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“The best camera systems in the world require the best compact flash solution. With the launch of the new H4D-40, Hasselblad has looked to the SanDisk Extreme® Pro™ CompactFlash® cards as the best choice for reliability and speed, creating a perfect blend of the world’s best digital technology.”

–Mark Duhaime, VP Marketing, Hasselblad USA

90 MB/second

capacities up to 64 GB

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capacities up to 32 GB *up to 90 MB/sec read/write speed for Extreme Pro; up to 60 MB/sec for Extreme. Speeds based on SanDisk internal testing performance may be lower depending upon host device. 1 megabyte (MB) = 1 million bytes x=150 KB/sec. 1 gigabyte (GB) = 1 billion bytes. Some capacity not available for data storage. 10 year warranty in Germany and regions not recognizing Lifetime limited warranty. © 2010 SanDisk Corporation . All rights reserved. SanDisk, the SanDisk logo, CompactFlash and SanDisk Extreme are trademarks of SanDisk Corporation. Registered in the U.S. and other countries. SanDisk Extreme Pro and Power Core are trademarks of SanDisk Corporation


This year’s Hasselblad Masters recently completed their work on unique and outstanding images for the new book: “Hasselblad Masters, Volume 2 – Emotion”. Publisher teNeues will release the book in October, at which point we will all be able to enjoy the beautiful fruits of the photographers’ hard work. The publication will make a historical statement, proving that if talented photographers are given the opportunity to create their most excellent work, the result will be outstanding, touching images full of emotion. The ten 2009/2010 Hasselblad Masters worked independently, using Hasselblad equipment to create unique photographs, where “emotion” is the common thread. The resulting pictures reflect a broad range of emotions – inspired by art, innovation, the people we come across in our everyday lives, our unique, innermost thoughts, and – most importantly – by life and photography. The ten artists chosen as 2009/2010 Hasselblad Masters are: Bang Peng/Landscape, Stephan Zirwes/ Architecture, Joao Carlos/Wedding, Mark Holthusen/ Product, Dirk Rees/Fashion, Nina Berman/Editorial, Claudio Napolitano/Portrait, Mark Zibert/General, Lyle Owerko/Up-and-Coming, Alex and Felix/Fine art. They all belong to a new generation of photographers, and I am proud to be able to present the outcome of their projects in this book, to be released in autumn. “Hasselblad Masters, Volume 2 – Emotion” is both a celebration of their skills and work, and a homage to the art of photography. More than that – and perhaps more than anything – it is a tribute to the passion that goes into great photography and the emotions it arouses. In this issue of VICTOR online we are bringing you fascinating images by former Hasselblad Master, Andrej Kopac. Starting on page 26, the Canadian photographer shows us the results of a rather unusual fashion shoot. Taken in an old-school boxing gym in Toronto, he used an H3D-39 to create images surrounding the subject of boxing as an aggressive sport, and the falseness or plasticity of art. When it comes to the processing and management of their pictures, Hasselblad photographers have already been enjoying the workflow advantages of Phocus software for a long time. Now the most recent version is available as a free download: Phocus 2.5 supports not only digital Hasselblad cameras, but also 150 others from third party manufacturers. This allows photographers working with various camera systems to make use of Phocus for all their workflow. Find out on page 4 what the first professionals have to say after working with the new 2.5 version of Phocus. I hope you enjoy this latest edition of VICTOR online.


With brilliantly colored and clearly structured images, Fares el Jammal reveals the future of Yas Island

4 >> News Phocus 2.5: In addition to Hasselblad digital cameras, Phocus 2.5 supports over 150 cameras from other manu­fac­tu­rers. Moreover, the new version ensures an even better work flow · Hasselblad Owners’ Club: The latest Photo of the Month has been chosen.

6 >> fares el jammal Dubai and Lebanon-based photographer Fares El Jammal photographed promotional motifs for Yas Island, a gigantic pleasure resort currently under construction in Abu Dhabi. His aerial compositions are both graphic and colorful.

22 >> Nikola borissov Registered users of the Hasselblad Owners’ Club site have chosen an image by the Bulgarian photographer as Photo of the Month. At VICTOR online, he introduces some of his most beautiful shots and explains why he loves the fashion genre so much.

