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D igital Progects & Graphic Design Portfolio 2000/13

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& This is the brochure for the company Fun In Tuscany, based in Florence, Italy. All of the elements, including logos, text and lay-out is designed and layed-out by me in Adobe InDdesign.

Tours for every taste




No experience required

Flyer for the company Fun In Tuscany, based in Florence, Italy.


4HORSE, 4VESPA/SCOOTER, 4QUAD/ATV nPrivate air-conditioned transportation nEnglish speaking guides nPre-ride lesson nApproximately 2 hours of chosen ride nVisit to a 13th century castle nAuthentic Tuscan meal nWine tasting nInsurance, helmet, safe locker nLOTS OF FUN! REGULAR PRICE: € 120 students and group: € 110

No experience required

• Daily departures • No experience required • Small groups • LOTS OF FUN!


bOOk NOW: +39 055 293127 +39 338 5922682 +39 392 6339101 INFO@FUNINTUScANy.cOm - WWW.FUNINTUScANy.cOm FUN IN TUScANy IS A FULLy LIcENSEd TOUr OPErATOr bASEd IN FLOrENcE

This is the flyer made for the company Fun In Tuscany, based in Florence, Italy

and more... BOOK NOW: +39 338 5922682 +39 392 6339101

Tours for every taste

No experience required




Marmilla Magical Mystery Tour


armilla”, translated into This Trip Includes: English, means “a breast” and this region of Sardinia was Comfortable air-conditioned transportation named so because of its sweet round hills. Our journey lays Horseback ride to 12th between these “breasts” into the c. castle & to Giara park region floating with milk and honey. Hard to find places and We will begin near 12th c. Medieval hard to believe stories castle. We will dress up in Medieval costumes and have a guided 1hr Visit several small cities of interest horseback tour into the castle and a local museum with an opportuExcellent lunch in nity to shoot medieval bows and authentic restaraunt arbalets. Then our journey continues back Lots of FUN! in time into the bronze age - the epoch of Nuraghe. We will visit most prominent example of Nuraghic PRICING: Adults: € 120 / €80 (with your car) civilization - a whole village with Kids age 6-16: €80 / (free) a citadel still standing there after Babies age 0-5: free almost 3000 years since it was erected by early tribes people. ..And then we head up to Giara for another hour horseback ride Give yourself something to into the green planes of famous remember while you are in national park. The authentic lunch Sardinia and have fun with us! picknick will be served in Giara, offering typical products of Sardegna as well as a refreshing glass of local wine!


e would like to invite you to a fun and hassle-free, non-touristy trip “behind the stage” of Sardinia. Each of our trips is designed to show you every aspect of Sardinia: aesthetics - see the natural beauty of the island, historical/ mythical- learn a few new things about history and the myths of Sardinia, culture and art - because we ourselves are passionate about local art and tradition, we try to pass that on and inspire our guests. We discovered amazing cultural and artistic variety here in Sardinia and would like to share all the fun with you. Treat yourself to an increadible day in Sardinia: relax and learn a few new things about any region you chose to explore!


QUAD 4x4 Riding in Costa Verde, Dunes, Beaches & Nature

Welcome to Sardinia!

Campidano di Oristano: nature, history & art


Unleash your sense of adventure!

ere is the exciting opportunity to explore Sardinian nature by Quad (ATV). Come ride with us through the unspoiled countryside, between the highest sand dunes in Europe, picturesque villages of miners, see deers and birds in the wild, the former mines and the beaches of the Costa Verde.

This Trip Includes: We speak English, Russian & Italian Comfortable air-conditioned transportation Hard to reach places and hard to believe stories

Approx.2 hrs QUAD/ATV ride + 1hr at the beach Authentic lunch in local restaurant And naturally - LOTS of FUN! PRICING: Adults: € 120 / €80 (for passenger)

Capo Pecora, Scivu, Piscinas, Tower of the Corsairs, Pistis ... the beautiful raw nature of Sardinia awaites you! We will come pick you up from your accommodation and take you for an unforgettable ride through most remarkable and hard-to-reach areas of the SouthEastern shore. The excursion will begin with a brief pre-riding class to ensure your safety during the ride. A professional local quad-guide will accompany you during the whole experience and tell you all about this amazing region. During the ride, as we will pass by most incredible hidden beaches where we will stop for a refreshing dive in the sea, to wash off the dust and relax in the place where few tourists have ever been. After the ride on the way home, we will stop to have an authentic lunch at the local trattoria/restaurant and have a glass of wine, produced in this region.

