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May/June 2013 Newsletter num:


Conference held in Bergen, Norway,

Fourth edition of the VIBOT DAY in Girona

Group photo in Bergen/Vicorob

From the 9th to the 14th of June, a group of 9 ViCOROB members attended the OCEANS conference in Bergen, Norway. OCEANS is a major international forum for scientists, engineers and responsible ocean-users to promote, disseminate and exchange knowledge, applications and advances in oceanic engineering and maritime Stand of Vicorob/Vicorob technology. Apart from giving 6 talks and presenting 2 student posters, the CIRS lab of ViCOROB had a booth in the exhibition area to showcase its vehicles (Girona-500 AUV and Sparus AUV) and the different surveying, mapping and intervention services CIRS offers. Many people approached the booth and showed their interest. It was a great experience and we were able to establish new professional relationships and widen the visibility of the group within the community.

Thirty people attend the first meeting of the European project ASSURE in Girona After the first 6 months of the European ProjectASSURE (Adapting Breast Cancer Screening Strategy using Personalised Risk Estimation), Gironaheld the first meeting of the project where the team did tracking progress of the tasks. The meeting took place last days 10th and 11th of June, and was attended by representatives of all the participating partners: the four universities (Radbout University Nijmegen, The University of Manchester, UMC Utrecht, University of Girona), the 3 research centers (Institut Jules Bordet, FraunhoferMevis, measure), and three companies (Matakina, Biomediq, Mevis Medical Solutions). During the two days of the meeting the team analyzed each of the different workpackagesthat compose the project and assessed the level of performance of assigned tasks of each partner. The last part of the work was to forecast the next six months of the project. Taking advantage of being in Girona, Assure meeting/Vicorob the UdG team invited the attendees to a guided tour through the historic center of the city, to let them know a bit about our cultural heritage. As usual, participants were pleasantly surprised by the beauty and charm of Girona, and the quality of the cuisine of Girona, of course!

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Images of the activity on Vibot Day/Vicorob

Last 20th of June 2013 took place in Girona the 4th edition of the VIBOT day in the Science and Technology Park of the University of Girona (Girona). This year, over seventy visitors, including students, teachers and business representatives from the three organizing universities gathered together in the Giroemprèn building facilities. The VIBOT Day is an activity that helps the master students to know the labor market and has the aim to become a platform to facilitate relationships with companies operating within their field of study. Students present their work in oral or poster format and businesses show their potential for collaboration, new jobs or the possibility of doing master thesis in their framework. In its fourth year in Girona, eight companies attended the event; RIBINERF SL IRTA PAL Robotics, FICOSA-ADASENS, ASCAMM - Technology Center, the Aerospace Technology Centre (CTAE), and TOSHIBA, who sponsored the award for the best Master’s Thesis, this year, the award was for Federico Camposeco.


On October 2013, Vicorob will organize the fifth International Workshop on Marine Technology (MARTECH Workshop 2013). The main objective of the workshop is to show the latest investigations and exchange of information and points of view on current research in MARine TECHnology. The workshop will be held in the Technological Park of the University of Girona from 9th till 11th October. A tutorial session has been organized for the first day and two plenary talks will open the two following days. More than 50 contributions have been received and we expect an audience of 80 scientist and technicians interested in new marine technologies. The workshop is organized with the collaboration of the SARTI centre of the Universitat Politènica de Catalunya. Further information about MARTECH Workshop 2013 can be found at the conference web site:

ViCOROB’s Newsletter

May/June 2013

International experience: Gerard Pons From March to June of 2012, I was doing a stay at the School of Computing, Mathematics, and Digital Technology of the Manchester Metropolitan University under the supervision of Dr. Moi Hoon Yap. Dr. Yap published an interesting project on breast lesion detection a few years ago. Thus, the aim of this stay was to compare the results of my lesion breast detection proposal with other three relevant the state-of-the-art methodologies, including Yap’s method. It is worth mentioning that there is a lack of public standard databases of breast ultrasound images which limits the fair comparison of the performance of the algorithms. Thus, it is necessary to evaluate the methodologies using the same database. Thanks to the collaboration with the MMU I have performed a comparison of lesion detection algorithms that will be presented in an international journal. The research group was small (we were eight people in my lab) but I felt part of it as soon as I arrived in Manchester. I also got used to live in the city very quickly. Manchester is a comfortable city to live in, with a great commercial quarter in the city centre, an excellent bus and tram services and it is plenty of students everywhere (which means a great nightlife as well). I can conclude that it has been a useful stay in all senses.

