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Yearbook 2010 Contents:

School Oath Parkhill Staff Staff Photo Principal’s Report Welcome to the Library Parents and Friends & Parent Class Representatives School Council President’s Report Buddies Student Representative Council Report Prep BC Prep JT Grade 1AM Grade 1HB Grade 2AD Grade 2DS The Parkhill Difference Grade 3JK Grade3/4 MS Grade 4CR Grade 5MB Grade 5KM Grade6RB The Garden Parkhill Primary School Camps Chaplains’ Page Performing Arts & School Concert Visual Arts Physical Education Sports Report LoTE & Reading Recovery Out of School Hours Care (OSH) Autographs

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The Difference is Parkhill!



Parkhill Primary School Oath I will try to do my best in everything I do. I will respect parents, students and teachers. I will obey the laws and do my best to make the world a better place. I am proud to be an Australian. I am proud to be a student at Parkhill Primary School.



Parkhill Staff 2010 Gavin Bransgrove


Cathy Bateman

Visual Arts

Kay Edwards

Assistant Principal

Nan Darby

Physical Education

Victoria Bruges-Cannon

Prep BC

Maimie Lim

Classroom Support

Jan Tuck

Prep JT

Yue Ren


Gael Barter & Dyon Hunt

Grade 1BM

Janet Oglesby

Reading Recovery

Anne Mc Gregor

Grade 1AM

Ben Wilhelms


Alex Davies

Grade 2AD

Kath Elliot

Teaching & Learning Coach

Desiree Schlack

Grade 2DS

Jackie Knight

Grade 3JK

Michelle Smith

Grade 3/4 MS

Carly Ryan

Grade 4CR

Meredith Blanck

Grade 5MB

Karin Moorhouse

Grade 5KM

Rebecca Broecker

Grade 6RB

Terry Ryan Jo Ravida

Office Office

Aidan Quinn Joannie Cheng

OSH Co-Ordinator OSH

Bernie Carnie

Aide/ Office

Anne Symonds


Steve Barbieri


Katie Shaw


Corrine Coy


Coral Hassett


Emma Finnerty


Karen Gibson

Library Support

Ruth Davidson


Heather Lauder


Erika Ujma


Leanne McCartney


Taylor Douglas


Karen Naylor


Justin Dellevergin


Janet Patton


Glenys Piatella


Lynne Drew


Sue Randall

Aide/ Garden

Ruth Hotchin

Crossing Supervisor

Anne Symonds

Aide/ Garden

Noel Martin


Louis Soligo


Gary McCall


Roger Du Buisson


The Difference is Parkhill!



Staff Photo 2010

Front Row Left to Right Anne McGregor, Terry Ryan, Gavin Bransgrove, Gael Barter, Jackie Knight, Desiree Schlack. 2nd Row Glenys Piatella,Jan Tuck, Carlie Ryan, Victoria Bruges-Cannon, Cathy Bateman, Janet Patton, Corinne Coy, Leanne McCarthy, Karen Naylor. 3rd Row Karen Moorhouse, Michelle Smith, Kay Edwards, Rebecca Broecker, Alex Davies. 4th Row Louis Soligo, Jo Ravida, Bernie Carnie.


The Difference is Parkhill!



Principals Report 2010 at Parkhill has been, like in many schools across Australia, the year of the BER - Building the Education Revolution. This $2.5million Federal Government ‗stimulus package‘ has enabled us to:

We have a strong belief that all children can learn and an unwavering commitment to ensure every child does so. At Parkhill, we really do ‗Nurture Success‘.

*Extend the Roger Beech Hall to include a Performing Arts Centre *Build a Kitchen/Science classroom adjacent to our community garden *Create more flexible learning spaces in our classrooms *Provide a covered walkway from classrooms to the RBH *Landscape the community garden, including fencing & a chook pen!

Not to be outdone, our ‗high achievers‘ have attained outstanding results too! In the very challenging Australia-wide University of NSW English & Mathematics exams for Years 3-6 students, 32 Parkhill students received Credits (top 79-89% in Victoria), 12 students received Distinctions (89-99%) and 2 students received a High Distinction (99-100%).

Of necessity, there has been some modification to programs including Performing Arts, PMP, PE, Gardening, Canteen, OSHC & after-hours Hall Hirers. However, the end product will be more than worthwhile. Short-term pain, but long-term gain! All works are scheduled to be fully completed by 31st March 2011. Definitely one of the main highlights has been the School Concert in August. We thought 2008 was great, but this year‘s “A Night in the Gallery” was simply outstanding. The talents of our students, their teachers & parents are profound. The creativity & inspiration of the producers, Kay Edwards, Ruth Davidson, Rosie Pryor & Lindsay Kremler, was remarkable. A personal highlight has been for me to be nominated for the Education Department‘s ―High Performing Principals‖ program. It was an honour to represent Parkhill & indeed, Victoria, as I toured several excellent schools in Scotland. I learned so much. Nevertheless, in reporting back to my Principal colleagues here, I can proudly claim that Parkhill compares favourably with all that I witnessed overseas. Our school data reinforces this claim. In 2010, Parkhill students have again excelled. The Grade 3 & 5 NAPLAN results were outstanding. Our students performed well above the Victorian average in every subject - Mathematics, Reading, Writing, Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar. Likewise, the student ‗Attitude to School‘ surveys continue to be significantly higher than the state averages. What I am extra proud of are our low achievers. They are doing much, much better than comparable students elsewhere. This is a major focus at Parkhill.

Further examples of high student performance have been evident in other curriculum programs also. Over 50 children have participated in the Gateways program for gifted & talented students. For the first time, Parkhill entered four teams (two cars & two boats) in the National Solar Challenge. To receive two awards was a mighty achievement. The Student Representative Council (SRC) has also shown leadership & initiative. Following a fire at Ashwood College, the SRC arranged a fundraiser to support the Year 12 students who had lost portfolios & other belongings. (The PFA kindly matched this $ for $). Total donation over $1,700.00! Another SRC initiative has been to raise money for a second flag pole. This emanated from a very strong feeling from students that we should be able to fly the aboriginal flag alongside the Australian flag. While much of the credit for all these achievements is due to the dedicated staff, it would not be possible without the strong support of the School Council, the PFA, Class Reps and the myriad other regular volunteers. These contributions are highly valued by students & staff alike thank you. In conclusion, I would like to congratulate the Grade 6 ―Class of 2010‖. My very best wishes as you move on to secondary school. I hope you will leave Parkhill with many fond memories about your primary school days.

