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Slip into Jersey’s relaxed pace and spend a lazy afternoon wandering through the island’s capital St Helier, which combines village-style charm with city-style fashion. Charming and compact, with everything in easy reach, it’s a town where designer boutiques and high street names sit right next to each other, and there’s always a café nearby for a quick

cappuccino. Take your time, enjoy the experience and pick up a few low-tax bargains. Don’t miss out on Jersey’s café culture too, feel the French influence, the town is filled with continental-style cafés and restaurants where you’ll feel

the island’s French influence when it comes to stopping for lunch.


Feel the sand between your toes and the fresh sea breeze in your hair on Jersey’s beautiful beaches. Head south and west for glorious golden sands, washed by the Island’s cleansing tides each day. Jersey’s 30 - 40 ft tides are amongst the highest in the world. The tide drops by around 20ft in three hours! They’re so big that the island almost doubles in size at low tide, revealing a remarkable marine environment of sand bars, gullies and reefs that can be explored on foot.This low tidal region shared by shore and sea is reminiscent of the moon’s surface. ‘Moonwalking’ has become something of a Jersey speciality. In the company of a guide you can take a trip into a watery wilderness that, for several hours a day, is covered by 40ft of Atlantic Ocean. Each year, Environmental Protection monitors sixteen of the most popular bathing water beaches around Jersey. At each beach the bathing water quality is sampled weekly between mid May to the end of September. Monitoring of bathing water quality in Jersey has been undertaken since 1992. Environmental professionals employed by the States have been instrumental in developing the protocols for measuring bathing water quality that are now used in a new European Directive and by the World Health Organisation.

Experience a different side of Jersey on a boat charter. Taste the tang of the sea air, feel the wind through your hair and discover your sea legs – this is Jersey as the locals know it. How about landing a sea bass (and barbequing it for dinner!), spotting dolphins or racing a catamaran? Does a cruise around the bay, a day trip to France, or snorkelling off one of the Island’s beautiful offshore reefs float your boat? Or perhaps sipping champagne on deck while your friendly skipper sails sunwards is more your thing? Jersey has everything that is ideal for a family holiday - safe, clean beaches, country walks, attractions and sports that appeal to all ages.

“At the beach- time you enjoy wasting is not time wasted”- T.S.Eliot

“The larger the island of knowedge, the longer the shoreline of wonder” -Ralph W. Sockman

With an amazing variety of terrain, Jersey might have been made for walkers. Great for slow strolls across the sands or energetic clifftop hikes. More and more visitors are discovering our coastal paths and Green Lanes in an island blessed with a mild, sunny climate, great natural beauty and bountiful wildlife. So pack your walking boots – and don’t forget the binoculars.

Jersey Editorial  
Jersey Editorial