The beautiful city of Oristano, famous for its incredible carnival - Sa Sartiglia - became important center in 1070 A.D. and kept to nowdays all of its Medieval charm. Our trip will begin with a brief exploration of historic parts of Oristano and then we will set off into the country-side

This Trip Includes: We speak English, Russian & Italian Comfortable air-conditioned transportation Hard to find places and hard to believe stories Visit to several small villages of interest Great lunch in local pizzeria And naturally LOTS of FUN! PRICING: Adults: € 95 / €65 (with your car) Kids age 6-16: €55 / free Babies age 0-5: free * - everything is included

to find the hidden nuraghe - prehistoric sacred “towers” typical representation of early history of Sardinia. After we experience the Bronze Age of nuraghe, we will visit a spectacular site of the best Sacred Well on the island of Sardinia (12th c. B.C.) - one of the most mysterious and unique shrine in the world. On our way out we can stop briefly to check out another little hidden nuraghe, and then we arrive to a very interesting village of Macomer with its painted murals, quiet old streets and Nuragic Complex of Tamuli important archeologic site, full of remains of Nuragic civilization. In Macomer we will enjoy a lunch in a local trattoria and then head back to your accomodation. This trip is designed to bring you in touch with unique and beautiful area of Oristano, to see this area with your own eyes, to hear its stories and music, to taste its food and walk its land - and all in one fun day! We respect your time and believe in catering to individual needs of our guests, who we treat like friends.

Daily departures: Morning at 8:30 am or Afternoon at 4:30 pm SMALL GROUP GUARANTEED!


Come. See. Conquer.

Depending on your choice of trip, we can either pick you up from your accomodation, or you can choose to meet us at our meeting point on piazza Del Carmine, next to the railway central station in downtown Cagliari - just mention it when you book your tour. Trip lasts up to 7 hours. Meeting Point Across the street from the central train station of Cagliari, on piazza Del Carmine in front of the statue.



Fun in Sardinia

Fun in Sardinia

* - everything is included

Fun In Sardinia is a part of Fun In Tuscany, based in Florence. Discover Tuscany with us!

© Copyright 2012 - All rights reserved by Jerfel Voyage P.IVA IT 05XXXXX Via Bernardo Cennini, 6, 50123 - Firenze Tel/Mob: (+39) 338 5922682 (+39) 392 6339101 E-mail:

This is the brochure for the company Fun In Sardinia, based in Cagliari, Italy. All of the elements, including logos, text, photography and lay-out design is designed and layed-out by me in Adobe InDdesign.

This is the flyer made for the company “Asea”, based in Salt Lake City, USA.

Flyer for the course of Practical Mythology, Salt Lake City, USA.


Checco Gori chitarra solista


Piero Spitilli contrabbasso

Andrea Brogi batteria

Fabbrica della Conoscenza

2011 Registratrazione, missaggio e mastering curato da Fabio Carusi - DITH studio ( materiali sonori P 2011 made in Italy - / Email: Grafica a cura di Vladimir Sokolov (

Tommaso Tarani flauto traverso



Lorenzo Caponnetto voce e chitarra




• 1. BAMBOLA DI CARTA PESTA (3:29) • 2. LA N DI PHILIPPE (3:16) • 3. LUNA (5:02) 4. SABATO E’ GIA’ QUI (3:48) • 5. DAI MA DOVE VAI (5:11) •



CD-cover Flyers


1. Bambola di Cartapesta (3:29) 2. La N di Philippe (3:16) 3. Luna (5:02) 4. Sabato É Giá Qui (3:48) 5. Dai Ma Dove Vai (5:11)

This is the brochure for the company Fun In Tuscany, based in Florence, Italy. All of the elements, including logos, text and lay-out is designed and layed-out by me in Adobe InDdesign.

quality tutoring Casa del Vento Language Services learning can be fun!

AgroSwing4.indd 1

Flyer for a tutoring project.

Italian, English, German, French, Spanish and Russian private one-on-one tutoring

groswing_back2.indd 1

Learn to UNDERSTAND another language in a comfortable setting with our friendly team of professional tutors. Practice conversation, grammar, increase vocabulary and improve your pronunciation fast!

