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Annual Report 2014

The Cad Factory 1906 Strontian Rd Sandigo NSW 2700 Australia +61 (0) 409 543 952 ABN: 19 845 469 233

Buckingbong to Birrego, a three day walk Image: Jacob Rapauch


The Cad Factory Vision We are an artist led organisation creating an international program of new, immersive and experimental work guided by authentic exchange, ethical principles, people and place.

“The Cad Factory has developed into one of Australia’s most innovative arts organisations.” Brianna Munting, Deputy Director NAVA

President’s Report Last year saw The Cad Factory grow up – not that it wasn’t already ‘big’ but just grow up in a gettingmore-mature way. This was a big step for Vic and Sarah McEwan, who have with so much passion and care, nurtured The Cad Factory for 10 years. It has been with humble hearts that the board has supported Vic and Sarah in this growing up process; the result is an organisation with more robustness and opportunity. 2014 was about getting frameworks in place. This included agreeing on our vision, writing our first strategic business plan and documenting policies, processes and procedures that support the smooth running of the organisation. Sounds kind of tedious but it has been great to get these things done so the real business – creating and delivering a wonderful program of new, immersive and experimental work – can take even more of our focus. In addition, having strong governance lets our partners, staff, community and audiences know that we are diligent with the dollars, people and outcomes entrusted to us. We have been thankful for our wonderful funding partners, without whom our projects would simply not exist. While there is always a need for more (so we can do more), we have been grateful for a significant number of grant firsts including receiving Arts NSW Program Funding.


Our financial health however, is not just dependent upon funding. Like so many not for profit organisations we rely on many different kinds of support. From locals simply lending a hand around the property, volunteers on our projects, in-kind support from regional galleries, State and national arts organisations, opportunities to speak, a monthly column from the local newspaper and uni students developing a corporate marketing strategy, each of these partnerships help us deliver our vision. This year is looking to be an even bigger year as we build on the foundations from 2014. It will be the second year of our two-year business plan put in place at the start of 2014 – so our core strategies and supporting initiatives will not change. We have some big challenges including doubling our grant funding, growing additional funding streams by 25 per cent and developing philanthropic and corporate partnerships. As Vic so aptly says, “we have big dreams”. Delivering these dreams requires financial support, so diversification and growth of our funding model remains critical for us over the next few years. In addition, maintaining and increasing our momentum in the arts and related sectors nationally and internationally is vital. We will be doing this through an exciting program of new and ground-breaking projects to be delivered in 2015, deepening our relationships with leading cultural bodies and institutions and further embedding ourselves in the fabric of this place. I would like to warmly thank my colleagues on The Cad Factory board, Vic, Sarah, Lindy, Linda and Jacqui, who have collectively given of their time, expertise, enthusiasm and moral support. Here’s to another year of growing.

Renay Ringma


What Lies Around the Bend, opening event for Buckingbong to Birrego, a three day walk The smoking ceremony Rolly Williams talking about land management George Main on the final night of the walk Images: Jacob Rapauch

Artistic Director’s Report 2014 is the tenth year of existence for The Cad Factory. From our lively beginnings upstairs in a warehouse space in Marrickville, Sydney to commencing 2014 with the inaugural Cad Factory board meeting. I recall someone reflecting on those first few years of The Cad Factory, saying, “Going to a show at The Cad Factory was like stepping out into forever, you never knew where it was going to take you.” So, ten years on, what is the difference? When we started The Cad Factory, there was no intention beyond the immediate need to have immediate stimulation. There was no planning, nothing beyond each moment that we lived. Now, it is very different in some ways, but at the core, the essence is in fact the same. By becoming a “legitimate” incorporated organisation with a board who engage in lengthy discussions about strategies for growth, superannuation, work cover, insurance and accounting procedures, does it change who we are and what we do? To me, the answer is a very definite no. We are still creating work under our own agenda and on our own terms. Our ideals and ideas now have the weight of an organisation behind us. It increases the force and it encourages us on our


