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Vladimir Sokolov


As A Way To Tell The Truth

Portfolio of cartoons 2009 / 2012

Hello, You have found a rare thought book made in the form of cartoons. Because if you think you know some piece of truth and want to tell it to others, you are always risking to either be misunderstood or beat up. When, however, you say the same thing in a form of a joke, the smile will always be the sign of agreement and appreciation. I hope you enjoy these cartoons and smile a few times even if you might disagree with a theme or two.After all, we do not have a sense of truth, but we do have a sense of humor.

Dedicated to the 6th sense - the sense of humor.

2009 - 2012 Š Copyright 2012 Vladimir Sokolov, Viconart

Three Monkeys of the West

Social interraction at the coffee-house: I am not looking at you, I don’t hear you and I am NOT talking to you.


The Beekeeper

The Enigma of Republican States

Dog’s Facebook

Any of you who has ever walked the dog have seen and maybe noticed how dogs never “post” on top of another “post” and what they do is sprinkle, which may be be seen as “a comment” in their social network.

Twitter Revolution

– Daddy, daddy, how’d you spell “wewolution”? – ??? – I’m just twying to cwank one out in Womania...

Lost in Translation

Puff-puff Passing Bills

The Mormon Tree of Knowledge

“100% Natural Knowledge From Concentrates� - Hebrew flavor. Mormons have their alibi to stay solemnly dressed and proudly pregnant under the Tree of Knowledge: they REALLY never ate a single fruit from that tree. And thus they always remain innocent.

Latter Days Supper

No need to read the bubbles - the 12 apostles of Utah are all businessmen and do not hide their corporate identities... In Gold We Trust.

Veni Vidi Credit

I Cannot Believe Its Not Dollar

So, as you can see, I-Cannot-Believe-Its-Not-A-Dollar not only does not require national golden reserve, but will actually make a few bucks along the way...

The Absolute Power


Medical Marijuana

US Army Distributor Kit

Swine Flu Over The Cuckoo’s Nest

Governor’s Pageant

Two Heads of Russian President

The House Always Wins

It is known that the house always wins

Money Equasions

Why do polititians even pray to God, if all of their needs are met by money?

Journalism For Sale

Graffiti Writers

Weapons Make Us Feel Safe

Parking Rules

There is a big hospital in Utah, called University of Utah, or U of U. Whatever it is, this organization was never meant for students.

Republicans VS Democrats

Ancient Greek Facebook

Our Jesus Of A Longboard

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The Little Book of BIG Cartoons  

Original cartoons by Vladimir Sokolov - Viconart