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ALerta Solution It’s a New Way • To Shop • For retailers to interact with consumers • For Content Marketing Channel • For the payment landscape • To Delight customers -Target -Value information -Notification

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Mobilematic Corporation

What is Alerta

How Alerta technology works? With 3 module strategically placed, Triangulation System will pinpoint location of Customer. With customer’s location known, we can push relevant information to the customer.

Mobilematic Corporation

Case Study Retailers Perhaps is the most obvious Use Imagine a customer walks into your store and starts perusing the aisles, eventually heading towards the exit without any purchases. Using BEs, you could take this opportunity to provide a push notification to the customer’s phone with an offer that could make them turn around and take another look at the shelves. Mobilematic Corporation

Flexibility Retailers interact with consumers If customers walk into a different department, you can send another message and make recommendations based on their consumption patterns and history.

Mobilematic Corporation

Overview Provide information at the right time, in the right place with the right information.

• Greet customers when they arrive • Send them specials, offers and coupons at specific locations in the store • Connect to loyalty programs Demo • Offer contactless payment • Upsell Mobilematic Corporation

Our Proposal Hardware • We will provide and install all necessary hardware Mobile Apps •We shall license the use of our mobile apps using our technology . •Thru a license, we shall develop a new mobile application using your logo and name. Business collaboration • Revenue Sharing *Mall to provide Wifi connectivity. Mobilematic Corporation

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Mobilematic Corporation Redhill Industrial Estate Address: Blk 1001, Jalan Bukit Merah, #06-11 Singapore 159455 Tel: 65 – 62707080 Fax: 65 – 62707106

Mobilematic Corporation

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