Gavin Bransgrove Principal


The Difference is Parkhill!



Welcome to the Library! The Library at Parkhill belongs to everyone. It would be unusual, for any one at Parkhill to go through a week without visiting the library at least once What brings people to the library? Literature and library skills lessons The enormous store of resources for pleasure and study Parent resources Computer lab facilities LOTE [Chinese Mandarin] classes Instrumental lessons-guitar, keyboard and wood wind Parent Information Meetings and Staff Professional Development Lunchtime Clubs; chess, drawing, board games, computer club, craft activities and lego Chatting or just curling up with a good book for an uninterrupted read Special events such as visiting writers and illustrators and Book Fair A warm or cool place to rest quietly and chat with friends

The Difference is Parkhill!



Parents and Friends Association The PFA has had another very successful year, thanks to our wonderful families, here at Parkhill Primary School. For 2010, the PFA has continued its focus on healthier fundraising ideas.

A big thank you to everyone who has given their help across the year, whether it be from wrapping a gift, selling an icypole, donating to the raffles, giving your time, and the list goes on. On behalf of the PFA and especially Marcia Roach, Ruth Barnard, Kerrie McAliece The PFA goal for 2010 was to and myself, thank you for your raise money to enhance our Oval continued support in 2010 and we area. With the building works that look forward to some new targets are continuing with our hall, the in 2011. Have a safe holiday money will roll over into 2011 and break. be used when needed as the Oval area continues to improve. Each Simone Wall term the PFA has achieved a PFA President number of small goals. These include new readers, donation to Ashwood College (fire appeal), aprons for the Garden Club, with more to come. Some of the things parent class reps, parent and carer volunteers organised during 2010 Include:  Dads‘ and Kids‘ Camp  Mother‘s Day Movie Night  Father‘s Day Dads and Kids Games and Pizzas  Holiday Roller Skating  Family Picnics  Parent Nights Out  Kids‘ Space Play Sessions  Parent Coffee Mornings and Lunches  NAPLAN test Big Breaky  Working Bees  Supporting PFA functions with parent volunteers  New student welcomes and orientations  Prep Orientation Morning Teas  Updating Class Contact Lists  Helping Teachers roster Parent Helpers (e.g. PMP)

This year we have raised over $15,000 from events, which include: Twilight Sports Easter Raffle Mothers‘ Day Stall Fathers‘ Day Stall School & BDC Concerts (Front Of House) Ivan‘s Pies Wine Drive Walk-A-Thon Beddy Bear Fundraiser Fun, Food & Carols Christmas Raffle

Parent Class Representatives Like most years, 2010 has given us a plethora of family and other social activities arranged by parent class reps and parent volunteers. One of the highlights for the year was the Dads and Kids camp at Camp in April. This was at Manyung by the beach Mt Eliza. This was a sensational experience for all involved with non-stop adventure and activity. Special thanks from all the children involved should go to the organising Dads‘. This year, 22 Dads‘ and 32 Parkhill children attended. Another highlight was the Mothers‘ Day movie night for the special women in the children‘s lives. Over 60 Ladies laughed and giggled through ―Date Night‖. In September we celebrated Father‘s Day with ―Dads‘ and Kids‘ Games and Pizza afternoon‖, attended by a massive 90 people from the Parkhill community. A very big thank you to all the parent class reps and all the other wonderful parents and carers who volunteer at Parkhill. Thank you for helping in the class rooms,

The Difference is Parkhill!

for coming on excursions and for all the other things you do that we do not see. Thank you also to all the parents, carers and children who supported events and activities during the year by coming along and having a great time! Parent class reps enjoy supporting children‘s learning through class activities and working toward continuing to strengthen Parkhill‘s wonderful sense of community, and families‘ feelings of connectedness within the community. From all the parent class reps, a very big thanks to all the students and families within the Parkhill community for making 2010 a year of incredible community involvement. We especially want to wish the graduating class of 2010 and any other children leaving Parkhill all the very best for the future. Nicki Dear and Jane Pingo Class Rep Coordinators 2010

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School Council President’s Report At the start of 2010 if you read the newspapers or watched the television news you‘d think that the sky was going to fall in for education in Australia at any point in time during 2010. The Building Education Revolution program was going to see schools get no more than a demountable building for their tax payers‘ money and the introduction of the ‗My School‘ website would see parents pulling their children out of school and putting them into others. I can‘t say what happened at other schools but boy oh boy, didn‘t Parkhill Primary prove the doubters wrong! The improvements for our grounds by way of the BER program, whilst not yet finished are clearly there for all to see. Regardless of your views on the program, Parkhill will benefit in the longer term by enjoying improved facilities and a better learning environment. Our dollars are being spent wisely and we will soon enjoy a substantially improved performing arts space in the new and improved Roger Beech Hall. We will also have an outdoor learning classroom that will enable us to make even more use of our fantastic community garden. Other improvements include refurbishment of the existing administration building, improved toilets, repainting of class rooms, increased storage space for students and better professional development areas for teachers.

and costumes for the biennial performance, helping with reading groups, attending working bees, sitting on School Council or just helping out when an extra pair of hands are required. Back to the ‗My School‘ website. It is a credit to Gavin, Kay and their dedicated team of teachers, aides and support staff and to the Parkhill Primary community in general, that Parkhill Primary did as well as it has in comparison with other schools. Results like these are not a result of a fluke or manipulation of the system. The good results come from dedication and persistence of teachers, aides, support staff and of course parents! These results reflect very well on the entire Parkhill Primary community and is something that everyone should be proud of. For those of you who are new to Parkhill Primary, a belated welcome, you‘ve made a great choice in Parkhill! For our year 6 students, I wish you all the best for your future learning. I‘m confident that Parkhill Primary has given you a very solid foundation for your future. Andrew Rattray Parkhill Primary School Council President

The Parkhill Primary community will enjoy these improvements long after the current students have gone and that is wonderful legacy that the existing Parkhill Primary community can leave behind. There are many people who contribute to this sense of community at Parkhill Primary. The school is lucky to have a strong core of parents who are willing to contribute in a myriad of different ways. The Parkhill Primary community cannot grow as it has without the strong support of parents who assist with PFA activities, building props


The Difference is Parkhill!