relentless quest to do the things that we think are right, on our terms whilst at the same time enjoying and encouraging others to do things on their own terms. I don’t think it changes us, but instead changes the world, just a little bit, for the better. We are now deeply rooted in our regional location near Narrandera in NSW. We feel at one with our community. Not new comers or out of town artists trying to colonise the region with contemporary art, but instead, people who live here, who care about here, who learn from this place every day and who want to give something back to it. 2014 was a fabulous year for The Cad Factory. Major developments occurred and we are growing as an organisation and will continue to grow into...something that hasn’t yet been invented. 2015 is promising to be an exceptional year as we deliver some of our most ambitious projects to date with a range of partners from around the country and internationally. Everything in these pages is a celebration of not only us, but of all those who have contributed in some way. The board, collaborating artists, community members, participants, funding bodies, partnering organisations, original continuing Cadette Darrin Baker and even people who were just passing by. These pages celebrate everyone who has been a part of The Cad Factory in some way over the last ten years. So, on reflection, has the last ten years changed us? Of course it has, and hopefully it continues to change us again and again.

Vic McEwan



FEBRUARY Vegan Pot Luck and Rose Turtle Concert

MARCH In the Heart of Our Past

Regional Development Australia Presentation Yenda Rain Exhibition, Griffith Regional Art Gallery



Keepin’ It Real Keynote

Narrandera Council Presentation

Weekly Workshops at Narrandera High

Dream Big Panelist On Common Ground Development

Weekly Workshops at Narrandera High

Buckingbong to Birrego Walk LaTrobe University Lecture




Walking, the Environment and Art Symposium Presentation

Vic McEwan awarded Fellowship

In the Heart of Our Past Choir Recording

Fellowship, Manchester University UK Lecture

Home Video Workshops




Takadimi Development

Studio Launch

Hosting Time Place Space: Nomad

RE-Structure Symposium Presentation

Still Point Turning, Wagga Wagga Art Gallery

Murrumbidgee Health Presentation

Gearbox Factory OTYP Production

Movement Workshops

Key Strategies 1.Deliver excellence in contemporary arts practice

We are committed to providing and broadening Australian contemporary visual, performance and installation arts practice that represents global excellence Awarding of Arts NSW Fellowship

In June 2014 Artistic Director Vic McEwan was selected in a competitive process as the Inaugural Arts NSW Regional Arts Fellow. This prestigious honour will allow Vic to make several trips to the UK to work with Clive Parkinson from Manchester University and Liverpool Children’s Hospital to engage in research and deliver artistic outcomes. Vic will be the artist in residence at the National Museum of Australia throughout 2015.

Buckingbong to Birrego

The Cad Factory, National Museum of Australia, Wiradjuri Condobolin Corporation and farmer Graham Strong devised the Buckingbong to Birrego walk. The project travelled almost 50kms over 3 days, commissioned artists to make work along the route and engaged with community members, indigenous leaders, local artists and high profile visiting artists. Read more

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In The Heart of the Past - performance and recording

The Cad Factory commissioned Melbourne playwright Kieran Carroll to develop a script based on Narrandera characters and local composer Fiona Caldarevic to write music and form a choir for this drive-in theatre experience. The performance took place on the grounds of the Narrandera Railway Station with audience watching from inside their cars whilst tuning in to local radio Spirit FM where the actors dialogue and choir’s soundtrack was being simulcast. Read more

Adventure Narrandera App

The Cad Factory artists Vic and Sarah McEwan worked with students from Narrandera High to collaborate on the creation of Adventure Narrandera by undertaking workshops every week during Term 3 in 2014 across various artforms including painting, drawing, story telling, poetry, video, photography and site specific processes. The app highlights locations in Narrandera that are important to the students and reflects their sense of place within the town.

On Common Ground Development 1

On Common Ground is The Cad Factory’s most ambitious project to date featuring ephemeral artwork in the commons, in the lead up to a large textille work that spans the width of the Murrumbidgee River (100m wide). This development tested rigging techinques and different fabrics installed across the river. A project dinner was held to introduce 6 of the On Common Ground artists to meet and talk about their projects.