26 >> Andrej kopac The Canadian was always fascinated by boxing. Recently, the fashion photographer did a photo shoot at an old-school boxing gym in Toronto, where he explores both boxing as an aggressive sport, and the falseness or plasticity of art.

38 >> preview A cloud of ash kept Europe holding its breath for weeks on end whilst also causing havoc for air travel. Armed with an H4D-40, the Swedish photographer, Hans Strand, captured exciting and contrast-rich images of Iceland’s Eyjafjallajökull volcano.

Christian Nørgaard, Photographer Relations Manager Hasselblad

ONLINE 6/2010


victornEWS Image processing software

Download Phocus 2.5 now Phocus 2.5 is the exciting new version of the workflow tool for Mac users, and it is now already available on the Hasselblad website. Phocus 2.5 features a ground-breaking achievement: In addition to Hasselblad’s own digital cameras and backs, the workflow tool supports RAW files from over 150 third party digital cameras, including manufacturers such as Canon, Nikon, Sony and many more. Of further particular interest is the fact that Phocus 2.5 also benefits photographers using Leaf digital backs. In addition, most common file formats such as TIFF, JPEG, DNG and PNG are supported as well. Phocus 2.5 supports these formats, allowing users to streamline their picture processing, management, and display. For Hasselblad photographers, the support that Phocus 2.5 now offers for other picture formats has the great advantage that users can do all their image processing using just one intuitive, high performance software. Like many of his colleagues, Dutch photographer Ray Stofberg (www. uses a 35mm camera system alongside his Hasselblad. In

any picture format using just one application. That’s brilliant!” It is hard to imagine better quality than the one seen in the pictures that Phocus manages to extract from the RAW files. If the photographer is using Hasselblad cameras or backs, the digital auto correction (DAC) feature ensures that even the smallest visual defects, such as vignetting, distortion or chromatic aberration, are eliminated. “Thanks to DAC the results are much better than anything else that is able to read Hasselblad Raw files,“ Ray Stofberg reckons. Though this possibility is not available for other camera systems and picture formats, Phocus is still a reflection of the outstanding expertise Hasselblad has acquired over many years of research and development, managing to draw every last bit of picture information out of the RAW images and offering intuitive handling at the same time. English photographer Dan Kenyon ( praises Phocus’ ability to convert his Canon’s RAW files, saying, “Phocus is very quick, very snappy and the preview files have an extra clarity.” The secret behind the fact that

Australian photographer, Jeff Grant, is delighted with Phocus 2.5. “I can work with just about any picture format using just one application. That’s brilliant.”

Phocus 2.5 can suddenly deal with over 150 third party camera models is called Mac OS X. This is because the Apple operating system offers a systems-wide, applicable imaging engine for RAW files and other picture formats that Phocus 2.5 can process. Apple continues to develop the Mac OS X support for RAW files on a regular basis, which will allow for increasing numbers of formats to be added in the future. Of course, not all Phocus features can be used with other cameras. Tethered shooting, for example, is still reserved to Hasselblad

his opinion, “Phocus 2.5 should be a real time saver when it comes to photo shoots where I have to use both systems. All the Nikon data that I’ve seen so far has looked really great.” Australian photographer, Jeff Grant (, gets right down to the point, “With Phocus I can work with just about


ONLINE 6/2010

owners because it is a feature that is very much tailored to Hasselblad cameras. Unfortunately, unlike the Mac OS X, the Windows operating system does not include any integrated RAW engine, so that the support of RAW files from third party cameras is currently limited to Mac users. Even so, a new version, which will include all other Phocus 2.5 features, is in the process of being developed for Windows users. With the aim of making Phocus easier for new users to deal with, version 2.5 also offers a “Lite Mode”. This feature provides a bare-bones user-friendly interface that makes it easier to access Phocus’ key functions, such as browsing, printing and slide show creation. The "Light Mode" is intended as starting point only. All the tools and processing abilities are always present and always accessible behind the scenes just a "click" away. For example, Jeff Grant uses the slide show feature quite often, saying, “Slide shows are a great way to do a quick review.” Other new features include a full format, higher quality print function, and small but significant interface improvements such as the overlay of exposure information up at the top of the preview display window. The multiple color pickers allow the inclusion of more control dots that constantly exhibit the color values in a picture, a feature that can be very helpful during image processing. “The multiple color pickers are a huge asset for still shooters that need real precision,” Ray Stofberg says, praising the innovation. “It takes out the guess work. Now you can see immediately what results you get when you alter your set.” Phocus 2.5 is not only an absolute