Student Representative Council Members: Presidents: Ashleigh Huggins and Jamie Sawkins Vice presidents: Jasmine Lim and Karon Le Class representatives: Kylah Reed 5MB, Ryan Moffit 5KM, Gilbert Yin 4CR, Bella Wilkes 3/4MS, Lauren B-C 3JK This year the SRC has been busy organising fundraisers for many different causes. We raised money for Ashwood College after their fire, States School Relief and the Flag pole. ―I enjoyed speaking in assembly‖ Lauren ―I liked helping Ashwood College by fundraising money after the fire‖ Kylah ―I really enjoyed making decisions about activities and fundraisers‖ Ashleigh ―I enjoyed being SRC president and help choosing the winner for crazy hair day‖ Jamie

―I liked organising fundraisers‖ Ryan

―Getting to run assembly when the grade 5&6‘s were away‖ Bella ―I really liked being on the SRC‖ Gilbert ―It was a really great experience being in the SRC because I‘ve never done anything like it before‖ Jasmine ―I really enjoyed giving the SRC great ideas‖ Karon



Buddies Buddies

Prep BC and 5MB

Prep JT and 6RB

1AM and ???????????

5KM and 1 AM

3jK and 2 DS Paige, Semin, Yasmin

4CR and 1HB

2AD and 3/4 MS



The Best Thing about Prep

Reading Eggs on the computers is fun. Jet

Playing soccer with I like making my best friend Marthings in art. Oliver cus. Ashton

The excursion to the beach. James

Learning to read. Felix

The school concert. Chloe Prep BC Goulburn and Yarra

Playing Star Wars in the playground with Oliver. Daniel B

Playing games on the computers. Ian

Being in the choir. Charlotte Hall

Swimming! Elizabeth

The school concert and the cats. Marcus

Going to the concert. Daniel C



Using Unifix in Maths. Mikayla

Going on the computer and Playing reading games. Lucas

Swimming, I liked the backstroke. Lily

Going on the computer . Shania

I like going on Reading Eggs. Hutheyfa

Playing in the Prep Playground with Ian and Felix. Jake

BY Prep BC Choosing Time. There are magnets and hammers to play with. Jai

Choosing Time and going on the computers.

Swimming, I liked the carnival. Loni

Making the Farm shelter. Auson

La Trobe and Murray

Being a Special Friend. Jessica

Playing maths games. Nathan

Swimming the carnival was fun. Simran



I am good at swimming. I can blow bubbles with my nose and I can touch the bottom of the pool. Luka

I am good at doing back flips on the trampoline. I practice back flips at gymnastics. Darcy

I am good at running. I can run fast when I play soccer. Wijaya

I am good at playing on the computer. I can play Uphill Farmer and Icicles. In Icicles I try to get lots of clothes and I can go to different worlds. Mitchell

I am good at writing in my diary. I can write lots of words and sentences. Finn

I am good at playing on the computer. I know how to get on different programs. Theodore

Prep JT is good at……. I am good at making things. I have a busy box at home with lots of interesting things in it. Elaina I am good at playing musical instruments. I can play the rock guitar and the piano. Jamie

I am good at netball. I can shoot four goals in a row. Charlotte W.

I am good at gymnastics. When I went to Marvin‘s party I learnt to go on the bars and throw the balls in the basket. James

I am good at reading my readers. I read my reader every night. Jade

I am good at swimming. I can bounce on the board and jump into the water and I can swim underwater. Keifer

I am good at playing the piano at nana‘s house. I practise ―Mary Had a Leg of Lamb!‖ I can play it all by myself. I am very good at it and mum listens to me play. Charlotte N. 14


I am good at playing Lego Star Wars on the computer. You have to beat some worlds and then you can get new characters like R2D2. Marvin

I am good at reading my ABC‘s. I can read and write all the letters of the alphabet. Jenson

I am good at basketball. I can bounce the ball with one hand. Elsa

I am good at reading groups. I can read the books all by myself. Titchiang

I am good at singing. Aurelia comes to my house and teaches me to sing the fairy songs. Aisha I am good at using the computer. I can play Club Penguin and I try to get lots of money in the game. I can buy things, but I have to be a member first. Indra

We are clever kids! I am good at taking care of my guinea pig. I give her food and water every day. She eats lots of food. My guinea pig has a drink bottle. Nina

I am good at playing on the computer. I can play Reading Eggs and I can get lots of golden eggs. I don‘t buy much because I want to save my golden eggs. Oliver

I am good at sport. I practise soccer and I can keep the soccer ball bouncing on my foot. Jacob

I am good at dancing. I stay at home and make up some dances. Aurelia

I am good at playing on the Wii. I can play Super Mario Brothers and I get lots of points. Yousef

I am good at playing Wii games. I can play Mario and Sonic Winter Games. I like the bob sledding, but it is a little bit hard. Greg 15


Be an AFL player for Essendon, then I can bump in to Dale Thomas and Leon Davis and Dane Swan. They are Collingwood players and I don’t really like them. By Joey

Be a Doctor because I can help people and they can get better if they are sick. By Jade

Be an artist because I could put my pictures in the gallery. People will come and look at them. By Amelia

Be a designer because I like to create lots of clothes. I like to knit and make things with the needle. I will make a wedding dress. By Jully

Work in the aquarium because you can swim with the fish. By Robbie

Have a Builder Bear Workshop and I can get a lot of money. I love Builder Bears. By Maddy

Be a ballerina because I like dancing. By Yasmin

Be a hairdresser so I can cut somebody’s hair. By Madeline



Be a ballet dancer at home because I like to dance and I like the beautiful costumes. By Nikaylah

Be a tennis player. I like playing tennis and hitting the ball. By Brayden

Be a guy in the army because you can get to help people. By Thomas

Be a hairdresser because I would like to style hair and also colour it. Being a hairdresser is a fun job. By Caitlin

Be a fire fighter. I want to put water on the houses and help the cats get down. By Harry

Be a garbage collector man because I will help clean up the world. By Jack

I want to work at an RSPCA Shop. I want to be an RSPCA person because I like animals and they are cute. By Chloe

A computer person because I am good at computers and I also help people on the computer. By Connor

Be a Smiggle shop owner because I like Smiggle stationery. Smiggle is my favourite. I love Smiggle. By Alina

Be a teacher so I can help children to learn. I am a good helper. By Aidan



When I grow up I want to be a good mum and get married and eat cake and go shopping and buy a dress and high heels and a jacket. Dominika

When I grow up I want to be a Geelong footy player because I love footy and I barrack for Geelong. Roy When I grow up I want to travel the world and buy two real friendly crocodiles to have as pets. Emily

When I grow up I want to own a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and be a mum and have two kids. Emma

