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Hans van Weeren



Personal information Introduction Calling for liquid latex Between lines Sanlitun Watchtower Canvassing Losing face Smile Glad to be there Long march gallery In green Tsjang Chinese girl Exhibitions Addresses

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Personal information Hans van Weeren attended the School of Arts d'Witte Leli in Amsterdam, graduating in 1981. While his heart always belonged to painting, he received his degree in printmaking. Since 1976 he has exhibited extensively paintings that are at once both abstract and figurative. As a part-time teacher he taught at Lieven de Key from 1982 till 1986. Since 1991 he has resided in Nieuwkoop, the Netherlands, working full-time as a painter and with other visual art forms. Since 1999 he lives and works in le Rialet, France during the summertime and in Nieuwkoop, the Netherlands in wintertime. Critics say that his abstract work shows a rich color and a diverse complexity of form. Even at their most abstract the reality of the figure is never lost


Introduction In 2008 Dutch artist Hans van Weeren was invited to the artist-in-residence program at the Red Gate Gallery in Beijing, China. During his residency he met many interesting people, Chinese and not, artists and not. Conversations with painters, sculptors, writers, filmmakers, conceptual and multi-media artists were mixed with encounters with shopkeepers, cooks and school children. This influenced his work, his paintings and developed as a new dimension in his work. The energy he finds in every aspect of Beijing is reflected on a large scale here. Hans’ interest in people, always visible in his work, has grown. Taking as a point of departure his desire to incorporate the new Chinese generation, he has evolved a personal iconography that shows the proudness and self-confidence of the people. “There are so many Chinese, you have to show them one by one. Only in solitude you can find a way of picturing them”. It is not only the people, but the culture, the country and the emotion you feel when entering their environment. Raymond B Ghirardo, Professor of Art, Ithaca College

This catalogue was created for the Bei Gao Open Studio Show on Tuesday, April 29, 2008. 5

Calling for liquid latex 60 x 180 cm acrylic on canvas 6

Between lines 97 x 162 cm acrylic on canvas 7

Sanlitun 97 x 162 cm acrylic on canvas 8

Watchtower 80 x 120 cm acrylic on canvas 9

Canvassing 80 x 120 cm acrylic on canvas 10

Losing face 97 x 130 cm acrylic on canvas 11

Smile 60 x 180 cm acrylic on canvas 12

Glad to be there 60 x 80 cm acrylis on canvas


Long march gallery 97 x 162 cm acrylic on canvas


In green 97 x 162 cm acrylic on canvas


Tsjang 97 x 130 cm acrylic on canvas


Chinese girl 80 x 120 cm acrylic on canvas 17

Hans van Weeren 1950 1981 present

born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands graduated from d’Witte Leli School of Art, Amsterdam lives and works in Nieuwkoop, the Netherlands and le Rialet, France

Exhibitions (selected) 2008 groupexhibition Staa galerie, Alphen aan den Rijn, the Netherlands maison de Sidobre, Lacrouzette, France galerie de Verleiding, Oudewater, the Netherlands 2007 exhibition Portrait Aussillon, France group exhibition at James Cohan Gallery, New York (USA) 2006 Mixed Media Exhibition, Print Gallery E.R., Kaunas, Litouen expo 153 kinderkistjes, Roden, the Netherlands 6e salon des artistes indépendants du Tarn, Vénès, France Mixed Media Exhibition, Gallery Kaire Desine, Vilnius, Litouen 2005 Galerie de Brugspin, Ter Aar, the Netherlands STAA galerie, silkscreen expo, Alphen aan den Rijn, the Netherlands 2nd International Collage Exhibition, Vilnius, Litouen 2004 Gallery Art Présent, Paris, France la troisième édition du "Salon d'Arts Plastiques", Graulhet, France Gallery Alizarine, Albi, France 'Van Formaat ' STAA Galerie, Alphen aan den Rijn, the Netherlands Galerie de Brugspin, Ter Aar, the Netherlands 2003 exhibition pavillon Adélaïde, Burlats, France exhibition La Remise, Le Rialet, France salon d'automne d'albi, Albi, France 2002 Exhibition Regional Artists, Le Rialet, France galerie des 30, Mazamet, France Salon d'automne d'albi, Albi, France Chambre de Commerce, Castres, France


2001 Herfstsalon Soreze, France Exhibition Angles, France 'Sacraal ' STAA Galerie, Alphen aan den Rijn, the Netherlands 2000 European Fine Arts Biennial, Brugge, Belgium 'Etsen bij t Reghthuys, Nieuwkoop, the Netherlands 1999 STAA galerie, Alphen aan den Rijn, the Netherlands Amcha galerie, Bennebroek, the Netherlands 1997 ING bank, Mijdrecht, the Netherlands 'de Rijnstreek Salon', Alphen aan den Rijn, the Netherlands Kunstgenootschap 't Reghthuys, Nieuwkoop, the Netherlands 1996 Galerie Blijvers, Hazerswoude Dorp, the Netherlands 1980 La Cave, Amsterdam (with Harald Vlugt), the Netherlands 1977 La Cave, Amsterdam, the Netherlands 1976 Museum Fodor, Exhibition Amsterdam Artists, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Work in stock gallery RDH Kunstwerken, Nieuwkoop, the Netherlands atelier la Remise, le Rialet and Mazamet, France gallery Lucas van Leyden, Boston, USA

Artist in Residence 2008 Red Gate Gallery, Beijing, China

Private collections The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Germany, England, USA


Addresses La Remise 81240 le Rialet, France tel: 05 63 98 45 87 and atelier la Remise 14, rue Victor Hugo 81200 Mazamet, France

Hans van Weeren Stortenbekerstraat 49 2124 ET Nieuwkoop, the Netherlands tel: 0172 575296 cell-phone: +31 6 1370 1616

Website: E-mail:


beijing residency 2008  

document of an artist residency in beijing for the red gate gallery.

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