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We go through the same routine everyday... no chasing cats into the street, no digging holes, no bitting little kids. Why is it so hard for you to understand? And to think I spent all that money on those stupid dog training classes! Stay!....Staaaaaaay.

welcome to petmigo

////////// Contents Introduction

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The Dilemma

10 - 13

Wanting More

14 - 15

The Solution

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How It Works

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Technical Specifics

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The Pet Migo 速 in Use

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What People Say

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How to Order

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////////// A Best friend Pets are human’s best friends, but trying to get them to understand is sometimes very hard. Often we hope for a chance to understand them and learn what is causing their behavior or their distress. For many of us animals become more than pets, they become loved ones.

[ 08 ]

////////// Communication Members of the animal kingdom communicate using a multitude of sounds, body language and other communicative means. But do these animals also try to communicate with people? Absolutely! Any caring person who’s ever been on the receiving end of intense shining eyes, alert ears or wagging tails can often comprehend the crude messages animals try to communicate: “I want a treat, let’s play, take me for a walk or let’s go for a ride in the car!” Is there a way to clearly understand what they say, not only about every day things, but also about behavioral problems or health challenges? Is there some way we can actually “speak their language?” Now there is! And it’s called the Pet Migo ® Let’s take a look at some scenarios to help us better understand the problem and how Pet Migo ® can help.

[ 09 ]

////////// The Dilemma Does this happen to you when you take your dog to the park? Or worse, in your very own back yard? Often times when pets misbehave, it’s because they are trying to send a message. None the less, it can make you scream!

How many times do I have to ask you to stop digging holes? I’ve almost had it with you. God, I wish you could understand what I’m saying to you all the time.

[ 010 ]

[ 011 ]

[ 012 ]

Bad dog! That’s the second time in one month that you’ve gotten in the trash! ARRGH. Don’t act like you’re innocent, you know not to do that, Bad dog! Why are you acting up? I can’t understand you, if only there was a way I could speak in:

[ 013 ]

“I’m sorry for yelling at you Rufus, I always feel bad when I do that. You’re my best friend, and I just wish I could talk to you, because there are things I want to know about you. I’ve read that some dogs are prone to separation anxiety and stress. But I can’t tell if you are. I want to hear what’s important in your life Rufus.”

Are you lonely when I’m gone?

[ 014 ]

Do you prefer a frisbee or the ball?

Sometimes I think you’re depressed.

////////// wanting more Don’t you wish you could talk to him and find the answers to all the pressing questions you have?

Do you like your food?

[ 015 ]

I t’s Her e!

petmigo The solution ®

[ 016 ]


m eso


///////// An Amazing device!


Pet Migo ® is a true breakthrough technology from the 21st century that makes communication with your animals possible! The user wears a head unit, similar to a helmet, and the animal is geared with a supporting mechanism that ties comfortably on their back. Within minutes, your pet’s sounds will turn into actual words much like speaking to a person! The Pet Migo ® is equipped with a side tuner capable of analyzing auditory waves from most animals. Powered by solar energy, the Pet Migo ® is capable of unlimited use. [ 017 ]

////////// a breeze to use! Simply turn the side dial to match the animal you wish to converse with. Then, attach the animal unit onto your pet’s back and place the human unit comfortably on your head. Begin talking and wait for the response. The process couldn’t be easier. In just minutes, and four easy steps, you’ll be experiencing the joy that millions of pet owners are having each day—talking to their pets!

Animals projects a semioticelexiphony sound-wave in the 5,000 Hz range.

/////////// How it works Two small receivers are placed on the units antennas which capture and read sound waves emitted from animals. The sound waves are then directed to one of the modulators attached to the unit. Tiny powerful computing chips receive the sound waves and perform the “onthe-fly” bark, growl, and chirp re-modulation. The deciphered sound waves, are then sent to the imbedded speakers in the form of human frequency, able to be heard by you!

Semioticelexiphony soundwave is received by the Pet Migo’s ® patented MigoMic™ microphone.

*Note: Pet Migo ® performs voiceprint analysis in microseconds, providing "real-time" speeds.

[ 018 ]

Sound-wave is sent to the computing chip to perform the “on-the-fly� voiceprint analysis and re-modulation.

Re-modulated sound waves are deciphered in human frequency and sent to the imbedded speakers which project the animals speech. (For humans, the cycle is reversed via the embedded microphone and two frontal speakers on unit.)

[ 019 ]

////////// Semioticelexiphony Transmitter

Our scientists at PetaCorp’s Acoustic Laboratories discovered that sound-waves contain “Voiceprint Expressions” and developed a system of mapping out the complex sound-wave puzzle. We call this process “Semioticelexiphony.” Most animals project a Semioticelexiphony sound-wave in the 5,000 Hz range. The Pet Migo ® system comes with three remodulators for processing the voiceprint data. Note: Certain animals may project a harmonic component under 2,000 Hz, making it inaudible for human translation.

Right Audio

Left Solar Shield Right Solar Shield


Adjustable Stem

Left Audio MigoMic™ Microphone

Metallic Silver Base

[ 020 ]

Right Transmitter

Left Transmitter

Right Solar Shield

Left Solar Shield

Left Re-Modulator

Right Re-Modulator

Alternate Animal Dial Alternate Animal Dial (close-up view)

Left Audio Right Audio Adjustable Stem MigoMic™ Microphone

[ 021 ]

I know right, I can’t believe it either! Now that we can understand each other, can I talk to you about something that’s been on my mind?

[ 022 ]

So, you know that guy you’ve been dating that comes over all the time? Well, when you leave the room, he throws things at me, he’s mean. I’m trying really hard not to bite him. But, I gotta tell you, one of these days I’m gonna let him have it, I swear. I don’t care much for him. Where is the other guy? He was cool.

[ 023 ]

////////// What people say Don’t just take it from us, read what some of our users are saying. We’ve recieved great feedback and support from many pet lovers, and from the pets themselves! We love to hear their stories of how the Pet Migo ® has changed their lives. There's a pet revolution happening around the world, and its called the Pet Migo ® !

“And to think, I’ve been trying to talk to these people for years. Now, I just ask for what I want, and I get it! Although I gotta say, I’m surprised at the low level of intellect humans have, I thought they were much more intelligent. Whatever, bone please!”

“So, exciting! I can’t believe I went without a PetMigo for all these years! Not only did I gain a new appreciation for my pets, but now I have someone to talk to every everyday when I come home from work! The PetMigo has changed my life for sure!”

[ 024 ]

“It’s really set a new standard of living for me and Brutus. I used to assume that he liked eating my leftover sausages, but then he told me he hates it when I put Düsseldorfer mustard on them because it upsets his stomach, I would have never known.”

[ 025 ]

Order Now!

////////// ways to order Give us a call toll free: 1-800-PET-MIGO our trained operators are standing by 7 days a week for your convenience to answer any questions. Visit our new website: Shop from the comfort of your own home, we accept all forms or electronic payments. Stop by our San Francisco Location: 1755 Van Ness Avenue San Francisco, CA. 94109

DISCLAIMER: Although this product does enable communication with your pets, we cannot guarantee a successful outcome. Cer tain animals may suf fer from personalit y disorders, hold grudges for past abuse/neglect, or simply may not be receptive to this new lifest yle. Please use with care. Should issues arise, through use of this product, we re commend p et - hum an t herapy options. For more information, contact our conflict resolution department.

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final book for type III class. i created a ficticiuos product and designed a book with all original photography, ilustrations and content.