When I grow up I want to be a rock star and sing on the stage and be famous. Chloe

When I grow up I want to be a football player because I like playing footy. I would play for Geelong. Luke

When I grow up I want to take my kids to Japan and Disneyland. Marcus

When I grow up I want to be a good mum and get married and eat cake and go shopping and make hairstyles and go to the park. Kira

When I grow up I want to travel the world to go to Bulgaria and to Hong Kong. Martin

When I grow up I want to be clever and get married and have two children and be rich. Gayi

When I grow up I want to be a nurse to help sick people in the hospital. Tianna



When I grow up I want to be a bus driver so I can drive school children on excursion to the Museum. Jazzy

When I grow up I want to be a computer expert. William

When I grow up I want to travel the world and go shopping with my sister. I would buy dresses and high heels. Ella

When I grow up I want to be a Ninja just to be ready. Zac

When I grow up I want to be a pirate and get treasure. Joshua When I grow up I want to be a wrestler and be the World Champion. Iverson

When I grow up I want to be a helicopter pilot so I can fly high in the sky. Abdul

When I grow up I want to be a policeman to keep everyone safe. Goi

When I grow up I want to be a famous tennis player because I love playing tennis and then I would be rich. Tasharni

When I grow up I want to get a good job just like my Dad and be rich, get married, have babies and be a kind Mum. Kimberly



I am a Good Friend When... I am a good friend when I cooperate with my team. I say ‘pick-ups’ not put downs. I don’t show off, instead I support my teammates. ~Matthew~

I am a good friend when I help someone when they’re hurt. ~Max~

I am a good friend when someone looks lonely and I ask them to play.

I am a good friend when I am being generous. I share and I am fair. ~Manae~

I am a good friend when I am feeling generous. When someone is feeling lonely and I ask them to play. ~Cody~ I am a good friend when I help my friends. ~Sarah F~


I am a good friend when I give ideas to friends that don’t know what to do.

I am a good friend when my friends have problems and I help them. ~Courtney~ I am a good friend when I share the ball by passing it to my teammates.

~Madison~ I am a good friend when I say nice things to boys and girls. ~Bianca~

~Zachary~ I am a good friend when I cooporate with my team and the other team. I say ‘pick-ups’ - not put downs. I don’t show off, instead I support my teammates. ~Danny~

I am a good friend when I support my teammates by cheering when they kick a goal. ~George~



By 2AD... I am a good friend when I help the boys make good choices in class.

I am a good friend when someone is hurt and I look after them.



I am a good friend when people are lonely and I ask them to play. ~Nathan~

I am a good friend when I feel in a kind mood.

I am a good friend when someone gets upset, I help them.


~Josh~ I am a good friend when I include people. I am a good friend when people look hurt and I go and help them. ~Merryn~

I am a good friend when I ask people to play. ~Stevie~


I am a good friend when I’m feeling happy! ~Isaac~



I am a great friend because I play fairly with others. Ismail.

I’m a great friend because I say nice things. Beau

I am a great friend because I let other people play with me. Cooper

I am a great friend because I let people play with me. Semin

I am a great friend because I play and talk kindly to people. Paige

I am a great friend because I play nicely with others. Nathan

I am a great friend with Yasmin, Paige and Semin because we are nice to each other Sarah

I am a great friend with my classmates because we play nicely together. Yasmin

I am a great friend because I am funny. George



I am a great friend when I say nice things to others. Amelia I am a great friend because when my friend is hurt I get the yard duty teacher. Anoushka

I am a great friend because I never put people down and I play with them when they want me to. Kirra

I am a great friend with Victoria, Claire. M, Anoushka and Amelia because we always play nicely together. Claire A

I am a great friend because I help others when they get hurt and need help. Daniel I am a great friend with people because I am nice and friendly. Claire M

I am a great friend because I am nice. Spandan

I am a great friend because I help others when they get hurt. Katherine I am a great friend when someone falls over because I help them. Ciaran

I am a great friend with my classmates because we play nicely together. Victoria

I am a great friend because I let kids play with me and I let others play what they want. Caitlin

I am a good friend because I help others. Ben. L







I would be…

Little Miss Helpful because I am helpful. Leah

Willy Wonka from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory because I like Oompa Loompas and I’d like to live in the factory. Jeremy Matilda Grub from Matilda because she does magic things and she knows everything. Natasha Splot the Viking because he is funny and he has a really good friend and we kind of relate because we both like hiding. Edan Bloom from the Winx Club because she has magic powers! Bridget

Annabeth from Percy Jackson because she is funny and really strong. Rachel

by 3JK Harry Potter because he has magic and he is cool. Nyakong

Little Miss Sunshine because she helps the king of Misery Land laugh and turns Misery Land into Laughter Land. Georgia

Dawn from Pokemon because she’s smart and stylish. Madeline Kirsty from The Baby Sitters Club because she is the leader of the club and she thinks of new ideas. She is funny and sometimes bossy. Kirstie Elena from Beast Quest because she helps Tom by shooting arrows at the beasts and by getting Tom what he needs. Goveena

Garfield because I love laughter. James

Hermione from Harry Potter because she is clever and she goes on lots of adventures. Sienna



If I were a book character, Ginny Weasley from Harry Potter because she is important in the books and she is pretty and a witch. Lauren B-C

Carole from The Saddle Club because I would always be near horses. Kylara Garfield because he is really funny. Timothy

Alice from Alice in Wonderland because it would be fun to be her and go to Wonderland! Nardia

Mary from The Secret Garden because although she is spoiled but kind as well and she can find secret places. Sasha

Harry Potter because he can do magic. Aaron

Percy Jackson from Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters because he burns down his school! Antonio

Annabeth from Percy Jackson because she is a good fighter and extra pretty. Caitlyn Nuru Kungurama from Star Wars The Clone Wars because he’s a Jedi, he has a Lightsaber and he’s in the Breakout Squad. Joseph

Napoleon from Battle Boy because he goes in lots of battles. Harrison

Percy Jackson because I really love the book and it would be awesome to control the sea! Millie 27


All about 3/4MS!

