as their footprints will remain in all areas of our school for years to come.

the continued implementation of our ICT Strategy. Mobile devices such as iPads continued to be purchased for student use in the classroom, in order to provide engaging and stimulating learning experiences. I know that I would have enjoyed learning to read and write as well as learn my tables a lot more, if they had iPad’s in my day!

Our Artist in Residence Program was re-established in Term 4 with artist, Stephan Hitchins, joining our school to create with the students an outstanding picture book story book mural that surrounds our library today. Also under Stephan’s direction, Parkhill TV took to the airwaves in 2013. The installation of a digital TV studio will enable our students to learn to direct, produce films, edit, create iMovie's and learn new skills by creating TV shows, not to mention the speaking and listening skills that our students will develop in front of the camera! The next budding Eddie McGuire or Tracey Grimshaw may be in our Term 2 also saw the retirement of Mrs Maimie Lim after many years of outstanding service to Parkhill. Mrs Lim leaves behind a school as we speak! very strong and extremely well organised student support In closing I take this opportunity to thank you all for making me program which is the envy of many schools. Her passion for feel most welcome at Parkhill Primary School. It has been a year supporting students with needs was evident and her work will of transition and in thanking you for your warm welcome. I also continue to benefit Parkhill students for many years to come. congratulate our new Assistant Principal, Mrs Elaine Brady, on her appointment in Term 4. We all look forward to the many great initiatives and programs that Mrs Brady will bring to Parkhill in the ensuing years. I thank the staff for their dedication and flexibility throughout 2013 as we transitioned into new leadership. It is testimony to the willingness of our staff to step up and go the extra mile for our school! To our School Council and sub-committees, I acknowledge and thank To mark our multicultural heritage, a significant new mosaic art you for your support of me and in particular our school. Your work was installed at the front of RBH to represent all the work and the time and effort you put in to our school is very countries that students from Parkhill come from. Anny Murray much appreciated. To our PFA; Parent Class Reps and the and Sue Randall worked with our students to create a piece enormous number of other regular volunteers, space prevents which included flags, native animals, symbols and various me from acknowledging you personally, but please know that cultural symbols, which were combined with our school logo we value and appreciate all that you do for our school. and motto to truly represent our broad and rich multicultural I leave the final words for the 2013 Annual Report to our school community. Principal of 15 years, Mr Gavin Bransgrove: 2013 also saw the outsourcing of both the uniform shop to AGS “This year, after 40 years in Education, the past 15 as Principal and our canteen service to Metro Canteens who operate the at Parkhill, I finally decided to retire! During this time it has Café at Ashwood College. Lyn Drew who has supported hunbeen a privilege to lead and contribute to the Parkhill dreds of Parkhill students through our school, is another long community. I would like to thank my colleagues, the parents, serving member of our community who retires at the end of the students and the wider community for their appreciation, 2013. Her caring approach to our students over the years has support and best wishes. In my final weeks, I was overwhelmed been a great source of support for our students and staff. by everyone’s gratitude. Special thanks to the School Council and PFA who, over the years, have been the glue that has Under the direction of Mrs Moorhouse, we saw the organisation of our first Interhouse Athletics Carnival held at Bill bonded the school community. Extra special thanks to Assistant Stewart Athletic Track in Term 4. On a perfect day for athletics, Principal, Kay Edwards, for her outstanding support over the all students in Grades 3 to 6 were able to show off their athletic years. Congratulations Kay on your prowess with new records created and personal bests achieved. retirement also, and the honour of having the Community Garden named This annual event will now be used as selection trials for our after you”. Interschool Athletic teams in the future. With the inaugural Upon my arrival at Parkhill at the commencement of Term 3, the landscaping of the oval was commencing with the construction of the long awaited steps leading down to the oval. The PFA should be congratulated on this wonderful new facility for our students with the official opening being held off until the 2014 Twilight Sports event.

winning House being Yarra, we look forward to continuing to develop our Interhouse competitions in future years.

Rod McKinlay

The challenge to keep pace with an ever changing world is not lost on Parkhill. Our technology is always being upgraded with



Parents and Friends Association The PFA have had another wonderful and busy year. We have held many great events, some social; some fundraising receiving much appreciated support from the school community. This was clearly evident when we said goodbye to our wonderful school leaders Gavin Bransgrove and Kay Edwards. We arranged two lovely functions, the memories of which remain very special to Gavin and Kay; they appreciated and were a tad overwhelmed by the support and best wishes from us all. The PFA have been involved in a wide range of fund raising activities, such as the Pie Drives and various Raffles. The Mothers and Father’s Day Stalls were held again and the children were thrilled with some new products available for purchase. Beddy Bears, BDC Dance concerts, the Woolworths drive, Waverley Cinema and Athletes Foot were also some of the fundraisers we undertook. Some of these are small activities which took comparatively little effort from us but what amount they bring to the school all adds up. The PFA is not all about fundraising though and we have held morning teas, Twilight Sports, our 2nd Ladies Night which was full of laughs and the family Bush Dance. The children enjoyed a fantastic disco and for the first time a parents disco was held. This was a great night with lots of laughing and dancing. We are in the process of organising our Fun Food and Carol’s night which is traditionally a lovely end to a busy but satisfying year.

