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The Wedgefield News A Monthly Publication Produced by the Wedgefield Homeowners Association VOLUME 10, ISSUE 6

JUNE 2011

Directors Meeting 6:30 pm • General Members 7:30 pm • Wed. June 8, 2011 • Wedgefield Golf Club The Monthly Meetings are held the second Wednesday of every month.

Note from the President: June, my favorite month of all, in fact, if I was in charge of establishing holidays I would make the month of June a holiday. Not much happens in June on a natural scale, but manmade events happen to screw it all up. Lots of war news seems to clutter up the “historical” column in June, it seems that military planners thought June would be a great month the destroy crap. Maybe it was the weather, yes, perfect weather, as in “today is a great day to die”. Go to Arlington or Normandy, France to confirm that quote. Perhaps the Government needs to take the month off too, yes go home and fill up the family car, by some groceries, let us know how you feel when you get back to D.C. The United States announced the purchase of Alaska from Russia in June of 1867. The Government paid 2 cents per acre or around 7 Million dollars; today the United States spends nearly that amount, 6.8 million dollars, every minute, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. That which cannot continue… won’t. Father’s Day falls in June, my birthday too, I think they are close enough that I should be able to stay in bed from one to the other,

maybe which is why I think the whole month should be a holiday. Father’s Day is much different than Mothers Day. On Mother’s Day everyone pitches in to take Mom out to eat, no fuss, like a well planned bank job, in and out, nobody gets hurt. Dads on the other hand want to show their cooking prowess on the grill, meat, lots of MEAT. It would not be so bad but us fathers know cooking does not mean cleaning, we seem to be able (in Man World) to separate one from the other, as in; “I want to cook, yes, I will cook everything, meat, grilled veggies, more meat; honey you go get the stuff on this list, make the salad, bake a cake, set the table, cut the melon, pick up after everyone, do the dishes and I will do all the work, just relax” Moms, do yourselves a favor, hide the grill, send the kids to the Chicken Palace for the take home “Fathers Day Feeding Frenzy” and get out the paper plates and plastic ware. It’s either that or spend the day cleaning up after us, turn it into Mothers Day 2.0 but just let us think it’s all about us. continued on page 2

T he S pe ake rs for Ju ne’s Home ow ners Associ at ion Me et ing are : M r. M ike D i xon, Ve te rans Af fai rs S erv ic e Of fi ce r a nd Mr. B ria n Hut chi ngs, D i rec tor of Publ i c Re l at ions, Or ange Co. E xpres swa y Auth orit y see page 2 for details


The Wedgefield News

Note from the President continued from page 1

This month’s speakers will be from Orange County Veterans Affairs AND Orange County Expressway Authority, bring your friends and neighbors to this meeting or they can forever hold their peace when it comes to current questions about the tolls, in fact, if you come and afterwards one of your neighbors who chose to stay home and stare at their belly button that night ask you a question about the Toll Way you have my permission to cover them in honey and stake them down on a Fire Ant mound. “Then let us, one and all, be contented with our lot; The June is here this morning, and the sun is shining hot; Oh! let us fill our hearts up with the glory of the day, And banish ev’ry doubt and care and sorrow far away.” Have a wonderful month. Rob

6 ,0 00 Acr e Tr op h y Hu n tin g L e as e 35 minutes from Wedgefield Lease with well established, family oriented hunt club. Trophy deer, turkey, wild hog, ducks , dove and fishing ponds. QDMA Managed . Water and power in camp, walk-in cooler. 9 food plots and 6 feeders maintained all year. Lease backs up to the St. Johns river marsh. Limited to 11 members, we have room for one more hunter. Guests and children are welcome. Pl e as e c al l M at t @ 321 557 7010.


