Cad Factory Annual Report 2016

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Annual Report 2016

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Shadow Places Presented by the Cad Factory: Vic McEwan, Nicole Barakat in collaboration with George Main from the National Museum of Australia, the Narrandera Textiles Group and Narrandera community. Photo: Marinco Kojdanovski. Commissioned by the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences


The Cad Factory Vision The Cad Factory is an artist led organisation creating an international program of new, immersive and experimental work guided by authentic exchange, ethical principles, people and place.

The Cad Factory set the bar in socially engaged practice, blurring the boundaries between the challenging world of contemporary art and diverse public participation. Clive Parkinson - Director, Arts for Health, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK

The impact of the Cad Factory in Narrandera Shire in particular has been profound. Their programs and projects are reaching a broad audience, developing new audiences, and providing opportunities for local and regional artists to participate in a range of art genres. Julie Briggs, Poet and Deputy President, Narrandera Arts 4|

Haunting, Vic McEwan, George Main On the Murrumbidgee River, Wagga Wagga Photo: Vic McEwan

President’s Report Renay Ringma It was going to be a ‘fallow’ year – one where the Board, Vic and Sarah could spend more time planning, renewing and re-building. 2016, however, had something very different in mind, becoming the year where we reached an audience that was greater than those reached across the cumulative years, travelled greater distances and spent considerable time overseas and in our capital cities. Yet more than anything, last year highlighted the constant thrum of the Cad Factory’s regional sensibility and commitment that underscores everything the organisation does. I hope that in reading this Annual Report, you will see the deep importance of Australia’s land, heritage and communities from Boree Creek to Canberra, Wagga Wagga to Dubbo, Hay to Melbourne. Deliberately, at the start of the year, we chose a new strategy, “support the arts’ role in identifying and responding to regional vulnerabilities and resilience”. This came from a discussion on the breadth of change impacting Australia and strategies for engagement and action, through the arts. It continues to be an important concern and underpins much of our 2016 and 2017 activity. While the intersection of the arts and wellbeing has been a significant area of exploration for many years for the Cad Factory, Vic’s work with patients and staff at the Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in the United Kingdom, has added breadth, depth and gravitas to his practice. The sharing of these outcomes and collected knowledge (and wisdom), through talks and publications, has resulted in Vic, the organisation and international arts, charting new boundaries.


Looking back when I was writing my 2015 President’s Report, I expressed dismay at the arts funding controversy that impacted, and continues to impact, so many of our colleagues, friends, arts practitioners and organisations around the country. Yet, we remain humbly thankful for the ongoing support of Arts NSW and Regional Arts NSW together with new support from Catalyst – which meant that overall we saw the same level of funding in 2016 as the previous year. A very warm ‘thanks’ must be said to my Board, which saw the completion of a hugely significant contribution of artist and educator, Jacqui Ryding, and the appointment of two talented and committed women, Sabiene Heindl and Jane Kries. Sabiene and Jane have already made an enormous contribution to the Cad Factory and, together with our remaining founding Board Members, Linda Luke and Lindy Allen, continue to provide the organisation and I, with swathes of time, expertise, commitment and laughter. 2016 also saw us confirm a new role as part of the Cad Factory, General Manager. An important step in the organisation’s maturity – from January 2017 Claire Harris brings her considerable arts and management background, helping us grow more sustainable funding pathways. After a number of years on the journey with Vic and Sarah, I never tire of their ambitious plans. Yet 2017 without doubt, is likely to take us to new places, help us learn more about who we are and reach out to national and international communities in ever evolving ways – including USA, Lithuania, and the United Kingdom. See our 2017 Program HERE Recently speaking with Sarah on her return from her residency at Duke University in North Carolina USA, I realised just how big and yet how small and interconnected the Cad Factory has become. Here’s to another year – bring it on!

