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Smart pencil will be the best pencil you will ever have this pencil will hear what you say and it will write it for you Smart pencil will be the perfect product for you. It will economic and you can find it very useful because it will finish your homework, it will help you study and have some more amaziry functions It will have the size to a normal pencil, but it won’t breakin two like a common pencil. Smart pencil is created for those who hate curitting but it will be availace for every body! It will be cheap and use ful: you will get a smart pencil for only 4 dallars Easy work with smart pencil. By Tonny

This product will come out in 2075, but you can buy now to reserve it. It´ll be like a phone booth on the rly er. Inside it´ll be like a sound camera with buttons in one of the walls. It will red and rly . Yesterdorrow Travel agent will take you to any time in the future or in the past that you want to. You rly need to enter into the cabin and press the buttons to choose the date that you want to go. IT´LL BE VERY EASY!!!!

By Marti

Dress me will be a machine that change your clothes. It will look like a box that will keep all your clothes in there, and will have very long robot armas. On the outside will have a touch screen where you will have to introduce the occasion. You need to dress and the machine will choose the clothes for you. If you don’t like the option you will have the option to change it. It will came in different sizes (small, medium or large) and only in brown colour.It will make you look great and pretty in only five minutes.

By Dani

Do you have to travel to some place and you want to carry a lot of things? You have to have the new bag! It will be like a common baggage where you can put all the things you want without worrying about something that not fit in. It’ll have the chance of changing the colors or the sizes with just a simple button, so you can match it with your daily clothes. It’ll be ready to buy by May 2012 and the price will be about 6000 dollars.

By Luli

Random ending will be the best technologic book. With random ending you can choose your own adventures. Random ending will first ask you your name, gender and age, you will write it with a sensitive 13 inches touchscreen (The pages will be about the size of an iPad). While you are reading, the book will show you signs where it will show you the options you have, or that you can write your own option. After you choose an option, the book will change, and so, the ending. Random ending, will be economic, fun and interactive and you’ll have it for a prize of only $150, the prize and the size of a normal book, but it is NOT a normal book. RANDOM ENDING, CHOOSE YOUR ADVENTURE By Anto

The cellphone will be asuing, because it´ll be so incredible that all the people will want to have one. It will let you teletransport you wherever you want yo go to do that you will have to enter to the application. It also has an incredible 25 megamixeles camera, super shock resistant and also a very good waterproof. calvelo 3.0 What you will get facilemnte as in all businesses it is! What you get in all colors and heat is $ 10,000 and goes and I asked your Calvelo 3.0.

By Cami

The cleaning robot will be an enormous, grey and friendly new product called Ryan. It’ ll be so expensive, becouse his price will be of 10000 of dollars. Ryan will has got different skills like for example, It will iron the clothes, and It will wash the car for you too. This robot will finish Its housework in only five minures, it will be running all the time and its efficience will be perfect. By Cruz

One exciting piece of technology that the future will bring to us is the “microwave restaurant�. It will be like a normal microwave, but it will have special buttons and each one of them will have different names of food. This new technology will cook to you and will give you delicious food in less than five minutes, you will only have to press the button which has the food you want, wait five minutes, and your food will be ready. You may be wondering how much this will cost; it will not be so expensive, for just 200 dollars, the microwave restaurant will be yours! By Fiore

This will be a new product, it wil bea pair of glasses that will have the function of a telephone. You will be reading the news and talking with your friends at the same time. It will be awesome! It will come in different colours, red, black, white, blue and some more stiles. They will not be very big, so they will not take up a lot of space. It will cost 50.000 dollars. It will not be to expensive. By Nati

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Future Technology (4C 2012)  

A catalogue of future products by 4th C students (2012)

Future Technology (4C 2012)  

A catalogue of future products by 4th C students (2012)