JUNE SPEAKER Br i an H ut c hi ng s Mr. Hutchings serves the Orlando-Orange County Expressway Authority as a Public Information Officer/Community Liaison. He provides public outreach for all Expressway Authority roadway construction projects as well as the Wekiva Parkway Project Development and Environmental (PD&E) study. Mr. Hutchings works to relay projectrelated information and issues to residents, businesses, motorists, local media and governmental agencies. He keeps the public informed of what is being done on the projects, and why, which has helped maintain a positive relationship between the communities and the Expressway Authority. Mr. Hutchings has over 15 years of experience in the transportation industry. Prior to joining the Expressway Authority, Mr. Hutchings served as the Marketing Manager for Bay Area Commuter Services where he managed a marketing team that implemented commuter assistance programs in the Tampa Bay area. Mr. Hutchings also brings a national perspective to transit-related issues having worked in Washington D.C. serving as the Editor of the TDM Review, a quarterly trade journal for the Association for Commuter Transportation, and helping to develop a national campaign and toolkit to promote Commuter Choice programs. After graduating from the Penn State University with a B.S. in Public Administration and a minor in Communications, Mr. Hutchings worked in the Pennsylvania State House of Representatives conducting research for Republican State Representatives.

Happy Father’s Day!


The Wedgefield News


10 YEARS! T H A N K Y O U WE D G E F I E LD R E S I D E N T S . Wedgefield has been Firewise for 10 years now and we are being recognized in the summer issue of Firewise How To newsletter (you can obtain this newsletter by logging on to One of the questions that we were asked was what were our challenges and as many of you know money has always been a challenge for us. Our funding comes from those who participate in our events, by donations in cash or items that we can raffle off. Unlike many of the other Firewise communities we do not have funds/grants from county, state or city agencies. We and you should be proud of what Wedgefield has accomplished on a budget of less than $1,000.00 a year. Imagine what we could do with $10,000.00? We want to thank our partners for helping Wedgefield continue to be a premier Firewise Community; Division of Forestry, Orange County Fire Rescue Department, Orange County Extension Service, Orange County Parks and Recreation, Ranger Drainage District, St. John’s River Water Management District, Orange County Environmental Protection Division, Florida Department of Emergency Management, Deseret Ranch and Wedgefield HomeOwners Association. Fire season has already started in Wedgefield. On the night on May 13th, during a storm 3 separate fires were started by lightning. Each fire burned less than an acre and no structures were damaged, thanks to Orange County Fire

Rescue Department for responding so quickly. Now is the time to look around your property and see what fuel you can reduce before a fire comes close. And don’t forget put your street number on BOTH sides of your mailbox in 3” or larger number. Make it easy for them to find your property. Join us for our next meeting on June 9th. We are looking for ideas on events that we can sponsor and comments on past events. Can’t attend the meeting, send us an email at We look forward to hearing from you. Again, thank you for your support.

CLASSIFIED / FOR SALE King Size Sleigh bed frame, solid oak, from Ashley Furniture. 14” side rails, great condition. Call 732-221-8370.


The Wedgefield News


Wedgefield Homeowner’s Association First Annual

Las Vegas Style Casino Night Extravaganza Wedgefield Golf Club Saturday, August 13, 2011 6:30 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. Raffles, Games, Prizes 50/50 drawings

Door Prize - Flat Screen Television Included In Admission: $100.00 in “Fun Bucks” • 5 Door Prize Tickets • 10 Raffle Tickets “One” of the following: Draft beer, Glass Of Wine, Well Drink or choice of non-alcoholic fountain drink. Member admission in advance $20.00 per person Non members in advance $25.00 per person At the Door $30.00

Regular menu and full bar will be available from the Bar and Restaurant.

To register and for more details call Ruth Moore 407-325-6694 or Tom Minter 407-970-7038 DJ Music Come out and have some fun and see some old friends and meet some new ones! You don’t want to miss this party!


Thank You

The Wedgefield News


Luncheon and Movie Group

I would like to thank everyone who attended our annual Easter Eggstravaganza! We “hid” over 1000 eggs with a few surprises! Jumptime, LLC showed up with their friendly and professional crew! If you are looking for something fun at your next party, visit their website Thanks to all of our volunteers, starting with our Easter Bunny, Diane Kitsch. Erika Kearney Mary Prescott Will Moore Tonya Todd Luke Burke Paul Brunhammer Ana Visscher Sherri Encarnacion Cookie Encarnacion Debbie Goderis Ed Cearfoss Also, thank you to Char Minter, Cindy Bethoney and Sylvia Cox for their donations.

