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vital facts

about FLORIDA'S place in the space age

land... the one commodity that never Increases in quantify ... most generally increases In value! NeKI to the weather. the Olle thIng people _.0 1TlOlIt iochned 10 tllik about is investment lind in investment circles, rml nlale has alwllye ht.-cn the big neW8. From Sl>aniah land gTllllts 10 the gold l'Ullh of 184!;l to th" prutlent-dllY boom in Florida, land i.e one of the few carnmoditietl tlll'l have steadily grown in value. l.and eKi~tll. Unch<ltlging in dimension frorn gcncmtion to i:cnerAtion. Stoch. bond~ - even currency ClIlI be r芦luood in value to, literally, 1l.'S8 than the COlli of printing them op. But l''''d i9n'l printed. No matter whe~ you are right nOw from (arm to cottage \0 high路ri8e apartment building you CAll be sure tltat the land On ....路hieh your shelter from the ('1~nUl rests

hall gTOI"1I in worth lenS. hundn.><:b. even thousandll of 1m"", IJince till- date of lUI fin' r芦ordcd purdume.

'I'Mt'1I 路hy the gianUl of American h"tory lind the men to 1lo8e IId\'i~ they listened - from JeffenJOn to Vanderbilt. to Teddy ~ye1t 1100 Andrew Cllrnegje. gJJ 6ho.....ed their fmth m the land_

Rooeevell aid.

Lmld is the basis of all u;ealtlJ! Mat"8h8l1 Field put it e\'ell



Buyillg r-eal estate is /lot ollly the best way, the quickest way and the safest way, butlhe ONDY way to become wealthyf And the immortal Will Hogen! adde<:l his o..... n lIuccind lldvice to th08e ill ,*,,,rch of IlOllnd i"vl'fllment:

/Jetter- buy yourself /lome land. They ain"t makin' allY more of the stuff nowadays f

n - and

II multitude of otll拢T'll are men w\lolle OW" perlIOnal forlUneII !ent ....路 eight to their worde. Worda that are more vll1ll11ble advico.' today in thia-nng age of population eJ:plo8ion and ~ ~ than e_..,. before!

how to choose your own growing investment in land ••• Wa not et»Ullh to just buy land though ie. a Illre bet that every MjUll./'ll' inch of land on the faoe of the earth will grow many timell in value lIOIIleday. Your ,nv"",tment mUll! be one thai will llhow profitable growth in It few short yeal'lJ therefore. it mUllt be eltO'"," for iu /l1TJl,-/A potentiaJ. Whlll ;e growth poten. tinl? Many


agree thnt the potential growth

of nn inv""tm<:nt depends mOIl! he!wily on four billie characteristiCll of the land:


Location With Respect to Population and Economic Growth Location With Respect to High·Speed Transportation Facilities to Distant Points The Economic Stability

of the Area Investment Planning - to Take Full Advantage of Area Growth Let'. look

the area that _lTIII to be the moll! promising in the light of theile qualificationa: the burgeonin, Orlando-Canaveral dislrict of Florida.


....~"' ~ll·'I-T"""


,, ROCKET CITY _~~_-""'~

....." "




!HOllC' \ ,


' t....

,-_ --. _-_.-





- --' r


",TAHe.. '.0 •

••c... c,n


H'.H..... ... • U.HD.


"'usv'u. COCD.

".'". II .,....


, ..







J'lotlda', !loom;.., 'fH'N'... ,~ ind,..,.I,,1


- Ihr

Or,....da-C.""N!!'dl GtH. _ U tlor ,.,fnl ,,,,, "ro,.. '" Iltr ",,'illn loti.. ,!

f10ridll In recent yealll !wi lIOlidly e&Ulbli$hOO it.llelf all the taBu-I-growing gtgte m the nation and in all nand., no othe7" area can approech !.he alr.yroelu!ting crowth of the "Golden Triangle" dUll linkJI indllBlriaI Orlando wIth Cape Canaveral and the "m_ile ('lues" of the _ I cout. A glanoe at lhe lAtest ligurn aho-.. that (hit it (I'OWth in all direc1.ionlI- population. 'DOOme, employment. retail saleol.

