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Grupo Proyecta, to date, has carried out the development of planned communities with unique characteristics in terms of safety, innovation and architectural design. Leader in real estate business; developer, developer and marketer of residential and commercial projects. Grupo Proyecta was founded in 2000 and stood out from the first moment, their view among real estate developers in the metropolitan area of Puebla. ​​ It has established itself as the real estate consortium that more goodwill generated in the state, with 26.35% annual average increase in the price per square meter of their development, which has increased the assets of more than 20,000 families. In early 2013, he was recognized as a great place to work by the Great Place to Work Institute. This means, governed by a new labor culture that favors trust between employees and the pride that gives them their function. Grupo Proyecta focuses its talent for innovation in the field of real estate development, by building planned communities, with the support of the most recognized names in the world on issues of architectural design, landscaping and construction. Favouring quality of life and heritage of families. Always govern their actions on the following values: ethics, respect, trust, commitment, excellence and equity. These values​​ allow them to offer their customers an atmosphere of quiet, comfortable and safe life. In Grupo Proyecta we have the passion to develop and build communities with worldclass planning, based on the highest standards of quality and innovation, with highly professional staff that is committed to the customers and shareholders.


Type of development: • 3 towers for vertical housing extension: • 1.5 hectares Number of departments: • 159 Location: • Puebla, state of Puebla design: • Carlos Herrera Arquitectos

Sales period: • 2001 - 2002 Type of development: • residential subdivision • 3 towers for vertical housing extension: • 16.3 hectares Number of homes: • 293 Location: • Municipality of San Andrés   Cholula, Puebla State design: • Federico Bautista Architecture Studio


Sales period: • 2001 - 2003 Type of development: • residential subdivision extension: • 3.3 hectares Number of homes: • 42 Location: • Municipality of San Andrés   Cholula, Puebla State design: • Federico Bautista Architecture Studio


Sales period: • 2010 Type of development: • residential subdivision extension: • 50 hectares Number of lots: • 81 Location: • City of Atlixco, Puebla State design: • Gerala and Associates Architectss

PERFECT BALANCE BETWEEN NATURE AND VANGUARD Designed and developed by Grupo BBVA Anida Real Estate Developer, Lomas de Angelopolis is the best choice for anyone looking for a place to live and invest. Lomas de Angelopolis is located south-west of the city of Puebla, in the area between Peripheral Ecological, Atlixcรกyotl Way and 11th Avenue South. It is one of the fastest growing areas in the state of Puebla. It offers easy access and proximity to the best areas, services and universities in the city. Its surroundings harmonizes with nature, enjoying great views of the Popocatepetl and Iztaccihuatl volcanoes Malinche. Through its large green areas, sports areas and entertainment, comfortable cobbled streets and tree-lined avenues exhibiting monumental sculptures, Lomas de Angelopolis offers its residents the perfect communion with nature and at the forefront of a style of safe, comfortable life and accessible.


Hotel Camino Real

Complejo BUAP

A PLANNED COMMUNITY A planned and urbanized community with respect, built to meet the needs of the future inhabitants.In Lomas de Angelopolis, every detail has been conceived to offer an integrated community with all amenities close at hand and, in turn merges with nature offering environments and natural areas, walkways, parks, waterfalls and lakes. These planned details avoid auditory and visual pollution to improve air quality thanks to its large parks and wooded areas.

SUSTAINABLE WATER MANAGEMENT Lomas de Angelopolis has a separate drainage system to conserve water, one for storm water and one for wastewater. The first leads rain water directly into rivers and streams surrounding the development and the second leads to a sewage treatment plant.

PEACE AND TRUST IN ONE COMMUNITY We have implemented various technological platforms to build a model of “Lomas Community” that would provide residents with a safe, modern and innovative atmosphere. • Central recording system. • Mobile applications. • Vehicles and police with GPS systems. • Ambulance and fire truck. • IP emergencies towers linked to the monitoring center,   with integrated PTZ cameras, located in busy areas. • Video surveillance cameras. • Emergency button cell. • Video wall with screens 46 inches connected in series. • Video surveillance 24 hours to send rescue team in the shortest    possible time.

EMERGENCY CENTER Lomas de Angelopolis has a policeman for every 142 inhabitants, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In Mexico City, there is one policeman for every 960 inhabitants.

Monitoring “wifi� in public areas, covering health emergencies.

It has an average of 15.68 m of green space per inhabitant, 8.4 times more than the average green areas in the city of Puebla and 74% more than the minimum acceptable by the World Health Organization.