PAY LESS: our rates are as low as 15 euro/hour GET A 25% DISCOUNT when you bring a friend

speak with us! For more information contact Vladimir: 320-0351965 or Casa del Vento: 055-8328583 or write to

12/14/11 3:06 PM

Postcard designed for JSC “Vilaris”, 2010

12/11/11 3:28 PM

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This is an example of a magazine designed and layed-out by me in Adobe InDdesign for the corporation 4Life Research, Eurasia Department, based in Utah, USA,. It was my monthly project during the whole length of the year 2007.


My Italy: Guide To Tuscany

Lay-out, Photography, Creative Writing

Культ Прекрасного или Рецепт Ренессанса. Многие до меня задавались вопросом каким образом в одном месте и в одно время, влекомый невидаными силами, вдруг возникал вихрь чистого гения, таланта и мастерства, который проходил через целый отрезок времени-пространства, сметая на своем пути невежество и посредственность. Так примерно можно описать события, произошедшие во Флоренции сравнительно не так давно – каких-то 600 лет назад. Если представить себе количество непревзойденных мастеров, которые однажды гуляли по улицам этого города, то можно по достоинству оценить их наследие –Флоренцию. Для тех, кому сложно представить себе самому очень помогает пройтись по внутренней площади Уфицци, где один за другим представлены мощные атланты Флорентийского возрождения, которые жили и творили в этом городе: Микеланджело Буаноротти, Данте Алигъери, Никола Макиавелли, Леонардо да Винчи, фра Анжелико, Донателло, Филиппо Брунеллески, и т.д. и этот лист можно продолжать долго. На мой взгляд, Ренессанс во Флоренции возник не случайно и был стимулирован несколькими факторами, давшими благоприятную


атмосферу для зародившегося чуда. Во-первых, разумеется, опека и инициатива величайшего заказчика тех времен – Римской Католической Церкви. Для задуманного Церковью понадобилась армия художников под предводительством маршаловмастеров. Втечение считаных декад под влиянием влиятельных людей возникло наглядное пособие по причастию к ложе Католичества с Вратами на Небеса, бесчисленными вереницами ангелов и святых, десятки тысяч Спасителей, чей светлый лик всякий раз был прорисован с безукоризненным мастерством и чувством психологии образа.

Лукка - это, пожалуй, один из самых живописных городов Италии. Окруженный горами и обнесенный старинной стеной, полностью сохранившейся со времен когда она была построена в 1504-1645 гг., согласно всем канонам старого города Римской колонии, уютно расположен маленький город Лукка. Крошечные площади, узкие улицы, арки, башни, миниатюрные церквушки, красные черепичные крыши, даже каналы с мотиками: все атрибуты старого города для любителей замкнутых пространств. В отличии от большинства городов Тоскании, Лукка находится на плоской местности, к тому же внутри стен почти не бывает автомобилей, что делает этот

город оптимальным для велосипедистов. Для жителей Лукки велосипед - не спорт, но повседневное средство передвижения, и в солнечный день весь город садится на велосипеды. В сочетании с ученой репутацией, страсть к велосипедам заслужила городу прозвище “Кэмбриджа в Тоскании”. Лукка был основан римлянами в 180 г. до н. э., но почти все архитектурные упоминания о славных временах цезарей растворились в бурном потоке среднивекового итальянского творчества. Однако из уцелевших напоминаний древнего города сохранилась одна из характерных достопримечательностей Лукки овальная рыночная площадь Пьяцца дель Меркато.

Однажды арена Римского амфитеатра, эта площадь постепенно обросла среднивековыми палаццо, сделанными из тех же камней, что и древняя арена (см. на панораме ниже). Само название города пришло от этрусков, которые в свое время называли это место Лук. Сначала город этрусков, затем римская колония, потом - во время Ломбардов - резиденция герцога и столица Tuscia. Лукка, ставший в 11-м веке коммуной имел все шансы стать также административным центром, если бы не затяжная 400летняя война с Флоренцией, после которой город потерял всякие надежды вновь обрести политическую и экономическую независимость.

Впрочем, однажды ему удается добится титула независимой республики, на короткий период между правлением Пизы и нашествием Наполеона в 1796 г. Сегодня Лукка - это тихий город в прекрасном месте, уже открытый туристами, но близкое соседство с Пизой забирает большинство туристического внимания, и Лукка - замечательное место для визита и отдыха. Здесь есть всё: роскошные маршруты для прогулок как внутри, так и за пределами стен, включая обязательную прогулку по тенистым аллеям самих городских стен, уютные кафе, уличные музыканты, магазины на любой вкус, и конечно же - места для ренты и покупки велосипедов.