Here ill growth in I.ermll of gigantic In~'eslmenl, our own 8ovemmcnt, .nd tile gianu of modeTn iooW!llry bave put milliollll of dolIan. into lbe area' It i8 growth thlll atl,actJl new residents: II quarter of R million people II year come to florida and the largCllt Bingle bloc of the$e new Floridian" ill IlOurinj( into (hill one Ill'l!ll! And it;8 growth that ill being relt in every corner of the Illite, from Miami to Tampa to JnckllOnville.


In terms of progrCSll. no other apot in the Ilation 6uch pr()m~ 1\8 Florida'6 "Golden Triangle!"


: ;/




,---- -* •


I_ _-... _-._.... -)-"


[I ------III UI\l. _

11M) -~~.

.... ,



.. _ _ ·L.....

----._-----J ,_'


LOCATION AND GROWTH ,__, Tloi. i. the lalld ",he,.., fh" Iliant. - Ihe D. S. GQ~r"n..,"t iJnd the lea.der. 01 modern ;ndu.f,,a,e in~.tinl1 un/old million. in the f"I,,,,, of Ame,iC<l!

Do you own stock in any of these growing companies and corporations? · AC Spark Plug' Aerojet·General Corp.• Aeronutrollic (Ford) • Arma Divillion, American Bosch · Auwnetics • Bell Telephone Lab6 • Chrysler Corp. · Doug]"" Aircraft· Dow Chemical Company' norida Power and Light Company' Lockheed Mialil"", and Spare Co.• General Electric • McDonnell Air Craft· Martin.Marietta Corp. . Pan American·

Philco Corp.• Hadiat.ion, Inc.• Raytheon' Remington Rand • Rockel.dyne Field Service . Soroban

Engineering· Space Science l.Jl.b . 1'exronilC, Inc. • Thiokol Chemical Corp. If


do, you have, in a sense, already investro ill

this vital area! fo'or these leading finnl! make up a partial IUlting Qf the "blue chip" CQrp<;>ratiQlllI who have eet up pennanent operationll in the OrlandoCanaveral di8lriet! But whether you Own 8tock in theM" "giantJi" or lI{lt, their p.--nce here ie ample demonstration of the valueofan investment in Florida'8 mi88ile CQmplex - "'lpecially an inv"'ltment in the

much-needod land thal a growing POPUllltion in a iTOwing induslrial area must make uae of! Whether or OOl you have already in ... ~ted ,,<,Ill theRe gianu - NQlQ is the time to inVe&t u~ theee gianta of induatry have mo~路ed 1.0 upand tMlr iTOwth and profit potentiall


@... ECONOMIC STABILITY Th", lut..1'e ,rmcth of 11Ii. /Ioomin' ...... " a/rHd, """" pld"lt8, i" If""" of "' .. ,'Ht." i" ..... ' ....... I'. Or UtI f(H'ffnm t

."tI ,,,dlllt,ilIl

The Orlando-Canaveral


pro~l. undn. .

can look forward to .. future more promising than even illl own pOenon\ftIaI PMt! The a.rmO\lncemen.t of our ten-y.r. twenty. 6iUion路dollar Project Nova ... the expar.-ion of racili路 tiee at Cape Canaveral ... the need for thouaandA of new employe<'ll ;n the yean. to come, , , all are beginning to ahow their elfecu. On the ~'<:onomy of the area. Future growth is uSIlurod a~ ",)Ver before - and 9. the new retliden\.ll move into these cities and 10"'118. new buainl.'fl/l('lJ of every dellCl'iption, from cafelerilul to laundriell to ;llIIUlllnce agencillfl and movie ho~ and automobile flllnchi1lOl, will follow luter than evertJddll1ll more and """'" ~pk wJw will fiJI 1M Meth of lin olrmdy ttpanding PIJ11{JloJion,' IlN!a

This is no temporary boom â&#x20AC;˘.. NO GOLD RUSH. This is SOLID GROWTH, of population and economic health, that has been going on for nearly 'a decade. This is PROGRESSsound and steady - based on the Free World's most vital industry! Remember, too! ...

This is YOUR opportunity to stake your claim for a share in this industry of the future!

