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Explore the beautiful coastline of Kristiansand and the historical site of “Ny Hellesund”! Enjoy the short 10 minutes walk from the pier to where the rib bots are located. Meet up with your guide for the tour and get your survival suit and goggles. Before the tour departs the driver presents a safety brief. The trip will go west towards the picturesque village of Soegne and during the trip, you will see several lighthouses, small islands and a beautiful piece of the Skagerrak Sea. In Ny Hellesund, which was an old harbor for sailing th ships back in the 17 century, we make a stop for a guided visit on land. Walk up to the wartime bunkers and to the top of the island for a spectacular view. A lot of history and legends are related to the historical place of “Ny Hellesund”. On our way back towards Kristiansand, we will take the “deep Sea Route” and find some nice waves to get the thrill of your life!


MIN: 14 Pax MAX: 19 Pax

Sea Adventure & Sightseeing

By rib boats Not suitable for pregnant women or people with back injury

Sea Rafting Sightseeing to Ny Hellesund