school. We raised just over $3,600 for the school which we put towards outdoor blinds for the Science Kitchen area. These blinds help increase the use of this area giving us another great outdoor space for the children. PFA has also paid for the Anti-Bullying Incursion held earlier in the year, the yummy food the children enjoyed before the Naplan tests, the Prep Easter Egg Hunt and the winning House lunch. We welcomed our new principle Rod McKinlay and are looking forward to supporting him and the school on some new ideas. We have earmarked some funds to work with the new Artist in Residence and hope to be able to help enhance the outdoor areas of the school. On behalf of myself and Kerrie McAliece, I would like to thank you all for your help and support over the year. Whenever we ask there are always people willing to step up and offer a hand. I would like to especially thank Kerrie McAliece who resigned after 4 years as Treasurer. Without people in certain roles the PFA would not exist. After this position was not filled she stepped back into the role for the remainder of this year. Her dedication to the school as Acting Treasurer has again been amazing. Thank you Kerrie. The contribution the PFA has made this year to the school has been fantastic. Thank you everyone concerned for helping make 2013 a fantastic year at Parkhill and I look forward to sharing the challenges and triumphs of 2014 with you all.

Anny Murray

The walkathon was again out main fundraiser for the

Parent Class Representatives Oh where would we be without our Parent Class Representatives? They are such an important link between teachers and parents . They help make the Parkhill community buzz! Some of the teachers have a few words of thanks for our hard working Class Reps… “Thanks for organising the reading roster, the children have really enjoyed the extra reading.“ "Thanks for running the phone tree hotline when I needed it, and stepping in when you could - much appreciated!" "Is there anything I can do?" ….you have been such a supportive Class Rep. Thanks so much!” “Thanks for your fantastic support throughout the year. You did a wonderful job of recruiting and organising our parent helpers AND volunteering your own time!”


In Library, students develop information literacy skills. They learn how to recognise and locate information. How to organise , present and evaluate it. Mrs Bateman & Mrs Gibson


Read a good book lately?

Students also engage in literacy appreciation, and of course they borrow from our great collection of books!


M.A.D.D. WEEK This year we had our inaugural M.A.D.D. Week. This was a week where we focussed on The Arts; Music Art Drama & Dance. The students participated in a variety of activities including whole school dancing, cartooning with a guest artist, collage, marbling, painting, knitting, music making, portrait drawing and graffiti art. The feedback from all the staff and students was so positive that I’m sure it will become a part of the Parkhill curriculum! Mrs Bateman


School Council President ’s Report 2013 has been an unprecedented year of change and transition at Parkhill. At the beginning of the year we welcomed four new parent and two new staff representatives on to the School Council. The first half of this year also saw the retirements of our Principal of the last 15 years, Gavin Bransgrove and Kay Edwards, who had been at Parkhill since it was established in 1996 and had been our Assistant Principal for 12 years.

All of our students, led by School Captains Sophie and Harrison, have upheld and maintained the school’s values throughout the year and have done Parkhill proud whenever they have represented the school, whether it be on excursions or taking part in inter-school competitions.

To the legion of volunteers who have helped out in various capacities throughout the year, both inside and outside the classroom, I offer the thanks of the entire School The significant contributions to the Parkhill community by Council. Your contribution and commitment to Parkhill Gavin and Kay over such a long period cannot be helps to make it a special place in the lives of our chilunderstated. In particular, Gavin’s ability at being able to dren. identify and hire high quality staff, was complemented by We can look forward to an exciting time over the next 12 Kay’s talent to mould the entire staff into an efficient and months that will challenge all our students and present cohesive team which has ensured that their legacy to unique opportunities for them to demonstrate their abiliParkhill will continue into the foreseeable future through ties. those staff whom they have so skilfully brought into the I wish all of you and your families compliments of the lives of our children. season and a safe and prosperous 2014. Gavin’s retirement also gave the School Council its most daunting task for the year, with the selection of a new Principal. I was joined on the selection panel by Tim Lee (Parkhill School Council parent), Jan Tuck (Parkhill teacher) and two representatives from the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development. I would like to acknowledge the commitment put in by the selection panel to find not only the best candidate in a high standard field but the person whom we felt would be the ‘best fit’ for Parkhill. With the unanimous endorsement of School Council, Rodney McKinlay was appointed and began his tenure at the start of Term 3.

Garry Scott

Since Rodney’s appointment, he has demonstrated a considered approach, opting to take time to get to know the school, its workings and the people of the Parkhill community, before undertaking important decisions, such as the recent popular appointment of our own Elaine Brady as Assistant Principal. Rodney has brought with him a range of new and exciting initiatives, some of which are already taking shape around the school, such as the Artist in Residence Program and the new media room, featuring “Parkhill TV”, which will give our students the opportunity explore their creativity.




The Best things about Student Representative Council ...