Yenda Rain

The Yenda Rain exhibition documented the Yenda Rain site specific artworks created throughout the town of Yenda in 2013. The exhibition highlights the process and outcomes of the project. Read the catalogue

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Buckingbong to Birrego, a three day walk River projections by Vic McEwan and George Main Installation by Lorraine Connelly Northey and Jonathan Jones Images: Jacob Rapauch

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Buckingbong to Birrego, a three day walk River projections by Vic McEwan and George Main Installation by Lorraine Connelly Northey and Jonathan Jones Images: Jacob Rapauch In the Heart of Our Past Images: Sarah McEwan

2. Build meaningful and vocal partnerships; nurture and develop arts capacity for communities, people and place We will actively connect with the arts and other sectors, service providers, community groups and national and local business to build connections, tell stories and celebrate remote landscapes and the people that live within them. Regional Partnerships

During 2014 we launched our Regional Partnerships program which sees a major commitment between The Cad Factory, National Museum of Australia, Performance Space and NAVA to deliver outcomes in regional NSW. Watch the video

Griffith Mentorship

The Cad Factory and Griffith Council created a partnership that will see The Cad Factory mentor their newly appointed gallery coordinator for a period of two years.

The Value of the Arts Document

With an increase in the amount of time that The Cad Factory spends engaged proactively in arts advocacy, we created a short document about the value of the arts. Read the document

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Home Video Workshops

The Cad Factory and LaTrobe University partnered to create a workshop process delivered by Vic McEwan to allow artists and community members to create short videos about “Home.” This project will be exhibited online in 2015.


Throughout 2014 Artistic Director Vic McEwan was invited to speak on numerous occasions including: - A lecture at Manchester University for The North West Arts Health Forum - A keynote address at Albury City Council’s conference Keepin’ it Real - Presentation and panel member at Dream Big presented by Eastern and Western Riverina Arts - Presentation at Narrandera Council Planning Day with the aim to inspire councillors to think creatively about their town - LaTrobe University Conference RE-Structure - Public lecture at the Centre for Creative Arts LaTrobe University - Presentation at ANU’S Walking, the Environment and Art Symposium - Presentation to Murrumbidgee Health executives about the value of the arts and health - Presentation to staff at the National Museum of Australia

Still Point Turning at Wagga Wagga Art Gallery

Continuing our ongoing partnership with the Wagga Wagga Art Gallery we presented Linda Luke’s performance Still Point Turning, with composition by Vic McEwan. This dance performance created by The Cad Factory board member Linda Luke, was also performed at the Melbourne Festival and Dance Bites festival in Sydney.

Outback Theatre for Young People

2014 saw the continuation of The Cad Factory’s ongoing partnerships with Outback Theatre for Young

People which involved artistic development for “The Grandma Tree” a show created for young people. We also participated in their planning weekend which included planning for 2 further projects together in 2015.

“The gallery can attest to The Cad Factory’s professionalism, expertise and high standards in the development and delivery of contemporary visual and performing arts projects.” Stephen Payne, Gallery Manager, Wagga Wagga Art Gallery

“The Cad Factory have become an integral part of our organisation. They are more than just ridiculously talented, they are inspirational arts leaders in our profession who deliver projects most of us can only dream of.” Sarah Boon, Griffith Regional Theatre and Art Gallery Manager 20 |

Still Point Turning, Wagga Wagga Art Gallery Image: Jacob Rapauch

3. Provide interactive opportunities for artists, audiences and communities We will help grow and sustain local artists and audiences by providing connections and their voices for regional communities to celebrate their natural and man made landscapes.

Time Place Space: Nomad

This project devised by Performance Space (Sydney), Arts House (Melbourne) and supported by the Canadian Arts Council, saw 30 artists travel around the state, ending in Narrandera where they were hosted by The Cad Factory. The artists delved into life in Narrandera and embraced the community during their stay. Their presence in town exposed many people to thought provoking contemporary art experiences.