Artistic Director’s Report Vic McEwan 2016 was a massive year for us, artistically, personally, organisationally. With the continued support of our amazing board, we embedded deep foundations and strategic planning to make the Cad Factory a strong and viable organisation into the future. As Renay mentions, we have welcomed two new board members and said goodbye to one. Change and growth were the outcomes for 2016. Weathering the abrupt and unexpected changes to the arts funding landscape, we drew on our reputation and deep ethical process in order to strengthen our already established partnerships, create new ones and to work with our local communities. We made work that we are immensely proud of in 2016, delivered with our favourite combination of hard and never ending work, deep and meaningful engagement and lots of fun. Attending the 2016 Artlands conference in Dubbo we shared our work by collaborating to create the opening ceremony, sitting on the keynote arts and health panel, and delivering three other artistic outcomes. This gave us the opportunity to share our work and discuss it in depth with a wide range of people from around Australia.


Artlands was a major turning point for the Cad Factory, not just as a result of the work that we shared but because of the conversations we participated in. We explored new ideas, new collaborations, new relationships and a new way of thinking about our place within the Australian artistic landscape emboldened by the knowledge that from our regional centre we can contribute to our national voice. Delivering a project as part of Sydney Design Festival was another real achievement, not just because it drew an audience of over 20,000 people to see our work, not just because it allowed us to try new artistic ideas which will be developed further in 2017, not just because it allowed a large group of local artists to travel to Sydney to share their work but because it was the first time there had been such a major presence of regionally based artists presented as part of the festival. This is important because it acknowledges that design developments aren’t just happening in our capital cities. Our regional centres, farmers and communities are creating user led design innovations constantly in order to provide the very food and fibre that the people in our cities rely on. Another main development in 2016 that we are reflecting on now, is our greater understanding of our ability to share our local stories to a national and international audience. We are continuing to experience change and growth and most importantly, a clearer focus and vision with a deeper commitment and understanding of what we are trying to achieve and a new confidence in working in collaboration to share the potential of artistic practice as being a key contributor to the development of a just and fair humanity.



RE//CONSTRUCTING Exhibition, Opening, Lecture, Critique Session 2 x RE//CONSTRUCTING School Workshops

MARCH Judging Narrandera Art Show Jordy Bos Mentorship 1, 2 Friendship Circle Workshop 2

Friendship Circle Workshop 1



Land Dialogues Conference: Speaking Engagement and Presentation of Haunting

Under the Kurrajong Tree: Kristin Hersh

Friendship Circle Workshop 3

Friendship Circle Workshop 4

2 x Q + A’s with Kristin Hersh Jordy Bos Mentorship 3 ARTLANDS Development 1


Residency at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, UK 4 x Workshops at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, UK Lecture at Manchester Metropolitian University Shadow Places Workshop 1, 2 Friendship Circle Workshop 5


Residency at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, UK Performance Climates: Speaking Engagement and Exhibition



Shadow Places Workshop 3, 4

Shadow Places Exhibition

Jordy Bos Exhibition and Openings in Wagga Wagga and Coolamon

Public Lecture at MAAS

Friendship Circle Workshop 5

Friendship Circle Workshop 6

Jordy Bos Mentorship 4

Yr 4 St Josephs Workshop

Matt Ortiz Recording

OCTOBER Friendship Circle Workshop 8 ARTLANDS Development 3 ARTLANDS Conference: Keynote Panel Discussion, Opening Ceremony Performance, Presentation of Artworks x 2

Lecture at Sydney Uni 2 x Art Labs for RE//CREATING Residency at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, UK Friendship Circle Workshop 7

NOVEMBER Clive Parkinson Residency

Rural Residency Collaboration Boree Creek School Workshop Friendship Circle Workshop 9 Regional Achievements Dinner The Art of Good Health and Wellbeing: Speaking Engagment

DECEMBER Friendship Circle Exhibition and Opening

4 x Friendship Circle School Workshops

Rural Residency Collaboration Boree Creek School Workshop Residency Sharing Evening

Key Strategies 1.Deliver excellence in contemporary arts practice

We are committed to providing and broadening Australian contemporary visual, performance and installation arts practice that represents global excellence Haunting for Land Dialogues Haunting was the major artistic outcome of Vic’s residency at the National Museum of Australia in 2015. It featured photographs of objects from the National Museum of Australia’s collection, and from other collections, that recorded the profound social and ecological changes that came with agricultural development in southern Australia. In 2016, this artwork was remade for the location on Wagga Beach, opposite the traditional Wiradjuri Emu Sancturary on the banks of the Murrumbidgee River, to coincide with Charles Sturt University’s conference, Land Dialogues. The Harmonic Oscillator Continuing from Vic’s Arts NSW Regional Fellowship, and with support from Catalyst, Vic continues to work with Clive Parkinson from Manchester Metropolitan University for the project, The Harmonic Oscillator. 2016 involved deep creative work that will lead to multiple outcomes in 2017 in both the UK and Australia.

