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EX ECt.'Tl\""E OFFI('E

March 2, 1978

Mr. Thomas W. O'Neill, President Cape Orlando Commun'ty Association Route 4, Box 255 Orlando, Florida 32807 Dear Mr. O'Neill: I certainly appreciated the opportunity of talking with you last Tuesday and I look forward to our joint efforts to make Cape Orlando a community we will all be proud of. As you recall, we discussed the possibility of an informal meeting with your board of directors during the month of March. Due to the negotiations currently underway between Cape Orlando Corpora.tion nnJ Magna PropGrties, Inc" I r-quest that this meeting be scheduled during the month of April in order that we may have the most current information available for your association. I will contact you within the next three weeks to arrange a mutually convenient t~ne. Very truly yours,

T. D. Williamson, Jr. Vice President


Cape Orlando Community Association Documents  

Cape Orlando Community Association Documents