The Cad Factory Studio Launch

Over a 4 year build, we were very excited to finally be launching our world class recording facility. This acoustically designed studio houses multiple spaces suitable for full scale audio recording and also features a tarkett floor for solo dance development.

Movement Workshops

The Cad Factory and Western Riverina Arts partnered to deliver four movement workshops to primary students in Griffith, Leeton and Narrandera. Over two days Linda Luke travelled the region to teach students how their body can move in unusual ways.

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Vegan Pot Luck and Rose Turtle Concert

This concert commenced our series of small, intimate live concerts in The Cad Factory studio.

Cad Factory Presents

We filmed Rose Turtle in the studio to continue our ongoing series of live videos created in The Cad Factory studio with traveling musicians.

Narrandera Argus

In 2014 we commenced an arrangement with the Narrandera Argus whereby we contribute a monthly column about various arts activities. Linked with current Cad Factory programming, these columns give a background to why we do what we do and the relevancy of contemporary arts practice.

Gearbox Factory

The Cad Factory was commissioned to document the last week of Australia’s last Gearbox manufacturing plant. Due to the death of the Australian automobile industry, this major employer for the Albury region, was forced to cease trading, mourning the loss of gearbox manufacturing in this country. The work captured will be exhibited in 2016.

Takadimi Development

The Cad Factory studio was used for a one week development by Sydney based band Takadimi.

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Sydney band AXIS performing under the Kurrajong tree for the launch of The Cad Factory Studio Image: Daniel O’Brien The Cad Factory Studio Image: Ross Waldron

“Narrandera Council would like to thank The Cad Factory for the many ways it has, and continues to contribute towards the development of the arts in The Narrandera Shire.” Andrew Brown, Tourism and Marketing Manager, Narrandera Council

“...a vibrant cultural organisation that is presenting an impressive program.” “

Gail Priest, Realtime Magazine

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Time Place Space: Nomad Artists touring Graham Strong’s farm Image: Sarah McEwan

4. Create a viable, safe, dynamic and connected organisation We are seeking to mature and become more sustainable, with a focus on increasing funding, building organisational capacity and connecting interested supporters to the organisation in more formal ways Funding

Throughout 2014 we were successful in receiving over $175000 in funding and commissions. This included: - Arts NSW Program Funding - Arts NSW Regional Partnerships Funding - Arts NSW Young People Funding - Arts NSW Regional Arts Fellowship - Regional Arts NSW CASP - Regional Arts NSW RAF - Australia Council Community Partnerships Project Funding - Wiradjuri Condobolin Corp Funding - Western Riverina Arts Annual Contribution

Board and Governance

In January 2014 The Cad Factory board had their inaugural meeting. Since that time the board have

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led us in creating financial systems and strategies, the creation of a business plan, the creation of risk management plans, position descriptions, superannuation policies, work cover policies and strategies for planning into the future.

Supported Studio Network Advisory Committee

Producer Sarah McEwan was appointed on the Supported Studio Network advisory committee for a period of 2 years. The network plays a vital role in promoting and advocating for the professional practice of artists with disability.

Corporate Partnership Strategy

UTS School of Media and Communication partnered with The Cad Factory to work with third year students to create a Corporate Marketing Strategy. This document will be put into action in 2015 to attract corporate sponsorship for the On Common Ground project.

Initiated DGR Status

Initial steps have been made for The Cad Factory to obtain DGR status.

Board Development

Throughout 2014 board members undertook development opportunities including: Vic McEwan - Seminar on balance sheets/profit and loss and financial documents Renay Ringma - Australian Institute of Company Directors, Not for Profit Directors Course Lindy Allen - Received the Victorian Diversity Scholarships which enables her to do the Australian Institute of Company Directors, Company Directors’ Course.