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Vic McEwan in a disused oil tank Scotland Photo: Clive Parkinson

Specimen for ARTLANDS Dubbo Specimen is a large outdoor installation made in collaboration with a living landscape. Featuring objects from the National Museum of Australia’s Specimen Collection, this project aims to explore the possibility to connect emotionally to these specimens that have been removed from their landscape. By witnessing these objects projected back into the landscape, it hopefully allows a space to consider the shadows and consequences that exist as a result of our collective human decision making. The Opening Ceremony for ARTLANDS Dubbo Artlands Dubbo is Regional Arts Australia’s biennial conference to celebrate Australian Regional Arts. The opening show was made in collaboration with Vic McEwan, Dave Jones and Joey Ruigrok to highlight contemporary arts being made in regional settings. Shadow Places Shadow Places was presented at the Powerhouse Museum, as part of Sydney Design Festival. Shadow Places combines ecological and agricultural thinking, projection, sound and textiles and is focused on the interconnectedness of rural and urban places and people. It proposes that rural landscapes are forgotten places, despite people being intimately tied to them through food and fibre production, through ecology and materiality.

14 |

Image: Sarah McEwan

Vic McEwan playing a pivot irrgator Openingand Ceremony Artlands Dubbo SS Enterprise Performance Projection, Vic McEwan Photo: Alex Wisser National Museum of Australia Residency

Haunting, Vic McEwan, George Main On the Murrumbidgee River, Wagga Wagga Photo: Vic McEwan

16 |

Buckingbong to Birrego, a three day walk River projections by Vic McEwan and George Main Installation by Lorraine Connelly Northey and Jonathan Jones Images: Jacob Rapauch Specimen, Vic McEwan On the Lachlan River, Dubbo Photo: Vic McEwan

2. Build meaningful and vocal partnerships; nurture and develop arts capacity for communities, people and place We will actively connect with the arts and other sectors, service providers, community groups and national and local business to build relationships, tell stories and celebrate remote landscapes and the people that live within them. The Friendship Circle During 2016 we partnered with Riverina Community College and Narrandera Arts and Creative Network to research, devise and deliver the exhibition, Our Infinite Imprint. The project was one of eight Accessible Arts Artist Run Initiatives around the State that provided opportunities for people with disability to connect to their creative communities to actively collaborate on creating new artworks. Local Partnerships During 2016 we continued our partnership with Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga Campus to deliver exhibitions over 2015 - 17 that support the artistic practice of Riverina female artists. We continued our partnership with Narrandera Arts and Creative Network to work on the Friendship Circle in a mentorship capacity. We establsihed a new partnership in working with Riverina Community College to deliver the same project.

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Presentations Throughout 2016 Artistic Director Vic McEwan was invited to speak on numerous occasions including: • Land Dialogues Conference, Wagga Wagga • Artist Talk at Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester UK • Performing Climates, Melbourne • Public Lecture at MAAS, Sydney • Lecture to Medical Humanities Students, Sydney University • Regional Gallery Associations of South Australia Annual Forum • The Art of Good Health and Wellbeing, Sydney Creative Producer Sarah McEwan was invited as a panel member of Practice Vol.1 at Eastern Riverina Arts, Wagga Wagga Both Vic and Sarah McEwan judged the 2016 Narrandera Rotary Art Competition.