This is an example of a catalog designed and layed-out by me in Adobe InDdesign for the Russian publishing house, under the project “My Italy: Guide Into Tuscany”.


Lay-out of the book, published in Russia.

This is are some examples of a page layout for the book “Healing Madness: Between Misterii & Psychotherapy” layed-out and illustrated by me and published by Russian publishing house “Rech”, Moscow, 2007.

Cover, Illustrations, Lay-out

& Lay-out, Illustration & Creative Writing

“Themes for Meditation” “In the

beginning there was a Word” – and that was pure INFORMATION. Then, after darkness separated from light, the light carried information forth, creating MEANING on its way into dark emptiness of unknown somewhere along the scales of yet unnamed Space-Time coordinates. The MEANING soon filled up the entire Space-Time, however the balance was set, limiting the MEANING or ORDER from taking over the Time-Space, and the MEANING was linked to its own tale, creating the paradigm, that the more one understands the MEANING, the more it seems to be completely meaningless to astronomic extends. The information itself appears to be the valuable currency, but it needs material core to exist upon, to be collected and detected, manipulated and reflected back into the informative Chaos of the Universe. Life is inevitable, given the right conditions. Well, in its ever-expanding generosity the Universe has provided many various planes of existence and waves of perception for many forms of life to spurt out inevitably with vigorous force of creation. Who knows how many “alien” forms of life surround us right now, existing on their own levels among those waves of perception of Information, which we simply cannot detect?

God we simply are not evolved enough to experience INFOR– is everything, so they say. God is also everything that we can’t touch, taste, see, hear or smell:

MATION in profound dosage.

Examples of pages lay-out designed by me for the literary and design project “Themes For Meditation”.


Web-page Design Web Lay-out


This is a home page of www. designed and layed-out together with Claudio Manetti for Fun In Tuscany

un In lorence

Ride & Reel Private tours guided by Florentine driver Home


Book Now!


Guest Book


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Leave the driving to our guide, sit back and enjoy the ride! ► English speaking guide ► Approximately 2 hours ► Visit all main squares ► Gelato in Fiesole ► Tips and info about the city and its history ► Insurance, helmet ► LOTS OF FUN!

Completely original new tour! Here’s your chance to enjoy a scooter ride in the busy historic center of Florence as a passenger. We ride through the center, stopping in the most beautiful squares to take photos or just admire the beautiful scenery. Then we make our way up to Piazzale Michelangelo for one of the best and most romantic views in Europe. From there we roll up to Fiesole to enjoy another stunning panorama of Florence from a different point of view and have a delicious gelato. Focus on Florence. Are you ready to zip around the backstreets and roll along the boulevards of Florence? No renting a scooter, no stress of driving, no hassle, no worries – just a fun ride! Jump on, stop, hop off and take photos! Florence has never been seen like this before… Remember Peck&Hepburn? We do the same in Florence!

Daily departure at 5:00pm from our meeting point.

We meet next to McDonald’s across the road from the Santa Maria Novella Station.

Follow Us! All Inclusive:

€ 55 per person UsefUl Info:

Book Now! or contact us for info

► The tour lasts up to 3 hours; ► Bring your camera! ► Pick up service is available upon request

© Copyright 2005-2011 FunInTuscany All rights reserved. Tel/Mob (+39) 338 5922682 / (+39) 392 6339101 Email Us:

This is an example of web-pages designed and layed-out by me for the company Fun In Tuscany, based in Florence, Italy. The website was published online in 2011. Made all design for the following list of websites:,,,,

This is a home page of my old website designed and layedout by me.The website was published online during 2005-2012.

Logo, symbols Business cards

Interpreting concepts into images

Fine Art, Illustration, Graphic Design, T-Shirts, Murals, Cartoons, etc





visual interpreter






Photo manipulation Photo Editing


This is a poster to support Israel.

This is a family portrait made from an old masterpiece in Photoshop.

This is Venice and Amsterdam merged together.

Graphic Design Portfolio  
Graphic Design Portfolio  

Graphic Design Portfolio of Vladimir Sokolov