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It has been said that a good first impression opens a lot of doors, and affects the way you're further perceived. That's why women around the globe make it their top priority to present themselves at their finest each and every time they walk out of the front door. Of course, to make a lasting impression, you need to dress in style and know how to focus on your natural beauty, while still being comfortable. A commonly used article of female clothing nowadays, jeans are woman's weapon when it comes to fabulous looks. And whether it's Milleone, Calvin Klein, Levi's or just an off-brand pair of jeans, wearing them properly is important to the final result. Here are some basic factors you need to keep in mind when choosing and wearing jeans: -Size. Finding the right size of jeans is of paramount importance. Attempting to wear jeans which simply do not fit you can have disastrous results. Instead, first determine your body size and try to look for the appropriate size of denims. This seems simple enough, but the fact that different companies comply with different "sizing standards" means that sometimes the listed size of the jeans won't match your actual size -Color. Picking the right set of colors is important as well. While darker jeans are a good idea for any figure, lighter colors are often suitable only for fit women. Some designers make jeans with lots of "effects" on the fabric. In small amounts, this can make you appear more stylish, but when it's overdone, it simply looks ridiculous. Keep that in mind when selecting your next pair of jeans. You'd want to have a little "wear and tear", but you would certainly not want to appear like a beggar -Length. How short should a pair of shorts be? Should you even wear shorts? It's vital to ask yourself these questions before buying a pair that you will either not wear, or a pair you'll look ridiculous in. The general effect people buy shorts for is because they reveal the legs. If you have any visible problems with your legs, you should avoid wearing shorts. But even if you have magnificent thighs and legs, you shouldn't be quick to buy the shortest pair of jeans possible. The general rule is that shorts should cover your entire bottom and an inch more. You wouldn't want to look like a streetwalker in her underwear, would you? If you want to be treated with respect, choose revealing clothing, but leave something to the imagination Last but not least, make sure you have a variety of denims for different moods and occasions Experimentation is the key to looking good. Get lots of different colors, sizes and designs and try them out Surely some of them would look better on you than others. You're probably thinking that this might turn out to be very expensive, but in reality there are heaps of cheap brands to buy.Once you find "your thing", you may want to get a nicer pair from an established brand, like the Spanish Milleone jeans, for example.

Make a great first impression jeans and shorts are the way to look fascinator this summer  

It has been said that a good first impression opens a lot of doors, and affects the way you're further perceived. That's why women around th...