Vic McEwan public lecture at MAAS Photo: Sarah20 McEwan |

The Friendship Circle Workshops Photos: Julie Briggs and Sarah McEwan

Buckingbong to Birrego, a three day walk River projections by Vic McEwan and George Main Installation by Lorraine Connelly Northey and Jonathan Jones Images: Jacob Rapauch Specimen, Vic McEwan On the Lachlan River, Dubbo Photo: Vic McEwan

3. Provide interactive opportunities for artists, audiences and communities We will help grow and sustain local artists and audiences by providing connections and their voices for regional communities to celebrate their natural and built landscapes. Nicole Barakat Workshops for Shadow Places Nicole Barakat is a professional artist who has made work nationally and internationally. This is the second year Nicole has worked with us, having run sucessful workshops for On Common Ground. This project allowed for the Cad Factory and Nicole to contiune our deep interest in collaborating with communities. For the project Shadow Places, Nicole worked with local textile artists to create a stunning triptych of large works to integrate with sound and video at the Powerhouse Museum. Friendship Circle Workshops for Our Infinite Imprint Once a month, over nine months we provided workshops for local Narradera residents with and without disability to collaborate and make new work. This on-going process created a rich and deep expereience for participants and the resulting exhibition challenged notions of contemporary textiles work. Mentoring Emerging Artist Jordy Bos Jordy Bos is a young artist based in Coolamon, NSW. As a recipiet of the Arts NSW Young Regional Scholarship, Sarah mentored Jordy over ten months to help realise her first solo exhibition Into the Fold.

22 |

Recording Emerging Musician Matt Ortiz Matt Ortiz is a young regional musician based in Albury, NSW. As a recipiet of the Arts NSW Young Regional Scholarship, Vic recorded Matt’s first solo EP of seven songs. Workshops at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital During Vic’s 2016 trips to the UK to develop work for the Harmonic Oscillator, he conducted multiple workshops with patients, staff and families. Working with patients in group settings or one on one, these workshops aimed to explore the lived experience of the patient by using contemporary arts practice to offer new opportunities for giving voice to those undergoing treatment. Realising that families and staff are just as exposed to trauma as patients, the workshops also focused on working with staff in exploring the emotional navigation of their daily environment. Our Infinite Imprint and A Life in Craft School Visits During the exhibition Our Infinite Imprint and A Life in Craft, 124 primary school students attended the exhibition where they engaged with a number of the artists and discussed ideas, materials and themes presented in the exhibition. St Joseph’s Workshop By invitation of St Joseph’s Primary School Narrandera, we were asked to share with students ideas about contemporary art and working as an artist. The focus of these types of workshops is on both making future artists and arts audiences. ARTLANDS Opening Ceremony To make the opening ceremony for Artlands, we worked with several community groups ranging from local school students, teachers, musicians, the town orchestra and marching band, local artists, and craftspeople all offering their skill to create this professional work to a large audience.

Under the Kurrajong Tree: Kristin Hersh As part of our series of occasional gigs at the Cad Factory, we invited American musician, Kristin Hersh to come to Boree Creek to perform. Kristin was on an international tour and she agreed to come and play and to share her practice over three nights; with a gig in Boree Creek and a Question + Answer event held in Wagga and Griffith supported by Eastern and Western Riverina Arts. This was a fabulous opportunity for people to watch an international performer and author perform in a local and intimate setting. RE//CONSTRUCTING Arts Lab These two weekend arts labs were designed to build the capacity of Riverina female artists by sharing skills, knowledge and interests with their peers in a supportive environment. A Life In Craft: A Celebration of Joyce Spencer To complement the exhibition Our Infinite Imprint, we held a retrospective exhibition featuring some of the work of local Narrandera artist Joyce Spencer. At 87 years of age, Joyce still has a tremendous capacity for making. Joyce has been an artist on a number of Cad Factory projects over the years and this exhibition was to honour her immense body of work. Rural Residency Collaborations We invited four artists, including two local artists, to collaborate to share skills over a three week period. The artists included were Julie Briggs (Narrandera) collaborating with Barbara Bartos (Italy) and Trent Light (Narrandera) collaborating with Darrin Baker (Sydney). The work made during their residency will be developed into finished artworks to be exhibited at Wagga Wagga Art Gallery. Barbara and Julie conducted a sharing night for local people to attend to see the work created and hear about their practices. Boree Creek Primary School Workshops As part of the Rural Residency Collaborations, each pair of artists gave a workshop to the students of Boree Creek, a small school with 25 students. These included a music box making workshop and a video workshop.

