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A plus size special issue that will guide you to looking great this season as well as celebrating the curves that you were blessed with!



Well Hello there lovely VERY readers! I hope you have your pencils sharpened because there is a lot to learn in this seasons plus size special. This Autumn/Winter is ALL about being proud of our curves and having the ability to be able to dress and impress by flattering our best bits! We are dedicating this issue to looking great no matter what your shape, size or budget! We feel it is important to remember that being beautiful does not mean being a size zero, it means being proud of the lumps and bumps we have been gifted with and embracing our womanly figures. We have a special interview with one of our top plus size models, Fine Beaur who not only gives us a great incite to the luxury of being a Plus size but enlightens us with some fabulous tips on how to be proud of our curves! As ever at VERY we want to help save you money so we are offering you a payment system that will allow you to pay over a 3 month period with no interest. Sit back, relax, enjoy and treat yourself to a chocolate biscuit (go on, you know you want to!)

Dress £32 Shoes £25 Earings £15 Bracelet £12

THIS PAGE Bra £25 Underwear £10 08448 222 321 08448 222 321

Cameras, Light Action!


VERY PHOTOGRAPHER RACHEL SMITH Photography continues to guide Rachel on an exciting journey, having already taken in stops at The London College of Communication – where she obtained a degree in the subject – as well as a 3-year apprenticeship working under worldrenowned photographer Rankin. Rachael works with a number of prestigious clients including The World of Interiors, The Telegraph and Observer magazines, Osborne & Little, Graham & Brown and Lladro and of course VERY to name but a few. In addition, her work regularly appears in many British and European magazines.

Our work experience got a little cheeky this season and decided to get all Paparazzi on the V TEAM when on set for the Plus Size special photoshoot... Shhhhhhhhh they will never need to know!!!


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Brian worked for the brochure team at VERY for a number of years but has recently gone back to University to study Photography. Brian is going into his final year and will graduate in July. In the mean time he will carry on assisting photoshoots when and where he can and will undoubtedly launch into a successful freelance photography career very soon!

VERY STYLISTS SISTERS NICKI AND RACHEL GILLON and you thought it was the model who is put into al the awkward positons!

Nicki is a UK based fashion stylist working on brands, editorial and celebrity campaigns. Rachel has been assisting her sister for 4 years and they will continue to work successfully together for as long as they can!


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CHASE ASTON International Make-up Artist & Spokesperson. There is hardly a celebrity, singer or supermodel in the world who hasn’t benefited from Chase Aston’s magical make-up skills. He has been the stylist for 57 covers of Cosmo magazine and numerous covers and editorials for Vogue and Elle. He has worked with the biggest names in fashion and beauty from top models such as Kate Moss and Claudia Schiffer, to famous personalities such as Cameron Diaz and Britney Spears


DID YOU KNOW: The V TEAM will photograph up to 50 outfit shots


British based Lou has been in the industry for a small number of years but she has built a VERY impressive CV within this time. Currently based in Manchester, Lou specializes in hair and makeup but also dabbles in styling and re-pro.

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MicroMONEY: New season Dress’s - for under £2.50 a week, perfect proof that you don’t have to spend to be on-trend selected by Nicki Gillion - fashion stylist

The shapes and shades to be seen in at prices to please!


The whole

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ON-TREND 24/7 We’re making diversable totally

affordable! From the comfort of your own home to the formality of the office make sure you’re putting some of your hard earned pennies towards telling an on-trend curvaceous story.

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4. Tunic £18 Leather leggings £22

There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to find an outfit that suits your shape. The love your curves collection are available at sizes 14-32. Take inspiration from the outfits on these pages and we can guarentee that you will find something to suit your shape for any occasion!


Key Autumn/ Winter items to suit Any Shape, Size and Budget We aim to please!



Autumnal FOR UNDER £10 A WEEK

£1.25 per week 17. only £1.35 per week

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A simple gold chain will add Femininity to any outfit. Statement jewellery is taking a hike this season; it is all about elegance and classic simplicity - a classic look that will accessorise any outfit.

9. Feud ‘Raffia’ wedge shoes


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* Classic Tan Tote Handbag *Print Tunic/Top *Bootcut Beige Chino’s Nude (to die for) Platform Heels

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This party season is all about shining in all things metallic, gold and glittery. If you have curves don’t be afraid to strut your stuff in a pair of leather leggings. Team them up with a pair of sexy high heels which will help elongate your womanly legs, creating a more slender and strut worthy outfit!