I’ve totally loved being the SRC President and getting to share my ideas with the rest of the committee, some of my ideas for fundraisers and special days were actually used! It has been really fun to plan fundraisers, run certain SRC activities; host special assemblies, write a SRC column for the school newsletter and heaps more! It’s been an amazing year and I strongly suggest volunteering for the SRC position next year. Who knows… maybe your President will be as amazing as I am! Emily, SRC President V4M “I liked the meetings, how we had massive brainstorms.” Robbie V3D

“I liked raising money for different charities.” Aurelia V3D

“...favourite things about SRC ...speaking at assembly and selling jelly beans for childhood diabetes fundraising. Best of all was the icecream sundae event. I loved eating and making the sundaes with the others in SRC.” Ciaran V4B “We have raised heaps of money for charity and everybody has been amazing this year.”

“I like being in SRC because they’re the ones coming up with ideas.“ Jet V3S

“I liked raising money for organisations and creating brand new fundraisers to do so.” Georgia, SRC Vice President V4M

Amelia, V3K

“I got to know what fundraisers & things were going to happen in the future.” Mitchell, V3K

“Fundraisers, Parkoween – Boo for the Zoo. Raising money for charities Free dress days.” Ben, V4A


Eloise: I want to be a vet so I can look after dogs and I want to go for a ride on a dolphin. Shannyn: I want to be a diver and go under the sea to look at all the sea creatures.

By V1N Cormac: I want to be a spy. When I’m not busy spying I will play AFL for Collingwood. Juod: I want to be a fireman.

Oliver: I want to make books. I’ll be the illustrator but I don't know who will write the words. I’ll figure it out when I’m older.

Rudraksh: I want to go to the jungle and catch animals to be in the zoo. Aston: I want to be a vet who looks after giraffes and elephants but not crocodiles because they are danger-

Daniel: I want to write a book called ‘Let’s Go Walking,’ about people who go walking.

Thomas: I want to be a secret agent who takes secret packages to people.

William: I want to fly an aeroplane all around the world. Then I will come back to Australia and have a big rest.


Theia: I want to be a doctor so that I can help sick people. Anjali: I want to be a keyboard teacher and a bird watcher. Phyllis: I want to be a builder and make houses for people to live in.

Liam: I want to be a farmer and live on a farm with lots of animals.

Dylan: I want to be a fireman and a bus driver in my spare time.

Olivia: I want to be a surfer and surf all the way around Australia.

Jazzie: I want to be a princess and ride beautiful ponies.

Rashi: I want to be a swimming teacher. Leima: I want to be an astronaut and go to

Josh: I want to go on the X2 rollercoaster at Disneyland, which is only for big kids. Matthew: I want to sail around to find my own island, name the island and do mining in the hills.


The Best Things About Prep

Going to the beach and finding sea snails.

Dressing up for the Book Week Parade.



Going on Puffing Billy.


Making things during MADD Week.

Making great things in Art. James


Exercising at Emerald Lake. Nicholas

Making and flying

Feeding the animals at the farm.



Having a teddy bear’s picnic. Stephanie

Doing Reading Eggs on the computer. Samuel


Having fun with our Buddies. Anthony


Making and playing musical instruments. Caleb

Going to the beach and collecting shells.

Wearing a crazy wig to the disco. Wesley


Going on the flying fox. Sam Going on an Autumn walk. Tessa

Playing in the sandpit. Omar

Making funny masks. Nyagoa

Making pancakes. James

My grandparents coming to school. Zac

Seeing a sheep’s skull at the farm. Jennon

Making and eating yummy fruit salad. Mikayla


Russia to taste the foods and see St Basil’s Cathedral. Luca

New Zealand, to go skiing on Catonet Peak. Joseph

Indonesia, to see the Orang-utans and eat Nasi Goreng. Patrice

America, because I want to meet all my cousins. Arya

China, to learn the language to learn names, numbers and “are you well.” Olivia

England, to visit London and go on the London Eye. Sophia

Czech Republic, to play in the snow! Jethro

Africa, to see a King Cobra. Kade

England, I want to ride on a red double decker bus. Scarlet

Indonesia, to see Orang-utans and go to the Water Bomb Park. Emerson

Turkey, to see love birds; bunnies and my friends in the village. Tarkan

America, to eat lots of Hamburgers. Mark


Greece, to see the food! Jensen

The North Pole to see igloos! Jordie

India because I want to see the Taj Mahal. Ala

In Term 3 we learned a lot about different cultures and countries. We researched countries and created information reports.

Phillipines, to see the landmarks Mount Apo and Boracay. Xavier

At the end of the term we celebrated with a cultural afternoon tea. We sang songs and talked to parents and guests about our country posters. We enjoyed using the app Barefoot Atlas on the iPads to help us with our research. These are some places we would like to visit ...

