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FlORENciA ÁlvAREz (clOUd cAR)

cyNTHiA gARcíA (iNTElligENT cARS)


MATíAS OcEllO (FlyiNg cAR.)


Flying Car Written By Federico Ferreiro

The "Flying Car" is an invention that will help the people in the transport area. It will be a car that will be able to do two things: fly in the sky and be driven on the road. It will be able to fly because its wheels will have a gravity system, that will make it float. The car will work with a voiced recognition system.

It will be made of iron, and inside will be full of high technology elements. This product will be throw into the market in the year 2020.

Flying Car Written by Matias Ocello

welcome to the new generation. "the flying car" with the flying car you will be able to fly over the buildings,towers and houses. with this car you going to as fast as a plane and you never will have to wait to the transit as they may go to 200 meters. the flying car will have the technology bubble of air. this technology has air bubbles under the car and will have propellers in the rear this car uses biodegradable fuel adn no polluter the environment. in the car will has got the ultimate technology ( GPS, music player, board computer and speech recognizer). the flying car will be on sell in march of 2030. and his cost round in 500.000 dollars

Intelligent Cars Written by Cynthia García

In the future, the cars will change; they are not going to be like now. It will have a computer driver and when you get into the car the computer will ask you: “Where do you want to go Mr/Mss……?” After you answer the computer will drive you to destination. Besides driving the cars will be more comfortable than now because it will have the perfect temperature all the time, if the day is hot the car will turn on the air conditioner, if it is cold the car will turn on the central heating. Intelligent cars will be able to talk to you and tell you what you want to know like the weather or news. Definitely cars will be the dream of people.

Flying Bicycle Written By Santiago Sanchez

This kind of bike will allow use to travel faster and further. It will able to trasnport at least three people. This bike will be able to travel 200 km/h and allow us to fly over buildings, houses The bike will have a very big motor, which won't be noisy.s This product will be made of iron and a new type of metal that would be very strong

This product will be on the market in September 2035.

Cloud Car Written by Florencia Alvarez

This car will be able

Teleporting Written by Ian Quintana

Is a invention that will teletransport the people instantally and is very simple and very economic if you have the product. Teleporting will be conect to a plug, and your battery have a lot of duration. You have to write the address where you want to go in the touch screen and then press a bottom, in a 2 seconds you will be in the place you wanna stay

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Transport of the Future  

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