The last meeting of the european project TRIDENT: Good bye TRIDENT! On April 2013 took place the last meeting of the TRIDENT project, the first collaborative project of the 7FP in which ViCOROB participated. The team values really positively all the results in the project: Girona 500 technology has been tested in real environments, there have been quite a lot of publications, there have been activities for technology dissemination (such as, for instance, the intervention autonomous underwater vehicles workshops) and other experiences, mostly related to the international teamwork. The project has successfully reached its goals and the team plans to continue its research together for the next years.


People Enric Galceran 22-Jan-1987, Vulpellac

Enric obtained his BSc and MSc degrees in Computer Engineering from Universitat de Girona (UdG) in 2008 and 2010. Enric obtained the special graduation award for the best GPA in his BSc and tha Patronat award for the best graduation project on two occasions for his BSc and MSC graduation projects. Soon after he started his graduation project at the Underwater Robotics Research Center (CIRS) in late 2007 he began working at VICOROB funded by a scholarship. Working at CIRS, Enric has had a lot of exciting experiences such as working on the construction and programming of the Sparus robot, which championed the Student Autonomous Underwater Challenge Europe (SAUC-E) in 2010 and was the runner up in 2011. Since 2011, Enric is a PhD student at CIRS doing research on automatically planning paths that allow an underwater robot to pass over all points in an area of interest while avoiding obstacles. This research enables, for example, image collection on the entirety of a coral reef with no human intervention, keeping this tedious and repetitive task away from divers and doing it more efficiently and reliably. During his PhD, Enric has been a visiting researcher at the Center for Maritime Research and Experimentation (CMRE) in Italy and Carnegie Mellon University in the US. Apart from technology and robotics, Enric loves travelling, learning languages, debates and practicing as many sports as possible, especially running and padel tennis.

Newsletter num:20

PhD thesis: Ricard Prados Ricard Prados has defended his PhD thesis entitled “Image Blending Techniques and their Application in Underwater Mosaicing”, carried out under the supervision of Dr. Rafael García and Dr. László Neumann at the Underwater Vision Laboratory (UVL). The presented work tackles the problem of generating large-scale underwater photomosaics (also known as Giga-mosaics) from sequences composed of thousands of images, ensuring a seamless joining between them. The difficulties of the process are twofold. On the one hand, images are affected by several specific underwater phenomena, which need to be dealt with. On the other hand, the huge amount of data to process requires Presentation of the PhD thesis /Vicorob developingtechniques that allow optimizing computational resources. As a result of the thesis, the largest mosaics to date of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge area, in terms of both image resolution and covered area, were generated. Ricard has joined to the PICMAR project as a postdoctoral researcher. The project is being carried out by Tecnoambiente company and ViCOROB.

Congratulations for the good job Ricard!

Interactive DIGITAL ASTRONOMY at “Interactive digital Astronomy: let’s observe, click and discover!”is one of the on going projects in In it, we offer multi-modal workshop sessions in which, using astronomy as a subject reference, participants approach the scientific method and learn mathematics, physics and the use of image editing software in an attractive and active way. Thus, we combine field observations with discovery activities using the computer. During the 2012-2013 academic year, we conducted around sixty workshops, with about 1300 participants in total. Most of the visits came from primary and secondary Primary and secondary students/Vicorob schools but we have also offered workshops, for several Saturdays, to civic associations and cultural organizations in collaboration with the Department of Educational Resourcesin Girona (Caseta de la Devesa). We would like to highlight that some of the workshops have been conducted with in the project TIC-TAC of, where in addition to programming and robotics, we have combined Astronomy and Digital Art workshops dealing with topics such as light and color or spatial scales from both the artistic and the scientific points of view. The project was co-funded in 2012 by a Scientific Communication and Outreach Program (ACDC 2012) of the Government of Catalonia and during this academic year 2012-2013 by the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECyT2012). We are very happy with the balance of this course and the feedback received from the participant sand we hope to continue improving the project and keep running it for a long time. Marta Peracaula, Mariona Niell, Eduard Muntaner i Jordi Freixenet.

NOTES “MIREIA FRIGOLA the best project of Business Administration and Management (2008-2012 )“ “The New WEBSITE of ViCOROB will be operational next september” * Cal esmentar l’agraïment als membres de ViCOROB a l’hora de facilitar la informació necessaria per a fer aquest butlletí i per fer-ne les correcions pertinents.

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OCEANS’13 MTS/IEEE Conference held in Bergen, Norway, Fourth edition of the VIBOT DAY in Girona Thirty people attend the first meeting of th...