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College Magazine Research and Production Vicky Stewart

This is all of the research and production for my College Magazine Cover and Contents page. I have included the pre-production research I did on college magazines, as well as my initial production sketches, preliminary font examples, and screenshots of my magazine cover and contents page during the production stages.

I like the look of this magazine as it is very simple, but also communicates the message that it is a student magazine due to the various photographs on the front cover. One downside is that we may not have any information as to what the magazine actually contains, considering there are no cover lines, however, I like the overall look of this cover; it takes on a style we conventionally associate with Yearbooks, and thus, student life. The font used is a bold serif font, and the ‘ Student’ heading looks as though it could be an office stamp, communicating an air of rebellion coupled with the idea of office organisation. Furthering the idea of this cover looking like a Yearbook, the style of photography is definitely one we would also associate with Yearbooks, or even Passport photographs. It is a very straightforward style, the lighting coming from behind the camera, and the photographs are a series of medium close-ups. However, unlike ID photographs, many of the subjects are smiling, or making other facial expressions, which suggest a more informal air and communicates the idea that there is something colloquial about this magazine.

I like this magazine because it is colourful and would stand out on a new stand. The Masthead stands out well against the background, but also compliments it very well. The bold, sans serif font of the two ‘ U’ s, and their yellow and dark red colouring respectively is offset by the stark white and squared sans serif corners of the ‘ 4’ . The cover lines continue with this style of sans serif, squared font, but also italicise it. It is also a little more stylised than the ‘ 4’ in the Masthead. The main story of the issue is accompanied by a photograph, with the model dressed in a white shirt which, again, stands out against the warm, bright colours of the background. The rest of the cover lines are written in three different shades of green, which further compliment the cover colours, but are set over the reds of the bottom half of the cover which makes the font stand out all the more. Overall, the look of this cover would suggest a theme associated with music festivals and late summer, in spite of being a college magazine; however, I thinks this works well as the design draws the eye to it, and the cover lines it draw students in. The tagline ‘written for students by

This is the initial sketch for my college magazine cover. The colour scheme ended up a little differently to what I had planned out here, but I tried to communicate on this sketch what I wanted, through annotations as well as the use of colour. Once I had found the font I liked, I added it in to my annotations.

This is the photograph I used on my front cover. I decided to edit out the background as it was not what I wanted from my original sketch, and I do not think it meshed very well with the military theme I was going for. There were also unavoidable items in the shot, such as the lamp in the bottom right corner, another reason as to why I edited out the background, and just kept the model.

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