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DRAW YOUR DREAM - A Global Village Event PART I

Victor Valqui Vidal, ed.



Copyrights to the individual images of the following pages remain with the respective artists. Their works appear in this book with their kind permission. Thanks to the artists for their kind cooperation. Victor Valqui Vidal Ă˜stebro, Denmark 2018


GLOBAL VILLAGE CREARTISTS This group has existed in Facebook for 8 years and it has 665 members. I created this group to enhance cooperation and collaboration among creative artists (creartists). Creartists produce art works providing ideas or concepts using the most appropriate media. Art can be expressed as objects, paintings, photos, sounds, videos, sculptures, drawings, printings, poems, etc. or as a combination of them as in installations or performances. I intend to propose some join virtual projects and the members are mostly welcome to suggest some activities. This site is also open for discussions about creativity and the creative process. This group is a virtual organization. Its main purpose is to create cooperative, participative and virtual art projects in the global village. Today, the term "Global Village" is mostly used as a metaphor to describe the Internet and World Wide Web. On the Internet, physical distance is even less of a hindrance to the real-time communicative activities of people, and therefore social spheres are greatly expanded by the openness of the web and the ease at which people can search for online communities and interact with others that share the same interests and concerns. Therefore, this technology fosters the idea of a conglomerate yet unified global community. Due to the enhanced speed of communication online and the ability of people to read about, spread, and react to global news very rapidly, McLuhan says this forces us to become more involved with one another from countries around the world and be more aware of our global responsibilities. Similarly, web-connected computers enable people to link their web sites together. This new reality has implications for forming new sociological structures within the context of culture. These PARTICIPATIVE ART PROJECTS have 4 essential elements: - ACTIVATION: to create active subjects who will be empowered by the experience of symbolic participation - AUTHORSHIP: ceding the authorial control to the participants, this is conventionally regarded as more egalitarian and democratic than the creation of a work by a single artist, this is collaborative creativity - COMMUNITARIAN: a restoration of social bonds in the global village through a collective elaboration of political and ethical meanings - GENEROSITY: all contributions are presents for a common cause and the final work will be given as a present. We have already created several very successful projects and some of them have been materialized in real-life exhibitions. The 9 projects can be seen in Facebook set=a.399587518154.175614.705183154&type=3 One of the projects, The Global Village Human Rights Flag had a lot of attention and has been exhibited in Denmark, Germany, Holland and Portugal. Finally it was donated to Amnesty International, Denmark. See further fbid=10153651911798155&set=a.399587518154.175614.705183154&type=3&theate r


DRAW YOUR DREAM – A Global Village Event This event ran during the period September 18, 2017 to December 18, 2017. I invited the members of the group to “draw their dreams”. My proposal was: 1. Make a drawing of your dream just now (hand drawing, digital drawing, collage, photography, painting, etc.) 2. Take a High Resolution photo and send it to me: 3. The accepted works will be placed in the events site in Facebook 4. At the end I will make an e-book or a real book 5. Or, probably some exhibitions in the future. 6. Deadline: December 2017 At the end 65 contributions have been accepted and different technique have been utilized. 33 countries are represented: Italy (3), Argentina (3), The Netherlands (4), Peru (4), Denmark (9), Austria (1), Spain (4), Egypt (1), France/Argelia (1), France (2), Japan (1), Syria (1), USA (4), India (1), Portugal (4), Iran (1), Brazil (2), Europe (1), Mexico (2), Malaysia (1), Hungary (1), Belgium (1), Libya (2), Turkey (2), Venezuela (1), Bolivia (1), Ireland (1), Japan (1), Earth (1), Colombia (1), Finland (1), UK (1), and Canada (1). All these artworks are shown below, each piece shows the authors name and other information. These artists can be found in Facebook if you want further details about their work and connections to their website. I am very thankful to all the contributors for their positive interest in this event and unconditional cooperation. Victor Valqui Vidal My artistic CV: Copenhagen, February 2018.


“Huellas (Traces)” by Virginia Milici (Italy) and Maya Lopez Muro (Argentina) Technique: Digital Photo

“Not from this World” by Fred van Welie (The Netherlands) Technique: Photo


“NO BORDERS” by Victor Valqui Vidal (Peru) Technique: pen on paper

”My white nightmare” by Julie Vidal (Denmark) Technique: photo


"Philemon + Baucis" by Monika Lederbauer (Austria) Technique: ink on paper

“Immaculate Dream” by Joan Priego Garcíía (Spain) Technique: Ink on paper


“My dream is to live very simply” by Mohamed Azime (Egypt) Technique: Digital photo

“Dream - forms and colors” by Sabela Banñ a (Spain) Technique: Gouache


“Asklepios” by Søren Krag (Denmark) Technique: photography

“Dream Works 2.0” by Serge Hamad (France/Algeria) Technique: Digital Photography


" The river is calling and I must go "(after John Muir) by Simon P Laurent (France). Technique: photography

“My dream on humans” by Maria del Carmen Aguilar (Peru) Technique: Body Painting


“The watching eyes” by ILham Badreddine Mahfouz (Syria) Technique: Pencil on paper

“ Self-portrait” by Chiyuky Itoga (Japan) Technique: Water color and color pencil on paper


“Three Moon Lullaby” by Cassandra Gordon-Harris (USA) Technique: oil on canvas

“Untitled” by Manvendra Kumar (India) Technique: pencil on paper


“Fuga del claustro” (escape from the cloister) by Hugo Pacco (Peru) Technique: oil on canvas

“Mi suenñ o es paz en el mundo” (my dream is peace in the world) by Maria Valqui Vidal (Denmark). Technique: drawing in pencil and photography


“Una poesia marginale” (marginal poetry) by Giorgio Moio (Italy) technique: digital work

“Dream” by Alberto D'Assumpcao (Portugal) Technique: graphite on paper


“fi nal men te” (fi nal lly) by Angela Caporaso (Italy) Technique: digital collage

“Concrete Shadow” by Nousha Friis (Iran/Denmark) Technique: digital collage/photoshop


“Bike” by Luiz Cavalli (Brazil) Technique: acrylic on canvas

“Daydream” by Carmen Heemels (The Netherlands) Technique: mixed media on paper


“faccia tosta” by Giusy Naitana Kyriakidis (Europe) Technique: photoshop

“Un dibujito” (a little drawing) by Aaron Flores (Mexico) Technique: pencil on paper


“Love” by Ali Rahamad (Malaysia) Technique: Acrylic on canvas

”Space” by Krisztina Asztalos (Hungary) Technique: acrylic and gold pigment on canvas


”Final Decision” by Catheí rine Petreí (Belgium) Technique: Acrylic and charcoal on paper


“Just I got my dream” by Adel Fortia (Lybia) Technique: Acrylic on canvas

“Mobility” by Seda OÖ zçetin (Turkey) Technique: photography


"Tributo al olvido y invitacion al suenñ o" ("Tribute to oblivion and invitation to dream") by Pilar Roldan (Spain) Technique: photography

“Sonrííe a la vida” (Smile to life) by Claudia Garcia (Argentina) Technique: pen on paper


“Palabras que envuelven” (Words that envelop) by Ignacio Rodriguez (Venezuela) Technique: graphite on cardboard

Draw your dream i  

This event ran during the period September 18, 2017 to December 18, 2017. I invited the members of the group to “draw their dreams”. My prop...

Draw your dream i  

This event ran during the period September 18, 2017 to December 18, 2017. I invited the members of the group to “draw their dreams”. My prop...