Hasselblad Owners’ Club 6/2010

Hasselblad users all over the world exchange news on the Hasselblad Owners’ Club (HOC) site. At the end of May, registered users chose a new Photo of the Month, taken by Claudio Napolitano. With this picture, the US based portrait photographer prevailed over the strong competition. We will fully introduce him in the July issue of VICTOR online. ■

must for Hasselblad photographers because of its capacity to support third party cameras, but because the improvements make it possible to work more productively and efficiently. Dan Kenyon expresses it very clearly, “Phocus becomes more intuitive with every upgrade.” Above all, however, Phocus 2.5 gives all other photographers the chance to get a taste of the world of Hasselblad, and to see how intuitive, first rate and uncomplicated it has become to work with a Hasselblad camera. The invitation is open to every one: Phocus 2.5 for Mac is ready and free of charge to download immediately after registering at ■ Dutch photographer, Ray Stofberg, used Phocus 2.5 to process this image. In his opinion, “The multiple color pickers are a huge asset for still shooters that need real precision.”

Phocus 2.5 for mac is here. Whether you’re shooting with a Hasselblad or just curious to try out our newest, most powerful image processing software, the new Phocus 2.5 has something for you. With Phocus 2.5 you can import your 35mm files (or most any other files, RAW or otherwise, for that matter) into Phocus, and work in the same powerful and intuitive processing environment, no matter where your files are coming from.

Phocus 2.5 features a host of new photographer oriented features designed to get the most from your workflow. Features such as a new full high quality printing function, a slide show feature, a new sample picker allowing multiple color or grey scale readout options, the sharing of import of keywords, enhanced preview quality and much more. Download Phocus 2.5 (absolutely free and with full resolution sample images) from

PHoto: gRegoR HAlenDA

break on through to the other side.

Fares EL Jammal Yas Island in Abu Dhabi is on its way to beco足ming a gigantic pleasure resort. Dubai and Lebanon-based photographer Fares el Jammal shows us what the island may look like one day. He photographed promotional motifs for Yas Island in Miami and Maranello. The graphic and colorful aerial compositions make a visit to the real island extremely tempting.

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ONLINE 6/2010

ONLINE 6/2010



ONLINE 6/2010

“It took five minutes to shoot this image, but more than three hours to prepare: After setting up, the 40 cast members had to keep dead still, waiting for the clouds to move away from the sun, which was essential for creating the long shadows,� el Jammal explains

ONLINE 6/2010


Photographer Fares el Jammal took this shot from a crane, after building a Jazz Lounge on a Miami beach. The Lebanese photographer not only controlled the positions and body language of the band and guests, but also every aspect of the lighting


ONLINE 6/2010

ONLINE 6/2010


Above: To capture an impression of what a spa on Yas Island might look like, Fares el Jammal and his team spent a long time looking for a spa with a high ceiling. They finally opted to build one in a studio; below: To take this picture of a business meeting in a hotel


ONLINE 6/2010

lobby, Fares el Jammal hung on a secure rope from a hotel ceiling; right side: To show the kind of atmosphere outdoor restaurants in the Yas Island Malls will have, Fares el Jammal photographed extras in local dress from the top of a cherry picker crane

Fares Jammal Portfolio

ONLINE 6/2010



ONLINE 6/2010

For this bird’s eye view of a gym, el Jammal had to resort to tricks: “Due to the unavailability of gyms with ceilings higher than 2 meters, the production team had to come up with a special horizontal bridge set-up that allowed me to take this 90 degree picture.”