I have a news flash for all of you. There will always be something productive to do – something we feel we should accomplish. For years we have lived with the illusion that we would eventually finish every bit of work we could possibly find to do. Then, and only then we will take time for leisure activities. Oh what fun we will have then! So we have decided to stop and take time out for a leisurely lunch and a movie. Every Tuesday, a group of fun gals gather at a different restaurant, catch up on our daily activities and enjoy a nice lunch. After lunch, some run errands and other take in a movie. In April and May, the Lunch Bunch dined at “Red Lobster”, “Good Fellows”, “Too-Jay’s”, “Vido’s”, “Applebee’s”, “Long Horn Steak House”, “Friendly Confines”, “Smokey Bones”, “Olive Garden”, and “Steak and Shake’. The movies we enjoyed were “The Unknown”, “Something Borrowed”, “Tyler Perry’s Medea’s Big Happy Family” and “Bridesmaids”. If you are interested in some social activity call Jan Berglund (407) 568-3313 or Sylvia Cox (407) 5682410.

Real Estate Professionals


The Wedgefield News



The Wedgefield News


“WEDGEFIELD CLASSY RED HAT LADIES” We have all heard that attitude is everything and basically it is. As I have connected with other “Red Hatters” over the past few years, I have seen that all of us have the power to shape the way we view the world and to adopt the methods of coping with the ups and downs of life. We know that life is no bed of roses but we are not afraid of the tough stuff. On March 18th the “Red Hatters” had a wonderful time at “Olive Garden”. Ruth Oliver, Beverly Rusch and Martha Jo Simpkins were the hostesses. There were 8 door prizes and all of the winners seemed pleased. There were 29 “Red Hatters” and the tables were decorated with class; everyone got a small cut out Red Hat. The highlight of the day was when Ruth Oliver’s daughter Ann Demeanovich took a group picture of everyone and gave every “Red Hatter” a copy to treasure. On April 15th, there were 32 “Red Hatters” at the Wedgefield Golf & Country Club. We had a delicious lunch and lots of door prizes; we played games which everyone seemed to enjoy. Rosemary Wolfe, Louise Pelliccio, Nancy Ingerman and

Sylvia Cox were the hostesses and the theme was “Easter”. There were animated bunnies all over the place, some were hopping and others were singing the Easter song. We also invited our neighbor Diane Kitsch who came with her face painted and in an Easter Bunny costume. We gave her our Easter baskets filled with candies and she handed out the goodies and gave the winners their door prizes. Theresa Jones won a prize for having the most jewelry on and Marty Fioramanti won for having the most lipsticks in her cosmetic bag. Lou Lasley and Linda Descheneaux won for guessing the number of jelly beans in a jar. Ofelia Aguinaldo won a prize for being the only one that renewed her wedding vows 3 times. The tables were beautifully decorated with purple lace and red hats to take home. We had 2 guests; Judy Schmidt and Cindy Strayer from the “Silly Sassy Sisters” Red Hat Group. They commented that we really know how to have a good time. On May 20th, Doris Bodecker, Peg Ackerman, Nancy and Kelly Crosby will be organizing the luncheon at “Ruby Tuesday. See you there – Sylvia


The Wedgefield News



The Wedgefield News



The Wedgefield News


NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH Each Month Neighborhood Watch Information will continue to be published in an ongoing effort to keep our community informed on crime watch matters. During the last half of APRIL to the present date of MAY 15, 2011, based on Orange County Sheriff’s crime statistics and individual reports There WAS 1 reported STOLEN VEHICLE ON BALLARD in the 2700 BLOCK and 1 RESIDENTIAL BURGLARY ON BALLARD in the 2700 BLOCK. Regarding the residential burglary an observant neighbor on Ballard provided information that eventually resulted in an arrest and the return of a stolen laptop computer. We all know that NEIGHBORS are the best deterrent to crime and we need to get to know them and let them know us. Continuing this discussion NHW NIGHT OUT this year is on TUESDAY AUGUST 2nd and this year rather than the ICE CREAM SOCIAL in the park we are going to do something different. This year we are going to do a “MEET and GREET” as follows:

THE STREET AND EXCHANGE CONTACT INFO and discuss last years NHW Night Out theme of “SEE SOMETHING SAY SOMETHING”. After doing two (2) above E-MAIL or FAX ME that you have done that and also give my information to the neighbors so they can also E-MAIL or FAX ME that contact information has been shared. The sharing of information and the opportunity for everyone to update E-MAIL or PHONE NUMBERS will facilitate the sharing of future Neighborhood Watch Information. 5. MY E-MAIL ADDRESS IS or FAX 1-800-477-0208 Now let us be sure to LOCK UP, be GOOD NEIGHBORS, make the effort to BE OBSERVANT and take APPROPRATE ACTION. “SEE SOMETHING – SAY SOMETHING” To report a crime in progress, fire or medical emergency Dial 911. THE NUMBER to report suspicious activity or a crime committed Dial 407-836-HELP (4357) THEN PHIL UNSER at 407-679-6644 (24hrs).


SWEETWATER SPRINGS BOTTLED WATER, INC. Free Delivery • Bottled Water Delivery Service 5 gal Springwater $6.45, 5 gal Distilled water $6.45 5 gal Drinking water $5.95 SPECIAL OFFER! P.O. Box 780466 Phone 407-277-5331 Orlando, FL 32878 Fax 407-249-1863 Contact: Scott Erickson

The Wedgefield News


ppy Ha y Da


he Fat


“IN M EM ORY o f BOB WOLF E” Rosemary Wolfe is one of our “Red Hatters” and her beloved husband moved to Heaven on April 1, 2011. He was in the Air Force for 21 years, as a Radar Technician. He retired and moved to Orlando and went to work in the mail room at the Police Department. Later, he became a Bailiff in the Orange County Court System. He worked his way up to Supervisor of the Criminal Misdemeanor Section of the Orange County Courts. Rosemary met Bob at the Moose Hall Club in Bithlo in 1999 and dated for 5 years before they married in 2004; one day after Hurricane Charlie hit Orlando but they didn’t let that stop the wedding even without power! Bob was an avid Miami Dolphin and Pittsburg Steeler fan. His favorite position was in his recliner with a beer in one hand watching football. Rosemary and Bob spent the summers at their cabin in Pennsylvania. They loved to dance and dine at high-end restaurants. Bob had 3 daughters and 7 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. He will be greatly missed. He was a very generous man and everyone who knew him loved him.


OFFICE 407-568-8555 • MOBILE 407-758-3824 19230 SHELDON STREET • ORLANDO, FL 32833 • STATE LICENSE #CBC044695


The Wedgefield News


The Green Thumb Garden Club of Wedgefield met on May 5th. Mary Prescott, Chair of Wedgefield Firewise gave a presentation on Firewise landscaping including “good” plants to have near the house and the “bad” that should not be close to structures. At the June 2nd, Carman Mercado will speak on Landscaping a Florida home with shrubs and flowers and in July, Allison Sieger will demonstrate how to do a container garden. After the meeting we enjoyed lunch and conversation. Not a gardener but want to be? Join us and take advantage of the knowledge of others. Remember no rules, regulations or dues, just the joy of sharing ideas and learning about gardening. Join us on June 2nd, our meeting starts at 11 a.m. and is held in the conference room at the Wedgefield Country Club. Would you like more information, send an email to or call Janis at 407-5686563.

Technical problems with your computer? College student looking for computer work.

Call 407-668-9788


The Wedgefield News


NEW PLAZA PROJ ECT TO BALANCE TOLLS ON SR 528 Opening in July 1967, State Road 528, the Martin B. Andersen Expressway (once known as the Bee Line), was the first limited access toll facility built by the Orlando-Orange County Expressway Authority. When originally conceived, the metropolitian Orlando area was home to around 300,000 residents. Today, over two million people call Metro-Orlando home. The Expressway Authority has found that the growth and new connections to communities near SR 528, including the recent opening of Orange County’s Monument Parkway, has lead SR 528 traffic patterns to change. Many of our expressway customers are not traveling to the coast, instead using SR 528 for traveling shorter distances in Orange County. Currently, customers pay the same toll regardless of distance traveled. The new Dallas Boulevard Plaza aims to change that by splitting the toll between the two plazas allowing short distance customers to pay a lower toll rate. Those traveling the full length will pay the same rate as they currently pay. This investment in the construction of a new mainline toll plaza east of Dallas Boulevard will bring the cost-per-mile in alignment with the rest of our system.