I like playing soccer because I like scoring goals on the soccer field. David

My hobby is playing on the DSi because you can get cool games, eg. Pokemon. Nael

My hobby is inventing and if I invented something it would be a device that makes it rain chocolate rain. Harrison

My hobby is hip hop because I like to dance! Leila My hobby is inventing because I like building things and it is fun. Lucas My hobby is camping because we can swim in rivers and lakes. Katie My hobby is playing the violin because I learn lots of songs and I practise 1 hour a day. Frances One of my hobbies is inventing and I would like to invent a planet made out of chocolate. Nicholas A

I like riding my bike because it’s fun and gains more fitness and going down hills at top speed. Ben C I love climbing, any type of climbing – tree climbing, rock climbing and mountain climbing (even though I haven’t climbed mountains yet). I also love hiking which is sort of like climbing. Partly the feeling of climbing up and knowing I’m almost there, but mostly the feeling when I reach the top. Emily

My hobby is Warhammer 40K because I think rolling dice is fun. Adrian

My hobby is playing guitar. I like playing guitar because you can learn new songs! Aimee My hobby is sports because I like to stay active. Courtney My hobby is netball. It is fun because I get to play with friends. Bella


Our hobbies... 29

My hobby is swimming because I get fit and it is fun. Nicholas P

My favourite hobby is art and scrapbooking because I am very creative, and although it takes a long time, it’s very fun!! Sophie

My hobby is rollerskating because it is a lot of fun! Bridgette

My hobby is Nippers because it is fun and I like the beach and doing lifesaving. Ben W

My hobby is horse riding because I like being with horses. Pippa

My hobby is Warhammer 40K because it is the best game ever. Dominic

My hobby is basketball because it is the funnest thing to do (for me)! Stephanie My hobby is caring for my rabbit. I like holding my rabbit when I play with them. Brandon

My hobby is Ghostbusters because I like it. It is a classic. Also, I collect some Ghostbusters things. It’s such a fun movie. Jessea My hobby is riding my ripstick because I am really good at it. I can do heaps of tricks. It is a lot of fun. Apryl 29


Wish upon a star with 4CR!

I would wish I was the fastest child on Earth Aiden

I would wish for every super power so I could do amazing things - Fionn

I would wish I was a master of the universes so I could manipulate and change all quarks and atoms with my mind - ie: I could split the sun in half! Chris

I would wish for 100 million dollars to get ipads, ipods and puppies! Helena

I would wish to become a monster because I think monsters

I would wish that our family were noe of the richest families and we will be happy. We would sail around the world

I would wish to be the smartest and cleverest person in the world - Jasmine

I would wish to make my family happy, because my mum and dad work so hard and I would like to see them happyI would wish that I was the Kate

Avatar with all four elements - fire, water, earth and air Lachlan

I would wish for 9 million dollars to buy a mansion, BMW’s and pets! Chanumi

If I had one wish, I would wish for my own private little island filled with lollies Emma

I would wish that the world was Avatar styled and a secret group that would save the world from the evil FIRE NATION existed - Caitlin



I would wish for $900,000 to spend on important items like a mansion and a puppy Sophie

I would wish I was a Fire Bender Yussuf

I would wish for infinite dollars and I would spend it on Slurpies and video games Tom

I would wish to come first in ballroom dancing - Carly

I would wish for a really big trampoline so I can jump on it and play in the clouds and not get hurt - Hannah

I would wish for two of me, so that one could do all the hard things and the other could have all the fun - Jarred

I would wish to be a ghost so I could fly and go through walls - Zac

I would wish the whole world was Lollypop Land with lollypop people, cars and trees - Gilbert

I’d wish I was at Candyland with lollipop trees and marshmallow trampolines - Neve

Iwould wish I had 200 billion dollars to buy a house, chairs, tv, security, a phone and cricket stuff - Wais

I would wish for one thousand parrots - Lera

I would wish for $90 million to buy a ute! Samuel

I would wish for lots of waterslides at school - Shreya



I would like to read books. Jackson

My main goal for year 6 is becoming school captain because I think I am a good role model. This will also make me more confident in speaking in front of a crowd. Fenn

In Singapore I would like to do stuff that I haven’t done before. Kahn

I want to form a school rock band and become school captain. I also want to learn more about the human body. Liam

When I am in Grade 6 I would like to be school captain because I have experience being in front of an audience at karate and at school. Stephen

In year 6 I would like to be a house captain but definitely wouldn’t want to be school captain because there’s too much public speaking. Benjamin

Next year I would like to become a Latrobe vice captain because I am a good team worker and I am respectful to other people. Sarah

Next year I would like to be a school captain or a vice captain because if I am I’ll improve my English speaking. Kelly

I would really like to become school captain or vice captain so I can speak in front of a crowd, or in assembly. Ryan

Next year I want to be a school captain and be a role model to the younger students at Parkhill. It will make me better at making speeches and will build up my confidence when I’m talking in front of a crowd. Tanya G.



I would like to become a house captain because I would like to be a captain but I don’t want to be a school captain. Ashley

Next year I would like to become school captain or vice captain. I would also like to achieve a distinction in my UNSW English test, and another high distinction in maths. Fan

Next year I would like to be vice school captain because I think I am a good role model for the whole school. Audrey

Next year I would like to get better at speeches and performing in front of a crowd, like in assembly. Emma

When it comes to year 6 I would like to improve in speaking in front of a crowd. It makes it hard for the audience to understand when I start to mumble. Alicia

Next year I would like to be school or house captain. I want to improve my English and get better at flute so I can play like Ruth. Jenny

I would like to get the role of school captain. I want to speak in front of assembly and go to special meetings. Matthew

I would like to be a captain at interschool sport like football. I would also like to be school captain and improve speaking in front of large audiences. I think I’m going to be an excellent role model for the school. James

In the up coming year I would like to become school captain or SRC president so I can improve my public speaking and become more confident when speaking in front of a crowd. Tanya L

Next year I would like to become school captain so that I will become more confident in front of lots of people. If not, I would like to be house captain. Jason


34 In year 6 I’d like to become a Latrobe House Captain or Vice-Captain. I would like to be a great role model to young kids. I want to achieve a lot of things like Leadership day and Teachers vs. Students netball match! I am also looking forward to graduation. -Nikita

When I get into Grade 6, I would like to get the role of House Captain or School Captain because these are very important roles of leadership, but if I don’t get on those roles I’ll go for flag monitor because I know how to fold the flag properly. -Michael

I am looking forward to being a Grade 6 leader. My goal is to become an SRC President so I can do my part in making the school perfect. -Christopher

My goal for next year is to be on the SRC. I would like to do this because I think I’m responsible enough to be an SRC representative -Juevelle

Since I’ve been in Primary School, I have wanted to be House Captain. I would also like to be in the football, soccer, and basketball team. -Joel

