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STYLE MARÇO 2013 R$ 19,90

Produção Total - DHUIF

VISTUISSUmag número três


dois mil e treze


Macacรฃo (usado como top) Blue Man Calรงa Jog Cinto Cavalera Skate Element Capacete Acervo



Lo r e m ipsum d o l or s i t a m et, c on s e ct e t uer adipis cin g elit, se d d iam no n u m m y n i b h eu i s m o d t i n ci du n t u t laoreet dolore ma g na a liqua m er a t v o l u t p a t.

Fotos Jhonatan Chicaroni Edição de moda Diogo Brasiliano e Isabella Estevez (TOUT) Beleza Liege Wisniewski Arte Denis Affonso Modelo João Zavaski Modelo Rebecca Gobbi Assistente Márcio Sammarco Tratamento Aírton Adas

Casaco Espaço Fashion Calça Tay day New Capitan Cueca sobreposta Jog Cinto Cavalera Tênis Coca- Cola Bolsa e boné Adidas

Blazer e calรงa TNG Sapato Christian Louboutin

Jaqueta Adidas Blazer flúor Puramania Calça e tênis Coca-Cola Touca e skate Element

Capa Girly London Camisa Element Calรงa Reseva Natural Cinto TNG Gravata VR

Casaco Cavalera Macacão (usado como top) Blue Man Calça Jog Cinto Cavalera Boné Adidas Skate Element

ELE Blazer Emporio Armani Camisa Element Calça Reseva Natural Cinto TNG Gravata VR ELA Underwear UNI Chapéu Forum

Blazer Ricardo Almeida Camisa Cavalera Gravata VR Calรงa DTA Sapato Christian Louboutin

Casaco Espaรงo Fashion

ELE Capa Girly London Camisa Element Gravata VR Ela Underwear UNI

Ele Capa London Girl Sapato Christian Louboutin Ela Sapato Shoestock


Art and Photo Daniel Benjamin Style RomĂŠo Cavalcante Grooming by Andrew Jardenil Clothes and Accessories Tedd Mabitazan and Michele Sison Location Edificie Studio Makati Philippines

dance art and fashion ilustrated

Direção - Victor Hugo Criação - Rafael Gomes Foto e Arte Gráfica - Evandro Vicentini Ilustrações - Jonas Pereira Dançarinos - Yoshi Suzuki, Artemis Bastos, Aline Campos, Michelle Molina, Pamela Valim Agradecimento São Paulo Companhia de Dança Walério Araujo

Dark Paradise reveals the truth about everything you see when you close your eyes. Photographed by fashion photographer Enzo Mondejar at the ICE Creatives Studio CafĂŠ, Brazilian model Daniel Benjamin fronts this editorial featuring sculptural and wearable pieces from artist Leeroy New complemented with designs from Fanny TF Serrano, John Herrera, Maco Custodio, Tedd Mabitazan and Tony Evan. Styled by fashion and celebrity stylist Eric Poliquit and hair and grooming.make-up work by Bo Vicencio, each look reveals a new take to fashion and art infused. With associate styling work from Jan Michael Villanueva and Fashion internship work from Albert Soria.

ENZO MONDEJAR [Filipinas] Bio: An eclectic professional background has clearly given him an edge. A fashion photographer who has the conceptual mind of a fine artist. And a fine artist with the sensual sophistication of a fashion photographer. Born in the year 1984, Enzo has a Bachelors degree in Fine Arts at the University of Santo Tomas, Manila, Philippines. In 2007, He worked in an advertising firm and continued on in a publication company as a graphic designer. In 2008, he started to get published in coffeetable books as a photographer and visual artist handling corporate clients both in the government and private sectors. Currently, he is an instructor at the School of Fashion and the Arts, Manila(SoFA Design Institute) and continues his work as a fashion photographer developing several projects in print media. Occasionally, he also works as a stylist in TV shows and/ or fashion shows, as his strong sense of visual artistry expands.

VISTUISSUmag #3 lado B  
VISTUISSUmag #3 lado B  

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