€)... AVAILABILITY Tht Rocke' ('ill/l",ba" Suburoon Campl,,~ . .. '"re.lm",,1 ""tag" in .enoibl,l_.i:ffllrad• ..•

at the hf'<l.1 aJ/hi. '1J(l",,·age ,mrrth!

Until feC'ently. the availability of small in'....tment tracts in all arm 0{ IfI'nuin~."promising grouth WIUI """"rely limited. I nvesto.... or iuve<; grouP'! with hur><Jreda of thousands "r dolla", wuld pur<;haf'e huge traclil me"'lllN'd in the !ilium", miles - bu' the "amall" inv.....tor was Out of luck' Now, haw"ve'. traclS "mall enough \<} fit jnt(> the avernge budget - but large enough to command re>pe<:t - are available at the VeTy hear, of the Orlando_Canaveral area' llere, within oommu! ing distance of Orlando 'J'O'lSihly the mOllI important ><ingle "ity in Florida's mi."il" oomplea'. with fnmtage on Stale Road. 50 and 5ZQ. directly in the I',,\h of pl'Qgr-esa, is the Rocket City Urban Suburban Complea' Here you will find I 'i -8"'" tracts of prime inv""tmen! properly just 18 m;l"" from metropolitan Orlando. All-Stale will provide drainage and 24·fl. wide paved a"'-"'M road. centered on minimum GO·f( righl8.of_way to every Iract. However, additional rool.>l n""""'lary to ""bdivide Ih_ Iracto and provide a~"""", to individual hom...ite<> must be borne by the p",·eha""r. Upon requ"",l. developer will provide a root analy_is of ""bdividin8 procedll""'. including perlinent county requirement" Additionally. a limiled a""""" eXJH'"""way or a freeway rouled through Rockel City from OrlaMo and the /l.k{;oy Jet Pori 10 the Canaveral arw hag been I'ropos<.od. Th" I'rol>OMJ indicates a roule which would run eaal and ",...1

oix (61 mil throllgh the ""uthem portion of the Fl:o..ket City Com pi '1'10;" proPOIled fa..ility would re<tnire a two hundred foot (200'1 wide, ai. (6' mile long right-of.way and hM been provided for in the Plan of Development of the Rocket City Complex The Orange County Comrn"'~ion has upended upwards of Thirly.five ThouAAnd DoU",.,. 1$35.000.00; "f its Soc'Ondary Rood Funds for "t..dies whit'h have been eonducted by private engineering concerns and the Slate Road Department Currently there are nO funda av"ilable for thi~ pro~ facility nor;" lhere any certainty thaI il wiJl ever be built, or that it will be routed as the above proposal haa augg""'ted, However, the Developer ia <'Ollfid"nl lhat ultimately an eaat weat fadlily will be "ma!runed and is hopeful that lhe routing will follow lhe proposal menlioned above. At the pn.-;ent time. the future of lh;" facility ia in lhe halld. of Ihe Orlando and Orang" County Exp"",,,way Authority. 1'0 the end of ""luiring fadual data aupp"rting the need and fe,,"ibility of this proJXl"')d expressway. the firm of Cloverdale and Colpitis, consulting engineers. haa hee" retained by the Expressway Authority. Traffic checks are p""",ntly being oonduetetl by this firm On Highways 50 ,md ~20 to huH""'" and support the propo&'l. These Qualifications alone are enough VI make the !kochl City Complex a ,",und and pot.entially profiUJble invest ment but there in one other factor. totally unique, thaI makes lhis urUju<'SI;",wbly one 01 the mOil! intelligent inlJ'!lJtmenis in ,.",,/ esUJI€ today

... the availability of Easy·On·The-Budget low Monthly Terms which makes it possible now for you to plan and provide for a prosperous future in Rocket City.



u. ".. "'H offrrn ..

nlUrh pn#f'IM-_/ihori.... dow! II... "" ;"....., .....", 011.,,"" ... N,tllll .. phtt I~


Hoeket (',Iy

already unIQIM'l)' ftldow«l wlIh rIlOlll l.oaItional advantages .. land m"!fIUnftll coukl e\er aek for - - II prQ;u1l1l6 lUI ()~ grm>1.h from ".It,,,' Kot oonleTll to all back aoo all for ,hot- '1'O'O.-th of ttu. boom;n, .rea to reach the few ahon milN 10 Rocbt