I’m looking forward to leadership day and I’ve been working very hard on my speech for SRC. If I don’t get selected for SRC I’d like to be House Captain. -Sahra

Since Grade 3, I’ve really wanted to be School Captain because I am responsible. Early in the year Grade 6’s get to go on a leadership day and I am looking forward to that. -Tara Since I was in Grade 4, I’ve wanted to get an important role because you get to participate in most of the events. I want to be School Captain because it is the best of the best. -Lisa

Ever since the middle of prep, I’ve wanted to get the role of School Captain. I believe I have the ability to have this role. If I do get this role I would be looking forward to running the assembly and helping with the school swimming carnival. -Georgie

My goals for year 6, are to be more confident at public speaking. I want to be a School Captain or an SRC representative. I want to be in the Football and T Ball team, as well as get into District Cross-Country. I also want to be a good buddy. -Jordan I would like to be a House Captain or ViceHouse Captain because I think it will challenge me. -Marcus Since I was at Parkhill, I would love to be a School Captain or a SRC Representative because they usually take the assembly. Also, I want to achieve more on New South Wales test and get a high score. -Eunice



In 2011, I’d like to be School Captain, Vice-Captain, or SRC President because I have wanted to be one of those roles since grade three and I feel responsible enough to take up the role, even if it’s hard or easy! -Zoe

One of my goals for 2011, is to become School Captain. I’d like to have this role because I feel I’m responsible. I'd also like to get into Zone Cross-country. -Matthew

In Grade 6 I would like to be a School Captain or a School Vice-Captain because I’m responsible and I feel I can handle the role. My second preference would be SRC President or Vice-President. -Sofia

In Grade 6 I’d like to be a School Captain because I would like to talk in assembly. I would also like to get better E.M.M. scores. -Jayson

Ever since I was in Grade 2, I’ve always wanted to be a House Captain because I think they have a huge role in the school. -Daniel

I’m looking forward to being a leader at Parkhill

because ever since I’ve been at Parkhill I’ve wanted to be a leader. I also can’t wait to beat the teachers in the Students vs. Teachers netball match! -Kylah

I have always been in Yarra and I think it’s appropriate that I become a House Captain. I will always be supporting my house. I think I will make 2011 an enjoyable year for every student. -Kieran

I would like to be SRC President because it sounds like a good role. It includes lots of things to do like being able to collect money for fundraising days. -Brian

Ever since prep I’ve wanted to be House Captain because I’d be able to speak out the front in assembly and help preps in Twilight Sports! -Adrian


36 Primary school has changed me in so many ways. Not only have I learnt billions of new things and experienced amazing things, I have built extremely strong friendships that I will never let go of. Primary school has matured me and made me the person that I am today. I have made many mistakes and have tried really hard to learn from them. I have learnt to appreciate what I have and who I am. One of the most special values that primary school has given me is confidence. Each year I have built up my confidence. I will never forget the day I had to stand up in front of the grade 5/6’s and teachers to present my leadership speech. I worked hard on my speech and I was so nervous about it. I was proud and extremely relieved afterwards because I didn’t give up and tried very hard. That was the day that has really built my confidence the most. Now because of primary school I am the best that I can be and I think I might even be ready for high school. Anna

Parkhill Primary School has changed me into the person I am. Since prep I have changed my knowledge and learnt things . The teachers have helped me from a small prep to a responsible year 6! I will miss all my fantastic friends, even the ones that have left. I will nurture everything I have learnt in the past 7 years. From a prep I can definitely say my handwriting has improved 10 times as much! One thing I will remember is getting my position as a Latrobe House (Red) Vice Captain. I will miss my teacher as I walk into the room and say ‘good morning’, and going home having learnt something else. I will miss everything about Parkhill primary school! Hannah

At Parkhill I have had 7 years of great fun. I like Parkhill primary school because of the friendly environment. I will really miss Parkhill a lot. One of the best memories is when I went to camp Manyoung, it was awesome! At Parkhill I always felt happy & joyful and I will miss that. Raffee Parkhill Primary School has changed my life in many ways, such as being a great team leader and team mate. I`ve learnt a lot of things such as being a fantastic friend and how to face my fears. I will miss my teachers and especially my friends, but what I will miss most is my welcoming classroom environment. A memory I will never forget is when I got to perform at my last ever concert at Parkhill Primary School.. I will never forget you Parkhill Primary School. Teagan

Parkhill Primary School has changed who I am. The reason I am me today is because of all the wonderful teachers that have taught me and have been there for me. I will always miss all my friends and having to go to only one or two classrooms each day. Next year just the feeling of primary school will make me a little sad. One thing I will never forget is all the camps I’ve been on, when I got my leadership badge and my grade six jacket. I have learnt so much, like how to cooperate well in a group and how to speak Chinese. I will miss primary school soooo much and I will have to visit regularly. Ashleigh Parkhill Primary School has changed my whole life. I’ve grown up to be the best person I can be because of this great school. I’ve learnt so much this past year. I'm proud that I have improved on all subjects. I will really miss all the teachers and my friends, I will miss them the most because they have stuck by me. I’ll always remember all the subjects out of class, they were FUN! When I go to high school hopefully I’m ready for stacks of homework. Shamsya Parkhill Primary School has been a great school for me. I have gained much knowledge from the wonderful teachers I’ve had. I will really miss my friends when I go to high school. I will never forget grade 6 and the things we did. I will never forget the cute bunnies and the exciting camp. I’ve learnt how to be a good leader and to make friends. I will miss everything I did here at Parkhill Primary School forever. Joon

Parkhill Primary changed my life. I have developed my confidence from the things I’ve learnt and the amazing teachers that teach here. I will really miss my friends when I go to high school, interschool sport and waking up in the morning to go to P.P.S. I have built up my confidence and my positive attitude, and my personality has changed in a good way because of Parkhill. My most positive memories of my 2 ½ years here is coming here for my first day and being welcomed straight away, and getting my grade 6 jacket this year. I will really miss Parkhill! Jamie Primary school has changed my life by helping me build confidence in speaking in front of the whole school and also within myself. My favourite memory would be this year’s concert: ‘A Night in the Gallery’, it was fun and creative. I was really amazed that everyone remembered their part and at the end when Mr Bransgrove came on stage that was a real surprise! On the whole, I think the audience enjoyed it a lot. One thing I will definitely miss is Parkhill itself and everyone there because they're so positive and welcoming. I will also miss the teachers for supporting us all the way and always believing in us. Jasmine