The streets of Lomas de Angelopolis are created from a traffic study conducted by Cal y Mayor and Asocidados, the most important company in Latin America of the sector. Design ensures that there will be internal traffic problems.

The electricity, cable TV, natural gas and public lighting, are underground.

Guaranteed water supply to all homes taken as a blueprint.

Smart irrigation system in parks and green areas.

In satisfaction surveys for nests settlers BBVA, Lomas de Angelopolis was rated a satisfaction level of 96%, one of the tallest of its kind.


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DEVELOPMENT TYPE: residential area EXTENSION: 112 hectares NUMBER OF HOUSES: 2,323 EXTENSION OF GREEN AREAS: 12.74 hectares SCULPTURES displayed: Clythia, Fullerene, April Flower Star Circontinuo and Dimensions Yvonne Domenge (Mexico)

Lomas de Angelopolis, passion for natural beauty and functional architecture.


Estudio Arquitectura S.A. de C. V.

Lomas de Angelopolis favors coexistence between residents and their environment.

Design Studio of Michael Mckay

TYPE OF DEVELOPMENT: mixed residential and commercial area EXTENSION: 172 hectares NUMBER OF HOUSES: 2,762 houses, 3,238 apartments EXTENSION LANDSCAPE: 21 hectares SCULPTURE DISPLAYED: Light Lighthouse Pedro Cervantes (Mexico) PARKS: Central Park, Park Theater and Parque de las Flores

TYPE OF DEVELOPMENT: school, shopping and mixed use EXTENSION: 9 hectares FEATURES: 180 000 m of construction, more than 2,300 parking 2

spaces, parks, fountains, terraces, pergolas and games SCULPTURES displayed: Sary ladder Haddad People Selma Guisande

Sonata’s Town Center that puts everything at your fingertips, the ideal complement to Lomas de Angelopolis.

Design Studio of Michael Mckay

DEVELOPMENT TYPE: residential area EXTENSION: 56 hectares NUMBER OF HOUSES: 1,500 EXTENSION LANDSCAPE: 19 hectares SCULPTURES displayed: Estela del Sol Pablo Olivera (Mexico) Joseph Phoenix Lazcarro (Mexico) PARKS: Butterfly Park, Loma Park, Sports Park, Park Reserve and greenways.

Lomas offers its residents the highest standards of quality of life.

Design Studio of Michael M ckay

Lomas is a spectacle of nature and harmony.

FIRST STAGE DEVELOPMENT TYPE: residential and commercial EXTENSION: 270 hectares EXTENSION LANDSCAPE: 28 hectares Features: green areas with parks, lakes, waterfalls, 22 hectares of roads and bike path 8.3 kilometers

SCULPTURES displayed: Rhythmic chain Dalia Monroy (Mexico)

    South North, Earth, Fire, Meeting between Roads Construction tribute to Carlos Ciriza (Spain)


Estudio Arquitectura S.A. de C. V.

Design Studio of Michael Mckay

SECOND STAGE DEVELOPMENT TYPE: Residential and Commercial Zone EXTENSION LANDSCAPE: 18 hectares EXTENSION: 158 hectares Features: Parks, School Zone PARKS: More than 5


Estudio Arquitectura S.A. de C. V.

Design Studio of Michael Mckay

Gran Reserva is made up of incredible natural spaces, common areas with spectacular designs, functional and high-quality roads. A privileged location that guarantees stunning views of the Popocatepetl, La Malinche and Iztaccihuatl volcanoes. Designed by the renowned architectural firm of Mexican Humberto Artigas, which has achieved an innovative residential project, incorporating the most modern urban concepts.

CHARACTERISTICS - Clubhouse (includes cafeteria, lounge bar, game room, multipurpose room and gym). - Perimeter fence. - Streets and sidewalks of natural stone. - Two main entrances to fractionation. -Casetas Surveillance. - Services and underground connections. GREEN AREAS Indoor parks designed by Michael McKay. Playground with sandbox, tree house, playground and picnic tables.

Lomas is a merge between nature and harmony.

Participaron en el desarrollo: EA

Estudio Arquitectura S.A. de C. V.

Design Studio of Michael Mckay

FIRST CLASS URBAN DEVELOPERS Lomas Angel贸polis has been planned and built by the best developers in the world:

Cal y Mayor y Asociados, a leading consulting, transportation and engineering company in Latin America. It developed the study traffic Lomas Angel贸polis to ensure that the size of the streets agrees with the size of the development, thus avoiding any possibility of traffic.