China, to see my Grandma and Grandpa again. Ashley

Canada ,to see Niagara Falls and play hockey. Liam

To Paris France. I want to go up the Eiffel Tower. Evelyn

China, to visit the Great Wall of China. Summer

The Arctic, to see Emperor Penguins and Leopard seals. Giorgios

The North Pole, to see Santa’s Workshop. Thomas

Malaysia, to visit Legoland. Alexander


parrot because I have dreamt of flying all my life and flying with my crest up. Jordan

cat because I could jump very high onto fences. I could walk anywhere I wanted to go. James

kitten because I would like to have nine lives and go up high on the fence. Ruby

V2H...If I could be any animal I’d be a ....... dog because I like to chase balls. I would get the ball and bring it back to my owner. Cam

snake because it slithers around and if an animal tries to attack it, the snake can bite and poison the other animal. Pandelis snow leopard because I could catch my prey and have little cubs when I ‘m older. It would be so fun. Kira

shark because I’d like to swim under water. I’d eat eels, dolphins and whales. Sascha

bat because I could fly and suck blood. My favourite part would be that I could hang upside down. Elizabeth

chicken because they love to run and I love to run too. Urjii

gorilla because I like climbing trees. Talha

kitten because I like to be cuddled and I’d like to climb fences. I would like to play with my owners. Hannah

wolf because they are soft and cuddly. They are nice to hug. Bethany

turtle because I could hide in my shell. I could swim under water for a long time. Joel


koala because they are cute and fluffy. They climb trees and they are funny. Jessica

grey wolf because I love the grey wolves hunting technique and they are awesome! Reeve

If I could be any animal I’d be a....... chicken because I’d like to lay eggs and puff up. I would like to peck and would like to have

bat because I want to fly and hide in caves. I want to scare people.

chimpanzee because I could climb up trees and I could eat monkeys. Isaac


wings. Pria

black mamba snake because I would like to spit poison and find and eat my prey. I would slither around the woods. Josh

dog because I could run really fast. I could scare cats. Nathan

monkey because I could swing in the trees and so I could eat heaps of bananas. Jack

panther because it can sneak around at day and night time.

It can spy on other animals and see what they are doing. Naacer

Snake because snakes are very sneaky and scary. They are slimy and snakes have sharp teeth. Titchiang


My hidden talent is making books because I am so good at drawing. By Oliver My hidden talent is swimming. My best stroke is backstroke . Every Wednesday I go to ‘Just Swimming.’ I have a pool at my house so sometimes I practise my swimming in my pool.

My hidden talent is origami because I make amazing paper things for all my friends in school.

By Alannah

By Rupesh

My hidden talent is Basketball. I am in the under 12’s Basket Ball Team. By Taylor

My hidden talent is playing screen games. My favourite game is the Monster Truck Game and I completed all the levels.

My hidden talent is creating and making because I can make paper ice creams. By Hava

My hidden talent is reading. At home I read chapter books. I read the ‘Tree House Series’ by Andy Griffiths. By Eva

By Themis

My hidden talent is drawing . My sister likes my drawings and she always asks me to draw her a picture. My class also likes my drawings.

My hidden talent is making things from paper. I can make a chatterbox and a paper ice cream. I can also make paper airplanes.

By Simone

By Lilli

My hidden talent is craft because I help people make things. I even helped Miss McGregor make a chatterbox. By Charlotte

My hidden talent is reading because I practise at home and at school. By Aislin


My hidden talent is writing stories. I like to write adventure stories at home. By Liam

My hidden talent is basketball. I practise a lot at home so I am really good. By Devonte

My hidden talent is speaking Chinese. I’m really good at Chinese because I go to Chinese School every Sunday. My hidden talent is drawing because my Dad has helped me to improve my drawing. By Cooper

By Nicholas

My hidden talent is finding out about history. My favourite time is the medieval time. By Alexei

My hidden talent is drawing the Stormaker character from the computer game, Elements. By Aidan

My hidden talent is making things. I made a model motorbike and one model was Death Star from Star Wars. By James

My hidden talent is that I’m really good at sport and I’m a really good at being a goalie in soccer. By Will

My hidden talent is playing sport. I am especially good at running. I even ran in a marathon. By Ryan

My hidden talent is gymnastics. I am really good at floor work and the trampoline. I have won a lot of prizes at gymnastics. By Miakoda

My hidden talent is maths because I practise maths at home and I’m really good at multiplication with really big numbers. By Shuddho.

My hidden talent is that I am really good at drawing characters from the Super Hero world. By Tom




...a book like one I read this year where two boys go to different worlds.~Keifer

...about a kid trapped in a house full of Devils! ~Yousef

...about a supervillain named Plasmerator.

...about a character whose called Slither who lived in cloud land. He would be bumpy white with a blue outline around his body. ~Oliver


...a picture story book for younger children to read. It would have colourful pictures and big writing. ~Harry

...a really cool Pokemon book. ~Jamie

…about a book I read called Englebert Sneem, who steals dreams and has dragons to take them to a castle.~James

...about a dragon with claws 20 metres long made of the strongest material. He would fight for a spy agency. ~Finn

...about Super Scott. He would be really strong and have big muscles. ~Scott

...a cross between Harry Potter, Monster High and Ella Tingle Fergus Snoops—the character I made up with Lee Fox. ~ Aurelia ...about a character I invented called Bambi Hedges Fergus Snoop. She has tan skin, red hair and is kind, friendly and

...about a character I invented called Tom, who is brave and adventurous. ~Lily

...about the character in my story called Chloe, who is nice. ~Jess A book about a little girl called ‘Isobella’ who was naughty. ~Soniya


...adventure books with lots of pictures where the character travels to lots of places. ~Tasharni

...about a character I invented called Dixie Hedges, a girl with a rich family who goes on adventures. ~Dominika