Parkhill Primary School has changed my life. I am becoming the person I want to be because of the things I have done, the teachers I’ve had, the people I have been around, and the things I have learnt. I will miss the kids in this grade the most because I have been with them from grade prep through to grade six, even the people that came later I have still got Parkhill Primary School had changed my life. I am the person I am beto know really well. Soon I will have to say goodbye to most of them and cause of what I’ve learned here. My friends have encouraged me to keep that will be really sad. Natalie going and I appreciate what they have done. I love coming to school and to see their smiling faces. I will miss my friends next year, I won’t know Parkhill primary school has helped me grow up. I have learnt lots and anyone so it will be harder. It will be a new environment in a new place, had great teachers. Some events I will miss are discos, concerts, camps, I will be nervous going from 25 year sixes to 300 year sevens. I have had fun, food and carols, and excursions. Some things and people I will miss great teachers who taught me how to be a nicer person and have a better from primary school are my lovely teachers and friends, playing with the tone when I speak. I have learnt maths, English and integrated studies. I little ones, and recess and lunches. I have really enjoyed saying ‘hi’ to have learnt how the world works and all its beauties. The people here are great and I will never forget them. Grade six has been a great year people I know, making friends with everyone and trying my best in but I have other special memories; coming to school in prep with my everything I did. Some things that have changed about me are my pername tag on, show and tell in grade one, grade two with a fabulous sonality, my thoughts of others and being more confident in front of others I don’t normally talk to. Some things I have learnt have helped me teacher and grade 3&4 being amazing. Grade 5 was hard moving into the 5/6 area. Grade 6 was the best year ever, everything about it was amazthroughout my life and I’ve learnt to enjoy my life more. Charlotte ing. I love Parkhill Primary School, so many memories in only 7 years, that I’ll never forget. Melissa



Parkhill Primary School has been my school since Prep. I have grown up to be a good person here. I’m going to miss all my friends like Sasha, Marcus, Lizzie and many others. I will also miss all of the teachers that I’ve had. I have learnt lots of stuff at school such as timetables, handwriting and spelling. I have had lots of memories like meeting new friends and going into grade 6. I have had a fun seven years here at Parkhill Primary School. I will miss Primary School once I have gone to high school. Ollie Parkhill primary school has changed my life in a good way. It has been a rough ride but I’ve liked making new friends and I’ve liked all the work I’ve had to do. The things I’ll miss will probably be my friends all the teachers I’ve had over the years. Some of the things I’ve learned are fractions, percentages, reading and writing. The most exciting thing that has happened to me is probably winning a citizenship award in year 4 and getting Murray Vice House Captain. Parkhill Primary School has been a great school for me and I’ll really miss it. Jayden

Parkhill has changed my life because of all my friends and teachers that have been in my life here. I will definitely miss grade 6, but I’m excited about high school. This year was a great year for me. One year I will never forget is prep and my first day here at Parkhill. Karon Parkhill Primary School has changed my life. I have grown up to be the person I wanted to be. What I’ve learnt has blown me away and I will never forget the first day of school when I met my best friends in the whole world, I will never ever forget them. I know I will be a great role model for younger students. I am going to miss my life here but I am excited about going to High School next year. I will never forget this school and I’m not planning to. Bonnie Parkhill Primary School has changed my life from what I was before I came here. I have grown up because of many things I’ve learnt and the great teacher I’ve had. I will really miss my friends and my sweet teacher when I go to high school. Mia I have grown up a lot here. I will really miss my friends and crazy hair days when I go to high school. I will never forget my first day of school! I will miss easy work, playgrounds, art, excursions and special things like leadership day. I will miss the last day of the term and parties! Mack

Parkhill Primary has changed me a lot. I have grown up to be a happy person with lots of friends. Some of my great friends are Marcus, Teagan, Sasha, Raffee, Mack, Jayden, Oliver, Ollie and Joon. I have improved a lot on my maths. One of my greatest memories was at camp. My favourite memory at camp was last year when I went on the high ropes, even though I was afraid of heights but I didn’t look down and got across the ropes. I will miss my friends heaps because they have helped me through primary school. Another great achievement I have made was making House Captain of Murray. Parkhill has been a great school for me and I have made lots of friends. Lizzie Parkhill has changed my life in many different ways. I have grown up through hard work, friends and fabulous teachers. One of my main highlights at this school was the year six camp, there were lots of activities and stuff to do. Another great highlight was my birthday party at go-karts, there was lots of food and stuff it was great. I know this has nothing to do with school but if it wasn’t for Parkhill I wouldn’t have met these people. I think the thing that I will miss the most would be my friends and the students. Marcus

I feel Parkhill Primary School has turned me into the person I am today by boosting my knowledge and social skills as much as possible. I will never forget the first day of prep when I met Ollie. I will definitely miss all my friends next year. I think all my teachers I have had have been really nice and friendly. Austinn I’ve grown up to be the person I am because of this place. I will miss my friends when I go to high school. I will miss the camps but also remember them. Most of all I will miss E.M.M. I will miss primary school. Oliver Parkhill Primary School has changed me in many different ways. It’s made me the person I am right now. When I was in prep, I used to be a wild child and had a lot of tantrums. But as I grew older, I learnt how to control my anger better, and smile a lot as well. I will miss my friends, teachers and the school environment. I’ll never forget Parkhill Primary School. Xena Primary school has made me the happy person I am today. I have had great friends and I’ve had great teachers. I have had fun and I have really loved interschool sports and round robins. I will really miss primary school and all the great memories that come with it. Ifrah Parkhill has helped me be a better person by teaching me to always be nice and caring. I’ve had lovely teachers who have helped me mature and learn how to challenge myself in different areas. If I hadn't come to Parkhill in year four, I wouldn’t have learnt how to have trust in people and myself, or experience being at a fantastic school! My most proudest moment was being announced school captain. Sasha






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Students in Visual Arts study a variety of topics during the year including Modelling, Drawing, Painting, Collage, Construction and Threads & Textiles. They look at creating, making, exploring and responding to the various mediums. Cathy Bateman Visual Arts Teacher



Performing Arts at Parkhill A Night in the Gallery The whole school participated in our concert, ―A Night in the Gallery‖ at Crossway on 31 st August. This was a totally Parkhill production with student involvement at every level: The initial concept [seeded from class excursions to the National Gallery and the Ian Potter Gallery], the writing, the dance and the music all evolved with strong input by the students and was ably led by our performing arts experts, Ruth Davidson, Rosie Pryor and Lindsay Kremler. Cathy Bateman, with the students during art lessons produced wonderful props and sets. Teams of volunteer parents donated, created, built, transported, designed programs, sold tickets, ushered and solved problems. Unity, persistence, care, and respect in action!