The new mainline plaza is expected to open in early 2012. It will feature four Express Lanes and eight cash/receipt lanes. The toll will be $.75, while the SR 528 Beachline Main Plaza’s toll will be reduced from $1.50 to $.75. The toll at International Corporate Parkway (ICP) Boulevard ramp will be reduced to $0.50. In addition, new ramp toll booths are being constructed on the existing Dallas Boulevard ramps, the toll at each ramp will be $0.50. This new toll structure will save Wedgefield residents $0.25 in each direction as they travel between Dallas Boulevard and SR 528. Wednesday, June 15th, the Expressway Authority will be presenting information on this project at Wedgefield’s Homeowners Association meeting at the Wedgefield Golf & Country Club at 7:30 p.m. For additional information on this or other Expressway Authority projects visit or contact the Public Information Officer at 407-383-5817 or (Editor’s Note: See attached graphic of existing and future toll schedule for SR 528)


The Wedgefield News


Scho ols out f or Sum m er Kick off with a Beach Party June 17, 2011 $9.95 per person BBQ Hamburg, Hot Dog Buffet with all the sides Smores for Dessert Enjoy our Rum Runner or Pina Colada Drink Special Music by Lisa & Paul 8-11pm Enter to Win a Beautiful New Smyrna Condo 2 Night 3 Day Stay, 2 Bedroom 2 Bath Come to Clubhouse to enter. (Drawing June 17th at the beach party)

Fa t her’s Da y Buf f et & Pan ca ke S t a ti on June 19, 2011 8am – 12pm Country fried Steak, Bacon, Link Sausage, Egg Casserole, Bisquit & Gravy, Pastry Table, Fresh Fruit $11.95 per person Call ahead to reserve your table 407-568-2116 ext. 2.

June Golf Spe cial Each paid round of golf receive a free hot dog, draft beer or soda.

WEDGEFIELD PUBLIC PUB AND GRILLE 407-568-2116 ext. 4 Friday Menu 407-568-2116 ext 2, restaurant reservations

The Wedgefield News



Wedgefield Homeowners Association Membership Application Last Name ______________________________________________ First Name ______________________________________ Spouse/Other Household Member ____________________________________________________________________________ Address ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ City ____________________________________________________ State __________ Zip __________________________ Phone ________________________________________________ Fax ______________________________________________ E-mail ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

$50.00 Membership per year. Make checks payable to WHOA, Inc. Mail to P.O. Box 905, Christmas, FL 32709

Membership in the WHOA helps to support the children’s activities, enforcement of the codes and covenants, and the monthly newsletter. Become an active member and attend the monthly meetings and get to know your neighbors. Thank You for your support.

Advertiser Rates Size Business Card = 3 1/8 w, 1 3/4 h


Mr. Rob Goderis, President 407-568-8555

Mr. Victor DeLeon, Vice President 1-805-403-9175

Helen Unser, Secretary 407-568-9659 (cell)

Mrs. Martha (Marty) Fioramanti, Treasurer 407-568-9659 (cell)

Mrs. Cindy Bethoney, Director (Advertising: Newsletter & Website) 732-221-8370 (cell)

Mr. Victor Alzona, Director

Ricky Artes, Director 407-568-3194, 407-658-4848 or 4688

Mrs. Arlinda Phills, Director 407-568-8170

Ms. Ruth Moore, Director (Calendar & Community Activities) 407-325-6694 (For anything related to the Community Calendar or community events)

Mr. Rich Mehochko, Director (Codes & Covenants, Architectural Control) 407-568-0602, Cell: 407-701-3468 (For Deeded Restrictions & Permits) (Estoppel Letters)

Monthly Quarterly $18.00


1/4 Page = 3 5/8 w, 4 1/2 h



1/2 Page = 7 1/2 w, 4 1/2 h



Classified ads - $5.00 per line for the first three lines; $3 per line thereafter.