..a story about a 9-year-old called Andy who does silly things at home. ~Daniel

...about a boy who could turn invisible. ~Marcus

...a picture book like the one in Integrated where a cat called Crystal runs away. ~ Jazzy

...about a character Caitlin and I invented called Bambi Hedges, a 5-yearold girl who has lots of adventures with her sister. ~Kimberly ...about a character I invented called Mia, who has long brown hair in plaits, blue eyes and pink cheeks. ~Chloe

...another picture book like one I wrote in Integrated called Jumping Jemma. ~Elizabeth ...a picture book like the one I wrote in Integrated, about Billy Buggy’s big day. ~Marvin …about a character I invented called Max Pepi, who has a laser gun and a jetpack with unlimited fuel. ~Connor

...about a character I invented called Lilly, a puppy who doesn’t get sold because she has three legs. ~Grace

...a book like the 13-Storey Treehouse so I can design cool storeys, like a dolphin pool, a lolly room, a waterbed, waterslide and a never ending money machine and much more! ~Caitlin

...about a character I invented called Mr Mouse, who is small and nimble and smart. ~Robbie ...a

book like one I read this year about how things work, like motors. ~Jack




The House at Pooh Corner because I would get to go on funny adventures and meet talking animals.

The 39-Storey Treehouse because you would never get bored and you could do whatever you wanted and you could wander around anywhere. Elaina

Charlotte W.

Billie B. Brown because I would love to go on her adventures with her. Nikaylah

The 26-Storey Treehouse because I could have a go in the Maze of Doom. Joshua

Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian because I would have powers and I can solve mysteries on an adventure. Jade Captain Underpants and the Attack of the Talking Toilets because I would like to be chased by the Turbo Toilet 2000! Jake The 26-Storey Treehouse because I could be reating from the automatic ice-cream scoop and the marshmallow machine. Martin Famous Five so I could go on all twenty-one adventures with them. Ian

Conspiracy 365 because I could do all these stunts. Mitchell

The Baby-Sitter’s Club Harry Potter because I would be able to do magic because the girls have exciting adventures and and spells. Darcy do fun activities. Mikayla

A Dog’s Life because I want to take care of Squirrel, Bone and their mother so they don’t have to separate. Charlotte H. Harry Potter because I could learn magic and spells. Bianka


EJ12 because she gets to save the world and animals. Emily The 39-Storey Treehouse because I could drink from the lemonade fountain and eat the marshmallows from the marshmallow machine. Amelia Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief because I want to fight the minotaur.

The BFG because I would like to see how funny the giants look upside-down under the aeroplane. Simran Pilot and Huxley because I could go on weird adventures. Theodore The 13 Storey Treehouse so I could relax in a treehouse and play lots of games. Matthew Famous Five because I would have to hunt for treasure with the Five. Hutheyfa

Tom Gates at Tom’s house because I could make excuses that I don’t need to do homework. John World War II because I could find out new information. James Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief because I like the adventures. Diary of a Wimpy Kid because it is my favourite. William

If I had a super power I would battle against beasts because I would have the ability to fly—Ben Auson’s Big Adventure because I would like to live in Auson World and it would be cool if Auson Tower and Auson Base were real. Auson The Folk of the Faraway Tree because I could go on a new adventure every day. Sophie

A book I would jump into... I would jump into Babymouse Skater Girl because I like skating and I like Babymouse. Norma-Jean

I would go into WeirDo because the book is really funny and it would be a big adventure. Lina If I could jump into a book I would jump into Thea Stilton and the Mountain of Fire because I would love to go to the outback and Uluru to be a spy. Charlotte

I would be in Lunch Lady and the Summer Camp Shakedown because I love camping and at the same time I would be fighting crime. Ella


If I could jump into a book it would be a Zac Power book because I would be able to go on awesome missions. Joey

I would be Harry Potter because he can do lots of awesome spells! Oliver

The 39 Storey Treehouse because I want a house around 26 stories with all the stuff invented and make books with my best friend Terry. Aidan

I would jump into a book called Captain Underpants. I chose Captain Underpants because I would like to be friends with George and Harold. Qing

If I could jump into a book it would be Captain Underpants and the Revolting Revenge of the Radioactive Robo Boxers because I want to join in the adventure with George, Harold and Captain Underpants. Daud

Diary of a Wimpy Kid because he is cool and can play whenever he wants. Haroon

Captain Underpants because I want to fight crime with just my underpants and a cape. Ben

I would be in Percy and the Sea of Monsters because I could sneak in the quest and find the golden fleece. I like action and I always wanted to be in an adventure! Lucas

The 13 Storey Treehouse because Terry and Andy have a giant treehouse. Jet Mr Brown can Moo, can you? Because I like saying moo. Maddy


...with V3S

If I could jump into a book it would be The 39 Storey Treehouse so I can be friends with Andy and Terry. Zac

It would be Tom Gates Absolutely Fantastic because I can do banana art. Luka

If I could jump into any book it would be Nanny Piggins and the Pursuit of Justice because Nanny Piggins believes that vegetables are poisonous and that learning how to bake a cake is the most educational experience of your life! Also because I would love to eat a life sized chocolate statue of a person! Emma

I would like to jump into the 26 Storey Treehouse because the treehouse is fun and amusing. Sophia