Performing arts continues through the year with Drama Lessons, School band, Choir and Instrumental Music Lessons. Music Soirees throughout the year provide wonderful opportunities for students to showcase their skills.



*fundamental motor skills – running, jumping, ball bouncing, catching, throwing, kicking, leaping and dodging. *aquatics *athletics *gymnastics *minor games *modified games * initiative activities *orienteering These are just some of the activities that students learn in Physical Education at Parkhill P.S. Nan Darby – Physical Education Teacher

P.E is...




P.E is ...




P.E is ... Great!



Summer Sport Round Robin On a glorious summer day at Jells Park, a great time was had by all Grade 5 and 6 students playing Cricket, Tee Ball, Softball, Rounders or Danish Rounders. District Athletics Day All Parkhill participants showed persistence and confidence. The following students went on to compete at the zone athletics: Tanya Greco, Lisa Lee, Kylah Read & Fenn Murray- 4 x 100m relay-3rd. Teagan O’Brien-Long Jump3rd. Tanya Greco-Long Jump-3rd. Fenn Murray-100m-3rd and 200m-6th House Cross Country Day At Parkhill What a brilliant day for the House Cross Country. There were lots of house colours and courage shown on the day. Well done to Murray house, our house cross country champions! District Cross Country Ten competitors from each age group represented Parkhill and made us all proud. A number of students from each age group finished in the top 10, what an amazing achievement! Zone Cross Country It was another tough year at Yarra Valley Racecourse. Congratulations to Jayson Miller, Kylah Read, Melissa Cameron, Anna Wilson, Stephanie Wilson, Lucas Hudson and Raffee Vijdani. Winter Sport A successful one day Round Robin was held at Huntingtower. Fun for all on a freezing day, where we played kickball;football, rounders, netball and volleystars. Soccer Round Robin A challenging day for both the girls and boys teams, both finishing with one exciting win. Basketball Round Robin Lots of baskets scored!! Great team work, skill and determination shown by all. Fenn Murray (5KM) 41


Every year at Parkhill the grade 3-6’s are lucky enough to go on a camp somewhere for four days! This year the grade 5/6’s went to Camp Week Away. The activities they did were… Canoeing, talent show, building a raft, GI Jane, Lantern stalk teachers vs. students, Flying fox. The flying fox was a challenging activity that required some guts. It was a giant flying fox that you had to be strapped to for safety then you had to jump off a platform at quite some height and go flying heights to the end. The grade 3/4’s went to Mt Evelyn camp from the 8th to the 10th of December. Some of the activities they did were flying fox, bike riding, yabbying, archery and the low ropes course.

By Sasha Chee and Jamie Sawkins




Since 2007 Parkhill Primary School has received Federal Government funding from the Chaplaincy in Schools Program to provide a chaplain to the school community. Since the commencement of the program Noel Martin has been engaged as our school chaplain. Some of the activities of the chaplaincy program for 2010 included:

Seasons Grief and loss The Seasons program helps children understand and come to terms with the death of a family member or separation and divorce in the family. Identifying feelings and sharing personal stories of grief and loss in a confidential setting helps children understand how to deal with difficult situations and builds resilience. The Seasons program is available to children in grades 3 to 6.

Billy Carts For the last three years our grade 3 and 4 students have been making billy carts and racing them at fun food and carols. Grade 6 students are also involved in painting the billy carts. The Goulburn billy cart gets the thumbs up from some of our grade 6 students.

Matthews’ Seat relocated With much of the Parkhill garden area about to be upgraded we needed to relocate the seat built in honour of Mathew and Erin Condon who tragically died on 7/11/2008.

Good Sports Soccer Club At lunch time on Thursdays some of the grade 1 and 2 students are involved in Good Sports Soccer Club. The objective is to promote good sportsmanship in a fun but competitive environment. Showing respect and empathy for others and making good decisions to control anger are some of the objectives.The grade 1 and 2 students are happy to pose for a picture with Tim 43 Robertson who has been helping run Good Sports Soccer throughout the year.


2010 In the Parkhill Garden This year in the garden has seen some big changes. After Andrew bid farewell to Parkhill, Ben arrived and we all started to dismantle the old garden. It seemed strange to be pulling apart a garden that has been put together so lovingly for many years. However, there is a grand plan! Very soon the garden at Parkhill will be bigger and better than ever. We have already extended the orchard, more than doubling its size. We have planted out the old cricket nets as a food forest that we can use for a chook run. We have relocated the community garden beds to a permanent and secure area, and we‘ve had a big clean up of the shed so it‘s easy to keep tidy. With the new landscaping works due to be completed next year, we are really looking forward to growing heaps of veggies in our hothouse and new garden beds, and meeting all of our new chooks. Kay Edwards



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OSH 2010

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LOTE Mandarin This is a great Year of the Tiger. We had a really busy and fun year at L.O.T.E. This year Prep started learning Chinese as well, they enjoyed songs, games and IWB activities. Prep and Grade one learned greetings, numbers, and family. Grade 2 learned about colours and body parts. Students in Grade 3 & 4 have studied topics related to Chinese New Year, numbers and money. Grade 5 & 6 students learned about Chinese Festivals and Chinese Money.

Reading Recovery The Reading Recovery Room continues to buzz every morning with children enjoying their reading and writing achievements. This individual daily programme is designed so that each lesson is an opportunity for each child to pull together what they know already with the skills they next need to taught. Their progress – because it so closely tailored to where they are up to, is accelerated so as to allow them, at the end of the programme to continue their learning with the rest of the grade ones.

The Difference is Parkhill!



Ben C 3/4 MS

Bridget & Kirstie 3JK

Chloe Prep BC

Jasmine 6RB

The Difference is Parkhill!

Bridgette C 3/4 MS 47


Melissa C 6RB

Charlotte S 5

Leah J 3JK

There is only room for one cover! Well done to all the artists who took part in our 2010 Parkhill Yearbook cover design. Here are just a few of the fantastic designs.

Sascha &Teagan 6RB


48 Leila,Steph & Apryl 3/4 MS

Caitlin Pye 3JK

Lizzie & Natalie 6RB

Parkhill Yearbook 2010  

Yearbook 2010

Parkhill Yearbook 2010  

Yearbook 2010