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Add a little style zing minus the kerching! A bold bright accessory adds an instant update to what’s in your wardrobe already. Yes, a fashion-wise finish is a great place to start! 08448 222 321

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Be Gorgeous in Gold

Buy any 3 items on these 2 pages and we’ll give you the cheapest FREE! How’s that?

Party season is soon approaching and we are here to help you glow at this years Christmas party! Here are a selection of our favourite xmas party outfits designed with the curvy lady in mind. Happy sparkling!

THIS PAGE FROM FAR LEFT One sleeve embelished Tunic £25 Leather Leggings £20 Shoes £37 Cuff £12 Vest £12 Skirt £32 Shoes £35 Bracelet £15 OPPOSITE PAGE FROM FAR LEFT Dress £55 Shoes £45 Bracelet £12


Dress £60 Bracelet £12


Dress £32 Ring £22 Shoes £60


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ModelCo Fibre Lash Brush On Lashes 10ml £43 Extends your lashes to extreme lengths with a 3-phase system. 25 THP17 20 wks £2.15 Nicole by OPI Disco Dolls £11 247RT1C 20 wks 55p 08448 222 321


For ultimate waist cinching, a belted A-Line skirt will work wonders 08448 222 321

Vintage Rope Detail Necklace £18

Studded Stretch Bracelet

Metal Leaf Chandelier Earrings £10

SIMPLE ELEGANCE 08448 222 321




‘A naturally curvy girl trying to be a skinny girl is like a banana trying to be an apple, it just doesn’t work...’ How old were you when you started modelling? I started modelling when I was 16 years old. I began as what the industry describes as a ‘straight size model’ as I was still so young and hadn’t fully developed at that point. But as I got older I started to become a lot curvier, I had a bum, boobs and hips – everything the fashion world did not want to see and it was very hard for me to try and hide my assets. I became very unhappy as I was constantly being told that I was to fat and that I needed to lose weight, it got to the point where I was so unhappy I had to quit what I loved doing most and I decided to go back to school and finish my studies. So how did you get into plus size modelling? It took me three years to get used to the fact that I was never going to be a skinny person but I knew that I wasn’t going to let my modelling career come to an end. I went back to my agency in Frankfurt and told my booker that I promised I would try and lose weight but it was then that he told me I was beautiful the way I was and that I should become a plus size model. It was at that point when I finally become comfortable with the body I was in and I couldn’t wait to start showing people that women can be beautiful without being a size zero! Are you proud to call yourself a plus size model? I am not happy to be called an outsize model, no. Don’t get me wrong I am incredibly proud of my curves and would never change the way I am but what I don’t understand is that size zero girls are being classed as ‘straight size’ but girls like me who are a British size 14/16 are not classed as the norm. When I have done shoots in America the real plus size models laugh at me because they don’t understand why I am called ‘outsize’. I am a healthy weight and am the shape that my body wants to naturally be. Do you hope that the fashion industry begins to embrace plus size models to a greater scale? Of course! I am currently based in Germany and to be a plus size model is almost unheard of. I find that England is beginning to embrace the curvier woman a little more than they used to but only within high street fashion. I don’t feel that plus size will ever become as popular as straight size, when I look through magazines and catalogues in Germany they only show images of skinny girls. Some girls are naturally skinny, but a lot of girls are not and I feel that this type of representation is not reality. You seem very confidant with your body, what tips would you give to other curvy women to gain this type of body confidence? You can never go wrong with sports, I always feel so much better about myself both mentally and physically after doing an hour or two in the gym. I feel it also important to pick something you like most about your body, be it your face, your stomach or your feet! and present yourself in a way that expresses these features. For example I love my lips, therefor I will always make sure I have a great lip-gloss on to draw attention to them. Although you are at ease with your curvy shape now, do you ever feel the pressure to lose weight when you are at castings with straight size models? Sometimes of course I do, I am a woman after all! But at the end of the day it wouldn’t suit me, I know how ridiculous I look when I don’t have my curves and I know how depressed it can make me when I try to go on absurd diets. A naturally curvy girl trying to be a skinny girl is like a banana trying to be an apple, it just doesn’t work so I just don’t compare myself anymore. One last tip to other curvy women? Enjoy eating because eating makes you happy! 08448 222 321 08448 222 321


The classic LBD is back on fashion’s front row. A clean cool canvas that let’s you get adventurous with those accessories as well being an instant slimmer!