24 |

Kristin Hersh Boree Creek Hall Photo: Daniel O’Brien

On Common Ground Shadow Places Workshops Workshops Photos: James Farley

26 |

Into the Fold, Jordy Bos Gallery 43, Wagga Wagga Photo: Angela Coombs Matthews

St Joseph Narrandera students at A Life in Craft and Our Infinite Imprint Narrandera Arts Centre Photo: Sarah McEwan

28 |

Buckingbong to Birrego, a three day walk River projections by Vic McEwan and George Main Installation by Lorraine Connelly Northey and Jonathan Jones Images: Jacob Rapauch

4. Support the arts role in identifying and responding to regional vulnerabilities and resilience Using art-based activity and projects, we will help create resilient communities and individuals in response to significant change impacting Australia including climate change, economic instability, marginalisation, feminism and mental health. RE//CONSTRUCTING Exhibition For International Women’s Day, the Cad Factory and Charles Sturt University partnered to present the work of 21 intergenerational female artists from across the Riverina, curated by Sarah McEwan and Julie Montgarrett. This exhibition included four Arts Labs to develop work and exchange ideas with peers. Special guest Jacqueline Millner from Sydney University and the Contemporary Art and Feminism Network was invited to lauch the exhibition, give a lecture, and lead a group critique session. Read the catalogue Performance Climates Vic and George Main were invited to speak at Performance Climates, a conference in Melbourne exploring the arts and climate change. They discussed their work Haunting, that addresses the dramatic envirnmental changes since settlement, and the impending climate devastation as written by leading experts in climate research. Vic exhibited images that were taken during his 2015 Artist in Residence at the National Museum of Australia.

30 |

Image: Vic McEwan

RE//CONSTRUCTING Exhibition HR Gallop Gallery,Holidays Wagga Wagga On Ice Photo: McEwan Under the Sarah Kurrajong Tree

RE//CONSTRUCTING Critique Session HR Gallop Gallery Photo: Sarah Mifsud

32 |

Buckingbong to Birrego, a three day walk River projections by Vic McEwan and George Main Installation by Lorraine Connelly Northey and Jonathan Jones Images: Jacob Rapauch RE//CONSTRUCTING Exhibition HR Gallop Gallery, Wagga Wagga Photo: Sarah McEwan

5. Create a viable, safe, dynamic and connected organisation We aim to become a mature and more sustainable organisation by increasing funding, building organisational capacity and connecting interested supporters to us in more formal ways. Funding Throughout 2016 we were successful in receiving funding from the following sources: • Arts NSW Program Funding • Arts NSW Regional Partnerships • Arts NSW Regional Arts Fellowship • Catalyst • Regional Arts NSW CASP • Wagga Wagga City Council Annual Grants Partners Throughout 2016 the following partners generously provided cash and/or in-kind support: • Accessible Arts • Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, UK • Boree Creek Primary School • Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga • Eastern Riverina Arts

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• • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Manchester Metropolitan University U.K Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences (MAAS) Museum of the Riverina NAVA Narrandera Argus Narrandera Arts Network Narrandera Shire Council National Museum of Australia Regional Arts NSW Riverina Community College St Joseph’s Narrandera Wagga Wagga Art Gallery Wagga Wagga City Council Western Riverina Arts

Board and Governance 2016 is the third year of the Cad Factory board. We welcomed two new members, Sabiene Heindl and Jane Kreis who bring strong senior management experience to the board across regional arts, theatre, law, business and the creative industries. Staff Contributions to Other Organisations Vic McEwan continues to sit on the NSW/ACT State Leadership Group for Arts and Health and sat on the Arts NSW Regional Artist Scholarships Panel. Sarah McEwan continued her position on the national Supported Studio Network advisory committee. During 2016, Sarah was the Artistic Director of the Art Factory, the Riverina’s first supported studio run from Riverina Community College.

DGR Status We continued to make progress in gathering documents for our DGR application. Board Development Sarah McEwan undertook a Meetings and Minutes Masterclass in Melbourne. Awards The Cad Factory was a finalist in the NSW/ACT Regional Achievements Awards. Sarah received one of three Arts NSW Regional Fellowships to travel to America to research and complete a residency to bring back knowledge to present at exhibitions in regional NSW.