WHOA Members will receive a 25% discount on ads. Classified ads are free for the first three lines. All ads must be received and paid for by the 15th of the month. Please pay attention to ad size and have camera ready art available in the sizes you wish to produce. All ads should be directed to CINDY BETHONEY at 732-221-8370.

(Citizens on Patrol [COP]) 407-536-9852, Cell: 407-616-1852

͞SEE SOMETHING ʹ SAY SOMETHING͟ Mr. Phil Unser - Neighborhood Watch Program, CAPTAIN Suspicious Activity = 407-836-4357, Then Call Phil = 407-679-6644 (24 hrs.)

Wedgefield HomeOwners Association P.O. Box 905 Christmas, FL 32709 Postal Patron Rural Route 28, 45, 52, 62, 68, 71 Wedgefield Orlando, FL 32833

PRST STD US Postage PAID MID-FL FL Permit No. 9005

Neighborhood Directory The Neighborhood Directory Is Free To WHOA Members Only All Points Tile and Slate William Marshall Air Conditioning & Heating Avila Wes

407-366-2521 407-267-5948 407-282-6885

Auto Repair JDM Toyota & Honda Specialist


Blade and Chain Sharpening


Child Care Sukhu Computer Repair/Tech Momma Motherboard


407-368-8973 407-557-2764

Cosmetologist and Hairstylist DebStylist 407-353-5618 Construction, Framing & Roofing Nash 407-947-4406 Curbing Absolute Curbing Electrician Avila Excavation/Fill Dirt Leiffer & Sons Eye Care Deschenaux Gifts Country Craft & Christmas Gutters Absolute Gutters Ace Gutters Central FL Gutters Kent Campbell/CF Gutters


Horse Care Colleen


Hot Air Balloon Rides Capt Morgan


Insurance Patrick Edet


Irrigation Do-all Joe Swinehart

407-927-4719 407-568-2037

Landscaping Absolute



Replacement Doors & Windows Philip 407-568-4977 Scrapbooking Nancy Crosby

407-568-1885 407-568-7528

Locksmith & Safes Discount Lock Inc.


Stamp Art Amber Ballard


Mary Kay Kay Mehochko


Tax Preparation Phipps


M o w in g & L a w n S e r v ic e Tower Time Lawn Care


Tree Service Do-all


Typing Lessons Tiwari


Tutoring Tiwari


Upholstery Baker


Vet Services Your Family Vet


Video Transfer/Duplication Wright


Mower/Outdoor Power Equipment S a l e s S e r v ic e Eastside Mower 407-568-5900 Notary Steve Crosby Diane Rich Mehochko Unser

407-568-0433 407-568-6173 407-568-0602 407-679-6644 407-536-9852

407-568-0948 Painting Ben Baker


407-247-7909 407-568-2145 407-568-0433 407-FOR-RENT 407-595-6076 407-466-7292 407-325-6694 407-568-7762

Sewing Ann

OCSO Citizens on Patrol Victor Alzona


Real Estate Alduino Bob Carrigan Steve Crosby Kenneth McLacklin Lamar Charlene Minter Ruth Moore Mary Prescott


407-927-4719 407-568-3891


407-947-3359 407-568-8688 407-947-9389 407-947-0389

Pressure Cleaning Ben Baker

Lawn Service Do-all Palmer


Hairdresser & Cosmetologist Sandra 321-276-6700 H om e I n s p e c t i on RG&S Home Inspection

Horse Training Urban Cederblom



Avon Ruth

Building Contractors Rob Goderis & Sons Maxim Homes

Horse Lesson Urban Cederblom

Pet Sitting Colleen Janis Skip

321-303-9878 407-568-2343 407-568-6563, 407-399-1269 407-568-7818

Piano/Guitar/Voice/Drama Tiwari Pool Services Bable Bahama Blue Ben Baker

321-438-4876 407-947-7592 407-435-5160 321-303-9878

Water Systems and Treatment Frey Water Systems - Rico 407-947-5259 MA Water Treatment 407-948-1404 Wedding Notary Services Sandra


Weld i n g S er v ic es - M o bi l e Matt Wilds


Window Treatments/Blinds Ann Terry

407-568-7528 407-568-6356

Wedgefield HOA June 2011 Newsletter  

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