I would jump into Pilot and Huxley because I could go on many adventures and play lots of video games. Jai

If I could be in a book it would be Bone Crown of Thorns because Bartleby is so FAST! Wijaya If I could jump into a book it would be Tom Gates because I want to make Delia angry, join the adventures and eat caramel waffles. Alina

I would like to jump into the 39 Storey Treehouse because it’s got everything I want plus it’s EPIC! Greg I would like to be in the book Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian by Rick Riordan because there is a massive war going on. It’s about 40 people against hundreds of monsters. It would be cool to be one of the heroes who fought that day. Indra If I could be in a book it would be Amelia Rules because I like her personality. Loni My book’s name is Lunch Lady and the Bake Sale Bandit. I would like to choose the character of Principal because I never get to be the Principal. I want to be the Principal the whole of my life. Srishti

I would go into WeirDo because it is really interesting and I like the part when he gets an invitation. Isabella

The Folk of the Faraway Tree because you would get to meet all sorts of weird characters and people that live up a tree. Nina Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix because it’s the biggest Harry Potter book so I would be in there the longest time. Daniel

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Natasha H.

Matthew K.

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Sarah L.

V4A - Who am I?


Nardia W. Nathan A. Tyrone T.

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Antonio N.

Cooper T. Jeremy A

Joseph P.

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Tina R.

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Rachel S.

Mr Arnold


Mrs Brady

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George T.

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Leah J. and Katie S.

Beau W.

Aditiya V.


Max P. Ismail I. Amelia N.

V4B —Who Am I?


Kylara H and Molly T.

Tim T.

Vikki A.

Manae M.



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Bianca C.

Edan C..

Ciaran B.

Harrison B.

Nicholas A.

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Mrs McCartney


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Danny L.

James H.

Blair K. Lauren A.

Emily B.

Zachary M. Daniel L.

Mrs Paton Kirra L.

Joseph H.


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V4M—Who Am I?


Joey P. George S. Isaac O. rs M


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Aaron T. Spandan P.

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Kirstie B.

Sarah W.

Sophie F. Tommy B.M.

Paige T.

Yasmin W.

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The Lucky V3s travelled all the way down to Phillip Island, to camp at The Island. They had a blast swinging on the Giant Swing, defying the rotating wall and splashing around in their private luxury swimming pool! We are all very envious of the V3s! My best memory of camp was riding the Giant Swing, because I felt so proud that I went higher than I ever had before on previous camps! I also participated in abseiling. I remember going up to the top, but I was so scared that I went back down. I felt bad that I missed out so I tried again and I did it!Darcy V3K

2013 v3 & v4 camps This year, the V4s were fortunate enough to go to Camp Kangaroobie in late April. We saw the stunning Loch Ard Gorge (pictured), attempted to carry countless screaming piglets & watched Mr Arnold jump in many cow pats! It was a truly wonderful experience “Though I loved the entire camp, I loved having the chance to try something new the most. I think it was a fantastic camp and I had a lot of fun, even when it meant getting hit in the head twice with an ore whilst canoeing� Lauren V4M By Sophie


From newspaper chair building to cabbage indicator testing, the Parkhill Scientist have had a busy year. Cooper N (V2M) told me Science was his second favourite subject because “we get to mix things and make things.” Student’s curiosity is always encouraged in science class!

I’m looking forward to another fantastic year of Science in 2014, I hope you are too!

Katrina Watson –Science Teacher


Another year...another National Science Week! This year you and your family may have participated in the Star Gazing event or Family Fun afternoon activities. I know many, like myself, were fascinated by the rings of Saturn and challenged by the ‘float your boat’ plasticine activity.

During Term 2, four Parkhill Primary School students were invited to participate in the Little Scientist, Big Science program at John Monash Science School (JMSS). They investigated topics such as nanotechnology, marine biology and microbiology. To complete the program Amelia, Joey, Copper and Emily presented a project for the JMSS Science Fair. A further eleven V4 students attended the fair where they learnt about chemistry and pharmaceutical science.

This year Parkhill Primary School entered the Robocup Challenge. What a fantastic eventful of twist, turns and problems to be solved. Our three teams, consisted of George, Cooper, Harrison, Tim, Joseph, Georgia, Sophie, Yasmin and Kirstie. We had a few helping hands along the way including RoboGals (volunteer engineering students) Our Rescue team came second in Victoria, an amazing effort! All students showed support and persistence on the day and should be praised for their amazing achievement.

Katrina Watson—Science Teacher

The Garden Joey & Ella –“Do you have a garden at home?” Ben -“Yes, I do.” Joey & Ella “When did you start gardening?” Ben-“A few years ago.” Joey & Ella –“When did you find out about Parkhill's garden?” Ben- “I met Andrew and he said he was retiring and leaving.” Joey & Ella –“What is your favourite plant in the garden?” Ben-“Apple trees.” Joey & Ella –“What do you like most about being a garden teacher?” Ben-“I like seeing kids learning about where foods come from.” Joey & Ella –“When you were little did you want to be a garden teacher? Ben-“No, I wanted to be an architect." Interviewing Ben Wilhelms (Garden Educator) By Ella and Joey V3S. This is Ben’s last year at Parkhill we wish him all the best for his new garden ventures. We thank him for all the great work he has done!