The Cad Factory will no doubt continue to deliver nationally ground-breaking events that are providing new models of excellence in creative practice through an all inclusive, complex community and cultural engagement. Julie Montgarrett, Lecturer Creative Arts and Design, Charles Sturt University 36 |

Minister Troy Grant, Sarah McEwan, Dave Burraston and Lee Pemberton Recieving their Arts NSW Regional Fellowships Photo: Alex Wisser

2016 Statistics Audience: 24817 Artists: 57 (NSW Artists 54, International Artists 3) Number of Activities: 91 Number of Workshops: 52 Number of School Students Engaged: 274 Social Media, YouTube, ISSUU, Website, Mailchimp: 34600 38 |

Images: Vic McEwan

Trent Light and Darrin Baker Rural Haunting, VicResidency McEwan, Collaborators George Main Photo: Darrin Baker On the Murrumbidgee River, Canberra

2016 Financials INCOME $ Arts NSW 70,000 Regional Partnerships Regional Arts NSW 35,000 Catalyst 87,760 Other Grant Funding 4,559 Grants Carried Forward 2,500 Earned Income 34,229 Commissions 14,493 Unexpended Grants Carried Forward 51,149 TOTAL INCOME 197,392


83,187 111,702 194,889 2,503

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Images: Vic McEwan

Shadow Places Presented by the Cad Factory: Vic McEwan, Nicole Barakat in collaboration with George Main from the National Museum of Australia, the Narrandera Textiles GroupVic and Narrandera community. Haunting, McEwan, George Main Photo: Marinco Kojdanovski. Commissioned byOn the the Museum of Applied Arts andCanberra Sciences Murrumbidgee River,

Staff and Board BOARD

President: Renay Ringma Renay is a highly experienced marketing, change and communication strategist with a passion for the arts. She has held senior management positions in the public, private, ASX Top 100 and NFP sectors. Renay holds a Bachelor in Art History, Masters in Communication Management and a Masters in Arts Administration. Deputy President: Lindy Allen Lindy has held senior roles in the arts sector including Director of the Mallacoota Art Festival (1997-2000), Artistic Director of the Mildura Wentworth Arts Festival (2001-2002), Sponsorship Manager at Melbourne Theatre Company (2002-2004), CEO Regional Arts Victoria (2004-2012), Executive Producer One River for the Centenary of Canberra (2012-2013) and Executive Director Regional Arts Australia (2013-2014). Lindy has held Board/Trustee roles including the Australian Children’s Theatre Foundation (2008-2012) and is currently on the boards of the CAD Factory, Cultural Development Network Ltd. Creating Australia and Falls Creek Resort Management. Treasurer: Linda Luke Linda is an artist who has worked as a dancer, choreographer and teacher since 1998 and is currently working in the Performance Department at Wollongong University. Linda was a core member of the De Quincey Co from 2004 - 2015. Linda has over 15 years experience as a financial consultant for the arts.

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Public Officer: Vic McEwan Vic works as an interdisciplinary artist exploring sound, video, installation and performance. He is a producer and director who is interested in landscape, communities, remote spaces and cross art form collaboration. He was the 2014-15 NSW Regional Arts Fellow, the 2015 Artist in Residence at the National Museum of Australia and he sits on the State Leadership Group for Arts and Health which advises on development of the collaboration between Arts and Health in Australia. Secretary: Sarah McEwan Sarah is an artist, musician and an artsist- curator interested in interdisciplinary practices, feminism and social change. Sarah has a background in visual arts and education. In 2016 she was awarded the Arts NSW Regional Fellowship. Member: Sabiene Heindl Sabiene is a senior executive and lawyer with experience running an Australian music industry body, stakeholder relations in NBN and many years in a top law firm. She is passionate about the arts and regularly works with clients across the creative industries. She holds a First Class Honours Degree in Law, Bachelor in International Business and recently graduated from an MBA between liberal arts university Brown in the US and IE Business School in Spain while working for the United Nation’s World Intellectual Property Organisation in Switzerland. Member: Jane Kreis Jane brings over 20 years experience working in the arts, as an actor, director, RADO, academic, and many other positions in both regional and city centres across a broad range of arts and cultural institutions. Jane is currently the Executive Director at Theatre Network NSW.


Artistic Director: Vic McEwan

Creative Producer: Sarah McEwan

The Cad Factory is supported by the NSW Government through Arts NSW