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Meeting times and places

Officers and Directors for 1998



Jane CUr:raJl




WHOA's Board of Qirectors meets on the 1" Wednesday of each tJ:I.onth. The meeting is held at the Ranger Drainage District Office (Bancroft Blv,d. & Nugeqt ~t.) at 7:30 PM. Any member of the A~so.f=iation is welcome ..,' '. " to attend.

Jim Murray

Vice Pres.





Bobbie Leader Secretary


Ann Breazanno Treasurer




GJ;NE~ MEl'rfBERSlflP ME~GS tIl'

Tony Cebula


Dan De La Fuente




WHOA members meet on the 2"" Wednesday of each m,o~,tJi. at the Wedgefield Golf & C~1l7n\fY Gub (Maxim nJvd. &. Ardo,~ Ave}. TI? is a social hour beginning at ~ Pfvl . fh~ g~neral membership meeting starts, at 7:~q P!I1; ,

Chuck Leader


Don Leavitt


Approicim~le~y ~ urn:e~:~ year, WHOA


invites speakers to generol membership meetillgs on topi~s such '~~'Iandscaping, leg.U, health and safety issues, and information about community services available to residents. Members also hear monthly reports from our local water control district, Ranger Drainage District, and are able to ask questions on water and sewer service of a representative of our local utility company. In addition, Wedgefield's elected state and county representatives address the general membership annually and on special issues of interest to the community.

Members are encouraged to attend and visitors are most welcome ~



I ."


Tony Jamero


Rick Ruiz


NtighlxJrs Wmg Trgther

W1:lat is W1:l0A?

WHOA assisted in the formation of the Wedgefield Youth Baskethall League by contributing start-up funds and volunteer time and labor.

WHOA, or the Wedgefield Home Owners Association is a voluntary organization serving property owners and residents in Wedgefield. WHOA members live throughout the community in the "city" area, the Uestates" area and the "Villas".

WHOA sponsors social, educational and recreational activities for all age groups in the community

Membership is open to everyone who owns property or rents a home in Wedgefield.

WHOA provides a respected voice of the community on issues of common concern before state and local elected officials.

W1:lat does W1:l0A do?

WHOA members acting together, successfully lobbied State representatives for funding for increased maintenance and safety improvements on SR 520. WHOA continues to urge that SR 520 be widened. LYNX public transportation was brought to Wedgefield through WHOA members' efforts.

WHOA works for the benefit of the Wedgefield community. It is a forum in which ideas can be discussed, problems solved and actions taken for the good of the entire community. WHOA owns and maintains the Wedgefield Community Park for the benefit of all Wedgefield residents and their guests. The Park contains a fully equipped children's playground, full and half basketball courts, a fenced in ball field, picnic pavilion, and restrooms. The Park is located on Mansfield St. between Babbitt St. and Ardon Ave. and is the site of many of WHOA's social events. WHOA was successful in obtaining an allocation from Orange County for capital improvements to the Park that were completed in December 1997.

WHOA publishes a monthly newsletter of community events, local news, educational topics and infonnation about pending issues in the community.


WHOA, jointly with the Developer, maintains the standards of the community established in the Wedgefield Restrictive Covenants by conducting an Architectural Review of all new construction and improvements to existing property and also by enforcing the existing deed restrictions,

W1:ly Belong? Well, most important, i.U fJ.m1 WHOA members enjoy getting to know their neighbors, working together in service to the community and participating in WI-lOA's social and recreational events. ,t.



WHOA members also recogOlze that the quality of life in Wedgefield depends on their willingnesn6 join together to • I I il ' • ' meet commurnty needs. '.

WHOA needs your sqpport to grow and flourish. Voluntary dues of'$30 annually and attendance at WHOA sponsored fundraising events p~ys for repair and maintenance, insurance, taxes and future improvements to th~ Wedgefield Community Park. 'Dues also support WHOA children's events that are open to all children in the.f0mmun~ty.

TYPICAL WHOA EVENTS Community Yard Sale Valentims Dqy Dinner Dallce Kite Dqy ill the Park Easter Egg Hunt Kids Fishing Tournament WHOA Golf Tournament Horsesho'e .Tournament J " • Oct,obeifest Childrrm's Ha.'IolPe~n Party New Years , , Eve Party , Turkry Shoot Craft Sale • , I

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