Performing Arts PHPS Instrumental Program and Performance Ensembles About 70 students participate in our instrumental program, undertaking weekly individual or group lessons in piano, drums, guitar, flute, clarinet, recorder and violin. A team of teachers inspires and encourages students; Mr Andrew Shields co-ordinates the program, and teaches alongside Mrs Ruth Davidson, Ms Erica Ujma, and Mr Steve Goosens. Lessons take place in the purpose-built rooms of our Performing Arts Centre.

In 2013, Parkhill was home to three instrumental ensembles: the school Orchestra, ‘The Five Steps’ rock band, and the ‘Curly Fries’ pop band. 2013 has been a bumper year for performances from our talented musicians. Individually, in pairs and in ensembles, our students have performed at four Instrumental Soirees (each student performing in at least two), in classroom performances, on Parkhill TV, for the Parents’ Morning Tea, and at assembly, where the school community enjoys one instrumental item a week. Across the year, each student has the opportunity to showcase their learning and hard work, and enjoy the applause and encouragement of an appreciative audience. The Student Choir rehearse Monday lunchtimes, with anything from 15 to 45 children attending. Highlights this year have been singing special numbers with the Parents' Choir at assemblies to farewell both Mr Bransgrove and Mrs Edwards, and performing 'Battle Scars' with rappers and the Five Steps Band at assembly. The Parkhill Parents' Choir, 'PCubed', rehearses Thursday mornings at BDC Dance Studio and Friday mornings on the stage. As well as singing with the Student Choir for assemblies, the highlight of the year has been presenting the concert 'TIME by PCubed' on Sunday, 20th October. Selling over 140 tickets and raising almost $1300 towards the purchase of sound equipment for the school hall, the afternoon included a sumptuous afternoon tea, champagne on arrival and a professional band. The concert also featured numbers by the Student Choir. A great success.

Carly Gough


Class Music Program

In Music, Preps and V2s have been exploring musical concepts with their bodies and voices. Preps compared the movements of their voices in pitch - high and low to the paths of birds and planes in the air. As part of their classroom integrated unit, 'Same and Different', V2 students prepared an arrangement of 'It's a Small World' to perform at a special multicultural afternoon tea. They learned new parts to accompany the well-known song by first speaking the parts, then transferring them to body percussion and finally to instruments.

Our V3s and V4s were very much involved in the farewells to Mr Bransgrove and Mrs Edwards. The senior students' heartfelt rendition of the farewell song to Mr Bransgrove - set to the tune of his beloved Brisbane Lions' club song - was a testament to their hard work in rehearsals, and their everimproving performance and singing skills. A very different but equally passionate performance of chair-drumming, chanting and singing by the V4s (with some special V3 guests) for Mrs Edwards' farewell capped off an intense semester's work of ensemble-building, precision rhythm work and composition. V3 students were also busy composing in Term 2, creating short multi-instrument pieces and using the 'layering' technique to extend the music and make it more complex.

Songwriting Challenge A select group of V3 and V4 students were involved in the Songwriting Challenge group this year. The V4 group - Goveena, Tyrone, Ben L, Sarah L, Georgia, Leah and Katie - used the 'song parody' technique to repurpose the melody of 'Starships' in a song about pies... and explosions! The V3 group - Charlotte H, Dominika, Elizabeth, Elsa, Lily, John, Sophie, Norma-Jean, Indra and Daniel B - wrote an original song, 'Our Dream Burns Like Fire', about friendship taking over the world. Each group collaborated beautifully to compose and arrange their own music, record vocals and instrumental parts, and in the case of the V4s, choreograph movements. Despite many unavoidable interruptions, every group member has worked hard across the year to create music to be proud of - well done!


In Visual Arts we learn about...

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til Tex


Mrs Bateman

Health and Physical Education-2013



At Parkhill we participate in a large number of spectacular sports events both within and outside the school. In 2013 we participated in the following events: Twilight sports Twilight sports were held on the Gavin Bransgrove Oval on the 5th of March 2013. Everyone did really well and the winning house was La Trobe! Great job to everyone who participated. Summer sports round robin The summer sports round robin was held during first term, the sports included: rounders, tee-ball, Danish rounders, softball and cricket. The day was held at Jell’s Park. The V4’s played a variety of schools including Syndal South, Pinewood, Glen Waverley and Holy Family. All teams showed excellent sportsmanship and teamwork. Winter Sports Round Robin This year the winter sports round robin was held at Parkhill. There were six teams including: netball A and B, volley stars, soccer rounders, football and kickball. All teams played very well and overall Parkhill came second. Go Parkhill!! Cross Country The House Cross Country was held on a warm day in Term 2. Students from Levels 3 and 4 ran a 2km circuit around Parkhill. Ten people from each Year Level were selected to race at the District Cross Country. Well done to all participants. First Parkhill Athletics Day This was our first ever V3 & V4 Parkhill House Athletics Day!! We held a number of track and field events including: 100 metre sprint, hurdles, 200 metre, 400 metre and 800 metre runs, long jump, triple jump, shot put and discus. Everyone won a ribbon. It was a very close finish, however the winning House was Yarra! Overall this has been a sports packed year! GOOD JOB PARKHILL!!! By Harry. S


Chaplaincy at Parkhill

Lavender planted by the children at the end of our Seasons

Since 2007 Parkhill Primary School has received Federal Government funding from the Chaplaincy in Schools Program to provide a chaplain to the school community. Since 2012 I have been engaged as School Chaplain. Some of the activities of the Chaplaincy Program for 2013 included:

Identifying feelings and sharing personal stories of grief and loss in a confidential setting helps children understand how to deal with difficult situations and builds resilience. This year the Seasons program was run for children in Grades 2 to 4

Cooking Program Groups of children made use of the Science Kitchen to simultaneously hone their baking and relationship skills. The program helps children who may be experiencing difficulties in the playground work together to create something they can all enjoy.