City, the de_elopen ofthillolfl'rinll ru",-" ..lre&dy ~ the creation of an entire modem city Rocket C'I) proper

at the Marl of )"OUC invenment 1lI'ea! AI lhis

very minute. $1,000,000 "'onh of Ilea,-}" dUly Lond""proving equIpment i>I pl'\'6lling for",.rd on II planlWd program of contiguoWl and continu<>ua d,,'-elopl11ftll thllt lIClH.odulell oomplelion of the enl ,,'II' proJPCI • "mil eight ye.,. 81 " COllI well in eJl~ of 13.000.000 eJlcl~\le

of the


of utihtie!< When rom(>ltoted

Rocket ('ily ...i1l be the home. the playJ"O"lld. tM comfortllhle way of life COl" thouund.. of residenta .nd old a mueh.r~ CIty' of too; ! lusury. complete with ~ golf~. • _m.. nllJl.autanU. churches, echool5. paru and ",,1",""_,.aU lhe ~Iie. and ItIIUnelI of rr Cla.- lropieal h"lnl -a modenI elly beautiful complorl~ .-uh ~ WlIte1' and -are facil.iliell.curba.l\'llera. _ _ .a.a and u ~ n d electric all IllN .-heft RK:h land;' raptdly becomin« therarfttof~uea'


pm....... ...

And you", ill ihe ground-floor opportunlly 10 in"''''l in url"tll lI"d suburban acreage sUITOU",hllg lhill propoooed nt'''' cityl Acreage thaI ...'OUld have high in"elIt路 ment potential c.-en if thill giganlic metropolitan





...i'PLY TO A

'LEVEll\'" so m ... ","S i IS\ 'CSI \fF!'<'I:"O;':'" "P.1 ' 11 \



.. , .... in"olk>lm.m pri""iplto .... hereb, .YOU ,'lin ""'ke a r"w doll~ ... do th.. "'ork of ..... ny' Il .. ~·~ an

","m""': SIII'I'''.'> you l'url'h~.... II Irlll"! lU , 1,;>IN), I'llyill~

only S30 per month ThaI,. ",,1, 2' of it" 1 '....lIa"'" Ilri,,,,. yet with thai down payment ;'0\1 have , Qui..... t Ihe l00~( riKht to IIny "nil all "111m> .."han,..."",,,,,. For i""lllnce, "UPl""" thai in II a-month p<>,io<l lh,- "."h,e of lhi. land h,," ;n(·..... ..,..j by $300 or 20' • ,l"r;,,« ,",'hi"h tIme you h"\·,, paid in onlv $I:;(l or 10' of lhe 1",J<1'. original full prit'" LE"~:nM;~:, 1he fal'wr "'hi,h jt"i,,,,, you • 20'" inc.......... on 1.~.OO ..-hen ~' ...... ha'-e paid in only 10'" , would Ih"" I't(I\-i<\e the opportunily I" ""rn 200' or <i<><obl.. W o.....,,,t 0( ..,.' ."'" /ood «f.. aU.•· I1I'lf1Itftl. I~""""le ;"l!le "",n"l1"' m'· or·~ ~l 'lIh",~ _ ' - ~U1I)' "'~ it ro..- 10 reIIl ""t"tl'- ... not ....... t"'Y ",~n il <VOTO!fI to Ho<:ket ('it \' "Iloere f"lu~ J1'OWlh .. -.fftI'




.\ C..-Iainly, Un;t Orv or Sl*~ Ono> ~t Hocket Cit)' Prol..... hu alTftOdy ~n "'mplf'lM ~nd the bolla",... OrSt~~ Ono> • .,heduled for ''flml''''li<>n thi' ''flmillll' l ..~r, Home.,it"" ill All 8 ~Iag"" will und'K,hl"dl ... be ooJd in col"ltlodenbl.. numbe... from hme In ti~, to familit's wh<:.Hl fUl"~ in Florid" rnng"" fron, the im'neduue 10 8 yf"'" hfn<'O', You