JRDV, architectural firm with global experience that seeks to link strategic thinking with creative design, incredible spaces, user experience and brand distinction. They developed Sonata spaces.

EDSA, a global leader in community planning, responsible for developing The Palm Dubai, Disney Orlando and Punta Mita, t name a few. EDSA participated in the development of Lomas de Angelopolis II and Cascatta.

NOLTE leading US civil infrastructure, with over 60 years of business experience in the field. This company was responsible for the infrastructure of Lomas de Angelopolis II and Cascatta.


Estudio Arquitectura S.A. de C. V.

Arquitectura Studio, renowned architecture firm of Frederick Bautista, Mexican company leader in designing housing developments. Architecture Studio participated in the development of Lomas de Angelopolis I and Cascatta.

OBMI, a leading global architectural design. OBMI participated in the architectural development of Cascatta.

Design Studio of Michael Mckay Michael McKay, leader in landscape design experience in the finest resorts in the US, China and India Arab Emirates, among other office. MK studio designed the landscape of Lomas de Angelopolis II, Lomas Zonazul, Cascatta and Sonata.

The Site Development Studios, globally recognized company specializing in the development of aquatic environments such as waterfalls, lakes and fountains. The complexity and quality of its projects are its hallmark. They developed Cascatta waterfalls and lakes.

DTJ, ompany of sustainable urban design, with high prestige in America.This company developed the urban design and Cascatta Zonazul Lomas.

WATG, the US leader in developing service centers, responsible for developing the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas. This company undertook the development of Sonata.


Pedro Cervantes Born in Mexico City, His work has been exhibited in countries like Cuba, Venezuela and Japan. In our country this sculptor was awarded the National Prize for Arts and Sciences, Mexico 2011.

Yvonne Domenge Mexicansculptor, has starred in more than 40 solo exhibitions and collaborated in 165 collective exhibitions in Mexico and abroad..

Sary Haddad Born in the city of Puebla. Highlights solo exhibitions in San Pedro Museum of Art in the city of Puebla and in the Gallery of Casa de Cultura de Guanajuato. In 2011 she was awarded first place in the International Biennial of Contemporary Art in Florence, Italy.

Dalia Monroy

JosĂŠ Lazcarro

Originally from Puebla, has participated in about a hundred group exhibitions in America and Europe; emphasizing those of Spain, Yugoslavia, Venezuela, Austria and Mexico, held in the Palace Museum of Fine Arts.

Poblano plastic artist, has exhibited in countries like China, Italy, Guatemala, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, USA, Spain, Canada and Romania. In 2010 he was honored as the most important artist of the city of Puebla.

Pablo Olivera

Carlos Ciriza

Tlaxcalteca sculptor. He has exhibited individually and collectively in addition to Mexico, the Red Mill Gallery of Vermont Studio Center, in the United States and Strathearn Intercultural Center in Quebec, Canada.

One of Navarre most internationally renowned artists, and its presence in America, frequent and regular. Currently he is working on various commissions and monumental projects in the United States, Mexico and Europe.



IRAPUATO: FUSION OF CULTURE AND MODERNITY Grupo Proyecta in conjunction with EDSA, the global leader in community planning, developing a unique real estate project in the city of Irapuato, the second largest and most important city of the state of Guanajuato. Irapuato, a growing city with significant economic prospects and enough culture full of traditions and architecture, will host a new planned community with the highest standards of quality and modernity, integrating a set of amenities and first class architectural design, whose main objective to offer residents a modern, safe and innovative environment.

The development features: - 221 hectares of total area. - Town center commercial area. - Clubhouse (includes cafeteria, lounge bar, games room,   multipurpose room, gym). - Green areas. - Recreational Parks

Participated in the devolopment:

MÉRIDA WILL HAVE A NEW PARADISE SOON Merida, the Yucatan state capital city, has extensive cultural wealth, a heavenly climate and beautiful natural scenery. It has become one of the most important destinations for domestic and foreign investors in the region. Projects Group, develops a project unprecedented in Merida, the largest city and financial capital of Yucatan. An upscale planned community, composed of outstanding natural areas, common areas with unique designs and excellent location.

The development features: - 69 hectares of total area. - Clubhouse (includes cafeteria, lounge bar, games room,   multipurpose room and gym). - Green areas premier. - Recreational parks.

Club de Golf

Las Américas


Las Fincas

Temozon Norte


Paseo Ópera No.4, Interior 303 y 304 Town Center Sonata, Edificio Escala Lomas de Angelópolis, San Andrés Cholula C.P 72830 (222) 240. 43. 55