Seasons Grief and Loss The Seasons program helps children understand and come to terms with the death of a family member or separation and divorce in the family. The program uses the seasons as a guide to processing grief. Autumn, when everything changes. Winter when everything is still; dark, empty. Spring when things start to grow again and summer when we venture back out into the world to find our “new normal”.

Other Activities -multicultural morning teas and coffee mornings -co-ordinating the billy cart races for Fun Food and Carols -practical assistance for families in our community (hampers, lunches, funding for camps) -meeting one on one with children, parents and staff.

Suzanne Carmody

Quick Smart Maths Program Quick Smart teaches strategies to increase the recall speed of basic numeracy facts. This gives the students more time and energy for tackling more complex computations and problem solving. It follows a structured lesson sequence based around a focus set of number skills to meet the individual’s needs. The students participate in three 30 minutes sessions per week with a partner and QS tutor. Students have the opportunity to self-monitor and to receive and generate immediate informative feedback. In the words of the students – It’s FUN!

QS team—Elaine Brady, Glenys Piattella and Janet Patton


Reading Recovery

There has been a lot of reading,writing and talking happening in Reading Recovery again his year. We have been working hard to work out how to decode tricky words and make what we read sound great. We are working on composing and recording interesting stories that convey the information we want to tell our audience and we are doing lots of talking and thinking about what we read and write. Literacy is complicated stuff, but when we know what to do, it is great fun and when we have a teacher all to ourselves for a little while every day, we can do amazing things.

Janet Oglesby

Target Reading Target is an enrichment program offered to students in Grade Three who may be achieving at, or just below, age level in reading. Target provides students with an opportunity for extra individual reading with a parent tutor, which improves both fluency in oral reading and confidence in understanding and interpreting meaning.

Read Smart Read Smart is an enrichment program offered to students in Grade Four, Five and Six who may be achieving at, or just below, age level in reading. However their performance suggests that, given the opportunity, they have further potential to develop their reading skills.


L.O.T.E Mandarin

This was the year of the snake. Students this year learnt numbers, family, colour, greetings, introducing themselves, hobbies, Chinese festivals, famous landmarks and facts about China. The L.O.T.E. program at Parkhill immerses children in the second language learning through singing songs, hands on activities, playing language games, projects, software programs and developing conversational skills.

Dora Handby


OSHClub 2013 We have had an action-packed year in OSHClub in 2013. We have had a fantastic year filled with new and old favourite activities! In 2013, we have had lots of new students join us, and it has been fantastic to see so many smiling faces each day. Our students have participated in weekly cooking, science, art, sport and drama activities. Some of the highlights of 2013 have been our master chefs concocting delicious treats such as apple crumble, chicken quesadillas, banana and chocolate spring rolls and cake in a cup! Master chef sessions are always super fun, and it’s great to see a range of students getting involved. Another highlight of 2013 has been our science experiments. Some of our experiments have included vinegar volcano, slime, cloud in a jar, diet coke and Mentos explosion and making lava lamps. It’s wonderful seeing the look of curiosity and excitement on the students faces during these experiments! Other highlights have been our weekly soccer club, experimenting with different materials for painting, paper mache balls and the impromptu dance shows put on for us by some of our students! 2013 has been a wonderful year for OSHC, and we certainly can’t wait for 2014! A huge thank you to all our staff throughout the year – Helen, Francine, Vanessa, Maria, Emily, Nathan and Kelly. Without them, we wouldn’t have such a fantastic program! On a personal note, this will be my last year at Parkhill OSHC, and I’d like to thank all the parents, staff and, most of all, students, for making the last four years so wonderful. It’s been a pleasure to come in each day and spend time with such a fantastic group of kids, and to be made to feel so welcome as a part of this fantastic community. I will certainly miss you all!

Aidan Quinn co-ordinator


Indra V2S

Bridget V4B

Scarlet V2B

Oliver V3

Pandelis & Titchiang V2H

Ala V2B

Ruby V2H


James, Jack, Robert & Marcus

Ben V4A

Aurelia, Dominika,Tasharni and Elizabeth V3D

There is only room for one cover. Congratulations to... Sarah Lobbe from V4A for her vibrant cover design! Well done to all the artists who took part in our Parkhill Yearbook cover design competition. Here are the finalists from the many entries!

Jai & Zac V3S

Alina V3S

Mark V2B

Kimberly V3D

Oliver V2M

Yearbook for website final march  
Yearbook for website final march