m"y l'u",--ha.., f>o~il"" m Ilockel Cily In aoy of II dilferent t;me-plft"nMI ,'Om",,,,,;t;.... dependin, On whe" you pi"" 10 build nnv Ii",,, from I 10 Il ye,,", from p"",hu"" d~l", Each of 1 ' - rommun;l;"" .. equally d""irabt... equally dOtle to the m"ny pbn.-l H""ket ('it v f~rililit'8 ror shopping "nd I"I"<Teation-and ... ,h ill I""'" 1e<.'li,,'"'y w.-l to m.1inlai" II... highe>u 5Iand"rd~ of properl)' val"" and ("i"k' OOa~IY.. \nd ......... you ll'fI ~Y 10 bulk\ you may ~'I you. ""'n buildt"l' or build your home )"OUf'l't'lf - j""t "" you. plana met"! Ro•.-k..1 Cily'~ atandards of '""1"t'l~'O'


Ilfr: "81, ,HT L'NSEE:>;n P,rtCIlASER IIAVF.


A You a~ protected three ..aYll. you ""~ complete JO-day ~und privilel:-. allowill,l you 10 ,....1I¥t' your m,nd for any I'Nll<>fI owtu._ at any t~ ..i1.hin 30 da)' Second. )"OU ftljoy a 3-mon1.h .lllIOt'O!Y-.k u-p._ non ru-.. ntee, "vinc you a fuB three mont" in ..hid! to v"t yuur P"O~y and _ r t yourwlf of ;t>< value If ,t dOIII not..-l up to your ",~u.on.. your complet," ,n_menl 1.h.... far wiU be murnlld to yw. Third. you are ."u\»d to fuU u~ poivileceoo durill,l tIw fOOt.,... 'utI"ooWrd ,.."" 0( ._" C'OIU"",,",' You may lrllde your P"Ollefly f..... any other availa~ lrkl of ~ .... l value. ur you may lrade It at ito ruu pu,,'hil>Ot I~ or nJrrenl .....rHt I'"""' Wh~H;' .~! loward the ."'•. ,..... of any hill:hH"prK'NI I"""t Th. io your I,"vilel:'" al any 1m", prior 10 linal recordin, of lhe dtlfd. before vour ti""l i""t.lI"",nt i.....y.ble. Every el'fOTt h•• Mn 10 a..,,,, your complete ",''''''.(''ion ",ilh vour I{Ot'k,,1 City i,wftll.....,nt'

Q WilY IS NOW THF BFSr "liME TO INVt~"J A Sinlply 1Je<,,,,,,,", Ilockel City a"'"'l8ge l>ril'ell are al their loweet and thn" profit pot ..ntial "' at illl h'll'hllOlt! Hocket Cily inv...I.....,n, a"rea,e .. availab'e now at prien Ilwl nOl y,"'!JHn ful!.\' "l/l",n'f'd by 1M upon". "'If 'f'Ol,'th and d~-dopmml of 0" ,.n,mJ although (It-velop'''''nt On Roo:ket City pro.... h.... I_dy begun' io tlw time ..·.....n "I","erax"" work~ 10 your I_t Ildv.n· lalle. 1'he pteeenl priceo maynol WI 100" for, AI develoJ>nvnt ,,,ruin.-, the land ....rroundin. ,.....- tNot mud! <I,WI' tu .-lwnlt the plantwd benoefiu (If proalll"ly to. rnudtom nvtrop<>litan .... ,\nd _ linv 1':* on lhe powlh of thi,< ti'" OrtandtrCanaveni w~J affl!<"t Iw.;ket ('ily', burban VO-O'lh ""'"' and dirflMly. ~'. no doubt il -M I ............ DO d.."bl. "bout lhe .. b"rbut Jro"'·lh...........t ", ..mi. J .. ~"iUe. and f.... tNot n\lItlft". ~'""" Yor" or l'hilao:lell'h" had """" iu .... ~hbur t,I • . Lo,-io.:aUy. the _rl ... your inve-lment in Ih.. lrow"" ,-ommunit)'. the ITMler y'", "pportunity for f"lure profit'







....... •••••• •





1963 Rocket City Investor Guide  
1963 Rocket City Investor Guide  

1963 All State Development Corporation marketing material for Rocket City aka Cape Orlando Estates aka Wedgefield