ONLINE 6/2010


Fares el Jammal’s images are used to promote Yas Island. Whole fleets of sailing and motor boats should one day fill the Yas Island marinas. This picture, taken from a helicopter, gives an impression of what that might look like


ONLINE 6/2010

ONLINE 6/2010



ONLINE 6/2010

Fares el Jammal took this photograph from a helicopter. He used a loud speaker to give the cast precise instructions regarding placement and poses. Many luxury villas with their own docks are being planned for Yas Island

ONLINE 6/2010


Portfolio Fares El Jammal

Fares el Jammal’s brilliant colors, graphically perfect compositions and sharp aerial shots speak of sun­ shine, holidays and Yas Island – and they do an excellent job for Aldar Real Estate’s enormous advertising campaign. It is estimated that the company will have spent around 40 billion dollars by 2013, turning the flat, sandy island of Yas, located in the United Arab Emirate of Abu Dha­ bi, into a bombastic travel and plea­ sure resort. To attract investors and customers, they commissioned el Jam­ mal to take photos and create ima­ges of what it might look like one day. In July 2008, Yas Island was little more than a gigantic construction site. Consequently, el Jammal decid­ ed to take photos in Florida’s most fa­ mous town, explaining that “the fin­ ished island will look somewhat like Miami”. He also chose Ferrari hometown Maranello in Italy, because, in addition to the Formula 1 Yas Marina Circuit inaugurated in November 2009, the first ever Ferrari Theme Park will be located on Yas Island. El Jammal spent two days in northern Italy and twenty in Miami, captur­ ing bird’s eye views with an H3D-39. “Most of the shoot was done from a helicopter. We had two of them 12 hours a day,” el Jammal explains. “However, some ground shots were taken from cranes set up specially for our shoot, with a production team of at least 20 people.” El Jammal went all over Miami in search of the right motifs – and he found them in hotels, walkways, roads, golf courses and, of course, on the beach. For one shot he even had to ask the local police to cordon off a main street. “After finishing the shoot, I asked one of the policemen to pretend as if he was arresting me in front of a Miami police car. A picture was taken – so you can imagine what a great joke it was for my friends over­ seas,” el Jammal remembers.


ONLINE 6/2010

Private heli-pads will offer easy access to and departure from Yas Island. “It was a risky shot because the helicopter rotors below had to be turning,” Fares el Jammal explains

Below: Fun sports will play a great role on pleasure resort Yas Island – such as drag racing see here; right: Three jet skis create the Yas Island logo with their wakes

Born in Lebanon, the photogra­ pher commutes regularly between his home country and Dubai, though he also travels to other Gulf States for his work. The son of a wedding pho­ tographer, he took part in and won a national photography competition at age 17. “That was when I decided to turn this passion into a profession. I changed my major from computer sciences into photography,” he ex­ plains. He has now worked as a pro­ fessional photographer since 1992, mostly in advertising, architecture and landscapes. “For landscape pho­ tography, I get to see more of the world, travelling and exploring its natural beauty, waiting for the right moment to take a picture. It never ceases to amaze me,” he admits. For the viewer, the aerial shots for the Yas Island campaign create the sensation of being drawn into the motif. In addition to the static, graphic compositions, el Jammal’s photos include life-like details that incite the viewer to actively par­ ticipate. The brilliant colors appear brighter than nature, though they are in fact all natural. El Jammal in­ sists that none of his pictures be re­ touched, but rather reflect exactly what the H3D-39 has captured. “It’s a great camera that allows me to have great quality in work, resolution and colors. Passion combined with tech­ nology,” el Jammal enthuses. He now also owns an H4D-50 and is planning his next photo project on the Male­ dive Islands. However, he is still involved with Yas Island. The construction work on the 2,500 hectare island has ad­ vanced considerably. “I’m amazed at how fast it got built. I also admire its hotels, high tech buildings and creative architecture,” Fares el Jam­ mal says with delight. “It makes it so unique, and worth being shot again on location. I think we’re going to continue with the same concept on the real island.”