THIS PAGE Dress £35 Bracelet £12 Shoes £32



The V TEAM hit the British High streets to check out the latest styles for the curvier lady

What are your key items of the season? This dress I’m wearing and my Trench coat from ISME

What are you loving on the high street at the moment?

What are your key items of the season?

Black Skinny Jeans because they go with everything as well as being an excellent slimmer, and my collection of blazers

What are you loving on the high street at the moment?

I love being able to wear things that I see on skinny girls and actually feeling good about how I look The Nomadic Print Trophy Knit that is beginning to make its way to all high street shops. in them. High street is beginning to accommodate for plus size on a greater level and this is amazing!

What are your key items of the season?

A statement scarf and a statement handbag as they can dress up any outfit

What are you loving on the high street at the moment? I love anything leather so I really enjoy the fact that leather is making a comeback in every direction, be it leather leggings a leather Jacket or leather boots. I would wear an entire outfit of leather if I could! 08448 222 321

What are your key items of the season? My converse and Raybans

What are you loving on the high street at the moment?

I am a huge fan of print and colour clashing and I love the fact that this is now coming into fashion! I am all about being bold, bright and vibrant so this trend is perfect for me.

What are your key items of the season?

What are your key items of the season?

What are you loving on the high street at the moment?

What are you loving on the high street at the moment?

My curves!

My style is very simple and minimal and I like to buy things that can go with any outfit. I love that no matter what the black and white trend never seems to escape the high street - two very simple shades that can make a fantastic statement.

Coat £60 Cardigan £38

A Maxi skirt and a studded waist belt

The channel styled jackets that are available in every high street shop imaginable! Most are very reasonably priced but are an excellent replica of the real deal. 08448 222 321


GLAMOUR GIRL Retro glamour is back, and it is back with a bang. Our resident beauty bod talks you through how to get the iconic retro make-up (step aside Twiggy!)

Fresh and Flawless Prime your skin with daniel Sandler retexturising face primer @ £23 to keep your foundation lasting throughout the day. For flawless skin apply Dainty Doll mineral powder foundation and try ‘buffing’ the product aftarwards with the applicator brush, this will give you a polished fresh look to your skin.

The new seasons beauty rules can be summed up in one word’ SMOULDER. Bronzed eyes, sun kissed cheeks and a golden glow. A look that is perfect for the party season and far more appealing than the back to black , smokey eyes trend that was SO last year!

Create Contour To create a cool sixties eye, start applying and eye primer such as Dainty Doll eyeshadow base. Next take the flesh toned shadow from the Rimmel Traffic Stopping eye shadow palette @ £8 and sweep over the entire lid. To create the contour take a small round shaped eyeshadow brush and with the brown shadow trace the colour backwards and forwards into your socket. Wing out the contour for a feline look - miaw!

Fake a flutter Before applying mascara, trim your Cheryl Eyelure lashes @ £6 to fit the length of your eyes. Wait for the glue to go tacky, then push on the lashes - centre first then outer and inner ends. Apply YSL false lash effect Black mascara to blend in your own lashes with the fakes, then disguise the join with a thick slick of Rimmel Gel liquid eyeliner in black.

Ravishing Rose Keep your lip classic with a Rose red colour such as Barry M lipstick in Pink Ribbon@ £5. 08448 222 321 08448 222 321

Golden tips from the pro’s: 1.Working with tones found naturally in your skin is always an incredibly flattering and foolproof way to select new make-up shades. 2.Make a beeline for cream or gel formulas that melt into the skin for a molten effect 3. Avoid over concealing your under eyes; this look is all about building on the natural luminosity rather than wiping it all away. Use a light creamy concealer but only to soften blemishes and freshen ‘problem areas’. 4. Rather than making yourself look un-naturally sun kissed with layers and layers of fake tan buy a Liquid illuminator in Bronze to match your skin for the more natural glow. 5. Stick to flesh coloured lipsticks as apposed to bright colours.

Dress £45 Necklace £18

Competition TIME 0 5 1 £ H T R WO

Get the chance to be bang on trend and WIN this AMAZING outfit by simply sharing our link on Facebook! To be given the chance to win simply go online to our website, click on our homepage and click on the competition link. Click on the Facebook icon and simply press ‘share’. The person who gets the most ‘likes’ will be our winner. GOOD LUCK! FOR FURTHER DETAILS READ THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS PROVIDED ON THE COMPETITION PAGE ON WWW.VERY.CO.UK 08448 222 321

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