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No other company in the industry delivers on this truth better than Vicore. Every piece of equipment we design and produce, combines all the elements needed to lead a functional productive life. Our products offer such an incredible array of benefits, that the many Therapist and Trainers who use them, have actually coined the phrase "Soft Surface Therapy". What it really is, is a an ergonomically superior system, engineered to be inherently unstable. This characteristic forces the body to engage core muscles, and fire neurons which build balance, reduce reaction ///////// 1 times and enhance coordination.

If the objective is to return somebody to a pre-accident state or simply take them to the next level, Vicore is the only choice for insuring no aspect of the recovery is missed. What is Soft Surface therapy and why does it matter? Balance combined with resistance training stimulates the body's five righting reflexes, resulting in a recovery which is far quicker and more effective than traditional methods. It simply does not make sense to place any part of the human form on to a hard flat surface during a workout. As it is the exact antithesis of the body. Dynamic, soft, flexible, maliant, all words which describe a living organism- or one of our benches, and when you really think about it, by definition shouldn't interfaces match each others characteristics. Therefore, Soft Surface Trianing Matters only as much as: perfect ergonomics, greater muscle recruitment, Neuroplasticity and a host of other upsides are important.

Giant Beach balls, Bongo boards, we've seen them all. However, what we haven't seen, is a safe way to utilize their benefits. In the world of rehabilitation and recovery; ages range widely. Therefore, it is not logical to think that the current tools available will fit all the demographics encountered. The elderly or the very young may not be a great match for giant plastic balls or wobble boards and the results may even turn disastrous. Vicore products have created the industries first true oxymoron "Safe instability" . Meaning, our equipment provides an ergonomic and unstable enviorment that is highly predictable and can be adjusted in accordance to differing abilities and recovery levels. Most importantly, the Patient and the Therapist remain in full control of, both- the rate of progression and equipment. We are going to go out on a limb here and say that " most people in a medical environment are looking to recover from an accident- not have another one . . . .

Ergonomics are not an after thought. There are few things more important than correct ergonomics during recovery. All Vicore equipment is designed to replicate the body’s shape and natural movements.

We are not just talking 'one body' we are talking, virtually every shape and size of person on the planet with one piece of equipment. The surfaces of all our equipment are filled with air, allowing each bench to mold perfectly to everyone who uses it, with zero hot spots or pressure points, as the user 2 ///////// is floating.

Dimensions (LWH): 58” x 34” x 17” (147 x 86 x 43 cm) Weight: 65 lbs (24 Kgs)

• Bearing Inlaid Wheels for Easy Transport • Easy-Grab Transport Handle • BobyLink Surface Tested to 4,500 lbs (2,041 Kgs)

Vicore has taken the lowly old flat bench and transformed it into a Dynamic Transport Rehabilitation Machine. Our Core bench will literally work more muscle groups and fire more neurons in one set of reps than any other piece of equipment on the floor. What makes this so incredible is, nothing in a patients routine has to change, as everything needed is built into the equipment. Easy to use, impossible to plateau, the Vicore Core Bench completely encompasses all the aspects of a balanced functional recovery.

U.S. and Foreign Patents Pending

Thermal imaging reveals a striking improvement on Vicore equipment vs standard benches.

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traditional flat benches

Dimensions (LWH): 48” x 32” x 34” (122 x 81 x 86 cm) Weight: 53 lbs (20 Kgs) • Rubber Foot Pads Safe for All Floors • Wheel Hooks for Band Workouts • BodyLink Surface Infused with Anti-Microbial Agent and Protected with UV Inhibitors

Infinitely versatile and un-believably effective, this Core Chair will quickly become the most used piece of equipment in your facility.

Most any Therapist or Trainer who hasn't been practicing in a cave, has either used a Physio ball or owns several. They more than likely swear by the benefits which they provide patients, in the areas of, balance, core strength and reaction times. Now take those Physio balls, multiply the number of exercises and task which can be performed by a factor of 10. Then add to that, an exponentially higher safety factor. Put them all together, and the sum total is the Core Chair.

U.S. and Foreign Patents Pending

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Dimensions (LWH): 51” x 72” x 42” (129 x 68 x 106 cm) Weight: 76 lbs (28 Kgs)

Working out on an unstable surface compounds every movement that is made, recruiting additional muscle groups automatically. These phrefial firings require additional neuro receptors—the more these new synapse take place the stronger they become and the faster the road to recovery. Muscle atrophy leads to neurological atrophy and both issues must be taken into account duing rehabilitation. Building and strengthening tissue is an essential part of any functional recovery. However, working and firing neurons is arguably more critical. Vicore equipment guides one through not just recovery, but measurable progression and improvements, which exceed even pre-accident conditions.

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• Removable Foot Pegs • Integrated Hooks for Band Workouts • Six Adjust Positions

U.S. and Foreign Patents Pending

Dimensions (LWH): 69” x 32” x 43” (175 x 81 x 109 cm) Weight: 76 lbs (28 Kgs) • 75mm Commercial Grade Steel • Enclosed Bearing Joints • Easy Grab Handle

U.S. and Foreign Patents Pending

True to the "Soft Surface Concept" anything that makes contact with the body is filled with air — eliminating the possibility of of the skeletal system to experience pressure or stress.

So, not allot of your patients and clients aiming to build a 'ripped set of abs' before beach season? We didn't think so. However, we are gonna bet that many of them have a full and total recovery on their bucket list. The key word in that last sentence was "total" because as we all know, there is "recovery" and there is "total recovery" the latter represents a functional state of being. This includes: the ability to preform daily task with ease and to be active enough to pursue one's passions. That is a big ticket to fill for one bench, however the The Core Ab, is no regular piece of equipment. With its ability to adjust to multiple angles and pularity of grab handles and brace points this bench really sets a new standard for what is possible in functional recovery and training.

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Vicore Health Sciences Catalog  

Product catalog for Vicore Health Sciences, a division of Vicore Fitness.

Vicore Health Sciences Catalog  

Product catalog for Vicore Health Sciences, a division of Vicore Fitness.