ONLINE 6/2010



ONLINE 6/2010


Hasselblad Owners’ Club 5/2010

Nikola Borissov Members of the Hasselblad Owners’ Club have chosen a picture by Nikola Borissov as Photo of the Month. Introducing the Bulgarian fashion photographer and his aesthetic world!

In the autumn of 2003, while studying politics and economy in Milan, Nikola Borissov bought a small digital camera. Photography soon became an obsession for the native Bulgarian, till one morning in February 2006 he woke up knowing that he wanted to become a professional photographer – specifically, a fashion photographer. “I love fashion photography, the ability to be completely detached from reality, to create beauty instead of just recording it from your surroundings, the freedom of the imagination that it involves,” Borissov explains. Films by Wong Kar Wai, Tarsem Singh, Giuseppe Tornatore, Federico Fellini and Wim Wenders are among his great sources of inspiration. The HOC winning photo (this page, top left) was taken during a cinema-inspired photo shoot: Borissov was doing a fashion series for the Bulgarian magazine “Jenata dnes”, based on the 1978 film “That obscure object of desire” by Luis Buñuel. Equipped with an H3DII-39 and 35mm lens, Borissov cast his close friend Victoria as the femme fatale during a nighttime shoot in Sofia. Since then he has purchased an H4D-40. “The H4D-40 and the HCD 35-90 are exactly what I want and need for my style of work,” Borissov says. He plans to take them on trips next year to Cape Town, Barcelona and Jakarta, to add some glamor to his portfolio before settling down as a photographer in Paris. Vita: Born in Sofia/Bulgaria in 1980; lived in Milan from 1999 to 2009; freelance photographer since 2006. Published among others in Elle, Cosmopolitan, Glamour and Madame Figaro.

ONLINE 6/2010



Hasselblad Owners’ Club 5/2010


ONLINE 6/2010

Hasselblad Master portfolio


Andrej Kopac “I love Los Angeles. I love Hollywood. They’re beautiful. Everybody’s plastic, but I love plastic. I want to be plastic.” This Andy Warhol quote inspired Canadian Hasselblad Master, Andrej Kopac, to put together a photo series combining boxing and fashion, titled “I Want to be Plastic”. “Glamor, fashion and public life have become increasingly plastic. This plasticity exists in contradistinction to what boxing used to stand for. Yet now, to imagine modern existence without it, is to appear naïve,” the 41 year old comments. Kopac was always fascinated by boxing – in particular by Muhammad Ali, the glamor and the social clout that surrounded the boxer and the sport in the early 70s. In the 90s, Kopac watched the rise and fall of Mike Tyson and the deterioration of the sport. “I wanted to re-envisage some of the glitz and grit of boxing with this project. But I didn’t want to explore the subject in a traditional way. So I thought of some of the more iconic moments in the story of boxing and how it influenced aspects outside of the sport, like art and culture. Since I have been working with fashion in my photography in the last few years, I used that as a filter through which to view famous boxing moments,” he explains. He took the series with an H3D-39 at Sully’s, an old-school boxing gym in Toronto. The sleek models dressed in sequined outfits and high heels seem artificial, rather plastic against the rough backdrop that is normally associated with blood and sweat. Even so, the poses suit the location – including the infamous bite on the ear, courtesy of Mike Tyson.


ONLINE 6/2010

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ONLINE 6/2010


ONLINE 6/2010



ONLINE 6/2010

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ONLINE 6/2010



ONLINE 6/2010

ONLINE 6/2010



ONLINE 6/2010

ONLINE 6/2010



ONLINE 6/2010

Next victor online: 1 July 2010 Be surprised by inspiring portfolios, keep up-to-date with the most significant photographic trends and read leading news for the photography community. On July 1st, 2010, check your monitor for the next issue of VICTOR online.

michael schmidt >> the photographer’s best H4D-40 fashion, portrait and architecture shots

hans strand >> contrast-rich and exciting images of Iceland’s Eyjafjallajökull volcano

>> discover the aesthetic world of the photographer who took the Hasselblad Owners’ Club photo of the month: Claudio Napolitano


Hasselblad Owners’ Club 6/2010

Items and topics in the next issue of VICTOR online may be changed or post-poned due to editorial or other reasons.


ONLINE 6/2010

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