Professional Development

Sarah McEwan participated in advanced In Design training to enhance her graphic design skills and to train her in the creation of interactive apps. Vic McEwan attended a 5 day Sound, Art and the Environment masterclass in Regional Victoria.

2014 Statistics Artists: 74 Participants (workshops): 186 Audience Attendance: 1340 Direct engagment with online resources (booklets, videos, publications): 4800 Subscribers to Social Media (Facebook and Twitter): 1019 Monthly column in the Narrandera Argus - 3 columns in 2014 with a circulation of 2000 per edition: 6000

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Movement Workshop, Griffith Primary School Image: Sarah McEwan


CORE PROGRAM FUNDING ACTUALS PROJECTS ACTUAL THE CAD FACTORY - 2014 FINANCIAL YEAR END PROFIT / LOSS SUMMARY Arts NSW 30,000 PROJECTS Arts NSW 51,550 CORE PROGRAM FUNDING ACTUALS ACTUAL Western Riverina Arts 4,000 Australia Council 19,800 Arts NSW 30,000 Arts NSW 51,550 Arts NSW Regional Partnerships 2,258 Other Grants 34,705 Western Riverina Arts 4,000 Australia Council 19,800 EARNED INCOME 7,920 OTHER 25,300 Arts NSW Regional Partnerships 2,258 Other Grants 34,705 Total Income 44,178 Total Project Income 131,355 25,300 EARNED INCOME 7,920 OTHER 131,355 Total Income 44,178 Total Project Income EXPENSE Expense Core Overheads 43,266 Project Expenses 86,402 Expense EXPENSE Unexpended Grants C/Fwd to 44,540 86,402 Core 43,266 Project Expenses TotalOverheads Expense 43,266 2015 Unexpended Grants C/Fwd to 2015 44,540 Total Expense 43,266 Net Profit (Loss) 912 Total Project Expense 130,942 Net Profit (Loss) 414 130,942 Net Profit (Loss) 912 Total Project Expense TOTAL INCOME 175,533 TOTAL EXPENSE 174,208 Net Profit (Loss) 414 SURPLUS FOR 2014 1,326 TOTAL PROGRAM INCOME 175,533 TOTAL PROGRAM EXPENSE 174,208 SURPLUS FOR 2014 1,326

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Brewery Flats, Adventure Narrandera App Project Image: Year 10 students from Narrandera High

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On Common Ground Development with artists Julie Montgarrett, Clytie Smith and Vic McEwan Image: Cybele de Lemos Narrandera High Students with teacher Jacqui Ryding and Canadian artist Helen Yung Image: Sarah McEwan George Souris awarding Vic McEwan the ArtsNSW Regional Arts Fellowship Image: Estelle Pigot

Staff, Board & Partners Artistic Director: Vic McEwan

3 days per week

Creative Producer: Sarah McEwan

Secretary: Sarah McEwan Member: Jacqui Ryding

1 day per week from September 2014 Production: Grimm Culhane

3 days per fortnight from June 2014 President: Renay Ringma Deputy President: Lindy Allen Treasurer: Linda Luke Public Officer: Vic McEwan

Narrandera High School National Museum of Australia Narrandera Shire Council

2 days per week

Program Co-ordinator: Julie Briggs

Narrandera Arts and Creative Network

Albury Regional Art Gallery Albury Library Muesum Arts NSW Australia Council for the Arts Eastern Riverina Arts Graham Strong Griffith Regional Art Gallery Hands On Weavers John O’Brien Festival LaTrobe University Narrandera Argus

NAVA North West Arts and Health Network, Manchester, UK Outback Theatre for Young People Performance Space Regional Arts NSW Spirit FM UTS Wagga Wagga Art Gallery Western Riverina Arts Wiradjuri Condobolin Corporation

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The Board - Lindy Allen, Vic McEwan, Sarah McEwan, Renay Ringma, Jacqui Ryding, Linda Luke Image: Martin Fox

Thank You The Cad Factory is supported by the NSW Government through Arts NSW

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