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Tension Tension is a pulling force. When external force pulls it, it stretched and elongated. Such as pulling use string, cable‌



Compression Compression is the opposite force of tension force, it’s the force inside the material, when external force push it , the material compact together .




Force=direction + magnitude + sense Direction

Force is any effect that produce a change in the material’s shape or movement . It can be consider as vector.

Sense (the arrow part)

Load : force that applied to the building or material Dead load : the load that cant move, e.g. window, the weight of upper stairs Live load: the load that can move, such as human, tables, chairs etc..

Load path : shows how load force/ weight can be transfer down to the ground .


How load is transfer down

Can also think as water flow through straws

Group activity

The idea of modelling : Triangle base! As triangle is ver strong, there are higher chance to build a higher building and also can support the dingo. The group come up with two different design.

Aim: Use the MDF to build a stable Method 1: small triangle, with gaps in building to allow a plastic toy dingo between MDF, use less material to to stand on top of it. make taller tower. Have two different level to allow the tower to be more MDF: medium-density stable and strong , but it’s more fiberboard . It’s a wooden complicate . brick- like material, made out of small partial of woods . Its very dense and strong.

Method 2: larger triangle, just put the MDF in the row to make base. Time consuming as the structure is bigger

Method 2

Side view. The two different layout of this structural actually make it stronger as the next level always fill the gap of the last level .

Method 1 In the same time, structural 1 is taller and look more stable. Structural 2 is time consuming and its not very stable as it start to shake when put load on it. It may because the brick have nothing to support it in each side of the triangle and the modeling is too big. However, method 1’s structural is very nice looking and stable, therefore, we choose to use the method 1 to continue our tower.

Success !

2014_constructing_log book 1  
2014_constructing_log book 1